Intersection Pocket Programme Book and Local Guide

"World Science Fiction Society," "WSFS" , "Worldcon," Science Fiction Achievement Award," "Hugo Award" and "NASFiC" are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society. "Intersection" is a trade name of Worldcon (Scotland) Ltd. Registered in Scotland No. 141002. Registered address: Burnawn, Stirling Rd, Glasgow G82 2PJ.

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Welcome to Intersection, the 53rd World Science Fiction Convention. I know you are keen to get out there and explore the wonders of the science fiction universe, but you'll find it a lot easier to cope with if you take the time to read the first few pages of this guide. How to use this pocket programme This pocket programme is your guide to the convention: it contains the what, when, where (but not the why) of Intersection. In it are listed all the programme items, maps of the city, the hotels and the SECC. As a help to visitors there is also information on local restaurants and shops. It has been produced in a ring binder format so that you can carry it in your pocket/bag without the pages becoming mangled, and so that you can remove pages to insert updates or simply to make it lighter!

First Time? If you haven't been to a science fiction convention before then the morning fan programme items in Hall 4 of the SECC will give you an excellent introduction to what we are all about. Everyone here is a potential friend, so don't be shy. Talk to people, get involved in anything that's happening. This is a fun event, so have fun!

Warnings and Admonitions The convention is a fun event and everyone attending expects to have a good time with no hassles. The easiest way to ensure this is to follow these simple rules:

  1. Wear your badge so that it is easily visible at all times. It is your entry token to all events and convention areas. Keep it safe and do not allow anyone else to use it.
  2. Obey the instructions of stewards or convention staff. Remember that they are volunteers and should be treated with great respect, even reverence, as they are working at the event at which they should really be relaxing.
  3. Keep your belongings (bags, clothing etc.) with you at all times. Unattended bags may be removed by convention security. (See section on lost property.)
  4. If you have a costume which includes a weapon of some sort (sword, gun, laser blaster) then you will have to leave it outside the convention or you will be requested to leave. The only exception to this is if you enter the Masquerade and have cleared the weapon with the Masquerade director (Gytha North) in advance, and you must carry it securely wrapped to and from the Masquerade.
  5. Do not take food or drink into the Artshow or Dealers area. This is to prevent accidents damaging expensive goods.
  6. You may not eat any food or drink brought into the SECC from outside. All food and drink must be obtained from the catering outlets within the SECC Also, do not bring take-away food into the hotels as this upsets them and can create a litter problem.
  7. Do not smoke in any of the programme or display areas. Smoking areas are clearly signposted. If there isn't a sign, assume that you may not smoke.
  8. Smile at people, talk to strangers, get involved in what's going on. Volunteer to do a shift as a gopher. Everyone has a badge with their name on it, so you're on first name terms with them the moment you meet.
  9. Have fun.

Convention Information Desk Information is available at the desk on the SECC concourse near Hall 5. It is manned from 10.00 to 20.00 each day. There are noticeboards and signs around the desk giving programme changes, where the parties are and lots of other useful information. You can also pick up copies of the daily newsletter The Voice of the Mysteronshere. The newsletter has news of changes to the programme and other info about people, events, parties etc. It is available at least once per day at points scattered throughout the SECC .

Voodoo Board If you want to contact someone then you can leave a message for them at the Voodoo Board beside the Information Desk in the concourse of the SECC. It works like this: you write your message on a card, put it in the box in the correct alphabetical section, then stick a pin beside the person's name on the board - that's the Voodoo part.

Lost & Found If you lose or find something in the SECC, go to the Information Desk. If the Information Desk is closed than you should try the Ops Room which is manned until 01.00. In the evening party hotels the hotel reception desks will handle lost & found enquiries. If you require a replacement copy of this guide or have lost your badge then you should go to the membership enquiries desk in Hall 1 on Thursday and Friday and in the main concourse from Saturday onwards.

Notices If you want to stick any notices on walls in the SECC please use Blu-Tack, not tape or pins.

Childcare and Kidcon are in Hall 4. Childcare costs #1.00 per child per hour. Please note that baby changing should be done using the toilets in the childcare area of Hall 4.

Registration Opening times for registration are Thursday 10.00 - 21.00, Friday, Sat, Sun, 10.00 - 20.00 and Monday 10.00 - 17.00.

Disabled Access. Help is available for anyone with mobility problems or who requires some other help to be able to enjoy the convention. There is a desk beside the registration area where copies of a help guide are available. This is also where you can request a wheelchair, for which there will be a small fee.

What's Where SECC Daytime programme, evening extravaganzas, dealers room, artshow, daytime fan programme, fan lounge, science exhibition, computer area, fan fair. Moat House All day videos, various programme items, workshops, WSFS business meeting. Central Hotel Evening fan programme, evening science programme, small parties. Forte Crest Evening bid parties, evening filking, Ceilidh, Jazz workshop

Please note that the maps and layouts that follow are not to scale: they are provided simply to give you an idea of the layout of the convention. The Moat House Hotel is beside the SECC. The Forte Crest Hotel is in Bothwell St and the Central Hotel is in Hope St, beside Central Station.

Plan of SECC, Plan of Hall 4, Plan of Dealers room Hall 1 Mon-Fri Registration, Sat-Mon Program Hall 2 film programme Hall 3 The Wizards' Cave, Legend Room, Dan Dare and H G Wells Programme rooms. Hall 4 Dealer's Room, Fan Fair, Fan Market, Fan Lounge, Fixed Exhibits, Art Show, Dealer's Room, Science Workshop Room & Computer Area, Kidcon, LEGO Zone, Theatre Area, Kaffeeklatsch, Signings, Various Food Stalls, Bar Areas Hall 5 Extravaganzas Upstairs offices Green Room, Newsletter, Fan Repro On Concourse Information Desk, Voodoo Board, First Aid post. From Saturday - Registration Desk

Plan of Moathouse Moathouse: Argyle 1, 2/3, Programme. Castle 1, 2, 3 Video

Shuna, Staffa, Barra, Jura, Board room: Programme Rockall, Malin: Games

Forte Crest Bothwell/Douglas Suite Bid parties (evening), Ceilidh (Sat), Jazz (Sun) Cabin Bar Thursday filk, non-smoking bar. Iona/Ailsa suites - Evening filking. Gallery Suite overnight filking.

Plan of Central Hotel Entresol floor: Carradale - non-smoking bar, Logie Baird - Friday night beach party, Court Lounge: smoking bar Kintyre: nonsmoking lounge and evening Fan Program First Floor: Arran: Science programme. Syndicate rooms - parties.

Art Show Art GOH: LES EDWARDS, Sculptor in Residence: VINCENT C.L. JO-NES, Artist in Residence: HEATHER SPEARs

Areas include: MAIN EXHIBITION, FAN SECTION, PRINT SHOP, SKETCH BIN "THINGS TO COME" Special exhibition in collaboration with the BRITISH DIABETIC ASSOCIATION in honour of H.G. WELLS, layfounder of the B.D.A. An exhibition of work about and inspired by Wells including archival material from the H.G. Wells Society collection at the University of North London, the Wells Collection at the Bromley Central Library and private collectors. Signings and an auction of donated books and art work to be presented by the ART SHOW and Book Room with the support of our ART GOH LES EDWARDS and HARRY HARRISON. OPENING TIMES FOR ART SHOW. Changes will be subject to programming. When possible the Print Shop and ART SHOW FOYER will remain open while preparing for special events such as the Main Auction.

SALES may be made in the following ways: Direct, by Auction, from the Print shop(direct). All sales must be paid in Sterling. INTERSECTION will accept VISAESS, EuroCheques, Travellers Cheques and personal cheques (UK with guarantee card). Further information on sales will be made available in the ART SHOW catalogue and art show.

AUCTIONS There will be two auctions

Art show programming and times will be announced at the convention. We plan a series of internal art show workshops, interviews, signings and other special events. Items already scheduled include: WORKSHOPS, DEMONSTRATIONS, TOURS and many other events taking place in the Art Show Area. Full details are in the Art Show Catalogue.

List of Artists: Les Edwards (Art GoH), Brian Aldiss/Rosemary Chorley, David Angus, Chris Baker (Fangorn), Eugenia BancuiIoana, Bancui Rodica Bancui, Graham Bleathman, Martine Blond (Ty Kadrak), Michael Bossom, Jason Brookes, Ian Brooks, Scott Brown, Liyi Tan, Jackie Burns, Jim Burns, Roger Burton-West, Paul Campion, Steve Crisp, Judith Clute, Darlene Coltrain, Ctein, James S. Dougherty, Larry deSouza, Chuck Divine, Bob Eggleton, Michelle Ellington, Peter Elson, Mike Farnworth, Danny Flynn, Craig Forrester, Gilles Francescano, Peter Francis, Fred Gambino, Wendy Gamble, Stevens Nicu, Gesce Beckett Gladney, Mary Hanson-Roberts, David Hardy, Jason Hurst, Kayoko Isozaki, Clephren Janeman, Leslie Janneman, Nik Jardine, Robert Jeffrey, Camelia Jelesneac, Silviu Jelesneac, Angela Jones, Vincent Jo-Nes, Jean-Dominique Lavoix-Carli, Todd Lockwood, James Logan, Don Maitz, Aurel Manole, Denys Martynets, Sue Mason, Juraj Maxon (Mad Max), Ellen McMicking (Blade), Lucinda McNary, Franz Miklis, Ian Miller, Rolf Mohr, Chris Moore, Dave Mooring, Luisa Nadalini, Tom Nanson, Ione NeaguIngrid Neilson, John Nelson, Marina Nicolaev, Andy Patterson, Arthur Payn, Peter Peebles, Martina Pilcerova, Michael Porjes, Jean Porter, Jim Porter, Sergey Poyarkov, Mary Prince, Marion Radu-Ricu, Allan Richardson, Keith Scaife, Yuri Sherbatykh, Kate Soley, Spring Schoenhuth, S.M.S. Heather Spears, Colin Sullivan, Jon Sullivan, Paul Swendsen, Brian Waugh, Chris Williamson, Wizards of the Coast, Janny Wurts, Mick Van Houten, Chris Varian, Adrian Vlasceanu, Paul Youll, University of North London Bromley Central Library

Parties (not used in final version) What would a Worldcon be without parties? The following list is as up to date as possible but check the parties board at the Information Desk and look in the Newsletter for the complete list. Groups bidding to hold future Worldcons are mostly in the Forte Crest. Smaller parties are in the Central Hotel. If you want to hold a party of your own then ask at the Information Desk for details.

Thursday: In the Forte Crest Ballroom (Bothwell/Douglas Suites): Atlanta in 98, Baltimore in 98, Boston in 98, Niagara Falls in 98
In the Central Hotel: Zagreb in 99 Room 108, Kansas City in 2000 Room 105

Friday: It's Beach party night in the Logie Baird room of the Central Hotel from 22.00 as the Fan Programme puts on its most garish shirt and parties.
In the Moat House the British Publishers are hosting an open party at 22.30.
In the Forte Crest Ballroom(Bothwell/Douglas Suites): Atlanta in 98, Baltimore in 98, Boston in 98, Niagara Falls in 98
In the Central Hotel: Boston in 2001 Clydesdale Room, Boston in 2001 Douglas Room, Norwegian/agents' party Room 106, Zagreb in 99 Room 108

Saturday: In the Central Hotel: Chicago in 2000 Rooms 104 & 105, Kansas City in 2000 Room 105, Zagreb in 99 Room 108, Moscow in 2017 Room 150, Antarctica in 99 Room 151

Sunday Standing WorldCon party, '98 Winner, ConAdian Thank You party. Venues to be announced.

Monday Gopher party Forte Crest Ballroom (Bothwell/Douglas Suites)

Programme Times and Details As with all conventions, the programme is constantly being updated. Please note that the programme is subject to change and you should check the Information Desk and convention newsletter for details of changes. This is the programme as available 2 weeks before the convention. Please read the following notes which will help to guide you through the complexities of a 20 stream programme spread across five days in four venues.

The listings shown as grids give only the time, location, title and code number of each programme item. To get more detail on any item you should look up its code number in the section that comes after the grids. Note that there are 2 separate types of grid: one for daytime programme in the Moat House and SECC, the other for evening pogramme in the Moat House, SECC, Central Hotel and Forte Crest. These are followed by the other programme items like signing sessions and kafeeklatsch.

Films are listed separately in the film and video programme. Videos are not listed at all: you have to see the programme displayed outside the video rooms in the Moat House and at the Information Desk.

Extravaganzas The Masquerade is on Saturday. The Hugo Award Ceremony on Sunday will be followed by a firework display sponsored by Creed.

Feedback There is one programme item not shown on any of the programme grids, and that is the daily Feedback Session in the Hall 4 Performance Area at 1500. This gives you the chance to tell us what you think of the convention. Each session will be attended by one of the co-chairs of the convention.

Programme Items in Index Number Order Note: Apart from a few late changes, the index number list is pretty much in chronological order. 001 Breakfast Club / 15 Minute Fandom. The chance for early birds to meet and discuss the day ahead. There will be information on upcoming programme items and parties for each day and people to ask about these.

Thursday, 10:30am, Hall 4 Fanroom

003 Survivors Guide to Intersection.

Is this your first Worldcon? Don't know anyone? No accommodation? On a tight budget? This item will give you good advice for each of these circumstances and many more.

Thursday, 11:00am, Hall 4 Fanroom

004 Where Do You Draw the Line in Comics / Art.

What are the rules governing what is and is not acceptable? Does the fact that many people consider comics as being for chidren affect the outlook on censorship on foul language, sex and violence in comics?

Thursday, 11:00am, Argyle 1

005 The Write Way / 15 Minute Fandom.

Getting your work published can be a hit and miss affair. Our panel of writers tell us tales of tears, trauma, and hopefully, triumph.

Christina Lake, Phil Raines

Thursday, Noon, Hall 4 Fanroom

006 An Introduction to WSFS.

Kevin Standlee explains the arcane workings of the World Science Fiction Society.

Thursday, Noon, Shuna/Staffa

007 Building a Better Religion.

The mechanics of fantastic and alien theologies. How weird can they get?

David V Barrett, Lee Gold, Stephan Grundy, Robert J Sawyer, Pamela Hodgson

Thursday, Noon, Argyle 1

008 Scottish Writers.

Do Scottish SF writers have a special take on the subject? If so, what?

Iain Banks, Chris Boyce, Michael Cobley, Duncan Lunan, Ken MacLeod

Thursday, Noon, Argyle 2/3

009 City of Architecture.

Thursday, Noon, Wizard's Cave

010 Straight Reflections.

What do straights think of us? How do they see us? How do they use the ideas they get from us, and are they even aware of their origin? (Repeat the first three sentences, substituting the word "mundane.")

Stephen Dedman, Samuel R. Delany, Andy Nimmo, Paul Smit

Thursday, Noon, Legend Room

011 Clementine. A talk on the results from last year's DoD lunar mapper.

Jordin Kare

Thursday, 1:00pm Hall 4 Science Room

012 Traditional Dress.

Thursday, 1:00pm, Wizard's Cave

013 A Comparison Between WSFS and ESFS.

Thursday, 1:00pm, Shuna/Staffa

014 30 Years of Thunderbirds.

Thunderbirds is probably Gerry Anderson's most remembered work in the world of supermarionation. What is it about Thunderbirds that made it so popular and enables it to continue to make its mark with each passing generation. Chartier

Thursday, 1:00pm, Argyle 2/3

015 Spend, Spend, Spend..

A panel on the different approaches of American and Continental costuming covering money, presentation etc.

Giulia de Cesare, Shirlee Dunlop, Teddy

Thursday, 1:00pm, HG Wells Room

016 Apocryphal Tales.

Did you hear the one about Banksie and the flying wardrobe? Iain hasn't, and he wants to get to the bottom of all these rumours... Diane Duane sure knows a few stories too, which we hope to persuade her to spill.

Thursday, 1:00pm Hall 4 Fanroom

017 Forrest Ackerman Slide Show.

Slide show of Forry's seventy-year collection of SF history.

Thursday, 1:00pm, Argyle 1

018 Queer Vampires.

Pat Califas, Anne Rice, Poppy Z. Brite - for that matter, vampire sexuality in Bram Stoker's Dracula was hardly straight!

Jane Carnall, Tanya Huff, Bart Kemper, Kari Maund

Thursday 1400 Hall 4 Fanroom

020 Slideshow. Don Maitz, Janny Wurts

Thursday 1400, Argyle 2/3

021 Critical Standards. Writers who are critics - how does each role inform the other. Samuel R. Delany, Colin Greenland, Pat McMurray, Norman Spinrad

Thursday 1400, Legend Room

022 Trading Cards. They're here ! They're taking over the known universe! Can anything stop them ? And what are they anyway ? C Ice, Logger, John Mansfield, Janna Silverstein

Thursday 1400, Wizard's Cave

023 Gaelic. A brief intoduction

Thursday 1400, Shuna/Staffa

024 Terraforming - The Science of Green Mars. Martyn Fogg introduces the subject. See also a panel on the ethics of the subject. Martyn Fogg Thu

1400, HG Wells Room

025 Fear of Being the Same. Discussion: Are Orson Scott Card and Sheri S. Tepper homophobic? Was Robert Heinlein homophobic? Why are straight men generally more accepting of lesbians, and straight women women of gay men? Is Storm Constantine scared of lesbians? Jane Carnall, Meg Davis, Antony Gilbert, Jim Mearns, Paul Smit Fri 1800 Barra 026 Comsats - Wireless World to Wired World. Intersectionwill mark the 50th anniversary of Arthur C Clarke's paper in Wireless World on geostationary communications satellites. Simon Bradshaw reviews the conception and development of comsats and looks forward to the exciting new developments coming Simon Bradshaw

Thursday 1400, Argyle 1

027 ET Encounter. This item is 2 hours long. Chris Boyce

Thursday 1400 Hall 4 Science Room 028 Worldcon for Beginners. Big, isn't it? How to get the most out of a Worldcon and stay sane afterwards... See also the "Survivor's Guide" items in the Morning Fan Programme. Martin Easterbrook, Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin, Omega

Thursday 1430 , Hall 4 Fanroom

029 Space Treasure Trail. Andy Nimmo talks about a proposal for the Millenium Fund to launch a solar sailing project. With Gregory Beckman, Duncan Lunan, and Gordon Ross. Gregory Beckman, Duncan Lunan, Andy Nimmo, Gordon Ross

Thursday 1500, Wizard's Cave

030 Feedback. Tell us what you think of the con so far.

Thursday 1500 Hall 4 Performance Area031 Take Your Pick. How fast do classics age? Ellen Asher, Edward James, Mary Kay Kare, Mark Olson

Thursday 1500, Argyle 1

032 Horizon 10 -American Futures. Where next for America? Joe Haldeman, Allen Steele, Harry Turtledove, Jim Young

Thursday 1500, Argyle 2/3 033 Where Do You Draw The Line on TV. What or who decides what is acceptable material to be broadcast? Are there separate guidelines for foul

language, sex or violence?

Thursday 1500, HG Wells Room

034 Whats WSFS. Did you know you are a member of the World Science Fiction Society? Come along and find out what this means, and what you can do about it... A not too serious guide to Worldcon Business Meetings and what they have to offer Paul Dormer, George Flynn, Tim Illingworth, Kevin Standlee

Thursday 1500 Hall 4 Fanroom 035 Life in the Art Lane. How does an artist take a written story or premise and bring it to life on the page? Chris Claremont, Lilian Edwards

Thursday 1500 Dan Dare Room 036 Geography of Space 1. First of 2 talks by Henry Spencer looking at the Useful Bits of the Solar System Henry Spencer Thu 1500, Legend Room

037 Protofilk. A discussion with some performance of what a few filkers sang before they sang filk. Jordin Kare, Bill Sutton, Anne Whitaker, Mike Whitaker

Thursday 1500, Shuna/Staffa 038 Opening Ceremony.

Thursday 1600 Hall5

039 Fanzine Reading and Review. A Hugo-nominated fan-editor takes a sideways glance at fanzines: these may include his own, "Lan's Lantern," and perhaps a couple of the ones published immediately before Intersection. George Laskowski

Thursday 1630, Hall 4 Fanroom

040 Cyberspace Beginners - Logging On and Loading Up. What is this Internet thing anyway ? How do you take the first few steps onto it. Richard Aronson, Chad Childers

Thursday 1700 Hall 4 Science Room 041 Horizon 10 - Real & Virtual Communities. The future of the urban physical area contrasted with the virtual urban area.

Thursday 1700, HG Wells Room

042 Ops Radio Procedures.

Thursday 1700 Dan Dare Room043 Are Two Heads Better Than One. How do people collaborate and why. Cynthia Felice, Michael F. Flynn, Kathleen Gear, W Michael Gear, Paul Harland

Thursday 1700, Legend Room

044 Why Was Scotty Scottish ?. Thu 1700, Wizard's Cave

045 Who Goes Normal. Discussion: The use of homosexuality as Normal - in order to prove that it's not. Pamela Sargents 'City of Women', 'Homo/Hetero', an STNG episode 'Outcast', Joe Haldeman's 'The Forever War'... Michael A. Banbury, Meg Davis, Tanya Huff, Andy Nimmo, Geoff Ryman Sat 1600 Barra046 Filk in Mainstream Fandom.

Thursday 1700 Argyle 1 047 Millenial Foundation. Marshall Savage talks about his plans to bootstrap space colonies using private funds. 2 hours including Q and A session. You might also like to look at The Oceania Homepage and at Marshall's homepage. . Marshall Savage

Thursday 1730, Argyle 2/3 048 Tale of Three Fandoms. The fandoms of North America, Britain and Western Europe started from a common root. How have they diverged or converged, and how do the different fandoms tackle similar problems? This introduces a thread of related items. Anetta Meriranta Pirinen, Robert

'Nojay' Sneddon

Thursday 1700 Hall 4 Fanroom

049 Handling Sex in RPG's. What do you do when your players switch the script from Conan the Barbarian to Melrose Place. Alexandra Honigsberg, Amanda Leeds

Thursday 1800 Wizard's Cave050 WSFS Mark Protection Group Meeting.

Thursday 1800 Jura 051 Further Visions. A talk on sequels to HG Wells's 'The Time Machine'. Stephen Baxter

Thursday 1800 Argyle 1052 ET Encounter Report. Chris Boyce

Thursday 1800 Hall 4 Science Room 053 Get Back to Your Own Universe. Crossover stories are becoming more and more prevelant. Is this viewed as a way of making more money and getting more mileage out of popular items without extra effort on the part of the publishers and writers? Mary Kay Kare

Thursday 1800 Dan Dare

Room054 Fandom and the Net. Will rec.arts.sf.fandom survive the Invasion of the Fannish Fans? Every day it seems that another fanzine fan goes electronic and these new people bring their own ideas on written communication to an ephemeral medium where the instant reaction rules. Chris Croughton, Martin Smith, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Henry Spencer

Thursday 1800 Hall 4 Fanroom

055 What is Filk?. What is this strange word 'filk'? An introductory discussion with demonstrations. Lee Gold, Valerie Housden, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton

Thursday 1800, Shuna/Staffa

056 Building a List. How do you build an SF imprint with a distinct image. Tom Doherty, Bill Fawcett, Jane Johnson, Caroline Oakley, Janna Silverstein

Thursday 1800, Legend Room

057 Brass Band. One and a half hours long.

Thursday 1830 Hall 5058 Filkers Felidae. A sign up concert of cat songs. No roadkill songs today please!

Thursday 1900, Shuna/Staffa

059 Crack Cocaine and the Mythepoeic Tradition. Can fantasy handle contemporary life? Iain Banks, Samuel R. Delany, Geoff Ryman, Michael Swanwick

Thursday 1900 Argyle 2/3 060 African Stories. Safari stories from Mike Resnick. Mike Resnick Thu 2030 Hall 5061 Anoraks of Fire. The thesis of this panel is that as SF becomes a more assimilated part of the mainstream (cyberpunk, Star Trek, Internet etc) you

have to have something seriously strange about you to still feel impelled to become an active fan. Abi Frost, Dan Steffan, Teddy, Jaine Weddell, Moshe Feder

Thursday 2100 Kintyre 062 SF Myths - Physics. Geoffrey Landis (subject to availability), Stephen Baxter, Howard Davidson, Jordin Kare, Del Cotter (mod), and Hal Clement look at scientific misconceptions that authors have inadvertently promoted to the extent that they have become 'common knowledge' a

Stephen Baxter, Hal Clement, Del Cotter, Howard Davidson, Geoffrey Landis, Jordin Kare

Thursday 2100 Arran063 A Filk at Bedtime.

Thursday 2200 Crest Filk Room 064 Fanzines - Do They Have An Attitude. Do fanzines have to want to change the world Andy Hooper, Simon Ounsely, Greg Pickersgill, Chris Reed, Geri Sullivan

Thursday 2200 Kintyre 065 Minneapolis in '73 Party. Thu 2300 Kintyre066 All Night Filk Circles.

Thursday 2300 Crest Filk Room 067 Masquerade Meeting. Fri 1000 Hall 5068 Writers Workshop. Module 1, Characters and Plots Paul Barnett, Tom Doherty, Bart Kemper, Patrick Nielsen Hayden Fri 1000 Boardroom 069 Klingon Language. An informal panel composed of members of the Klingon Language Institute from Scotland, England, Australia and the US. Panelists will discuss their own involvement with the galaxy's fasted growing language, some of the KLI's projects such as translating t Christine Atherton, Nial Hosking, Richard Kennaway, Nick Nicholas Fri 1000 Legend Room070 The Campaign for Real Aliens - Babylon 5. Babylon 5 is full of aliens that look odd and behave odder.What is it about Babylon 5 that has finally brought this breakthrough? Andrew A Adams, Amanda Baker, Pat McMurray, Maureen Speller Fri 1000, Argyle 1

071 WSFS. Fri 1000, Shuna/Staffa

072 We Have The Technology. In all SF we catch glimpses of what the future might be, and technology plays a great part in this. How close to

reality are these technological leaps? Jack Nimersheim, B Pearson Sat 1000 Barra073 ESFS. Fri 1000 Jura 074 Contact Game Session. Chris Boyce Fri 1000 Hall 4 Science Room075 Women in Uniform. What is it like to be a woman writing hard/military SF? Lois McMaster Bujold, Elizabeth Moon, Jennifer Stevenson, Diann

Thornley Fri 1000, Argyle 2/3 076 Breakfast Club / 15 Minute Fandom. The chance for early birds to meet and discuss the day ahead. There will be information on upcoming programme items and parties for each day and people to ask about these

Fri 10:30am Hall 4 Fanroom

077 Retreating to the Golden Age. Is fantasy an inherently reactionary genre? Paul Kearney, Katherine Kurtz, George R.R. Martin

Fri 11:00amHall 5 078 The Future of English. Has widespread literacy and communications stopped English evolving or will it change as much in the next 600 years as in the last 600? Jean Lorrah, Chris Morgan, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Tim Smith

Fri 11:00am, HG Wells Room

079 Campbell's Children. Current and previous Campbell Award nominees in discussion. Nicholas A. DiChario, David Feintuch, Daniel Marcus, Laura Resnick

Fri 11:00am Wizard's Cave 080 A Thousand Abandoned Cities. A slide show and talk on the Fate of the Anasazi Indian Culture and its Implications for Our Times. M.Shayne Bell Fri 11:00am Barra 081 Research in Writing SF. How you do it, and the surprises you get along the way. Tanya Huff, Duncan Lunan, Terry McGarry, Sheila Williams, Connie Willis

Fri 11:00am, Argyle 1

083 Aliens. The alien otherness of foreign fans and their fandoms. Examining how their differing cultures affect their fandoms and what we can learn from them. Ellen Andressen

Fri 11:00am, Hall 4 Fanroom

084 Planet Colonisation Simulation. 2hours Jo Walton, Ken Walton Fri 11:00amHall 4 Science Room085 When is a Comic not a Comic. Who decides what is a comic and what is a graphic novel?

Fri 11:00am, Legend Room

087 Negative Matter Supported Wormholes. Panelists John Cramer, Geoffrey Landis, Greg Benford and Bob Forward discuss their recent joint physics paper on natural wormholes and how to find them. The basic idea is that due to mass flow and back reaction, one end of a natural

wormhole will become Greg Benford, John Cramer, Robert L. Forward, Geoffrey Landis

Fri 11:00am, Argyle 2/3 088 SETI. This talk by Paul Shuch will explore evidence for a universe teeming with life and discuss strategies for SETI. A new Cooperative effort between several thousand radio amateurs will be introduced, and it will be shown that the hardware and software which Paul Shuch

Fri 11:00am Dan Dare Room 090 Great Cover! Shame about the Game.. Artists are often better at creating imaginary worlds than game designers. How should art and game design complement each other. Westerman Fri 1200 , Wizard's Cave

091 Telling Stories and Story Telling. How important is oral story-telling? Mike Resnick, Geoff Ryman, Jane Yolen, Shira Daemon Fri 1200 Argyle 1092 Scotland in the Early Middle Ages 1. A serious look at Scottish history. Kari Maund

Fri Noon Jura 093 Tale of a Tale. From inspiration to publication, the story of 'Seasons of Plenty' Patsy Antoine, Jim Burns, Merryl Futerman, Colin Greenland, Jane Johnson

Fri Noon, HG Wells Room

094 17th Century Schizoid Fan. Andy Sawyer suggests that what we know today as "fandom" began in the 17th Century. This item was first presented at Confabulation, the 1995 Eastercon, and is repeated by popular demand.. Andy Sawyer Fri 1200 Dan Dare Room 095 Working on Characters in Comics. Lilian Edwards, Steve Kite

Fri Noon Boardroom096 A Riband For Your Coat. A fannish award can give some recognition to the fanzine editor, some acknowledgement that the fanzine has been

appreciated or, at least, read and remembered. This item will consider some of the fannish awards like the Novas or the Hugos. Christina Lake, Janice Gelb, Simon Ounsley

Fri Noon Barra 097 SF Encyclopaedia - The End of the Story. Does the existence of the SF Encyclopaedia mean that genre SF has become a Told Story? John Clute, Peter Nicholls

Fri Noon, Legend Room

098 Why Have a Director. Why have a director when the film we see is not necessarily the one he filmed? Simon Ings, Mike Jittlov, Stephen Jones

Fri Noon Argyle 2/3 099 Redesigning The Human Body for Fun and Fornication. A talk by Jack Cohen. (speaker control) . Hall 5, 12pm Jack Cohen

Fri NoonHall 5100 15 Minute Fandom.

Fri Noon, Hall 4 Fanroom

102 Give Up the Day Job. People who started as fans tell how they used their experiences gained from Fandom to make a living doing what they enjoy. John-Henri Holmberg, Linda Krawecke, Stephen Payne Fri 1230, Hall 4 Fanroom

103 The Mind's Eye. What are the problems caused by writing for soemthing which has already appeared on screen, since there a writer cannot use the reader's imagination as a tool? Kevin J. Anderson, Greg Cox, David Gerrold

Fri 1:00pm, Wizard's Cave

104 Incestuous Costuming. The future of British costuming in a Tea Party atmosphere. Michelle Dennis Fri 1:00pm Barra105 The Turtle Sells. Peter Morwood interviews Terry Pratchett. Peter Morwood, Terry Pratchett

Fri 1:00pmHall 5 106 Alternate Technological Histories. Alternate Histories generally the decisions of individuals or the outcome of wars as their turning points. But history could equally well have been altered through differences in the way technology has developed. What would the outcome of WW2 have

been o Stephen Baxter, Simon Bradshaw, Evelyn Leeper, Pat McMurray, Harry Turtledove

Fri 1:00pm, Argyle 2/3 107 Green Children of Woolpit. Duncan Lunan investigates a paranormal story and comes up with some very surprising answers. , Shuna/Staffa

, 1pm Duncan Lunan

Fri 1:00pm, Shuna/Staffa

108 Con Runners Anonymous. "Okay, so I ran a con..." Conrunning is an insidious addiction which creeps up unnoticed until suddenly it is time to stand up, be counted, and announce to the world "My name is X: and I'm a conrunner." Why do these people sacrifice their time? Jan van 't Ent, Ford, Pat McMurray

Fri 1:00pm , Hall 4 Fanroom

109 The Music Hugo - What Went Wrong. What, why, how, where did it start, what went wrong? A moderated discussion. Mary Kay Kare, Perrianne Lurie, Mike Moir, Bill Sutton

Fri 1:00pm, Legend Room

110 Vinc Clark Guest of Honour Discussion. Vincent Clarke, Geri Sullivan Vinc Clarke chats up Geri Sullivan (and vice versa).This is the place to find out about young British fandom when SF readers were proud and lonely, when the few fanzines were the only points of contact but for 1

con a year. Vincent Clarke, Geri Sullivan

Fri 1:00pm, Argyle 1

111 Fans and Mysteries. Every so often someone discovers that fans also read mysteries. Of all types of fiction, this genre has come nearest to spawning a fandom of its own. This item will look at the similarities and differences between the genres and their readers. Maia Cowan, Liz Holliday, Paul Harland, Mary Frost-Pierson

Fri 1:00pm Jura 112 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce

Fri 1:00pmHall 4 Science Room114 Horizon 10 - Asia Rising. The rise of the Asian Tigers and its challenge to the West. Charles Shinichi Adachi, Greg Benford, Philip Chee, Patrick

Collins, Stephen Gould

Fri 1:00pm, HG Wells Room

116 Kipling: SF's Unknown Uncle. How many of you know Rudyard Kipling was an Uncle of SF? Come and hear more! Johannes Berg, John Brunner, Stephen Clark, Marcus Rowland, Tom Whitmore

Fri 1:00pm Dan Dare Room117 Slide Show. Paul Swendsen Fri 1400 Argyle 1 118 Writers Workshop. Module 2 Descriptions and Symbols, Mythos and Meaning Sue Thomas Fri 1400 Boardroom119 Married to the Mob. A fairly light item to discuss the ups and downs of being married to an SF&F writer. And does it help to be one yourself?

Karen Haber , Gay Haldeman, Susan Casper, Rebecca Moesta Fri 1400 Dan Dare Room120 Filkwriting (Workshop). Do you have problems writing filk songs? Come and pick up some tips from the experts. Jordin Kare, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton, Mike Whitaker Fri 1400, Shuna/Staffa

122 Real World SF. Is it easier to expose real world problems using SF metaphors? D.G. Compton, Peter F. Hamilton, Gyorgy Mandics, Ian McDonald Fri 1400, Wizard's Cave

123 Fanzines in a Flash (workshop). Sometimes it seems too late to produce a fanzine in the run-up to a con: there are so many other things to get ready. So here is a practical workshop chance to produce a fanzine actually at the con, to consider contents, illustrations, distribution. 2hrs Jenny Glover, Alasdair Hepburn, Heidi Lyshol Fri 1400 Jura 124 The Laughing Universe. When the universe plays tricks, anything is possible. Esther Friesner, Craig Shaw Gardner, Tom Holt, Jody Lynn Nye Fri 1400, HG Wells Room

125 Planet Colonisation Simulation. 2hours Jo Walton, Ken Walton Fri 1400 Hall 4 Science Room126 Fans of the Frozen North. The fandoms of Canada and Scotland are overshadowed by their better-known neighbours to the South. But Canada

showed, with the Worldcon last year, that it has a thriving fandom which can hold its own and which has its own national flavour. Michelle "Cuddles" Drayton, Ben Giraud, John Mansfield, Tibbs Fri 1400, Hall 4 Fanroom

127 Lagging Laws - Copyright. Technically, the laws of copyright are clear and apply no matter how a work is published, but what constitutes "publication" in the world of computers disks, networks and the World Wide Web. A discussion of where the laws stand, what is unclear and what Howard Campbell, Sarah Goodman, Michael Ward, Laura Majerus Fri 1400, Legend Room

129 The Shadow of the City. Fictional treatments of real cities. Steve Casper, Charles de Lint, Keith Ferrell, Jeff Noon, Walter Jon Williams Fri 1400 Hall 5130 The Spaceship and the Bilges. Should fictional spaceships work? Diane Duane, David Feintuch, Robert L. Forward, Geoffrey Landis, Elizabeth Moon Fri 1400, Argyle 2/3 132 Feedback. Tell us what you think of the con so far. Fri 1500 Hall 4 Performance Area 133 Into the Unknown. Discussion: Some novels are well-known in gay sf fandom but virtually unknown outside it - (like 'Chrome' or 'Daughters of Egalia') some are just never widely known at all. Jane Carnall, Meg Davis, Paul Smit

Thursday 1700, Shuna/Staffa

134 You Make Me DC. A sign up concert of songs inspired by comics. Fri 1500, Shuna/Staffa

135 Deus Ex Machina.. or How to Achieve a Climax. A talk by Brian Stableford on how to achieve the perfect science fictional climax. Brian Stableford Fri 1500, Argyle 1

136 Quantum Mechanics. John Cramer will describe his Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, published in Reviews of Modern Physics and recently featured in John Gribbin's new book Schroedinger's Kittens. The TI is an interpretation of the standard formalism of quan

John Cramer Fri 1500, HG Wells Room

137 Busman's Holiday. Editors who write and writers who edit. Pete Crowther, Scott Edelman, David S. Garnett, Stan Schmidt Fri 1500, Legend Room

138 Exit Stage Left. What are the problems of presenting science fiction on the stage? Does SF lend itself to live performances or does it work best with the facilities available in a TV or film studio? Mike Cule, Shira Daemon, Gary Stratmann Fri 1500 Barra 139 Alternate SF. How could SF's own history have been different? Brian Aldiss, Charles N. Brown, Robert Silverberg Fri 1500 Hall 5141 Fans and Fund Raising. Altruism is alive and well and living in fandom -- or is it just enlightened self-interest? This panel discusses aspects of

fundraising for causes close to the fannish heart Ian Gunn, Roger Robinson, Pam Wells Fri 1500 Hall 4 Fanroom

142 3 Books to Build a World. Wells' traveller took 3 books to the future. Which would you take? Chris Boyce, Mary Kay Kare, Lisanne Norman, Allen Steele Fri 1500, Argyle 2/3 143 Geography of Space 2. Second of 2 talks by Henry Spencer looking at the Useful Bits of the Solar System. Henry Spencer Fri 1600 HG Wells Room145 Desert Asteroids, Filk. Filk guest of honour Bob Kanefsky talks to Sue Mason about life, the universe and everything, and chooses 8 songs (by others) that he would like to have with him on that fabled desert asteroid. Bob Kanefsky, Sue Mason Fri 1600, Shuna/Staffa

146 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce Fri 1600 Hall 4 Science Room 147 The Theatre of Memory. What is this mysterious art and why is it so popular with contemporary fantasists? Gill Alderman, Andy Sawyer, Jennifer Stevenson, Michael Swanwick Fri 1600, Wizard's Cave

148 As Easy as Apa. APAs, or Amateur Press Associations, are a slightly more intimate form of communication than fanzines. Are they for you? Come and find out.. Jenny Glover, Lynne Ann Morse, Barry Traish Sun 1530 Hall 4 Fanroom

149 The Most Alien Alien. How can writers evoke a genuine sense of otherness in their aliens? Jack Cohen, David Gerrold, Paul McAuley, Walter Jon Williams Fri 1600 Hall 5 150 SF Poetry Jam. A DIY poetry session coordinated by Mary Turzillo. Read or listen! Mary Turzillo Fri 1600 Barra152 Forensics. Patricia MacEwan Fri 1600, Argyle 1

153 Art Workshop. Fri 1600 Boardroom154 SF & Postmodernism. A talk by Graham Head. Graham Head Fri 1600 Jura 155 My Life Writ Large. The blend of autobiography and fiction. Samuel R. Delany, Joe Haldeman, David Pringle Fri 1600, Argyle 2/3 156 What Makes a Cult Show. There are some obvious cult shows and films :Star Trek, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Prisoner, Dr. Who to

name just a few. But what is it in these shows that attracts such a following. John L. Flynn, Lichtenberg, H McCarthy, Bjo Trimble Fri 1600 Dan Dare Room 157 3 Fandoms - Clubs or Groups. SF Groups exist all over the world and, in Britain at least, can vary in size and style from a small group who drink together every week (FORTH, in Edinburgh) to a monthly group with rented premises, a newsletter and an annual convention (the "Brum Group"

Henry Balen, Mark Olson, Nico Veenkamp Fri 1630 Hall 4 Fanroom

158 You Won't Respect Us in the Morning. Humorous books sell well but rarely win awards. Why? Tom Holt, Terry Pratchett, Bob Shaw, Harry Turtledove, Toni Weisskopf Fri 1700 Hall 5159 Terraforming - Can We? Should We?. A panel discussion hosted by Martyn Fogg, with Kevin J Anderson, Dave Hardy, and Marshall Savage See also the introduction to terraforming. Kevin J. Anderson, Martyn Fogg, Dave Hardy, Marshall Savage Fri 1700, HG Wells Room

160 The Hero in Spite of Himself. Why are our heroes not as heroic as they used to be? Terry Brooks, Lois McMaster Bujold, Alex Stewart, James White Fri 1700 Wizard's Cave161 Down the Slippery Slope. Ann Crispin, Tim Smith Fri 1700 Dan Dare Room 162 Economics of Space Tourism. Patrick Collins Fri 1700 Hall 4 Science Room163 The Wheels of If. A talk on alternate history theories. Herman Ritter Fri 1700 Jura 164 What are the Limits to Science. Are there things man was not meant to know? Are there things we can't find out? Are there questions we can't ask? Does science have any limits? Scientists and SF authors discuss. With Howard Davidson, Ctein (moderator), Jack Nimersheim, Amy

Thomson Fri 1700, Argyle 2/3 165 Need Hard SF Be Hard?. Does hard SF have to be tough, masculine, or scientific? Greg Benford, Kathryn Cramer, Valerie Freireich, Geoffrey Landis Fri 1700, Legend Room

166 Filkers Playtime. Two teams battle it out through increasingly silly filk-based games. Gwen Funnell, Peter Wareham Fri 1700, Shuna/Staffa

167 The Value of Style. How important is literary style in SF? Simon Bisson, Colin Greenland, Guy Gavriel Kay, Ian McDonald, Michael Marshall Smith Fri 1700, Argyle 1

169 Agony Column. Do you have a problem? Do you need some help? Are you too shy to come out of the closet and admit that you don't know how to pub an ish? Here is the opportunity to ask the fannish agony aunts all those things you've always wondered about. Chris Marble, Nick

Lynch, David Kushner, Roger Sims, Andy Hooper Fri 1700 Hall 4 Fanroom

171 Con Running Workshop. Fri 1730 Boardroom 172 Slide Show. Dave Hardy Fri 1000, Wizard's Cave

173 Beyond the Round Table. (Ab)uses of Arthurian legend in fantasy. Esther Friesner, Haydn Middleton, Jody Lynn Nye, Darrell Schweitzer Fri

1800, Argyle 1

174 Show and Tell. Discussions, presentation and displays of costumes that are inelligible for entry into the Masquerade. Possibly aligned in themes to other parts of the programme. Michelle Dennis, Marisa Merewood, Maggie Percival, Frances Tucker, Jaine Weddell Fri 1800 Dan Dare Room175 Asteroid Deflection 1. An asteroid has been discovered on a collision course with Earth. How could we stop it? How much notice would we need? Is the technology available? Bill Higgins explains how to Save the World before the issue is discussed by a panel. . Bill Higgins Fri 1800 HG Wells Room 176 ET Encounter Game Report. Chris Boyce Fri 1800 Hall 4 Science Room177 Ceilidh dance workshop. Fri 1800 Arran 178 Arthur, Merlin and Camelot - Were They Scottish?. Fri 1600, Legend Room

179 From Computer to Camera. In this talk we get to see behind the scenes and see some of the tricks of the trade as divulged by Alan Marques from

the Magic Camera Company. Alan's latest involvement has been on the set of 'Space Precinct'. Alan Marques Fri 1800, Legend Room

180 Do You Judge a Comic by its Cover?. When a comic cover is drawn by someone other than the artist for the contents does this cause problems? Are there differences in style between the cover and contents and does it detract from the comic? Graham Bleathman, Steve Kite Fri 1500 Dan Dare Room 181 Filk Feeding Frenzy. Fri 1800, Shuna/Staffa

183 Fan Room Beach Party. Party generously sponsored by North London's leading SF and fantasy bookstore, Fantasy Centre Day 2 2200 Logie

Baird184 Why is So Much Crap Published?. If SF readers are so discerning, why is there so much rubbish in print? Ellen Datlow, Harry Harrison, John Jarrold, Patrick Nielsen Hayden Fri 1800, Argyle 2/3 185 Glasgow Gay Society. The Glasgow Gay SF Society's 1st birthday party. With haggis! Andy Nimmo Fri 1900 Jura/Barra 186 Regency Dance - Scottish Style. Fri 1930 Crest Filk Room187 The Works of Gerry Anderson. Gerry Anderson, Ralph Titterton Fri 1930 Hall 5 188 Reading - Jane Yolen. Jane Yolen Fri 1930, Argyle 1

189 Reading - Brian Aldiss. Brian Aldiss Fri 2000, Argyle 1

190 The Final Frontier. A sign up concert of space songs. Fri 2000, Shuna/Staffa

191 Gilgamesh. A performance/ recital by Geoff Ryman based on the ancient legend (2 hours). Geoff Ryman Fri 2000, Argyle 2/3 192 Glasgow Fortean Society. Fri 2000 Arran193 Reading - Kathleen Ann Goonan. Kathleen Ann Goonan Fri 2030, Argyle 1

194 Reading - David Gerrold. David Gerrold Fri 2100, Argyle 1

195 Dune or "The Sand of Music." A cast of thousands consisting of Ian Sorensen, Jackie McRobert and Phil Raines turn Frank Herbert's book into

a multimedia spectacular! (You'll believe a sandworm can surf.) Come dressed in your favourite Tropicana beachwear for party night! Philip Raines, Jackie McRobert, Ian Sorensen Fri 2100 Logie Baird 196 Pass the Hat Concert. You write down songs on slips of paper, and whatever is drawn out of the hat has to be played. Valerie Housden Fri 2100, Shuna/Staffa

197 Reading - George R.R. Martin. George R.R. Martin Fri 2130, Argyle 1

198 UK Publishers Party. Sponsored by Boxtree, Gollancz, HarperCollins, Hodder & Stoughton, Legend, MacMillan, Millennium, Orbit, Signet/Creed, Titan, Transworld Fri 2200, Argyle 2/3 199 Reading - Morgan Llewellyn. Morgan Llewellyn Fri 2200 Argyle 1 200 Reading - Terry Bisson. Terry Bisson Fri 2230, Argyle 1

201 In Conversation. Paul McAuley, Kim Newman Fri 2300, Argyle 1

202 All Night Filk Circles. Don't you people ever get tired? Fri 2300 Crest Filk Room

203 Lovecraft Filk & Readings. Gary Stratmann, Linda Stratmann, Mike Whitaker, Anne Whitaker Fri midnight, Argyle 1

204 Costuming the Hard Way. It is difficult enough to create costumes when you have the physical evidence in front of you. But how difficult does

it become to create a costume from scratch to fit a script or premis? C Campbell Sat 1000, Wizard's Cave

205 Biting the Hand. SF has had to produce its own critics - what impact has this had? John Clute, Brett Cox, Samuel R. Delany, Andy Sawyer, Brian Stableford Sat 1000, Argyle 1

206 More Than The Sum of the Parts. What makes a good anthology - the concept, the writers, the story selection? Pete Crowther, David S. Garnett, Stephen Jones, Mike Resnick, Alex Stewart Sat 1000, Argyle 2/3 207 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce Sat 1000 Hall 4 Science Room 208 Writers Workshop. Module 3 - Worldbuilding Research and Rubber Science Stephen Baxter, Bayers, Katherine Kurtz, Diann Thornley, David Wingrove Sat 1000 Boardroom 209 WSFS. Sat 1000, Shuna/Staffa

210 How Green is SF. A talk by Jonathan Cowie. 2 screens. Jonathan Cowie Sat 1000 , HG Wells Room

211 Virtual Reality. The Internet, Virtual Reality And Cyberspace : Games, Science Fiction and work. John Mariani Sat 1000 Dan Dare Room212 ESFS. Sat 1000 Jura 213 The Breakfast Club / 15 Minutes Fandom. The chance for early birds to meet and discuss the day ahead. There will be information on upcoming programme items and parties for each day and people to ask about these.

Sat 10:30am, Hall 4 Fanroom

215 King Kong vs Godzilla. The old cult 'B' movies will ever live in the hearts of film lovers, but why? What was it about these films, that are usually screened in the early hours of the morning, that has proved so endearing and long lasting? Kim Newman, Peter Nicholls, B Pearson Sat

11:00am, Argyle 1

216 View from the Foreign Legion. While the idea of having foreign agents to sell a con overseas is not new, Intersection tried to update and streamline their role. Heidi Lyshol, Helen Ryder, Toni Jerrmann, Neyir Cenk Gokce

Sat 11:00am Barra217 Around the Con in 18 Hours. Is this your first Worldcon? Don't know anyone? No accommodation? On a tight budget? This item will give you good advice for each of these circumstances and many more. Andrew A Adams, Bridget Wilkinson, Bridget Hardcastle

Sat 11:00amHall 4 Fanroom218 Planet Colonisation Simulation. 2hours Jo Walton, Ken Walton Sat 11:00amHall 4 Science Room 219 From Maria to Marvin. The mechanical man has been a popular premis in many films and series. Why create something that is supposed to be able to do many things that man can't and then burden him with all of the human characteristics there are? Kevin J. Anderson Sat

11:00am Legend

Room220 You're the Alien. What does our depiction of aliens tell us about our own attitudes? Scott Edelman, Valerie Freireich, Gwyneth Jones, Martha Soukup, Karen Haber

Sat 11:00am, Argyle 2/3 221 Headlong into the Drink. A talk by Julian Headlong on the biology and biochemistry of why you get drunk, why it can hurt so much afterwards, and perhaps how to stop hangovers. No tech required. Julian Headlong

Sat 11:00am, HG Wells Room

222 Online Martian Atlas. A talk by Bob Kanefsky on his on-line atlas of Mars, plus work he's been doing on enhancing space images. . Bob Kanefsky

Sat 11:00am Dan Dare Room223 Authors are just Role Players without Friends. What can authors and role players learn from each other. Are they doing the same thing or is there realy an inherent difference between the two genres. Howell, C Ice, Terry Pratchett

Sat 11:00am, Wizard's Cave

224 Writing for Star Trek. Generations of Star Trek writers in discussion. Ann Crispin, Diane Duane, Jean Lorrah, Peter Morwood

Sat 11:00amHall 1 226 15 Minute Fandom / Around the Con (cont). Sat 1130 Hall 4 Fanroom

227 Cyberspace Intermediate. OK, so you've started cruising the Infobahn, where are the best places to pull over and hang out. Dale Amon,

Butterworth, G Freeman

Sat NoonHall 4 Science Room228 Enough is Enough. How far should a series goes before a halt should be called? Manning-Schwartz, Bjo Trimble, Dave Wolverton

Sat Noon, Wizard's Cave

229 21 Years of Glasgow Fandom. A celebration and a look back at those years of Glasgow cons and meetings with memories and anecdotes Ann Mair, John McShane, Bruce Savile, Bob "fake" Shaw

Sat Noon Barra230 To Spend or not to Spend. How much do you spend on our costume and is it really necessary to spend vast amounts. Shirlee Dunlop, Teddy

Sat Noon, Legend Room

231 You'll Scare the Children. How far can you go in YA horror? And is it a good idea to be writing it anyway? Jo Fletcher, Craig Shaw Gardner, Jenny Jones, Stephen Jones, Stan Nicholls Sat Noon, HG Wells Room

232 The Iconography of Scotland. Why are the neverlands of medieval Scotland and the Highlands so powerful as an image? Deborah Turner Harris, Katherine Kurtz, Lisanne Norman, Robert Subiaga

Sat Noon Argyle 1233 Scotland in the Early Middle Ages 2. A serious look at Scottish history. Kari Maund

Sat Noon Jura 234 Art Workshop.

Sat Noon Boardroom235 Laughter Lines. SF and humour - do they go together easily? Our panel proves that a sensawunder can have a sensafun. Iain Banks, Tom Holt,


Sat Noon Hall 4 Fanroom

236 Why Are Artists So Underused. Dave Mooring, Sue Mason, Miklis, C. Forrester, Avery Sat 1400, HG Wells Room

239 A Cruise Through the Hard Fantasy Archipelago. What is hard fantasy - myth, reality, or label? Greer Gilman, Eileen Gunn, Brian Stableford, Michael Swanwick Sat Noon, Argyle 2/3 240 21st Century Propulsion. How do you drive spaceships without rockets? Robert L Forward gives a talk on the possibilities. . Hall 1, 12pm Robert L. Forward

Sat NoonHall 1 241 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce Sat 1:00pmHall 4 Science Room242 Beyond Cyberpunk. Where next in the area of super-hard and shiny SF? Brett Cox, Simon Ings, Jeff Noon, Michael Marshall Smith, Jim Young

Sat 1:00pm, Argyle 2/3 243 Canadian SF. Does Canada have a distinctive SF, and how does it relate to that of the US? John Clute, Candas Jane Dorsey, David G. Hartwell, Cath Jackel, Geoff Ryman, Robert J Sawyer

Sat 1:00pm Wizard's Cave244 My Hovercraft is Full of Eels. The problems of translating language. Sylvie Denis, Gay Haldeman, Harry Harrison, Eva Hauser

Sat 1:00pm Legend Room246 The Great Silence. Where are the Extraterrestrials? Why haven't we been contacted? A goldmine for SF ideas, the academic study of this problem has come a long way in the last 10 years. Are we victims of a galactic conspiracy, or is the forrest full of wolves? Dave Clements Greg Benford, Dave Clements, Jonathan Cowie, Martyn Fogg, Duncan Lunan, Paul Shuch

Sat 1:00pm, HG Wells Room

247 Special Effects Maketh The Film. For many of us the most memorable parts of films and TV programmes are the special effects Mike Jittlov, Alan Marques, B Pearson Sat 1:00pmHall 1 248 Sodall ? Sodit. Discussion: The gay sf apa, The Sodality of the Holy Bride and Sompanions of St Aeired, is seven years old this year; a respectable age for an apa. Why have so few people heard of Gay Amateur Press? Where did it get that peculiar name? Jane Carnall, Paul Smit,

Frances Tucker

Sat 1:00pm Barra249 Fan History for Beginners: Why Bother. One way to see where we're going is to look back at where we've come from. Vincent Clarke and Greg Pickersgill discuss the changes they've seen, and why an appreciation of the history of fandom is useful. Vincent Clarke, Greg Pickersgill

Sat 1:00pm Jura 251 World at One. A panel discussing what is happening where, filkwise, in the world; where and when filk cons are etc. Lissa Allcock, Julianne Honisch, Mary Kay Kare, Bill Sutton

Sat 1:00pm , , Shuna/Staffa

252 The Ego has Landed. Fanzines were once the lifeblood of Fandom - they were around before conventions and were the main form of fannish interaction. They mix creativity with social interaction. Fanzines are still around. Find out more at this panel. Steve Green, Alison Freebairn,

Simon Ounsley, Dan Steffan

Sat 1:00pm Hall 4 Fanroom

253 Batman vs Batman. One of the most longlasting super heroes of our era is Batman. But is the Batman we remember the true one? Greg Cox, Craig Shaw Gardner, Michael Reaves

Sat 1:00pm Dan Dare Room254 Deconstructions - The Guns of the South. Author and critic in discussion. Paul Kincaid, Harry Turtledove Sat

1:00pm, Argyle 1

255 Horizon 10 - A United States of Europe?. The future of the EC - expansionist or fortress Europe? Johannes Berg, Jurgen Marzi, Alexandru Mironov, Ian Watson Sat 1400 Dan Dare Room 256 Lagging Laws - Computers. Legal systems tend to rely heavily on precedent. When a new technology comes along, the law looks for ways in which it is similar to things which have come before, and trys to apply the appropriate rules from the past. Can appropriate metaphors and analo

Henry Balen, Lilian Edwards, Sarah Goodman, Laura Majerus, James Whalen Sat 1400, Wizard's Cave

257 Writers Workshop. Module 4 - Mass Market Machination Stephen Baxter, Bayers, Katherine Kurtz, Diann Thornley, David Wingrove Sat 1400 Boardroom258 Samuel R. Delany Guest of Honour Speech. Come and hear our literary Guest of Honour. Samuel R. Delany Sat 1400 Hall 1 259 Who's Animated Now. One of the most fascinating things to see on screen is animation. Here is an opportunity to see behind the scenes and find out about the various techniques used to bring lumps of clay and cartoon characters to life. Takachino Sat 1400, Argyle 1

260 Intersection Starship. 2 hours of panels/workshops to design an Intersection starship. Even if you can't make the workshops, come along to the final session to hear what was devised. Moderated by Gerald Nordley, with Paul Marrow, Bob Forward, Steven Howe, Carol Botteron and St Carol Botteron, Stephen Davis, Robert L. Forward, Steve Howe, Paul Marrow, Gerald Nordley Sat 1400 Hall 4 Science Room261 Who's Anorak is it Anyway. Based on the popular Channel 4 series, this is a light-hearted quiz including games such as The Worlds Worst... (time travel arrival?) and Room Party Quirks. Simo, Chris O'Shea, Pete Morwood, Jackie McRobert, Phil Raines Sat 1400 Hall 4 Fanroom

264 Hypertext Fiction Demonstration. A reading and presentation with Kathryn Cramer. Kathryn Cramer Sat 1400 Barra265 Great Contributors to Screen SF. There have been many great contributors to the film and TV portrayal of SF ranging from Spielberg, Lucas,

Roddenberry, Larson, Pal,Nation, Harryhausen and Allen. A look at the works of these people. Ellicott, Felton, Strick, Bjo Trimble, Waggott Sat 1400, Argyle 2/3 266 Finding Fandom Through Fame. Some of us found fandom through picking up a flyer in a book shop. For others, the first trip to a con came at the suggestion of an agent. Why is it that some writers become regular con-goers, while others are never seen again? Iain Banks, Maggie Furey,

Jenny Jones Sat 1400, Legend Room

267 A Con of Your Own. A workshop to discuss the running of small to medium sized conventions, with special ephasis on UK conrunning. This item will run in "floating panel" format, so if you have plenty to say, be prepared to be welcomed aboard! Janice Gelb, John Mansfield, Jette Goldie, Jennifer Stevenson Sat 1400 Jura 268 Steal from the Best. What makes a good parody? Explanations from the best/worst filkers... Phil Allcock, Barry Gold, Bob Kanefsky, Rennie Levine Sat 1400 , , Shuna/Staffa

269 Gays in Comics. Discussion: What made Marvel decide to get Northstar to come out? What's the attraction of bishonen in Japanese anime/manga? Cat Anestopoulo, Paul Cockburn, Sue Mason

Sun 11:00am, Legend Room

270 Does Fiction Warp Your Mind?. Reality and fiction are blurring in the 'real' world: does this distort our perception? Charles N. Brown, Maia Cowan, Moshe Feder, Simon Ings, Allen Steele Sat 1500, Legend Room

271 Jack Barron to Pictures at Eleven: 25 Years of the Media in SF. A talk on the changing role of the media and its treatment in SF. Norman Spinrad Sat 1500, Argyle 1

272 A Certain Age. How does writing for teens and juveniles differ from writing for an 'adult' audience? Ann Crispin, Diane Duane, Garry Kilworth, Jane Yolen Sat 1500 Dan Dare Room 273 Pass Me The Deux Ex Machina. What are the best and worst cop-outs and plot twists in SF? John Brunner, Jack Chalker, Bob Shaw, James White Sat 1500 Hall 1 274 Judging Dredd. Amid much publicity the new Judge Dredd film has hit the streets. How does the film differ from the well read comic character and how well received has the film been amongst the comic's staunch readers? J Killick, Edward J K Penfold Sat 1500, Argyle 2/3 276 Technology & the Genocide of Native Peoples. Henry Balen, Maggie Flynn, Daniel Marcus, Dale Skran, Amy Thomson Sat 1500, Wizard's Cave

277 Harmony. What it says, a workshop on how to make the most of your voice when working with others. Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton Sat 1500

, Shuna/Staffa

279 Live Action Fanzine. Can a live action fanzine be produced like a convention "one-shot"? Come along and find out... Nicki Lynch, Teresa Nielsen Hayden + others Sat 1500 Hall 4 Fanroom

280 Feedback. Tell us what you think of the con so far. Sat 1500 Hall 4 Performance Area 281 Cannot Load File "Sistine Chapel." Dave Hardy, Sally Meyer, Beckett Gladney, Porjes Sat 1700, Wizard's Cave

283 Asteroid Deflection 2. Assuming we can move asteroids, should we? Some people, eg Carl Sagan, feel that such an ability would be too

dangerous as a potential weapon. Others are sure that if we can develop the required technology, we should do so in good time. The panel followi Marianne Dyson, Bill Higgins, Gordon Ross, Steve Rothman, Jonathan vos Post Sat 1500, HG Wells Room

284 Music Has a Strong Magic. A discussion of the use of magic in fiction. Dick Eney, Rhodri James, Hugh Mascetti, Mike Whitaker Sat 1600, Shuna/Staffa

285 Contact Game Session. Chris Boyce Sat 1600 Hall 4 Science Room286 The Impossibility of Truth. Why is SF increasingly using historical characters? Paul McAuley, Jack Nimersheim, Mark Olson, Connie Willis Sat

1600, Legend Room

287 The Time Machine, 100 Years On. What does Wells offer to modern SF? Stephen Baxter, Robert J Sawyer, Robert Silverberg, Brian Stableford Sat 1600, HG Wells Room

288 The Villian is Always in Black. Why is the villain so often seen as having dark hair and wearing dark clothes? Is there a fundemental need to portray evil as dark and good as light to help distinguish between the two? Jean Lorrah, George R.R. Martin, H McCarthy, Peter Nicholls, David Prowse, Takachino Sat 1600 Dan Dare Room 289 Cyberpunk to Gothic Horror. Is the Role Playing Game just moving into all the existing areas of SF and Fantasy or is it creating new ones. Richard Aronson, Marcus Rowland, Tweet Williams Sat 1600, Wizard's Cave

290 Whose Mythology?. Celtic mythology in fantasy - perversion or natural development? Greer Gilman, Morgan Llewellyn, Diana L Paxson, Michael Scott Sat 1600, Argyle 1

291 TV / TS. Discussion: Transsexuality; the concepts as used in SF, how they differ and how they actually are, in fandom and outside it. John Varley's Ophiuchi Hotline future history? Virginia Woolf's Orlando? Can one really change sex? Sandra Bond, Elaine Kemp, Andy

Oppenheimer, Geoff Ryman, Kate N'Ha Ysabet Sat 1000, Legend Room

292 How to Suppress Fannish Feminism. If the personal is political, why isn't fandom feminist? Eva Hauser, Caroline Mullan Sat 1600 Hall 4 Fanroom293 No Strings Attached. Ken Houghton Sat 1600 Boardroom 294 The Making of Space Precinct. Gerry Anderson's latest project has been Space Precinct. Here we can see not only what happened on screen but behind it with a unique insight into the processes that went into putting this series together with slides and video footage. 2 hours Gerry

Anderson, Ralph Titterton Sat 1600 Hall 1295 Jackpot!. Intersection has bought a lottery ticket. It will win the jackpot. How will we use this money to better scientific and technological research? The panel of experts discusses grant proposals from the audience. Dave Clements moderates Andy Nimmo, Marshall Dave Clements, Andy Nimmo, Marshall Savage, Paul Shuch, Gary Stratmann Sat 1600 Jura 296 More Utopias. Why does SF produce so many utopias? What makes them useful? Brian Aldiss, Terry Bisson, Edward James, Walter Jon Williams, Scott Bradfield Sat 1600, Argyle 2/3 299 Don't Tell Me What to Write!. What do we censor or suppress in SF, consciously, or not? Terry Bisson, Suzy McKee Charnas, Gwyneth Jones, Lucian Merisca, Jaroslav Olsa Fri 1800, Wizard's Cave

300 Concentration: A Compressed Con. All the main features of a con crammed kicking and screaming into a two hour slot. "Guests" and "Panelists" to be announced in the con newsletter. Barry Traish, David Levine, Pat McMurray Sat 1700, Hall 4 Fanroom

301 Translators Workshop / Seminar. A chance to meet, greet and compare notes. 2 hours Bridget Wilkinson Sat 1700 Jura302 Filk Feeding Frenzy. Sat 1700, Shuna/Staffa

303 The Hero's Journey. The journey is a central feature of fantasy. What can it tell us? John L. Flynn, Deborah Turner Harris, Guy Gavriel Kay, Paul Kearney, Elizabeth Moon Sat 1700, Argyle 2/3 304 Post Nuclear Family. SF has suggest numerous alternatives to the husband-wife-and-2.4 kids that became the supposed norm in the fifties. Many people are now living these alternatives for real. Does the Nuclear family have a future? Can alternatives work? Ctein, Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain,

Sarah Goodman, Amy Thomson Sat 1700 Hall 4 Science Room305 SF Poetry Jam. A DIY poetry session coordinated by Mary Turzillo. Read or listen! Mary Turzillo Sat 1700 Barra 307 Reinventing ... Vampires. How do you do something different with the vampire story? Greg Cox, Nicu Gecse, Scott MacMillan, Kim Newman Sat 1700, Legend Room

308 Horizon 10 - The Information Economy. Email, Ecash, and E-economics - the world is getting wired, and pretty soon information will be the main source of wealth in the West. What will this mean? Will there be an information Underclass? Will we have bountious leisure time producing

a flowering Dale Amon, Simon Bisson, Howard Frank, Michael Ward Sat 1700 Dan Dare Room310 Combined Fan Fund Auction. An explanation of the Fan Funds, and why they are still important, followed by an auction to raise funds... Donations for the auction will be accepted in the Fan Lounge. 2 hours Abi Frost, Ian Gunn, Eva Hauser, Karen Pender-Gunn, Rog Peyton, Dan Steffan Sat 1700, Argyle 1

311 Where Horror Meets SF. At what point does horror begin to blur into SF? Kathryn Cramer, Ellen Datlow, Scott Edelman, George R.R. Martin, Susan Casper Sat 1800, HG Wells Room

312 One Rule for All. Why do we never see Batman on trial for breaking and entering? How do we distinguish between breaking the law for good and breaking the law for evil? Why did we never see the Master on trial when the Doctor was tried 3 times? J Jeremy Bentham, Chris Claremont,

Stephen Clark, Craig Shaw Gardner, Steve Kite, Reaves Sat 1800 , Legend Room

313 A Filk at Bedtime. A sign up concert where people read extracts from stories and then perform the songs they inspired. Rhodri James, Hugh Mascetti, Anne Whitaker Sat 1800, Shuna/Staffa

314 Ceilidh Dance Workshop. Sat 1800 Crest Ballroom 315 Your Legend, My Inspiration. Myths and legends rewritten as fantasy and SF. Grania Davis, Charles de Lint, Garry Kilworth, Peter Morwood, Ian Watson Sat 1700, HG Wells Room

316 Women Scientists, From Marie Curie to Susan Calvin. What impact have women had on science; and science on women; and how accurately is this portrayed in SF? Amanda Baker moderates Perrianne Lurie, Renee Seiber, Aleta Jackson, Carol Botteron, and Marianne Dyson. Amanda

Baker, Carol Botteron, Marianne Dyson, Perrianne Lurie, Renee Sieber, Aleta Jackson Sat 1800 Dan Dare Room317 Mercury. A talk by Hal Clement on the planet closest to the Sun. Hal Clement Sat 1800, Wizard's Cave

318 ET Encounter Report. Chris Boyce Sat 1800 Hall 4 Science Room319 From the Underworld. Where should SF stand with respect to the mainstream? Should we aspire to the heights or be happy in our ghetto? Iain Banks, Samuel R. Delany, Paul Kincaid, Norman Spinrad, Sue Thomas Sat 1800 Hall 1

320 If We Ruled The World. What WOULD SF authors do if they were in control? Graham Joyce, F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, Bob Shaw, James Bibby Sat 1800 Argyle 2/3 321 The Not-the-Masquerade Circle. A relaxed circle for people who don't want to go to the Masquerade. Please note the location. Sat 1900 Crest Filk Room 322 College of Piping. Bagpipe fever. Sat 1900 Crest Ballroom323 WSFS. Sat 1900 Jura 324 Masquerade. The big one: more sequins than stars in the heavens. Sat 1900 Hall 5325 Verse Story - MacIntyre. F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre Sat 1930, Argyle 1

326 SF Myths - Biology. Del Cotter moderates Jonathan Cowie, Julian Headlong, Amy Thomson to look at misconceptions in biology and medicine spread by SF. Del Cotter, Jonathan Cowie, Julian Headlong, Amy Thomson Sat 2000 Arran 327 Reading - Janny Wurts. Janny Wurts Sat 2000 Argyle 1328 Traditional Music and Songs. Sat 2000 Crest Ballroom 329 Reading - M. Shayne Bell. M.Shayne Bell Sat 2030, Argyle 1

330 Ceilidh. Come and join in an event someone once descibed as "a distillery set to music"! Sat 2100 Crest Ballroom 331 Reading - Ian McDonald. Ian McDonald Sat 2100 Argyle 1332 Is There Life After Intersection ?. Conspiracy delivered a near death blow to fanzine fandom, but was the ship that launched a thousand

conventions. Is it the turn of conrunning fandom now to roll over and die? Donaldson, Hardcastle, Siclari, Simo, Pam Wells Sat 2100 Kintyre333 Tall Technical Tales. This will be a late-evening, carry-on-in-the-bar-afterwards session of anecdotes and stories regarding hairy experiences in science, engineering, spaceflight, military tech and the like... This idea grew out of a 'There I was... / A mate of mine once... Simon Bradshaw, Dermot Dobson, Bill Higgins, Jordin Kare, Geoffrey Landis Sat 2100 Arran 334 Reading - Tom Holt. Tom Holt Sat 2130, Argyle 1

335 Storytelling. Jane Yolen Sat 2200 Argyle 1 336 Have I Got a Fandom for You. A fannish version of Britain's best known satirical quiz, in which pros take on fans to see who can make the most liBellous insunuations in under an hour. Ian Sorensen as Angus. Iain Banks, Linda Krawecke, Jackie McRobert, Geoff Ryman, Ian Sorensen Sat

2230 Kintyre337 Rendezvous Concert. A small concert to kick-start the night. Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton, Anne Whitaker, Mike Whitaker Sat 2300 Crest Filk Room338 Eternicon Party. Come anytime. Sat 2330 Kintyre 339 All Night Filk Circle. Onward they filk, into the night... Sat midnight Crest Filk Room340 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce Sun 1000 Hall 4 Science Room 341 Horizon 10 - Armed and Dangerous. Nerve gas on the Tokyo Underground, homemade bombs kill hundreds in Oklahoma. The world is getting a dangerous place where technology gives even individuals the capacity for making weapons of mass destruction. What does this imply for the

future? Will it Kunio Aoi, Bart Kemper, Hugh Mascetti, Ian McDonald, Allen Steele Sun 1000, Wizard's Cave

342 The Day Job. Many SF writers and SF fans are scientists in real life. How do they combine the two? What is doing science for a living really like? Are we all really mad scientists who want to rule the world? 'Pass me that brain Igor, I must build a panel member' Dave John Brathwaite, M.K. Brett-Surman, Patricia MacEwen, Wil McCarthy, Steve Rothman, Gary Stratmann Sun 1000, Legend Room

343 It's a Kind of Magic. What makes a magical world work? Terry Brooks, Graham Edwards, Maggie Furey, Janny Wurts Sun 1000, HG Wells Room

344 Space in 1999. Gerry Anderson's view of the period surrounding the year 1999 is widely remembered from both the series 1999 and UFO. But as

we rapidly approach the year itself is this view still valid? Chartier Sun 1000, Argyle 2/3 345 Writers Workshop. Module 5 On the Slab Sun 1000 Boardroom 346 Mike Jittlov Talk. Mike Jittlov is most famous for his film 'The Wizard of Speed and Time' but his career spans a variety of jobs behind the scenes including camera work and special effects. Mike Jittlov Sun 1000 Hall 1 347 Triple Marriages. Discussion: 'Babel-17',' Dhalgren',' The tale of Five' .Marriage between two people is assumed the norm in this culture; the idea of human 'pairbondong' uses pseudoscientific speech to make it a universal norm. Why change that assumption? Samuel R. Delany, Diane

Duane Sun 1000 Dan Dare Room348 The Funny Bone's Connected to the Headbone. Can humour help you to put across serious points? Eileen Gunn, Mike Resnick, Connie Willis, Jody Lynn Nye Sun 1000, Argyle 1

349 ESFS. Sun 1000 Jura/Barra 350 WSFS. Sun 1000, Shuna/Staffa

351 Breakfast Club / 15 Minute Fandom. The chance for early birds to meet and discuss the day ahead. There will be information on upcoming

programme items and parties for each day and people to ask about these.

Sun 10:30am Hall 4 Fanroom

353 Reinventing ... Genre Fantasy. With so much genre fantasy being published, what can be done to refresh our jaded palates? Paul Barnett, Charles de Lint, Guy Gavriel Kay, Katherine Kurtz, Maureen Speller

Sun 11:00amHall 1354 Cyberspace Advanced - Data Perception in Cyberspace. The man who said "We want information" never had to deal with the amount of it that is available on the net. How can the computer help you wade through all this stuff and leave you enough time for a life back in the real world, or in fandom. Butterworth, Howell, meier

Sun 11:00amHall 4 Science Room 355 Dr Horror's Hangover cures. An experimental and masochistic half hour designed to either kill or cure you. Be there if you dare! Kenny Smith

Sun 11:00am, Hall 4 Fanroom

357 How Do We Get There from Here?. What do SF writers do when they invent the future? John Brunner, Moshe Feder, Peter F. Hamilton, Alexandru Mironov

Sun 11:00am, Wizard's Cave

358 Expanded Universes. Expansions, sharecrops, sequels, shared worlds. Stephen Baxter, George R.R. Martin, Jody Lynn Nye, Robert Silverberg

Sun Noon, Argyle 1

359 Just a Shade Off Beam. Often comic versions of films and TV series are produced once the popularity of a programme or film is assured. But do these spin-offs or follow ons really stand up on their own or do they exist due to the original source? Sun 1500 Dan Dare Room 360 British Space - What Was and What Might Have Been. A talk by Simon Bradshaw on Britain's space programme in the 1950s and 1960s, together with cancelled projects, future concepts and some 'what might have been' ideas. . Simon Bradshaw

Sun 11:00am, HG Wells Room

361 Fantasy on Trial. Is commercial fantasy killing science fiction? John R. Douglas, Malcolm Edwards, David G. Hartwell, John Jarrold

Sun 11:00am Argyle 2/3 362 In the Niche. Niche marketing, small press publishing, and their role in SF? John D. Berry , Ivan Adamovic, Roelof Goudriaan, Jack Nimersheim, Chris Reed

Sun 11:00am Dan Dare Room 363 Constructive Criticism. Why do the films and programmes you like most seem to be the ones that are slated by the critics? John Brosnan, Myra Cakan, Kim Newman, Peter Nicholls

Sun 11:00am Argyle 1 364 15 Minute Fandom / History of the Hugo's. The current Hugo administrator and winner of rather a lot of the little rockets tell you about their origin. Mike Moir, Dave Langford, Pete Weston Sun 1130, Hall 4 Fanroom

365 SF and the Death of God. Is SF an Atheist Literature? David V Barrett, Stephen Clark, Stephen Gould, Harry Harrison

Sun Noon, Argyle 2/3 366 Horror by Another Name?. Is dark fantasy more than soft horror? Pete Crowther, Graham Joyce, Chris Morgan, Teresa Nielsen Hayden Sun 1200

, HG Wells Room

368 (Ab)Uses of Popular Science. An enquiry into the uses and abuses of popular science moderated by Caroline Mullan, with Steve Brewster, Christine Carmichael, Keith Ferrell, and Daniel Marcus. Steve Brewster, Christine Carmichael, Keith Ferrell, Daniel Marcus, Caroline Mullan Sun Noon Dan Dare Room 369 The Music of "The War of the Worlds." Sony Music is releasing a revised version of the music of War of the Worlds. In celebration of the works H.G. Wells and the superb soundtracks we have a question and answer session with Jeff Wayne, accompanied by some clips from the new release. Jeff Wayne

Sun NoonHall 1370 Woman as Machine. What special resonances can one find in the image of the woman as machine? Maia Cowan, Sue Thomas, Amy Thomson, Sheila Williams

Sun Noon, Wizard's Cave

371 Adapting to Circumstances. What constitutes a good adaptation from screen to book and book to screen? Diane Duane, Liz Holliday, Peter Morwood, Michael Marshall Smith Sun 1200 , Legend Room

372 History of the Hugos (Cont). There's an entire evening dedicated to the awarding of these much coveted trophies, authors careers can virtually be guaranteed when they win one. How is it done and who thought it all up? This panel of rocket men know what it's all about. Dave Langford, Mike Moir, Pete Weston

Sun Noon, Hall 4 Fanroom

374 Intersection Starship. Carol Botteron, Stephen Davis, Robert L. Forward, Steve Howe, Paul Marrow, Gerald Nordley Sun NoonHall 4 Science Room 375 Publishing in the International Market. A Talk by N. Lee Wood. N. Lee Wood

Sun Noon Jura/Barra376 Con Running Workshop.

Sun Noon Boardroom 377 15 Minute Fandom. Sun 1230 Hall 4 Fanroom

378 An Interview with Scott Bradfield. Scott Bradfield in conversation with Stan Nicholls. Scott Bradfield, Stan Nicholls

Sun 1:00pm, Shuna/Staffa

379 The Rough Guide to Fantasy Worldbuilding. Starting points, tips and tricks. Don Callander , Rosemary Kirstein, Adam Nichols, Diana L. Paxson

Sun 1:00pm, HG Wells Room

380 It'll be Ready Any Day Now ... The revision process - how do you know when to stop? Kathleen Ann Goonan, Terry McGarry, Donald

McQuinn, Diann Thornley, Karen Haber

Sun 1:00pm Dan Dare Room381 Promoting in the Public Sector. There was a mammoth campaign to call the first Shuttle 'Enterprise'. How much influence does SF have on the general public and can it help to change people's thinking? David S. Garnett, Jean Lorrah, David Pringle, M Simpson

Sun 1:00pm, Wizard's Cave

383 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce Sun 1:00pmHall 4 Science Room 384 Costume Post-Mortem. Post Masquerade opportunity for discussion with Masquerade participants, hopefully in or with costumes. Divided into two parts; Purely Costume and Technical applications. Sun

1:00pm Jura/Barra 385 Dinosaurs as Aliens. A panel discussing the differences and similarities in the evolutionary solutions adopted by prehistoric creatures, and how this might give a handle on the range of alien creatures that could exist. M.K. Brett-Surman moderates Robert J. Sawyer, Gardner D M.K. Brett

Surman, Stephen Dedman, Gardner Dozois, Robert J Sawyer

Sun 1:00pm Argyle 1386 Privacy. New technologies like digital telephony and strong encryption are fighting it out against governments who want to make tapping easy; smart cards with your ID and medical records may soon be introduced that can be interrogated from a distance without thei Chad Childers,Henry Balen, Jack Nimersheim, Philip Wadler

Sun 1:00pm, Legend Room

387 Art Auction. 3 hours of bidding for art bargains Sylvia Starshine

Sun 1:00pmHall 1389 The Second Coming. Of these sub-genre fans, who is the true messiah. Which are the false prophets? Will feature Thor, God of Thunder, some

Roman centurions, a holy gourd, women in false beards and a lot of quotes from 'The Life of Brian'. Mike "Simo" Simpson, Noel Collyer, Jim DeLiscard, Kenny Smith

Sun 1:00pm, Hall 4 Fanroom

390 High Tech. Meets Low Tech.. How well does contemporary SF treat the Third World? Brian Aldiss, Gwyneth Jones, Sam Lundwall, Ian McDonald, Jaroslav Olsa

Sun 1:00pm, Argyle 2/3 391 Space Access 1 - DCX. 30 min talk by Mitch Burnside Clapp, Aleta Jackson and Henry Spencer. . Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Aleta Jackson, Henry Spencer Sun 1400, Legend Room

392 The Epona Project. 2 hours of talks and panels on the Epona Project, the most detailed attempt to design an alien planet and ecology ever done. Organised by Greg Barr, with Roger Zuidema, Nancy Zuidema, Martyn Fogg, David Angus, Steven Hanly, Gerald Nordley, and others. OH Greg

Barr, Martyn Fogg, Steven Hanly, Nancy Zuidema, Roger Zuidema, Del Cotter, David Angus (2 hours) Sun 1400 Hall 4 Science Room395 These You Have Filked. Filk GoH Bob Kanefsky talks about filk, fandom, blowing bubbles etc., and asks suspecting victims to perform his evil parodies... Bob Kanefsky Sun 1400, Shuna/Staffa

396 Encore Un Fin de Siecle. Why is late Victorian fiction back in fashion? Michael Scott Rohan, Darrell Schweitzer, Maureen Speller, Brian Stableford Sun 1400, Argyle 1

397 Hopes and Dooms of the Next Century. The world faces great problems of our own creation, but there is much to be hopeful about as well. We examine the hopeful prospects as well as some of the problems. With Gregory Benford, Peter F Hamilton, DG Compton, Stan Schmidt, and Carol Botteron. Greg Benford, Carol Botteron, D.G. Compton, Peter F. Hamilton, Stan Schmidt Sun 1400, HG Wells Room

398 Six String Futures. SF and film and rock music all belong to contemporary culture, and SF has always had common interests with rock music in particular. Rock stars use SF motifs (Bowie, Hawkwind, Rocky Horror ...), SF has used rock stars as characters. Graham Joyce, Kim Newman,

Norman Spinrad, Jim Young Sun 1400, Wizard's Cave

399 From Hektography to the WWW. Is the "message" of a fanzine medium-independent? In the days when fanzine production was (to us idle moderns) a long hard task, a fanzine editor had to be pretty strongly motivated to "pub his ish." Nowadays, obtaining a world-wide readership is easy. Ben Giraud, Jenny Glover, Alex McLintock Sun 1400, Hall 4 Fanroom

400 Samuel R. Delany Interviewed. Samuel Delany reveals almost all to Paul Kincaid. Samuel R. Delany, Paul Kincaid Sun 1400 Argyle 2/3402 Thog's Fliegenklatsch. The item is to be based on the Thog's Masterclass "awful lines from sf" section in Ansible, with live readings of a literarily

distressing nature. Paul Barnett, Dave Langford Sun 1400 Dan Dare Room403 Space Access 2 - Black Horse. 30 min talk on the USAF's Black Horse air-refuelled aerospaceplane by Capt Mitchell Burnside Clapp, who's project manager for it. Mitchell Burnside Clapp Sun 1430, Legend Room

405 Star Wars - The Saga Continues ... Where could/should the saga go next? Roger MacBride Allen, Kevin J. Anderson, John L. Flynn, Frank P. Mann, Rebecca Moesta, Dave Wolverton Sun 1500, Argyle 2/3 406 The 2nd Foundation Lecture. The Academy and Science Fiction: Symbiosis or Parasitism - A lecture by Peter Nicholls Peter Nicholls Sun 1500, Argyle 1

407 Pilotted by Puppets: Gerry Anderson's Extraordinary Vehicles. Futuristic aircraft, rockets, and submarines figured prominently in such technophilic TV series as Thunderbirds, Stingray, and Fireball XL5. Take a tour of these marvelous machines, and compare them with real-world designs. . Bill Higgins moderates Mit Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Bill Higgins, David Stein, Kim Newman Sun 1500 Jura/Barra 408 Getting Your Game Published. Open the door of the Games Publishing houses. Throw two dice and find out what you see. What are the skils you will need in this particular labyrinth. Liz Holliday, Marcus Rowland, Tweet Williams Sun 1500 Wizard's Cave 410 Space Access 3 - Fast and Cheap. 30 min talk by Stephen Baxter. Stephen Baxter Sun 1500, Legend Room

411 Feedback. Tell us what you think of the con so far. Sun 1500 Hall 4 Performance Area 412 3 Fandoms - Conventions. Conventional behaviour around the World: how conventions differ in size and motive, how programme items may be peculiar to one sort of con, how they may be varied according to locality. Mary Branscombe, Jacky Gru"ter-Andrew, Ben Yalow Sun 1500 Hall 4

Fanroom413 Guessing Games. Does the acceleration of change invalidate extrapolative fiction? Maia Cowan, Laura Frankos, Ken MacLeod, Paul McAuley Sun 1500, HG Wells Room

414 Space Access 4 - Artemis Moonbase. 30 min on the Artemis lunar base design project by Geoffrey Landis Geoffrey Landis Sun 1530 Legend Room415 Postcard From Romania. A snapshot of fandom in a society which is constantly changing: a short talk and a video. Felix Moga Fri 1600 Hall 4 Fanroom416 The Bugs Bite Back. Strep throat turns into a flesh eating killer; Ebola comes out of the jungle and melts its victims; resistant TB on the rise in New York; a mysterious agent turns cows' brains to mush. Is the age of medical miracles over? What was life without antibiotics like? Dave Clements, Ctein, Stephen Davis, Perrianne Lurie, Gary Stratmann Sun 1600, Wizard's Cave

417 Deconstructions - The Iron Dragon's Daughter. Author and critic in discussion. John Clute, Michael Swanwick Sun 1600, Argyle 1

418 Producing a Filk Tape (workshop). What goes into one, what do you need to think about? Chris Croughton, Spencer Love, Brenda Sutton,

Anne Whitaker Sun 1600, Shuna/Staffa

419 Magazines. What is the role of magazine publishing today? Ivan Adamovic, Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, David Pringle, Darrell Schweitzer Sun 1600 Dan Dare Room420 Well it Was Funny in English. How well does humour travel? Piotr Cholewa, Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain, Esther Friesner, Annemarie van Ewyck Sun 1600, Legend Room

421 Les Edwards - Artist Guest of Honour. Sun 1600, Argyle 2/3 422 Planet Colonisation Simulation. 2hours Jo Walton, Ken Walton Sun 1600 Hall 4 Science Room424 Art Workshop. Sun 1600 Boardroom 427 Simon Ings, Media Presentation. A behind the scenes look at the film making industry. Simon Ings presents an in depth look at the processes involved in the making of one or all of the short films he currently has in production. Simon Ings, Simon Pummell Sun 1600 Hall 1 428 Body Image: Self Image. Once upon a time there was "Fat, Feminism and Fandom.".. This panel builds on that and follows on to discuss how body image and self image relate inside and outside fandom. Barry Freeman, Bobby McLaughlin, Kate Solomon, Kate N'ha Ysabet Sun 1600 Hall 4 Fanroom

429 Take Five Women. Where do women stand in the SF field today? Teresa Nielsen Hayden , Eva Hauser, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Myra Cakan, Tricia Sullivan Sun 1600 Jura/Barra430 Greybeards. Do the SF classics stand rereading? Why? And why not? Jack Chalker, Moshe Feder, Cyril Simsa, Toni Weisskopf, Jim Young Sun 1600, HG Wells Room

431 Which Comes First, Character or Setting?. Where do you start to create a fiction? Gill Alderman, Lois McMaster Bujold, Jenny Jones, Jean Lorrah Sun 1700, Argyle 2/3 434 Rheingold. A talk by Stephan Grundy about his reworking of the Ring myth. Sun 1700 Jura/Barra 435 The Fan in the High Castle. Fandoms of If. How changes in history and technology would have affected fandom... And what about changes purely internal to fandom itself? Simon Bisson, Andy Butler, Mike Resnick Sun 1700, Hall 4 Fanroom

436 Turning Points. What makes a good, or a believable, alternate history? Michael F. Flynn, Evelyn Leeper, Kim Newman, Herman Ritter, Harry Turtledove Sun 1700 Hall 1 437 Talking Guitars. A workshop in which various filkers compare experiences, and show you how they get some of their weirder notes. Phil Allcock, Bill Sutton, Mike Whitaker Sun 1700, Shuna/Staffa

438 Losing our Heritage. What happens to SF's heritage when classics can't stay in print? Grania Davis, John R. Douglas, Ricahrd Evans, John Jarrold, George Laskowski, Patrick Nielsen Hayden Sun 1700 Dan Dare Room 439 Soviet Space Programme. A talk by Hugh Gregory, on the until-recently hidden darker days of the Soviet Space Programme. . Science Room, 5pm Hugh Gregory Sun 1700 Hall 4 Science Room 440 Right and Proper. We all know fans who have copies of TV programmes ad films tucked away in their collections and we all know that 'technically' they are breaking the law. But what are the effects of video piracy? Sun 1700, Wizard's Cave

441 Contact. A talk by Greg Barr on the work of the Contact organisation, who promote discussion on SETI and xenobiology. CONTACT Japan

will also present their clubs activities in worldbuilding with Masamichi Osako, Takashi Nakamura, and Tetsuya Ochiai. See also a ta Greg Barr, Masamichi Osako, Takashi Nakamura, Tetsuya Ochiai Sun 1700, Argyle 1

442 Family Ties. The traditional family is often a central theme of fantasy but not in SF. Why? Pauline Ashwell, Suzy McKee Charnas, Candas Jane Dorsey, Alexandra Honigsberg Sun 1700, Legend Room

443 SF & Addictions - Babylon 5. Babylon 5 is worth considering as an interesting example of addictions and addictive behaviour in Media SF. Claire Brialey, Jacky Gru"ter-Andrew, Pat McMurray, Helen Steele Sun 1700, HG Wells Room

444 Computer Graphics. The Pixel Pushers Workshop. J Clark, Martin Easterbrook Sun 1730 Boardroom445 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce Sun 1800 Hall 4 Science Room 446 Can You Really Learn How to Write?. The phenomenon of "how to" books, workshops and the like. Cynthia Felice, Geoffrey Landis, Robert J Sawyer, Tess Tavormina, Wendy Wheeler Sun 1800, Argyle 2/3 447 Scottish Romances and Classical Fantasy. The enduring appeal of Scott, Stevenson, Fraser, Haggard, et al. Paul Barnett, Hal Clement, Laura Frankos, Michael Scott Rohan Sun 1800, Wizard's Cave

448 The World of Anime. Most fans have heard of the terms Anime and Manga and associated it with Japanese cartoons. But is there more to the world of anime? A look at the effects of Anime on fandom by Roe Adams. R Adams III Sun 1800, Argyle 1

449 Making the Break. Professional authors don't just suddenly appear: together with the many years of writing and improving one's craft, sometimes the authors start off as fans and use their fannish environment to help them. Here are three people who did just that. Amy Thomson, Liz Holliday,

Lisanne Norman Sun 1800 Jura/Barra450 The Monsters and the Critics. Critical reviews often seem to place importance above enjoyment. Is criticism useful? John Clute, Ian Watson, Charles N. Brown, Tom Doherty Sun 1800 , HG Wells Room

451 Bob Shaw's Serious Scientific Talk. Need we say more ... Bob Shaw Sun 1800 Hall 1 452 Myths, Legends and Taboos. Who *did* saw Courtney's Boat? And what was Courtney's Boat anyway? This item gives a chance to explain some of these anecdotes which get casually mentioned and rarely explained. Peggy-Rae Pavlat, Ben Yalow Sun 1800, Hall 4 Fanroom

453 Meet Mainland Europe. Would any mainland European filkers please come and meet each other, swap addresses etc. Rafe Culpin Sun 1800, Shuna/Staffa

454 Escape From SF: The Appeal of the Detective Story. Why do disaffected SF readers turn to Detective stories? Steve Carper, Claire Eddy, Mary Frost-Pierson, Gary Stratmann Sun 1800, Legend Room

455 Computer Risks. The perils and pitfalls of relying too heavily on machines to do your thinking for you. From piloting aircraft to running missile defences, there are problems we usually avoid thinking about... Daniel Dern moderates, with Philip Wadler, Charles Stross, H Howard

Davidson, Daniel Dern, Howard Frank, Philip Wadler, Charles Stross Sun 1800 Dan Dare Room456 Hugo Ceremony. Find out who has walked off with SF's most prestigious prizes. Sun 1900 Hall 5 457 Reading - Greer Gilman. Greer Gilman Sun 2000, Argyle 1

458 Jazz. Sun 2000 Crest Ballroom 459 Acoustic Filk Concert. The main Filk Concert, a much better option than the Hugos! Rhodri James, Mike Whitaker Sun 2000 Hall 1460 Live and Dangerous Ansible Review of the Worldcon: . Dave Langford asks How was it for you? Sun 2000 Kintyre 461 Reading - Diana L Paxson. Sun 2030, Argyle 1

462 Romancing the Internet. Are we entering the era of the cyber-blind-date? Why are increasing numbers of fans finding love on the information

highway? Do these relationships have different codes of conduct than terrestrial affairs? Sun 2100 Kintyre463 Burns, Auld Scots and Poetry. Sun 2100 Crest Ballroom 464 Reading - Suzy McKee Charnas. Suzy McKee Charnas Sun 2100, Argyle 1

465 Brewing & Distilling in Space. A panel on the problems/advantages of making hooch in space. If this topic interests you, you might also find

the Malt Whisky Tour useful in planning your trip to Scotland. Martin Hoare, Mark Olsen, Paul Treadaway, Chris Cooper and Wolf Foss?. Chris Cooper, Martin Hoare, Mark Olson, Paul Treadaway Sun 2100 Arran 466 Reading - Elizabeth Moon. Elizabeth Moon Sun 2130, Argyle 1

467 Reading - Gill Alderman. Gill Alderman Sun 2200, Argyle 1

468 Sex in Fandom. Once upon a time, fandom was that fabled land where regardless of your looks, weight, sexual orientation or body odour, there would be Mr or Ms Right (or Mr/Ms That Night) for you. Or was that always bullshit? A pansexual panel ponders on this. Sun 2200 Kintyre 469 Reading - Simon Ings. Simon Ings Sun 2230, Argyle 1

470 Whys and Wherefores of Fan Funds. More than forty years ago, a group of American fans so enjoyed the writing of Northern Irish fan Walt

Willis, that they put together a special fund to bring him to a con in the 'States . This led to today's fan funds (TAFF, GUFF, DUFF and FFANZ) Greg Pickersgill, Pam Wells, Karen Pender-Gunn Mon 1400 Barra 471 All Night Filk Circle. We'll sing for hours and hours and... Sun 2300 Crest Filk Room472 Fannish Blind Date. Just what you think it is, only possibly tackier. Sun 2330 Kintyre 473 What Makes a Good Short Story?. How does a short story differ from a novel and what makes it work. Terry Bisson, Martha Soukup, Maureen Speller, Ian Watson Mon 1000, Argyle 2/3 474 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce Mon 1000 Hall 4 Science Room475 WSFS. Mon 1000, Shuna/Staffa

476 ESFS. Mon 1000 Jura477 Space Warps and Time Machines. How to make a time machine? Robert L Forward tells us how. Hall 1, 10am Robert L. Forward Mon 1000

Hall 1478 Something Eldritch This Way Comes. The continuing success and resurgence of Lovecraft. Bill Fawcett, Stephen Jones, Darrell Schweitzer, Linda Stratmann Mon 1000, Argyle 1

479 Writers Workshop. Module 6 - By Popular Demand Mon 1000 Boardroom 480 I Didn't Know They Could Read. Babylon 5 withstanding, the gulf between 'media' fans and 'bookie' fans, still seems very wide on the surface, is this misleading? K Knight Mon 1000, Wizard's Cave

481 Readers and Fans. Most fans start as readers who become active, but the difficulty can be finding out how to become active: who to contact, what to do, even what to say. Here are some pointers to suggest ways of leaping out of the book environment Sarah Goodman, Mike Siddall, Tibbs

Mon 1600 Hall 4 Fanroom

482 Breakfast Club / 15 Minute Fandom. The chance for early birds to meet and discuss the day ahead. There will be information on upcoming programme items and parties for each day and people to ask about these.

Mon 10:30am Hall 4 Fanroom

484 Virtual Fandom. With the seemingly unstoppable rise of live-action games like Laserquest 2000 and Alien War where will fans be coming from in the future. Will technology outstrip media fandom - with new fans deciding to live their action adventures? John Riddell, Dave Clements Mon 11:00am, Hall 4 Fanroom

485 From the Frozen North. Nordic SF - does it exist, and if so, what is it? Niels Dalgaard, Sam Lundwall, Heidi Lyshol, Johanna Sinisalo

Mon 11:00am, HG Wells Room

486 Time Travel in RPG's. From "All you Zombies" to "Back To The Future" SF stories delight in the plot convolutions time travel can bring. How can the gamer cope with all the possibilities that yesterday might offer.

Mon 11:00am Barra 487 Space Access 5 - Wrap-up Panel. 1 hr 'wash-up' panel with all participants from the Space Access short talks, plus Patrick Collins. Stephen Baxter, Patrick Collins, Henry Spencer, Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Aleta Jackson, Geoffrey Landis

Mon 11:00am, Argyle 2/3 488 Personality Trades. Can you really change places with someone's mind? Anne Gay, Simon Ings, Andy Nimmo, Michael Swanwick

Mon 11:00am, Argyle 1

490 Sci-Fi, Who Wants It?. It is regarded as being for 'kids' and as such it is put on early in the evening and then edited to remove the unsuitable bits. Why is SF treated so shabbily?

Mon 11:00am Dan Dare Room 491 Seen the Film, Bought The T-Shirt. Merchandising means big bucks to many companies. How do these companies decide what to sell and which films and programmes will be successful enough to warrant the tremendous outlay.

Mon 11:00am, Legend Room

492 Planet Colonisation Simulation. 2 hours Jo Walton, Ken Walton

Mon 11:00amHall 4 Science Room493 The Collapse of Chaos. Mike Scott interviews Jack Cohen about his book (written with Ian Stewart), The Collapse of Chaos, which describes a

new approach to complex chaotic systems, simple laws of nature, and why the real world is understandable. The book was released in paperb Jack Cohen, Mike Scott

Mon 1:00pmHall 1 494 15 Minute Fandom / Attack of the Evil Subversives. Graham Joyce, Steve Green, George Houston Mon 1130 Hall 4 Fanroom

495 Porn by Women, for Women, With Love. Atropos, Jane Carnall, Jane Mailander, Kari Maund

Mon Noon Barra 496 Attack of the Evil Subversives (cont). Are the people involved in dark fantasy and horror evil subversives or just ordinary people? What draws people to this darker side of literature, film, media and fannish fandom? We've caught some of these night creatures for you to find out more.

Mon Noon Hall 4 Fanroom

497 Is It A Plane or is it Airfix. B Pearson Mon Noon Boardroom 499 Diane and Peter's Desert Planet Discs. Diane Duane and Peter Morwood meander through a multimedia reminiscence. Diane Duane, Peter Morwood

Mon Noon, Argyle 2/3 500 Conan Doyle and Forensic Science.

Mon Noon, Legend Room

501 After the Walls Came Down. How has SF in E.Europe been affected by the removal of the Iron Curtain? Alexandr Korzhenevsky, Krsto Mazuranic, Bridget Wilkinson

Mon Noon Dan Dare Room

502 The Threepenny Space Opera. Is scientific and technical literacy killing sensawunda in space opera? Roger MacBride Allen, Jack Chalker, Hal Clement, Peter F. Hamilton, Simon Bisson

Mon Noon, Argyle 1

504 100 Years of Cinema. The Cinema celebrates its 100th year and Channel 4 have reflected this anniversary by screen many of it's most famous films, in addition to the series of Science Fiction films shown.

Mon NoonHall 1 505 The Myth of Fannish Tolerance. "Conventional" wisom has it that fandom is tolerant in the extreme. Has open-mindedness become Political Correctness? Vicki Rosensweig, Brendan Ryder, Nina Watson, Kate N'ha Ysabet

Mon Noon Jura 506 15 Minute Fandom. Mon 1230 Hall 4 Fanroom

507 To Last a Thousand Years. What can mankind realistically achieve in the next millenium? Colonising planets, trips to the stars, and what else?

With Marshall Savage, Walter Jon Williams, Ben Best, and Keith Henson. Hall 1, 11am Ben Best, Keth Hensen, Marshall Savage, Allen Steele, Walter Jon Williams

Mon 11:00amHall 1 508 That Doesn't Look Like Him..

Mon 1:00pm Barra509 Roger Zelazny Remembered. We gather in memory of a friend. John R. Douglas, George R.R. Martin, Walter Jon Williams, Joe Haldeman Mon

1:00pm, Argyle 1

510 Other Fandoms. One assumption often made of fans is that they read SF: yet fans, being multidimensional people, can have other equally absorbing interests: railways, real ale and reenactment being just a few examples. But is "our" fandom the only one that's a Way Of Lif Chris Croughton, Simon Bisson, Chris Cooper

Mon 1:00pm Jura 511 Dutch Science. After Dutch uncles and Dutch treats, Paul Harland talks about Dutch science. Paul Harland

Mon 1:00pm, Shuna/Staffa

512 Awards Ceremony.

Mon 1:00pm, Argyle 2/3 513 The Fantasy Encyclopaedia. A sneak preview of the forthcoming Fantasy Encyclopaedia. Paul Barnett, John Clute, Dave Langford

Mon 1:00pm Dan Dare Room 514 The Word for World is Dingblat. Does the structure of language determine how you perceive the world? Greer Gilman, Eileen Gunn, Richard Kennaway, Tim Smith

Mon 1:00pm , Legend Room

515 I'm too Sexy for my Beany. KIM Campbell MC's this irreverently hilarious fashion show displaying some of the weird things for which fans seem to have particular penchants.

Mon 1:00pm, Hall 4 Fanroom

516 Nanotechnology. What would the world be like if molecular technology proved feasible? Would it become a dystopia far worse than anything imagined by Huxley or Orwell, as dictators used machines to spy on their people and regulate their behaviour? Would it become a liber Ben

Best, Paul Cray, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Keith Hensen, Jonathon vos Post

Sat Noon Dan Dare Room517 ET Encounter. Chris Boyce

Mon 1:00pmHall 4 Science Room 518 Mirror Images. What preconceptions did you have before setting foot in Intersection? Have your prejudices been enforced or blown out of the water? This is the chance to voice your opinions to those responsible (well, partly responsible). Claire Brialey, Vince Docherty, Alison Freebairn,

Jackie McRobert Mon 1330 Hall 4 Fanroom

519 Intersection Starship Final Report. Carol Botteron, Robert L. Forward, Steve Howe, Gerald Nordley Mon Noon, Wizard's Cave

520 Choosing the Best Bits. Maxon, Bob Eggleton, Danny Flynn, Don Maitz. Mon 1400, Legend Room

521 Building a Character. How do words on a page become flesh and blood? Colin Greenland, Martha Soukup, Connie Willis, Terry Pratchett Mon

1400 Hall 1522 International Cooperation in Space. Are international projects a good idea? What happens when one partner pulls out (as happened with the US half of the Ulysses mission)? What if the main partner moves the goalposts and other participants can't keep up? With the International Space Station Dale Amon, Janet Johnston, Jordin Kare, Wil McCarthy, Andy Nimmo Mon 1400, Argyle 1

523 What is Filk. So, after four days, what do you think is (or isn't) filk? Come and have an argument.. Chris Croughton, Valerie Housden, Brenda Sutton Mon 1400, Shuna/Staffa

524 Other Styles of Conrunning. Mon 1400 Jura525 Fanzine Reading and reviewing. This fanzine reading can look back at fanzines distributed at the convention and pick out a few favourites, with

a sideways look at the fanzines nominated for the Hugos. Andy Hooper, Mike Siddall Mon 1400 Hall 4 Fanroom

526 The Reviews We Deserve. Do reviews have a function? If so, what is it? David V Barrett, Greg Cox, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Simon Ings Mon 1400, HG Wells Room

527 3 Fandoms - Travellers. This short item will explore culture clash, and will feature people who have travelled to other countries for fan meetings, who have lived in other countries and who have perceived the differences in life there. Fran Dowd, Oliver Gru"ter-Andrew, Lynne Ann Morse Mon 1430, Hall 4 Fanroom

528 Out of the Closet, Into the Universe. Mon 1500 Barra529 Culture Crossings. The problems of translating worldviews and ideas. John Brunner, Wikto Bukato, Joe Haldeman, Krsto Mazuranic Mon 1500

, Wizard's Cave

530 So What Use is an Editor?. What difference can an editor really make to a book? Bill Fawcett, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Janny Wurts, Jane Yolen Mon 1500, Argyle 1

531 Feedback. Tell us what you think of the con so far. Mon 1500 Hall 4 Performance Area 532 Armageddon and Beyond. There have been many films and TV shows which depict man living in domes amid desolate wastelands of humans mutated as a reslt of a great war. With the break down of the East -West barriers and the end of the Cold War are these views out of date? John L.

Flynn, Craig Shaw Gardner, Takachino Mon 1500, HG Wells Room

533 The Art of Fanzines. too often, art in fanzines consists of taking an illustration at random and plugging it into a blank space. What is the case for integrating text and art? Should an artist have any say in how the art should feature in the fanzine? A selection of fan artists and editors Mon 1500 Hall 4 Fanroom

534 Trekkie Beams Down. No matter what you tell them or how hard you try ,the newspaper, TV and radio are still hell bent on pursuing the 'weirdos' in fancy costumes. Can we do anything to alter these perceptions? Bart Kemper, J Killick Mon 1500, Legend Room

535 Urban Spaceman. Mon 1500 Jura536 Love and Rockets. Sex and eroticism in SF. Terry Bisson, Ellen Datlow, Samuel R. Delany, Norman Spinrad, Alex Stewart Mon 1500 Hall 1 537 WSFS Business Meeting. Mon 1500 Dan Dare Room538 You've Played the Game. Once games were a spin off from films. Now even films can be spin offs from games. Can the merchandisers give gamers

what they want ? Mon 1500, Argyle 2/3 539 Community by Perverts, for Perverts, with Love. Cat Anestopoulo, Arwen Grune, Sue Mason, Frances Tucker Mon 1600, Argyle 1

540 I'll Sing the Low Road. A sign up concert of Nessie songs, Drinking songs, Viking songs etc.. Mon 1600, Shuna/Staffa

541 From Flying Sorcerors to Fallen Angels. "Tuckerisation," the use of real-life fans and pros in fictional situations, has a long and honourable

history. Four proponents of the art discuss the fun they had and the responses they received. Michael Flynn, David Gerrold, Mary Kay Kare, Jordan Kare Mon 1000, Legend Room

542 Horizon N. Freeman Dyson thinks life can survive in the universe for ever. Frank Tipler agrees, but also claims that life will create god and resurrect everyone who has ever lived in the process. Are these scientists mad or are they onto something? What are the rea Roger MacBride

Allen, Stephen Baxter, Greg Benford, Paul McAuley, Dave Clements Mon 1600 Hall 1543 ET Encounter - Final Report. Chris Boyce Mon 1600 Hall 4 Science Room 544 The Ones That Got Away. Mistakes and surprises. Books that never made it, wrong rejections. Ellen Asher, John R. Douglas, David G. Hartwell, Gordon van Gelder Mon 1600, Argyle 2/3 545 Carry on Laughing. How well does humour lend itself to SF? Should there be more humour? Terry Bisson, Mike Cule Mon 1600, Legend Room

546 Closing Ceremony. Mon 1700 Hall 1547 Where Do We Go From Here. Our Worldcon is over (almost). What will happen next? This item will look back to Conadian in 1994 to see what effect a Worldcon has had on Canada's fandom and forward to LAcon John Mansfield, Tim Illingworth, Janice Gelb Mon 1700 Hall 4 Fanroom

548 Vroom (or 101 uses for a dead filksong). Mon 1700, Shuna/Staffa

549 Gripe Session. Mon 1800 , Argyle 2/3 550 Filk Feeding Frenzy. Mon 1800, Shuna/Staffa

551 Eurovision Filk Contest. Trot out your worst songs, your trite songs, your Abba filks! Prize for the worst! Valerie Housden, Mike Whitaker Mon 1900, Shuna/Staffa

552 Good Child Care Guide. Mon 1930 Crest Filk Room553 A Filk at Bed Time. The con ends here. Mon 2100, Shuna/Staffa

554 Black Technology. Just what sort of high-tech super-secret military hardware is being cooked up these days? Charlie Stross, Dermot Dobson, Simon Bisson, and others discuss. Simon Bisson, Simon Bradshaw, Dermot Dobson, Charlie Stross Mon 2100 Arran 555 Fannish Question Time. Come along and debate the issues of the day Mon 2200 Kintyre556 Dead Dog Filk. Mon 2300 Crest Filk Room 557 Evolution Party. Mon 2300 Kintyre

Film and Video Programme Film Programme (Hall 2) THURSDAY - SEND IN THE COMICS Noon Biggles (1986) 1400 Modesty Blaise (1960) 1630 Superman the Movie (1978) 1930 Akira (1988) 2130 Close

Friday - PROFOUND EFFECTS 1000 2001 Noon The Wizard of Speed of Time (1988) 1400 In person - Mike Jittlov 1500 King Kong (1933) 1700 Memoires of an Invisible Man (1992) 1900 Lawnmower Man (1993) 2200 Close

Saturday - SLIME, SCIENTISTS AND METAL MEN 1000 My Step-Mother is an Alien (1988) Noon The Thing from another World (1951) 1400 Nigel Barton Guest Talk 1530 Tremors (1989) 1730 Tetsuo - The Iron Man (1990) 1930 The Mask (1994) 2200 Close

Sunday - SPACE OPERA AND OTHER MUSICALS 1000 The First Men in the Moon (1964) Noon Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) 1400 Shock Treatment (1981) 1600 Forbidden Planet (1956) 1800 Phantom of the Paradise (1974) 2000 Little Shop of Horrors (1986) 2200 Close

Monday - PROGRAMMED FOR COMEDY 1000 Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) Noon Dr G & the Bikini Machine (1965) 1400 Final Program (1973) 1600 Close

In addition, there will be some 35mm films screened at the Glasgow Film Theatre, Rose St, off Sauchiehall St. Entry can be gained to the Theatre by production of a valid membership badge and proof of ID.

Video Programme (Castle 1,2,3) There will be three separate video programmes, the first will show the works of Gerry Anderson, the second will show British programmes, the third will show the products of other countries. Details are available at the Information Desk and posted outside the video rooms in the Moat House Hotel. In addition, the following companies have given us permission to screen certain items;

'Bantam Books present the 'Star Wars Triology' by kind permission of Fox Video. 'A Ghost Story' (Kaidan) is presented courtesy of Central Park Media Corporation. Original Japanese version 1986 Nippon animation Co., Ltd. English version 1994 Central Park Media Corporation. Central Park Media and logo are trademarks of Central Park Media Corp. All rights reserved. 'MD Geist' is presented courtesy of U.S. Manga Corps. Original Japanese version 1986 Nippon Columbia Co. English versions 1992 & 1994 Central Park Media Corporation, US Manga Corps and logo are trademarks of Central Park Media Corporation. U.S. Manga Corps

& logo are trademarks of Central Park Media Corp. All rights reserved.

Author Readings Intersection will be presenting a programme of author readings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in Argyll 1 in the Moat House Hotel. Most readings will be arranged in 30 minute slots, starting from 7.30 pm. Members are welcome to drop in for a single reading or

the whole evening. Mixed in with the readings are a couple of special events. On Friday night we offer a late night conversation with Paul McAuley and Kim Newman, followed by a midnight session of filk and readings celebrating the work of HP Lovecraft. On Saturday we include an

Improvised verse story from F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, and a live storytelling from Jane Yolen.

Kaffeeklatsch A Kaffeeklatsch is the opportunity to sit down over a tea or coffee with your favourite author or artist and discuss their work of with them and a small number of other fans. There will also be scientists and publishers keen to discuss what is happening in their field. Sign

Up sheets are available from the Intersection Information Desk, but you can only sign up for a maximum of 3.

Celebrities Attending Kaffeeklatsch Forrest J Ackerman Sat 1500Gill Alderman

Sat 1:00pm Brian Aldiss

Sat 1:00pm Roger MacBride Allen Sat 1400 Kevin J Anderson Sat 1700Iain Banks

Fri 1:00pm Greg Barr Fri 1400Stephen Baxter Sat

Noon M.Shayne Bell Sat 1200Greg Benford Sat 1700 Terry Bisson

Sat 11:00am Scott Bradfield Sat 1400 Terry Brooks Sun 1500Eric Brown

Sun Noon John Brunner Sun 1500Lois McMaster Bujold Sat 1700 Jim Burns Sat 1500Susan Casper Sat 1400 Jack Chalker Fri 1200Suzy McKee CharnasFri 1500 Mitchell Burnside Clapp Fri 1600Hal Clement Fri 1600 Jack Cohen

Sat 1:00pm D.G Compton

Sat 11:00am John Cramer Sun 1500Ann Crispin

Fri 1:00pm Ellen Datlow Sun 1400Dr Stephen Davis Sun 1:00pm Grania Davis

Sun 1:00pm Samuel R Delany

Fri 11:00am Nicholas A DiChario Sat 1200Candas Jane Dorsey Fri 1600 Gardner Dozois Sat 1400Diane Duane Fri 11:00am Les Edwards Sun 1200Bob Eggleton

Sun 11:00am Fangorn Fri 1200Bill Fawcett Sun 1700 Michael F Flynn Fri 1500Robert L Forward Sat 1700 Esther Friesner Sun 11:00am Maggie Furey Fri 1700 Craig Shaw Gardner Sun 1200Anne Gay

Sat 1:00pm Kathleen Gear Fri 1500W Michael Gear Fri 1500 David Gerrold Sun 1400Greer Gilman Sun 1400 Kathleen Ann Goonan Fri 1200Simon R Green Fri 1400 Colin Greenland

Sun 1:00pm Gay Haldeman Sat 1500 Joe Haldeman Sat 1500Peter F Hamilton Sat Noon Dave Hardy Mon 1200Deborah Turner Harris Fri 1700 Deborah Turner Harris Sun 1500Harry Harrison Sat 1500 Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Fri 1:00pm Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Fri 1:00pm Keith Hensen Sun 1200Tom Holt

Sat 11:00am Tanya Huff Sat 11:00am Tanya Huff Sun 1400 Simon Ings

Sun 11:00am Gwyneth Jones

Sun 11:00am Stephen Jones Sun 1400Graham Joyce Sun 1600 Guy Gavriel Kay Sun 1700

Garry Kilworth Sun 1700Katherine Kurtz Fri 1500 Charles de Lint Mon 1200Morgan Llewellyn

Fri 1:00pm Jean Lorrah Fri 1700Scott MacMillan

Sat 11:00am Don Maitz Sat 1400George R.R Martin Sun 1500 Paul McAuley Sat 1200Anne McCaffrey Fri Noon Ian McDonald Sat 1400Donald E McQuinn Sun 1600 Rebecca Moesta Sat 1700Elizabeth Moon

Mon Noon Peter Morwood

Fri 11:00am Kim Newman

Mon Noon Jack Nimersheim Fri 1200Jeff Noon Fri 1700 Gerald Nordley Fri 1400Lisanne Norman

Sun 11:00am Jody Lynn Nye Sun 1700Diana L Paxson

Sat 1:00pm Terry Pratchett Sat 1600Laura Resnick Sat 1600 Mike Resnick Fri 1600Michael Scott Rohan Sat 1600 Michael Scott

Fri 1:00pm Geoff Ryman Sun 1600 Robert J Sawyer Fri 1600Stan Schmidt Sat 1600 Bob Shaw Fri 1400Norman Spinrad Fri 1400 Brian Stableford

Fri 11:00am Allen Steele Sun 1600 Michael Swanwick Sat 1600Sue Thomas Sun 1600 Harry Turtledove Sat 1700James White

Sun 1:00pm Walter Jon Williams Sun 1200Connie Willis Fri 1700 David Wingrove

Sun 1:00pm Dave Wolverton

Mon Noon N Lee Wood Fri 1400Janny Wurts Sat 1400 Jonathan Wylie Sat 1500Jane Yolen Sun 1700

Signing Se ssions We have arranged an extensive series of signings extending from Friday through Monday. These signings will take place in the Dealers room, starting on the hour from 11am to 5pm and running for 30-45 minutes depending on demand. There will inevitably be long queues

in some cases. Please show consideration for the wrists and fingers of the writers by not asking them to sign excessive numbers of books. In some cases, specific limits may be applied to enforce this. Some signings will be run in support of charities. These will be indicated at the time.

Auth ors Signi ng Forrest J. Ackerman Fri 1200Brian Aldiss Fri 1700 Roger MacBride Allen

Fri 1:00pm Kevin J. Anderson

Sun 11:00am Iain Banks

Sun 1:00pm Stephen Baxter Fri 1700 M.Shayne Bell

Sun 1:00pm Greg Benford Sun 1600 James Bibby Sun

11:00am Terry Brooks

Fri 1:00pm Eric Brown Sat 1500John Brunner Fri 1700 Lois McMaster Bujold

Sat 1:00pm Jim Burns Sun 1500 Jack Chalker Fri 1400Suzy McKee CharnasFri NoonHal Clement Fri 1200Kathryn Cramer

Fri 11:00am Ann Crispin

Sat 1:00pm Ellen Datlow Fri 1600 Samuel R. Delany

Mon 11:00am Nicholas A. DiCharioMon Noon Gardner Dozois Fri 1700Diane Duane Sun 1700 Graham Edwards Sat 1600Michael F. Flynn Sun 1400 Robert L. Forward Sun 1600Esther Friesner

Sat 11:00am Maggie Furey Sat 1200David G. Hartwell

Fri 11:00am Craig Shaw Gardner Sun 1400Anne Gay Sun

1:00pm Kathleen Gear Sat 1400W. Michael Gear Sat 1400 David Gerrold

Sat 11:00am Simon R. Green Sun 1500 Colin Greenland Sat 1700Karen Haber Sun 1600 Joe Haldeman Sat 1:00pm Peter F. Hamilton Sat 1500

Andrew Harman Sat 1200Deborah Turner Harris Sat 1400 Harry Harrison Sun 1600Tom Holt

Sun Noon Alexandra Honigsberg

Fri 11:00am Tanya Huff Sat 1600 Simon Ings Sat 1700Stephen Jones Fri 1500 Gwyneth Jones

Sat 1:00pm Jenny Jones Sun

Noon Graham Joyce Sat 1500Guy Gavriel Kay Sat 1600 Garry Kilworth Sun 1500Katherine Kurtz Sat 1400 Charles de Lint Sat 1500Morgan Llewellyn Fri 1600 Jean Lorrah Sun 1200Ken MacLeod

Sat Noon Scott MacMillan Sat 1400George R.R. Martin Fri 1600 Paul McAuley Fri 1400Anne McCaffrey*

Sun Noon Ian McDonald Sat 1700Haydn Middleton Sat 1600 Rebecca Moesta

Sun 11:00am Elizabeth Moon

Sat 1:00pm Peter Morwood Sun 1700Kim Newman Fri 1500 Adam Nichols Sun 1500Jeff Noon Sat 1700 Lisanne Norman

Fri 1:00pm Jody Lynn Nye

Sat 1:00pm Diana L Paxson Fri 1400Terry Pratchett Sun 1700 Mike Resnick Sat 1500Michael Scott Rohan Fri 1400 Geoff Ryman Sun

1:00pm Robert J Sawyer

Fri Noon Stan Schmidt Fri 1700Darrell Schweitzer Mon

Noon Michael Scott Fri 1600Bob Shaw Sun 1500 Robert Silverberg Sun 1600Michael Marshall Smith Fri 1500 Norman Spinrad Mon 1200Brian Stableford

Mon 11:00am Allen Steele

Sat 11:00am Alex Stewart

Mon 11:00am Robert Subiaga Mon 1200Tricia Sullivan

Sun 11:00am Michael Swanwick Sun 1200Amy Thomson

Fri 11:00am Diann Thornley Sat 11:00am Patrick Tilley

Sat 11:00am Harry Turtledove Sun 1400James White Sun 1500 Walter John WilliamsSat 1200Connie Willis Sun 1400 David Wingrove Fri 1:00pm Dave Wolverton

Fri 1:00pm Janny Wurts Sat 1600Jonathan Wylie

Sat Noon Jane Yolen

Mon 11:00am Jim Young Fri 1500 * Sorry, max. 2 books

Programme Participants The programme would not exist with out all the people who give of their time and talent to appear on it and so they are listed, along with the item number of the programme items where they appear. This list is provided as a help but is not exhaustive. Sorry if your favourite person is missed out! Alphabetical List of Programme ParticipantsSee Also Signing Sessions and Kaffeeklatsch Forrest J. Ackerman 17Charles Shinichi Adachi 114 Ivan Adamovic 362, 419 Andrew A Adams 70, 217 R Adams III 448Gill Alderman 147, 431, 467 Brian Aldiss 139, 189, 296, 390 Roger MacBride Allen 405, 502, 542 Dale Amon 175, 308, 522,227Gerry Anderson 187, 294 Kevin J. Anderson 103, 159, 219, 405 Cat Anestopoulo 269, 539 David Angus 84, 218, 422, 492 Patsy Antoine 93 Kunio Aoi 341Richard Aronson 40, 289 Ellen Asher 31, 544 Pauline Ashwell 442 Christine Atherton 69Amanda Baker 70, 316 Henry Balen 157, 282 Michael A. Banbury 45

Iain Banks 8, 59, 235, 266, 319, 336Paul Barnett 68, 353, 402, 447, 513 Greg Barr 392, 441 David V Barrett 7, 365, 526 Stephen Baxter 51, 62, 106, 208, 257, 287, 358, 403, 410, 487, 542 Bayers 208, 257 Gregory Beckman 29M.Shayne Bell 80, 329 Greg Benford 87, 114, 165, 246, 397, 542 J Jeremy Bentham 312 Johannes Berg 116, 255 John Berry 362 Ben Best 516, 507 Simon Bisson 167, 308, 435, 510, 554 Terry Bisson 200, 296, 299, 473, 536, 545 Graham Bleathman 180 Sandra Bond 291Carol Botteron 260, 316, 374, 397, 519 Chris Boyce 8, 52, 74, 112, 176, 207, 445, 474, 543 Scott Bradfield 378 Simon Bradshaw 26, 106, 333, 360, 554 Mary Branscombe 412 M.K. Brett-Surman 342, 385 Steve Brewster 368 Terry Brooks 160, 343John Brosnan 363 Charles N. Brown 139, 270, 450 John Brunner 116, 273, 357, 529 Lois McMaster Bujold 75, 160, 431 Wiktor Bukato 529 Jim Burns 93Andy Butler 435 Chris Butterworth 227, 354 Myra Cakan 363 Don Callander 379C Campbell 204 Howard Campbell 127Malcolm Campbell 41, 256 Christine Carmichael 368Jane Carnall 18, 25, 133, 248, 495 Steve Carper 119, 129, 454 Susan Casper 119, 311 Jack Chalker 273, 430, 502 Suzy McKee Charnas 299, 442, 464 Chartier 14, 344 Chad Childers 40, 386 Piotr Cholewa 420Clapp 391, 403, 407, 487 Chris Claremont 35, 312 J Clark 444 Stephen Clark 116, 312, 365 Vincent Clarke 110, 249 Hal Clement 62, 317, 447, 502 Dave Clements 246, 295, 308, 342, 386, 416 John Clute 97, 205, 243, 417, 450, 513 Jack Cohen 99, 149, 493 Patrick Collins 114, 162, 403, 414, 487, 522 D.G. Compton 122, 397 Del Cotter 62, 326 Maia Cowan 270, 370, 413 Jonathan Cowie 210, 246, 326 Brett Cox 205, 242 Greg Cox 103, 253, 307, 526 John Cramer 87, 136 Kathryn Cramer 165, 264, 311 Paul Cray 516 Ann Crispin 161, 224, 272 Chris Croughton 54, 418, 523 Pete Crowther 137, 206, 366Ctein 164, 304,407, 416 Mike Cule 138, 545 Shira Daemon 138 Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain 304, 420 Niels Dalgaard 485 Ellen Datlow 184, 311, 419, 536 Howard Davidson 62, 164, 455 Grania Davis 315, 438 Meg Davis 25, 45, 133 Dr. Stephen Davis 235, 260, 374, 416 Charles de Lint 129, 315, 353, 489 Stephen Dedman 10, 385 Samuel R. Delany 10, 21, 59, 155, 205, 258, 319, 347, 400, 536 Sylvie Denis 244Michelle Dennis 104, 174 Daniel Dern 455Nicholas A DiChario 79 Tom Doherty 56, 68, 450 Candas Jane Dorsey 243, 442 John R. Douglas 361, 438, 509, 544 Gardner Dozois 385, 419 Diane Duane 130, 224, 272, 347, 371, 499 Shirlee Dunlop 15, 230 Marianne Dyson 283, 316 Martin Easterbrook 28, 444 Donald Eastlake III 386Claire Eddy 454 Scott Edelman 137, 220, 311 Graham Edwards 343 Lilian Edwards 35, 95, 256
Malcolm Edwards 361Dick Eney 284 Richard Evans 438Bill Fawcett 56, 478, 530 Moshe Feder 270, 357, 430 David Feintuch 79, 130 Cynthia Felice 43, 446 Keith Ferrell 41, 129, 368 George Flynn 34John L. Flynn 156, 303, 405, 532 Michael F. Flynn 43, 282, 436 Martyn Fogg 24, 159, 246, 392 Robert L. Forward 87, 130, 240, 260, 374, 477, 519 Jim Fox-Davis 69 Howard Frank 308, 455 Laura Frankos 413, 447 Alison Freebairn 235Barry Freeman 428 G Freeman 227Valerie Freireich 165, 220 Esther Friesner 124, 173, 420 Abi Frost 61, 310 Mary Frost-Pierson 454Gwen Funnell 166 Maggie Furey 266, 343 Merryl Futerman 93 Craig Shaw Gardner 124, 231, 253, 312, 532 David S. Garnett 137, 206, 381 Anne Gay 488 Kathleen Gear 43 W. Michael Gear 43Janice Gelb 96, 267, 547 David Gerrold 103, 149, 194, 481 Antony Gilbert 25 Greer Gilman 239, 290, 457, 514 Ben Giraud 126, 399 Jenny Glover 19, 123, 148, 399 Mike Glyer 547 Lee Gold 7, 55 Sarah Goodman 127, 256, 304, 481 Kathleen Ann Goonan 193, 380, 429, 516, 526 Colin Greenland 21, 93, 167, 521 Arwen Grune 539Jackie Gru"ter-Andrew 412, 443 Oliver Gru"ter-Andrew 527Eileen Gunn 239, 348, 514 Ian Gunn 141, 310 Karen Haber 119 Gay Haldeman 28, 119, 244Joe Haldeman 32, 155, 529 Peter F. Hamilton 122, 357, 397, 511 Steven Hanly 392 Dave Hardy 159Paul Harland 43 Andrew Harman 266 Deborah Turner Harris 232, 303 Harry Harrison 184, 244, 365David G. Hartwell 243, 361, 544 Eva Hauser 244, 292, 310, 429 Julian Headlong 221, 326 Bill Higgins 175, 283, 333, 342, 407 Liz Holliday 371, 408, 449 Tom Holt 124, 158, 334Alexandra Honigsberg 49, 442 Julianne Honisch 251Andy Hooper 64, 169 Ken Houghton 293Valerie Housden 55, 196, 523, 551 Steve Howe 260, 374, 519 Howell 223, 354 Tanya Huff 18, 45, 81C Ice 22, 223 Tim Illingworth 34, 547 Simon Ings 98, 242, 270, 427, 449, 469, 488, 526 Edward James 31, 296 Rhodri James 284, 313, 459 John Jarrold 102, 184, 361, 438 Mike Jittlov 98, 247, 346 Jane Johnson 56, 93 Janet Johnston 164, 522 Gwyneth Jones 220, 299, 390 Jenny Jones 231, 266, 431, 489 Stephen Jones 98, 206, 231, 478 Graham Joyce 320, 366, 398 Bob Kanefsky 145, 222, 268, 395 Jordin Kare 11, 37, 120, 333, 522 Mary Kay Kare 31, 53, 109, 142, 251 Guy Gavriel Kay 167, 303, 353 Paul Kearney 77, 303 Bart Kemper 18, 68, 341, 534 Richard Kennaway 69, 514 Jane Killick 274, 534 Garry Kilworth 272, 315Paul Kincaid 254, 319, 400 Rosemary Kirstein 379Steve Kite 95, 180, 312 Keith Knight 480Alexandr Korzhenevsky 501 Linda Krawecke 102, 336
Katherine Kurtz 77, 208, 232, 257, 353 David Kushner 169 Christina Lake 5, 96 Geoffrey Landis 62, 87, 130, 165, 333, 414, 446 Dave Langford 372, 402, 513 George Laskowski 39, 438 Evelyn Leeper 106, 436 David Levine 300 Rennie Levine 268Jacqueline Lichtenberg 156 Morgan Llewellyn 199, 290 Jean Lorrah 78, 224, 288, 381, 431 Spencer Love 418Duncan Lunan 8, 29, 81, 107, 246 Sam Lundwall 390, 485 Perrianne Lurie 109, 316, 416 Nicki Lynch 169, 279 Heidi Lyshol 123, 216, 485 F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre 320, 325 Ken MacLeod 8, 413 Scott MacMillan 307 Don Maitz 20 John Mansfield 22, 126, 267, 547 Daniel Marcus 79, 282, 368 John Mariani 211Alan Marques 179, 247 Paul Marrow 260, 374 George R.R. Martin 77, 197, 288, 292, 311, 358, 509 Jurgen Marzi 255Hugh Mascetti 284, 313, 341 Sue Mason 145, 269, 539 Kari Maund 18, 92, 233, 495 Krsto Mazuranic 501Paul McAuley 149, 201, 286, 413, 542 H McCarthy 156, 288 Will McCarthy 342, 522 Ian McDonald 122, 167, 331, 341, 390 Terry McGarry 81, 380 Bobby McLaughlin 428Pat McMurray 21, 70, 108, 106, 300, 443 Donald McQuinn 380Jackie McRobert 261, 336 John McShane 229Jim Mearns 25 Marisa Merewood 174Lucian Merisca 299 Haydn Middleton 173Alexandru Mironov 216, 255, 357 Rebecca Moesta 119, 405 Felix Moga 148, 415 Mike Moir 109, 372 Elizabeth Moon 75, 130, 303, 466 Chris Morgan 78, 366 Lynne Ann Morse 148, 527 Peter Morwood 105, 224, 261, 315, 371, 499 Caroline Mullan 292, 368 Kim Newman 201, 215, 307, 363, 398, 436Nick Nicholas 69 Peter Nicholls 97, 215, 288, 363, 406 Stan Nicholls 231, 378 Patrick Nielsen Hayden 54, 68, 184, 438, 530 Theresa Nielsen Hayden78, 279, 366, 429 Jack Nimersheim 41, 72, 164, 286, 362, 386, 489 Andy Nimmo 10, 29, 45, 185, 295, 488, 522 Jeff Noon 129, 242Gerald Nordley 260, 374, 441, 519 Lisanne Norman 142, 232, 426, 449 Jody Lynn Nye 124, 173, 358 Caroline Oakley 56Jaroslav Olsa 299 Mark Olson 31, 157, 286, 465 Andy Oppenheimer 291 Chris O'Shea 261Simon Ounsely 64, 96 Peggy-Rae Pavlat 452Diana L. Paxson 290, 379 B Pearson 72, 215, 247, 497 Karen Pender-Gunn 310 Rog Peyton 310Greg Pickersgill 64, 249 Terry Pratchett 5, 105, 158, 223David Pringle 155, 381, 419 David Prowse 288Simon Pummell 427 Michael Reaves 253, 312 Chris Reed 64, 362 Laura Resnick 79Mike Resnick 60, 91, 206, 348, 390, 435 John D. Rickett 19Herman Ritter 163, 436 Roger Robinson 141Michael Scott Rohan 396, 447 Gordon Ross 29, 283 Steve Rothman 283, 342 Marcus Rowland 116, 289, 408 Geoff Ryman 45, 59, 91, 191, 243, 291, 336 Marshall Savage 47, 159, 295, 507 Andy Sawyer 94, 147, 205 Robert J. Sawyer 7, 243, 287, 385, 446

Stan Schmidt 137, 397 Darrell Schweitzer 173, 396, 419, 478 Michael Scott 290Bob Shaw 158, 229, 273, 320, 451 Paul Shuch 88, 246, 295 Joe Siclari 332 Mike Siddall 481, 525 Renee Sieber 316 Robert Silverberg 102, 139, 287, 358Janna Silverstein 22, 56 Simo 261, 332, 389, 381Roger Sims 169 Cyril Simsa 430Dale Skran 282 Paul Smit 10, 25, 54, 133, 248 Martin Smith 167, 242, 371 Tim Smith 78, 161, 514 Ian Sorensen 195, 336 Martha Soukup 220, 473, 521 Maureen Speller 70, 353, 396, 473 Henry Spencer 36, 143, 391, 487 Norman Spinrad 21, 271, 319, 398, 536 Brian Stableford 135, 205, 239, 287, 396Kevin Standlee 34 Sylvia Starshine 387Allen Steele 32, 142, 270, 341, 507 Dan Steffan 61, 310 Jennifer Stevenson 75, 147, 267 Alex Stewart 160, 206, 536 Gary Stratmann 138, 203, 295, 342, 416, 454 Linda Stratmann 203, 478 Charlie Stross 554 Robert Subiaga 232Geri Sullivan 64, 110 Tricia Sullivan 426 Bill Sutton 37, 55, 109, 120, 251, 277, 337, 437 Brenda Sutton 55, 120, 277, 337, 418, 523 Michael Swanwick 59, 147, 239, 417, 488 Takachino 259, 288, 532 Tess Tavormina 446 Teddy 15, 61, 230, 505 Sue Thomas 118, 319, 370 Amy Thomson 164, 282, 304, 326, 370, 449, 516 Diann Thornley 75, 208, 257, 380 Tibs 126, 481 Ralph Titterton 187, 294 Barry Traish 148, 300 Bjo Trimble 156, 228, 265 Frances Tucker 174, 248, 539 Harry Turtledove 32, 106, 158, 254, 436 Mary Turzillo 150, 305 Tweet Williams 289, 408 Jan van 't Ent 108Gordon van Gelder 544 Nico Veenkamp 157Jonathan vos Post 283 Philip Wadler 386, 455 Jo Walton 84, 125, 218, 422, 492 Ken Walton 84, 125, 218, 422, 492 Michael Ward 127, 308 Ian Watson 255, 315, 450, 473 Jeff Wayne 369 Jaine Weddell 61, 174 Toni Weisskopf 158, 430 Pam Wells 141, 332 Pete Weston 372 James Whalen 256Anne Whitaker 37, 313, 337, 418 Mike Whitaker 37, 120, 203, 284, 337, 437, 459, 551 James White 160, 273 Tom Whitmore 116Bridget Wilkinson 217, 301, 501 Sheila Williams 81, 370 Walter Jon Williams 129, 149, 296, 509, 507 Connie Willis 81, 286, 348, 521 David Wingrove 208, 257 Dave Wolverton 228, 405N. Lee Wood 375 Janny Wurts 20, 327, 343, 530 Ben Yalow 412, 452 Jane Yolen 91, 188, 272, 335, 530 Jim Young 32, 242, 398, 430 Kate N'Ha Ysabet 291, 428, 505

Dealers Room The Dealers Room will open to members 10.00 - 18.00 each day, except that it will not open until Noon on Thursday and closes at 16.00 on Monday. Doors will be barred to new entrants from 10 minutes before closing. Dealers Trading in the Dealers Room (alphabetical list) Almost Abstract, England, Encaustic art Deasker 12-13Andromeda Book Co Ltd, England, Books and magazines Booth 428 & 429 Angelware Creations, USA, Jewellery Deasker 01 & 14

Anime Projects Ltd, Wales, Anime and manga Booth 443Artemis Designs, England, Fantasy art Wall 30 Arts Encaustic, Wales, Encaustic art and artists materials Ailsa Craig 01-02 & 14At The Sign of The Dragon, England, Books and filk Wall 12-15 Atlanta Fantasies, Games and Cards, USA, SF media Wall 16-18Babel Publications / Antares, Nederland, Books Kerrera 12 BBR Distribution, England, Magazines Eigg 06-08Beccon Publications, England, Books and filk Ailsa Craig 13 British Science Fiction Association, England, SF club, books and magazines Ailsa Craig 03-04Cat and Dragon, England, Jewellery Wall 31-32 Chris Varian Illustration, England, Art and craft Fetlar 12-13Clarecraft Designs, England, Fantasy art and craft Booth 434 CMS/TV and Film Memorabilia, England, SF media Booth 447Cold Tonnage Books, England, Books (second hand and remainder) Booth 438 Compuserve's SFLIT and SFMEDIA Forums, USA, Computer information service Booth 439Critical Wave, England, Newszines Wall 38 Daedelus Entertainment, USA, Collectible games Ailsa Craig 07-08David Aronovitz - The Fine Books Company, USA, Books (rare) Great Cumbrae 11 Dillons Bookstore, England, Books (new) Wall 21-23Donald N Grant Publishers Inc, USA, Books Kerrera 14 Dorling Kindersley, England, SF Great Cumbrae 15Dragon's Hoard, England, Cards and badges Wall 37 Dreamhaven Books and Comics, USA, Books Wall 19-20Fantast (Medway) Ltd, England, Books and magazines Booth 446 Fantasy Centre, England, Books and magazines Booth 441 & 442Fantasy Unlimited, England, SF media Inchkeith 08-10 Fellowship Foundry Pewtersmiths, USA, Sculpture Inchkeith 15Fo' Paws Productions, USA, T-shirts and clothing Kerrera 06-09 Forbidden Planet, Scotland, SF and fantasy Booth 432 & 433Future Publishing Ltd, England, SFX magazine Booth 449 & 450 Future Shock, Scotland, Books and magazines Booth 444Greycloud Services, England, Star Trek Deasker 07-08 Handmade Jewellers, Scotland, Jewellery Fetlar 11Honeck Sculpture, USA, Sculpture and jewellery Wall 27 Intergalactic Trading Company, USA, SF media, especially TV Booth 436 & 437Intersection Membership Sales, England, Convention merchandise Booth 445 Isher Artifacts, USA, Techie toys Inchkeith 06Jean Kluge Art, England, Art and fanzines Wall 11 Jim and Jean Porter, England, Cards and art Fetlar 05Joseph Fleischmann, USA, Books and manuscripts/memorabilia Kerrera 03-05 Kail Runesmith, England, Hand-made jewellery Benbecula 06Larry Smith, Bookseller, USA, Books Benbecula 11-12 Les Escott, England, Books (second hand) Wall 39-41Liyi Tan, England, Chinese crafts Fetlar 06 Locus Publications, USA, Newszines Great Cumbrae 10Marcus Pratt, England, Game cards Fetlar 10 Mary Kay Kare, USA, Filk Deasker 10Michael John Thompson, Antiquarian Bookseller, Canada, Books (rare) Deasker 02-03 Moods, England, New age and t-shirts Deasker 09Moscow University SF Club, Russia, SF and Soviet souvenirs Benbecula 13 Mr Sci Fi, England, SF media Fetlar 08-09New England, Science Fiction Association Inc, USA Inchkeith 07 New-Era Publications UK Ltd, England, Books (new) Inchkeith 04-05Obelist Books, Scotland, Books, comics and magazines Wall 05-06 Octarine, England, Fan club Fetlar 16OffWorld Designs, USA, Textile crafts and t-shirts Wall 02-04 Old Earth Books, USA, Books Wall 26On Spec, Canada, Magazines Eigg 11 Out of Hand, Scotland, Sculpture Benbecula 09P J Ellis, Wales, SF media Wall 35-36 Pagan Dawn, England, Pagan crafts Wall 10PEACE - The Adrian Paul Fan Club, England, Fan club Kerrera 01-02 Promotions International Ltd, England, Star Trek Tumble-Not mugs Great Cumbrae 12-13Quality Second Hand Books, England, Books (second hand) Booth 440 Quantum Marketing, USA, T-shirts Inchkeith 03R P Games Warehouse & Graphic Books, Scotland, SF media Wall 28-29 Ravenwing, USA, Jewellery Eigg 05Richard Lewis, England, Books Ailsa Craig 10-12 Rocket Publishing Co Ltd, England, Books and photographs Inchkeith 12-14Science Fiction Chronicle, USA, Newszines Wall 24 SciFi and Fantasy Book Club England, Book club Eigg 01 & 12Screentec Print Ltd, England, Fantasy art and crafts Fetlar 01-02 SF Amber, Inc, USA, Jewellery Inchkeith 11SF Foundation / Liverpool University Press, England, Charity / Book Booth 435 Shipman's Star Props, USA, SF and fantasy film Fetlar 15Skyrack Book Service, England, Books and magazines Deasker 04-06 Spellbinders, England, Jewellery Great Cumbrae 07-08Tales From the White Hart, USA, Filk and books Kerrera 13 Tesseract Books, Canada, Books (small press) Eigg 10The Dawn Treader Book Shop, USA, Books (rare and second hand) Kerrera 10-11 The Tolkien Society, England, Club and books Wall 07-09The Unlimited Dream Company, England, Books and magazines Fetlar 14 Tigereyes Books, USA, Books Great Cumbrae 16Transnational Financial Services Ltd, England, Star Trek credit card Great Cumbrae 05-06 Trolls Eye Crafts, Scotland, Jewellery Eigg 09Uncomyn Gifts, USA, TV related Inchkeith 16 Wearable Starscapes, USA, T-shirts and textile art Wall 25Western Connection, England, Anime Great Cumbrae 02 Who Shop International, England, SF media Booth 448William Matthews, Bookseller, Canada, Books (rare) Great Cumbrae 14 Wilson Logan, Scotland, Computer games Benbecula 10Wizards of the Coast UK Ltd, Scotland, Games and art Benbecula 01-05 & 14 Woodlore, England, Fantasy crafts Wall 33-34 ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, England, Fan club Fetlar 07 Local Infromation

Map of Glasgow Transport Co nv en ti on b us se rv ice Buses will leave the SECC and travel in a loop round the main city centre hotels about every 30 mins. You can pay the driver for each trip or buy a "season ticket" from the bus company desk in the registration hall in the SECC (much better value). Extra buses will be run

after the evening spectaculars to help get you away from the SECC.There will be a small bus running a shuttle service between the Forte Crest and Central Hotel at night until 3am. The times of first and last buses will be tied to the programme in the SECC. Look for times displayed at the Information Desk. There is also a normal city bus service which runs every half hour during the day between the SECC and the City Centre. Fare to city centre is 47 pence on this bus.

Taxis phone 332 7070 or 332 6666. There is a taxi rank outside the SECC and also outside the Central Hotel. You may hail black cabs in the street. 4 in a cab will be cheaper than using a bus.B i k e s

for hire from West End Cycles, 16 Chancellor St, phone 357 1344

Parking The SECC car parks cost #2.00 per visit. Car parks in the city centre are shown on the map by the symbol P. They are expensive but safer than leaving a car on the street. Most hotels either have their own car park or overnight cheap deals in a nearby multistory. Note that the

Forte Crest hotel has very limited spaces outside the main entrance but has loads of free (if you get a token from reception) parking at the Scott St car park (formerly Anderston Bus Station).

Advice for Drivers. Do not park on double yellow lines at any time. Do not park on single yellow lines except at times indicated by plaques on posts or wall nearby (usually no parking between 8.00 and 18.00). Illegal parking usually results in a #20 parking ticket. If you cause an obstruction

then the police may tow away your vehicle and it then costs about #100 to get it back. The speed limit on urban roads is 30mph = 50kph unless signposted differently. The national speed limit on motorways and dual carriageways outside towns is 70 mph = 115kph unless a lower limit is signposted.

Please do not drink and drive. Telephones Telephones use 10 pence, 20 pence, 50 pence and pound coins. Phonecard phones require a special card available from newsagents and some other shops. Some phones accept credit cards but this is costly. A local call costs 10 pence for 3 minutes at peak times (8.30 -

18.00).The operator is reached by dialling 100. Directory enquiries is 192. (No charge from payphones).

Emergency services: Dial 999 If you need help from Police, Fire, or Ambulance they are all reached by dialling 999. No money required.H o s p i t a l s

Nearest Accident & Emergency hospitals: Royal Infirmary, 84 Castle St. (Phone 211 4000) or Southern General Hospital, 1345 Govan Rd. (Phone 201 11:00am ) Dental Hospital, 378 Sauchiehall St. (Phone 211 9600). No appointments, just show up from 9.15 - 15.15 Mon to Fri, Sun 10.30 - 12. Closed Sat. Emergency treatment is free.

First aid may be available via Convention staff but in an emergency please dial 999 and ask for an ambulance. There is a first aid post in the SECC on the right of the Concourse as you come in the main entrance.

Map of West End Bookshops and Comic Shops Bookshops and comic shops based on a list provided by Evelyn C LeeperNumbered shops are shown on maps of Glasgow and West End

Charity shops like Oxfam, Imperial Cancer Research, Save the Children, Marie Curie, Sue Ryder also sell second hand books. There are many charity shops in Byres Rd in the West End. 1 AKA 25 Parnie St. Comics2 Bargain Books (chain of small shops). Remainders, New 3 Book Bargains, Sauchiehall St. New4 Budget Books, Savoy Centre, Sauchiehall St. 5 Centerpeace (Stockwell Street). Pacifist/feminist/Third World/ environmental/liberation theology material6 Clyde Books (Parnie Street). Radical/socialist/feminist/green. 7 Dillons (the Argyle Street/Union Street corner). Very large branch.New8 Eddy's Bookstall (Argyle St) Indoor market. Used, cheap new. 9 Forbidden Planet (Buchanan Street). SF and comics.Futureshock 2 (200 Woodlands Rd) Comics 11 John Menzies Argyle St. New12 John Smith and Sons (Byres Road Branch. Mainstream New 13 John Smith and Sons (St. Vincent Street). General and academic,14 John Smith and Sons (University Bookshop). Academic 15 Kollectibles 51 Parnie St. Used16 Obelisk (Virginia Galleries, Virginia Street). Used SF and mysteries. 17 Space and Comics, High St. New18 The Barras, The Gallowgate, huge outdoor/indoor market. Many bookstalls. Used. 19 Waterstones (Union Street). New.20 Wesley Owen (Buchanan Street). Christian bookshop. 21 Basement Bookshop of Alba Cafe, Otago St. Used22 Caledonia Books (Great Western Road). Used. esp. Modern literature and art. 23 Dowanside Books (in Dowanside Lane off Byres Road). Used.

24 Futureshock (31 Byres Road). SF. American imports books & comics and old paperbacks.25 Gilmorehill Books (Bank Street). Used. 26 Partick Book Shop, Dumbarton Rd27 Pitcairn Books (in Decourcy's Arcade). Used 28 Spectrum (Bank St) Books and music. New, used.29 The Christian Book Centre (Great Western Road). Old classical records and books. 30 The Little Bookworm (in Decourcy's Arcade). Kids31 Voltaire and Rousseau (Otago Street Lane). Used. 32 Word of Mouth (?). Food and cookery; inside "Moon" clothing shop.

Local Internet nodes Note that most have no local access and you must dial the long distance code (the ones beginning with 0). The others are Glasgow local access.

Compuserve 840 4494, Demon 0131 552 8883, IBM global network 0131 557 0465, Pipex 0131 467 0400, CIX 0181 296 1255 or Telnet to, GNS 204 1722 (speed 2400), Mercury network 307 1058 (speed 9600)

Banks and ATM Cash Points The Clydesdale Bank in the SECC will be open from 10.00 - 19.00 every day. It provides a wide range of bank services and there is an ATM but unlike other Clydesdale machines it does not accept Midland bank cards.

Banks elsewhere in the city are generally open from 9.30 - 3.30. The Bank of Scotland stays open 9.15 - 16.45 and the TSB is open 9.00 - 16.00, but Thursday and Friday 9.00 - 18.00. The American Express office at the corner of Hope St/Bothwell St is open Mon-Fri 8.30- 17.30, Sat 9.00-12.00. Thurs 8.30 - 19.00. Please note that there is only one branch of each of the main English banks in the city: Barclays, National Westminster, Lloyds and Midland. There are many branches of all the other banks and building societies. If you need to find a particular bank then look it up in the telephone book.

Cards Accepted by ATMs Cash is available from ATMs (cash dispensers) throughout the city. Here is a list of banks and building societies and the cards that they accept in addition to their own.

Name Other Cash Cards Accepted Abbey National Building Society Link, Plus, Visa, TSB, AmexAlliance + Leicester Link, Visa, TSB

American Express Amex cards can be used in any Link machine. Bank of Scotland Royal Bank, Mastercard, Access, Visa, EC, Eurocard, Barclays, Midland, Style, Lloyds, Banconnect, Mister Cash,

Multibanco, TelebancoBarclays Bank Visa, Mastercard, Lloyds, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Cirrus, Plus, EC Clydesdale Bank TSB, Visa, Link, EurocardHalifax Link, Visa, Plus Leeds LinkLloyds Bank Mastercard, Access National Westminster TSB, Clydesdale, Mastercard, Access, VisaNationwide Building Society Link,Visa, Plus, Eurocard, EC, Cirrus, Mastercard, TSB Midland TSB, Clydesdale, Royal Bank of Scotland Bank of Scotland, Visa, Link, Barclays, Lloyds, Eurocard, Mastercard, Amex TSB Bank Clydesdale, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Midland, National Westminster, Link, Cirrus, EC

Trading hours Most non-food shops open at 9.00 and close at 17.30. Small local grocery shops often stay open until 20.00 or even later. No shop sells alcohol after 22.00.

Useful Shops and Services Copy shops: Prontaprint 9 Bothwell St 221 3615. Kall Kwik 37 Bath St. 331 1822 (Open 8.30 - 18.00)Office supplies & stationery: C F Nash 94 Millar St. 221 4724. Stationary Box 62 Union St 248 6069.

Pharmacies: Boots, 200 Sauchiehall St 332 0774, 71 Gordon St and 4 Union St 248 8313Supermarkets: Tesco Metro, 36 Argyle St. Open Mon - Wed 0.800-19.00, Thurs/Fri 800 - 8.00 Sat 8-19.00, Sun 10.00 - 18.00 Somerfield Supermarket ,12 Howard St, Open Mon-Wed 8.00 -18.00, Thur/Fri 8.00 -19.00, Sat 8.00 - 18.00.Photo processing: see pharmacies laundromat/Launderettes: Kumars, 161 Great Western Rd. 353 2965.Chain stores for clothing, food, drink eg Marks & Spencer, Littlewoods open 9.00 - 18.00 Corner shops for groceries 9.00- 20.00 (some 23.00 in Great Western Rd and Woodlands Rd)Central Station shops: Food, drink. Open 7.00 - 21.00 Garages with some groceries: Arlington Service station, 88 Woodlands Rd, Esso Garage 200 Broomielaw, open 24hr Alcohol cannot be sold to anyone under 18 years. No ID is required. The following sell alcohol: supermarkets 8.30 - 18.00 (some 20.00), off licences 11.00 - 22.00, licensed grocers from opening until 22.00, hotels 11.00 - midnight (24hrs for residents). Pubs are normally open 11.00 - 23.00 or later at weekends.

Places of Worship Church of England St Mary's Cathedral, 300 Great Western RdChurch of Scotland (Presbyterian)

St Columba, 300 St Vincent StSt George's Tron, Buchanan St Renfield St Stephen's, 260 Bath StBaptist Adelaide Place, 209 Bath St Buddhist 329 Sauchiehall StJewish Garnethill Synagogue, 129 Hill St Roman Catholic St Andrews Cathedral, Dunlop St/Clyde StSt Aloysius, Rose St St Patrick, North St (Polish)Methodist 229 Woodlands Rd

Muslim Central Mosque, Mosque AvenueHindu Gurudwara Singh Saba, 138 Berkeley St Restaurant Guide This list was compiled by Bruce Saville, at great expense to his wallet and expanse to his waist. It covers most of the restaurants in the City Centre and the West End, with a few others thrown in for the more adventurous.

This list is provided as a guide only and comes with no guarantees. It was edited by your pocket programme book editor (Ian Sorensen) from a more detailed list provided by Bruce. Sorry if there are any mistakes or omissions - they are probably Ian's fault. Please check for up to date details with the restaurants themselves.

A star * beside the name means that it comes with a hearty recommendation from Bruce, either because of the quality of the food or the originality of the experience.

Price Bands (#): The price bands are based on the price of the cheapest 2 course meal (Starter & Main Course) available on the menu. The dearest priced meal is usually about twice the cheapest. Remember that drinks will be extra. It is usually best to book a table in advance, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Many places have a "pre-theatre" menu available between 17.00 and 19.00 with a more limited selection but at a lower price - typically #7.50 for a 3 course meal. Worth asking about when booking.

Most restaurants will accept Visa, Access and Mastercard. Many accept Diners and Amex. Check before ordering. Kosher FoodThere are no kosher restaurants in the City Centre or West End. SomeKosher food is available in many supermarkets and shops like Marks & Spencers. The Jewish Information & Resource Centre's phone number is 620 2194.

Key to Guide Within each type of restaurant entries are in order of price band, from Band A up to F.Types of Restaurant (in the order they are listed)

Bistro/Brasserie, Chinese, Fast Food, French, Fish, Greek, Burgers & Pasta, Icelandic, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Pizza, Pubs, Scottish, Thai, Middle East, USA and Vegetarian.

There should be sample menus for many restaurants on display at the Information Desk. Price bands for cheapest 2 course meal are shown under the heading #.Band A = Under #3, Band B = #3 - #5, Band C = #5 - #7, Band D = #7 - #9, Band E = #9 - #11, Band F = Over #11

Cheap Kids Menus are available at most Fast Food outlets. A few other special offers are listed in the notes. Vegetarian dishes (Veg)The number of vegetarian dishes on the normal menu is given under the heading Veg by the following code: N = none, F = a few, S = some, L = lots, A = All. Opening TimesMost restaurants will open for lunch at around 12.00 and may close at 15.00 to reopen at 17.00 for dinners. 23.00 is a fairly normal closing time. Unfortunately Bruce has all times in 12 hour format, not knowing this guide would use 24 hour format. Sorry for any confusion this causes but there hasn't been time to change them. If in doubt, phone the restaurant and check times.

Closed DaysMost restaurants are open all 7 days unless noted differently by a code under the heading Closed. BreakfastsIf the restaurant serves breakfasts then there will be a Y under the heading Brk. Handicapped AccessIf access is particularly difficult then a N appears under the heading HC. NotesAt the end of each section there are notes giving extra information about restaurants marked with a number under the heading N.

Restaurant GuideName Address Phone # Hours Closed Veg Brk HC N Bistros and Brasseries* The Living Room 5 Byres Rd B S 1

Whistlers Mother Byres Rd B 10-11 F YCathedral House 32 Cathedral Sq 552 3519 C 12-11 Sun F CCA Cafe 352 Sauchiehall St 332 7864 C 9-12 Sun S Y 2Mojo 158 Bath St 331 2257 C S N Yes 22 West Nile St 221 8044 C 10-11 S Y N * October Cafe Princes Sq Buchanan St 221 0303 C 12-9 F * Baby Grand 3 Elmbank Gardens 248 4942 D 8-1 Sat N Y N * Cafe Gandolfi 64 Albion St 552 6813 D 9-12 S Y N * D'Arcy's Princes Sq, Buchanan St 226 4309 D 10-12 S Y Drum & Monkey 93 St Vincent St 221 6636 D 12-11 Sun S

Insomnia 30 Woodlands Rd B 24hrs S YJanssens 1355 Argyle St 334 9682 D 12-12 F 3 Miro's 908 Sauchiehall St 353 0475 D 7-11 Sat,Sun F* Papingo's 104 Bath St 332 6678 D 10-12 S Y N * Stravaigin 98 Gibson St 334 2685 D N N * Malmaison West George St 221 6400 E N Maxaluna 410 Sauchiehal St 332 1004 E 12-11 N 4The Jellie Piece 517 Great Western Rd 337 1852 F 10 -10 F Change At Jamaica 11 Clyde Place 429 4422 D 7-5am Sun FNotes: 1 Mix of Brazil & Mexico 2 Inside the Centre for Contemporary Arts3 Dutch Bistro 4 Chinese, Latin & American

ChineseCanton Express 407 Sauchiehall st 332 0145 C N

China Sea 12 Renfield St 221 2719 C 5-12 N NGolden City 1163 Argyle St 221 0097 C 5-12 F Jade House 7 Bath St 332 1932 C 6-12 N NLe Chino 918 Sauchiehall St C F China Blosssom 80 Miller St 204 2708 D 5-11 Sun NChina Palace 92 Union St 248 3121 D N N * Chinatown 42 New City Rd 353 0037 D S City Inn 86 Renfield St 332 5767 D 5--5 N N

Ho Wong 82 York St 221 3550 D FJade gardens 303 Sauchiehall St 332 5737 D 12-11 S N Lee Garden 100 Bath St 332 3603 D L N* Loon Fung 417 Sauchiehall St 332 1240 D 12-11 N New City Palace 84 Sauchiehall St 332 6265 D 12-11 L NPeking Inn 191 Hope St 332 8971 D 5-12 S Amber Restaurant 130 Byres Rd 339 6121 E S Peking Court 285 353 3833 E 12-11 S N Amber Regent 50 West Regent St 331 1655 F 12-11 Sun N 1Notes: 1 Half Price on Monday Fast Food: Burgers, Pizzas, Fish & Chips, Potatoes, SandwixhesBlue Lagoon 208 Argyle St 221 4154 A Y

Blue Lagoon 10 Renfield St 221 5561 A YBurger King 304 Sauchiehall St A Y Burger King 74 Sauchiehall St A Y Burger King 102 Union St A Y Dunkin Donuts 184 Argyle St 248 4638 A 8-8 YGrosvenor Cafe Ashton Lane A 9-8 S Y Kentucky Fried Chick 178 Argyle St 248 8361 A N YKings Cafe 71 Elmbank St 332 0898 A 8-8 Y McDonalds 201 Argyle St A YMcDonalds 101 Sauchiehall St A Y Pancake Place 59 Glassford St 552 4229 A 8-1 Sun F YPrinces Square Buchanan St A 9-7 Y Sauchiehall St Centre 180 Sauchiehall St A 9-5 Sun YSavoy Centre Sauchiehall St A 9-5 Sun Y St Enoch Centre St Enoch Square A 10-6 YUniversity Cafe 85 Byres Rd A Y Wimpy 229 Ingram St 221 7532 A 10-6 Sun YWimpy 105 Union St 221 9370 A 10-6 Sun Y Arby's 78 Union St 204 3999 B 10-8 NCafe da Vinci 263 Hope St 332 0686 B 11-9 N Y * California Gourmet 291 Byres Rd 337 1642 B 10-9 Y 1Davidsons Cafe 150 Renfield St 332 0008 B 9-5 Sun L Y

Deliferance 119 Sauchiehall St 353 2700 B 8-7 Sun F YDeliferance 80 Queen St 248 5602 B 8-7 Sun F Y Equi's Coffee House 449 Sauchiehall St B 10-9 Sun N YOlivers Coffee Shop 55 Union St 221 0195 B 9- 6 Sun S Y Pancake Place 91 Union St 248 2562 B 9-5 F YPaterisserie Francois Italian Cntr Cochrane St B 10-6 N Y The Roast Joint 307 Sauchiehall St B 11-1 Sun N* The Willow TeaRoom 217 Sauchiehall St B 9-4 Sun S Y Trees 27 Union St 221 2490 B 2-7 S Hobsons Cambridge St 332 9660 C 11-8 Sun N Y Notes: 1Few Seats but Great for Bagels & dessertsFrench * Froggies 53 West Regent St 332 8790 C 9-1 S Y N Chez Jules 415 Sauchiehall St 32 2281 D 6-11 Sun N N

Pierre Victoire 91 Miller St 221 7565 D S Pierre Victoire 16 Byres Rd 339 2544 D S * Cul De Sac 44 Ashton Lane 334 4686 E 12-12 S 1French Restaurant Nrth Rotunda,Tunnel St 204 1238 F 7-11 Sun,Mon F Notes: 11/3 off Crepes & Burgers 5-7Fish

Crannog 28 Cheapside St 221 1727 A 6-10 Sun,Mon * Harry Ramsdens 251 Paisley Rd 429 3700 B 10-11 N * 2 Fat Ladies 88 Dumbarton Rd 339 1944 F F Greek

The Parthenon 725 Great Western Rd 334 6265 C 6-1 S The Athena 778 Pollokshaws Rd 424 0858 D 6-11 S 1 Cafe Serghei 67 Bridge St 429 1547 D 6-11 S 2Notes: 1 South of river, not walkable 2 South of river, near Bridge St UndergroundBurgers, pasta and other dishes

Eat Out 8 West George St 353 328 C 10-10 F Y 1 Garfunkels 48 Bath St 331 2391 C S Shenigans 351 Sauchiehall St 332 8205 C 12-11 F N 2 Back Alley 8 Ruthven Lane 334 7165 D N Chicago Meatpackers 50 Hope St 248 4466 D 12-11 F N 3TGI Friday's 113 Buchanan St 221 6996 D 12-11 S Trading Post 1 Custom House Quay 221 3033 D N N Buzzy Wares Princes Sq, Buchanan St 248 0466 F 12-11 N Notes: 1 A Gay & Lesbian cafe2 Tex Mex food 3 Cheap Meals 12-6.30 Kids Eat Free on Sunday Icelandic * XO 32 Cathedral Square 553 3519 F 6-11 N 1Notes: 1 Scottish Food & Icelandic IndianAli Baba's Balti Bar 51 West Regent St 332 6289 B S N India Cafe D'Elite 178 Woodlands Rd 353 1701 B 11-10 S 1 * Murphy's Pakora Bar 1287 Argyle St B L Asmaan Tandoori 22 Bath St 331 2575 C S Chandigarh Tandoori 28 Vinicombe Rd 334 4483 C 5-12 S India Diner 1191 Argyle St C S 2Lakora Tandoori 253 Argyle Strret 221 5325 C 5-12 Thur N Louis Parks C. Masalas 914 Sauchiehall St 339 4543 C L

  • Mr Singhs India 149 Elderslie St 221 1452 C L Raja Tandoori 51 Cochrane St 552 3237 C S

Ramana 427 Sauchiehall St 332 2528 C 5-12 S Shalimar 25 Gibson St 334 11:00am C 5-1 S Spice of Life 1293 Argyle St C S N Taste of Punjab 1131 Argyle St 248 3560 C 12-10 S 3 The Curry Pot 319 Sauchiehall St 332 4180 C 11-12 S The Indus 439 Sauchiehall St 332 9040 C 11-1 F The KohINor 235 North St 204 1444 C S 4Ashoka Ashton Lane 19 Ashton Lane 357 5904 D 12-12 S N Ashoka Palace 329 Great Western Rd 339 1232 D L 5Ashoka West End 1284 Argyle St 339 0936 D S * Balbir's Ashoka & Veg 108 Elderslie St 221 1761 D L Bombay blues 41 Hope St 221 0817 D 5-11 S 6

Creme De la Creme 1971 Argyle St 221 3222 D S NGandhi Tandoori 331 Sauchiehall St 32 00055 D 11-12 S Mother India 28 Westminster Terr 221 1663 D 5-9 7Sadhu's Tandoori 120 Dumbarton Rd 339 2068 D 5-1 S Shanaz 17 Granville St 248 4804 D 5-11 SShish Mahal 66 Park Rd 343 7899 D 5-11 Sun S Talisman 515 Sauchiehall St 248 2016 D 5-12 L The Colonial India 25 High St 552 1923 D S Cafe India 171 North St 248 4074 E N Notes: 1 Halal & Balti as well 2 Indian & Mexican3 10% Student Discount 4 Buffet 19.00 - 21.00 M -F5 2 restaurants in 1 with Madhubah Vegetarian 6 Buffet #6.95 Every Night7 Very small Bring Your Own Bottle. Will do Halal cooking ItalianCafe Antipasti 250 Gt Western Rd C L

Dino's Restaurant 35 Sauchiehall St 332 0626 B 8-11 S YIl Cappuccino 18 Gibson St 339 5294 B 5-10

MTWTF S N Ristorante Godfather 99 Hope St 221 0949 B 5-12 S

  • Sarti 133 Wellington St 248 2228 B 10-11 Sun N Y The Big Blue 445 Great Western Rd 357 1038 B 12-7 S N

Valentino's Cafe 250 Sauchiehall St B 12-8 Sun S Bertolino's 1321 Argyle St 334 0594 C S 1 Casa Mancini 317 Great Western Rd 339 5544 C S Casa Mia 64 Renfield St 332 5063 C 12-11 Sun F N Ciao By Equi's 445 Sauchiehall St 332 4565 C 5-12 S * Fazzi's 65 Cambridge St 221 9411 C 11-10 S Y L'Arena Di Verona 311 Hope St 332 7728 C 5-11 N L'Aristo 92 Mitchell St 221 0971 C 5-11 Sun N O'Sole Mio's 32 Bath St 331 1397 C 5-12 S 2Paperino's 238 Sauchiehall St 332 3800 C 5-11 Sun S Pavarotti Trattoria 91 Cambridge St 332 9713 C 11-11 S * Sannino's 61 Bath St 332 8025 C 12-11 S N * Sannino's 61 Elmbank St 332 3565 C 12-11 S N Bella Pasta 15 St Vincent Place 221 5059 D 5-12 S N * Caffe Qui Cantinetta 17 John St 552 6099 D F Y Caffe Italia 311 Hope St 332 7728 D 5-11 N

Di Maggio's Pizzeria 61 Ruthven Lane 334 8560 D 10-11 S Y N Di Maggio's Pizzeria 21 Royal Exchange Sq 248 4443 D 10-11 S Y N Il Pavone Princes Sq, Buchanan St 221 0543 D 9-11 S YIl Pescatore 148 Woodlands Rd 332 9239 D 6-10 Sun S Italian Restaurant Nrth Rotunda,Tunnel St 204 1238 D 5-11 Sun S 3Joe's Garage 52 Bank St 339 5407 D 12-12 S 4 La Parmigiana 447 Great Western Rd 334 0686 D S Ristorante Caprese 217 Buchanan St 332 3070 D F N * The Fire Station 33 Ingram St 552 2929 D S 5Trattoria Trevi 526 Great Western Rd 334 3262 D N

Vitelli & Vitelli 15 John St 552 4433 D FTrattoria Lanterna 35 Hope St 221 9160 E 5-11 Sun F Notes: 1Indian Pizzas 20% Student Discount2 Sun-

Thursday 5-6.30 Pizza & Pasta #3.50 3 Half Price Mon-Thurs 5 -6.30, 10-114 All Meals are 50% off 5 Half Price Pasta 5 -7Japanese

Moshi Moshi 7 Buccleuch St 353 0777 D S 1Notes: 1 Very small, booking essential. Special buffet Mon & Tues. Malasian* Mata Hari 17 West Princes St 332 9789 D 6-11 Sun L N Mexican* Cantina Del Rey King St 552 4044 C 5-1 S N

Chimmyz 499 Great western Rd 334 0884 C S NPizzas Pizza Hut 203 Argyle St 221 0144 B S Pizza Hut 85 West George St 226 3633 B S Pizzaland 108 Renfield St 332 4820 B S Pizzaland 205 Sauchiehall St 332 5764 B S Pizzaland 96 Hope St 221 5321 B S Pizzaland 34 Queen St 248 5682 B S Deep Pan Pizza Co 44 Bath St 332 9482 C S 1 Pizza Express 151 Queen St 221 3333 C 12-11 S Notes: 1 Special #3.25 "all you can eat buffet" 12-3 and 5-10 every day.Pub food Cafe Cini 81 Renfield St 353 2807 B 11- 7 S Finnegan's Wake 79 St Vincent St 248 4839 B 12-5 S Chambers 57 Cochrane St B 11- 9 S NHorseshoe Bar 17 Drury St 221 3051 B 12-7 N N Focquet's Bar 9 Renfield St C 12-8 N N Rock Garden 73 Queen St C 11-9 N Sloans 62 Argyll Arcade 221 8917 C F The Corner 548 Sauchiehall St 332 1625 C 11- 8 S Times Square 46 St Enoch's Sq 221 6579 C F

Cafe Ventura King St D S Scottish Ubiquitous Chip(Bar) 12 Ashton Lane 334 5007 C F N* Babbity Bowsters Blackfriars St 552 7774 D 8-11 S Y City Merchant 97 Candleriggs 553 1588 D 5-11 Sun FMitchells 31 Ashton Lane 339 2220 D 5-10 Sun F N The Jenny 18 Royal Exchange Sq 204 4988 D 10-10 N YVictoria & Albert 159 Buchanan St 248 6329 D 11-10 F N * Cafe Rogano 11 Exchange Place 248 4055 E 11-11 F NMitchells 157 North St 204 4312 E 11-12 Sun F

Rab Ha's 83 Hutcheson St 553 1545 E 5-11 F N * The Belfry 652 Argyle St 221 8188 E F N Victoria's 98 Sauchiehall St 332 1444 E 7-12 F N * One Devonshire Gdn 1 Devonshire Gardens 339 2001 F N Puppet Theatre Ruthven Lane F N * Rogano's 11 Exchange Place 248 4055 F 6-10 F * The Buttery 652 Argyle St 221 8188 F N * The Cabin 996 Dumbarton Rd 954 7102 F * Ubiquitous Chip 12 Ashton Lane 334 5007 F Spanish

Junkanoo 111 Hope St 248 7102 D 5-11 L N 1* Indita 6a John St 553 1950 F S N Notes: 1 Spanish tapas BarThai * Ruby 377 Sauchiehall St 331 1277 C 12-11 L N 1* Thai Fountain 2 Woodside Crescent 332 1599 E 5-11 F * Thai Royale 336 Argyle St 221 2250 E 5-11 S Notes: 1 Does Thai & Indonesian Middle East* Marmara Turkish Res 185 St Georges Rd 353 0832 D S

Prince Armany's 7 Clyde Place 420 6660 D M F 1Notes: 1 Open until 5am Friday and Saturday USAMinskey's N Y Deli (in Glasgow Hilton) 204 5506 D S 1 Notes: 1 Sandwiches,Cheese Blintzes, Gefilte Fish etc.Vegetarian

Cafe Alba 61 Otago St 337 2282 C Sun AVegville 93 St Georges Rd 331 2220 A 11-9 SMTS A The Bay Tree 403 Great Western Rd 334 5898 B 11--9 Mon A 1The 13th Note 80 Glassford St 553 1638 B 11-7 A 2 * The Granary 823 Howard St 226 3770 B L 3Notes: 1 Vegetarian & vegan Cafe 2 A vegan pub, serves vegan Sunday brunch. 3 Mainly wholemeal & vegetarian but does have meat dishes

Acknowledgements Edited by I Sorensen Artwork by Shep Kirkbride Restaurants compiled by Bruce Saville Bookshops based on list supplied by Evelyn C Leeper Programme details proofread by Colin Harris, to whom all praise and no blame should be attached. JSpecial thanks to Jim Barker of Jim Barker Graphic Design (Falkirk) for advice and technical support.

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