This Is Where I Stand, 2017 - With @TheResistance


Support the Women's Strike on Wednesday March 8 - take the day off and go to rallies, write to Congress, stay offline, black out your Website (take it down for the day and say why), don't shop.

I'm not sure who wrote what's on the rest of this page, but the first signatory was Patricia Rollins Trosclair. I agree with it completely.


This is long but it is important.

This is where I stand. Period.

I make no apologies to any or all of my FB friends (or Twitter followers) for this. I know some are tired of political postings and rants. But apart from cutesy posts of recipes, meals, flowers, dogs, seashells, balloons, pictures, cats, and drama, and even beautiful expressions of spiritual beliefs, FB is (until it gets taken away) a vehicle to express our outrage at how far our country has currently fallen on the humanitarian scale.

To me, FB (and Twitter) are a useful vehicle for my passion and activism. The fevered Ego currently occupying our White House, his power hungry cronies taking positions of authority in his Cabinet and administration, and the majority of Republicans in Congress are a real and active threat to me, my way of life, and all the people I love. And unless you are worth billions of dollars, they are a threat to you and your life, too. So I will Resist and I will be part of the resistance, and proud of it. If you can join in or hang with it, fine. But if not, then you probably need to unfriend me now. I refuse to "play nice" in the face of what these people are doing. Our country's well-being demands that we stand and resist. I will stand and be counted and I will not stand idle.

Some people are saying that we should give #45 a chance, that we should "work together" with him because he won the election and he is "everyone's president." This is my response:

I will grant him his illegitimate title.

This is the line, and I am drawing it.

PS: If you agree, please copy and re-post (we understand this results in larger numbers of people seeing a post), and if you can, sign your name below ours. Also, if we have left anything out, feel free to add it to this list. Consider this an opportunity to make a declaration of commitment, in becoming part of The Resistance.

Patricia Rollins Trosclair
Andrea Dora Zysk
George Georgakis
John Christopher
John Bowles
Patrick St.Louis
Carla Patrick
Darnell Bender
Vickie Davis
JMichael Carter
Janice Frazier-Scott
Rev. ELaura James Reid
Jeanette Bouknight
Rev. Dollie Howell Pankey
Gerald Butler
Carolyn McDougle
Vaughn Chatman
Adrienne Brown
Gary Trousdale
Steven E Gordon
Isis Nocturne
Debi Murray
Maureen O. Betita
Mona Enderli
Fernie James Tamblin
Myrna Dodgion
Alan Locklear
Tom Wilmore
Jackie Evans
Donna Endres
Lora Fountain
Roberta Gregory
Heather A Mayhew
Stevo Wehr
Nathan Stivers
Jen RaLee
Joan Holden
Leigh Lutz
Deborah Kirkpatrick
Linda Levy
Tom Rue
Nancy Hoffmann-Allison
Beejay McCabe
Michael James Myers
Edward T. Spire
Rupert Chapman
Dawn R. Dunbar
Robin Wilson
Monique Boutot
Laura Brown
Susan Aptaker
Steve Katz
Bonnie Wolk
Risa Guttman-Kornwitz
Angela Gora
Butch Norman
Sharon Tolman
Sue Zislis
Maurice Hirsch
Satch Dobrey
Jim Krapf
Don Starwalt
Deb Johansen
Daniel Anderson
Tim Roda
Helen O'Leary
Kyle Staver
Sharon Clabo
Terri Amig
Michael Quinn (MQ) Murphy
Debra Suplee Donahue
James P. Silvestri
Rosemary Piaker
Matthew Piaker
Ruth E Levin
Daniel Lotto
Malcolm LaPlante
Art Brown
Federica Baldan Sabez
Keisha Knowles-Phelps
Gabrielle Harris
Faye Moore
T.Robin Taylor
James Howard
Laurie Mann (proud member of @TheResistance)

If you're not on Facebook, feel free to link to this. If you have a website, copy it there and add your name to the bottom.