ISAAC (Interviews, Student-Author At-Con)

Information about ISAAC Interviews

We've set aside an area at the con (CC109A) where students can hold 1/2 hour, taped interviews with our guests. A line was added to the program participant invitations: "Would you consider being interviewed by a student for a project?" A schedule will be arranged beforehand, so, if you are interested, write to The schedule will be included in the pocket program, so that interested onlookers can gather around.

This fun way to bring our younger members into fandom includes free publicity for authors and a low-pressure learning experience for all parties. Students select authors on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact information must be shared between the author and the interviewer, so the interview can be vetted before publication. Imagine the one-on-one bond.

Local papers are being contacted and the editors may offer to print some ISAAC WorldCon interviews. Students who live outside the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas will have to contact their own local newspaper editors. Other publishing venues:

  • the interviewer's homepage
  • a tribute web page
  • SF magazines (print or online)

After the con, the ISAAC website will include links page to all of the online 2001 ISAAC interviews.

We will announce the location of the ISAAC interviews on this Web site and in the convention publications before the conference.

Author/interviewer Dr. Eric Davin (Pioneers in Wonder) is compiling a page of tips for interviewing. Audio recording equipment will be provided, students must bring blank tapes and notebook (and video equipment if they want).

Michele Rosen has offered to oversee the ISAAC scheduling. She can be contacted at:

Diane Turnshek
Teen Activities Coordinator
Millennium Philcon
August 30 - September 3, 2001
Philadelphia, PA