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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

2:30 pm EST


Concert: The Gothsicles

Empire Ballroom, 2:30 pm EST Available Online

The Gothsicles roll in from Boston bringing an energetic performance of 20 years’ worth of industrial music and video with a comic flair about everything from the videogame Contra to the world’s most amazing animals. As COMA Music Magazine said, “The Gothsicles are one of the forerunners in industrial music for the nerdy masses.”

Type: Concert
Tags: Music

Kid-Friendly Crafting

Room 323, 2:30 pm EST

Make and take! Materials will be provided to make fun takeaways like badge ribbons, geeky holiday ornaments, and fantasy eye masks.


Signing – Steven H Silver

Autographs 2, 2:30 pm EST

Get books signed by Steven H Silver


Signing -Patricia A Jackson

Autographs 1, 2:30 pm EST

Get your books signed by Patricia A. Jackson

4:00 pm EST


Concert: Victor Sierra

Thomas (Virtual), 4:00 pm EST Available Online

Celebrated steampunk band Victor Sierra will be regaling us from Paris, France, with songs of the airship Hydrogen Queen and the adventures of its crew. The band invites you to go beyond the horizon line, to go for the strange, to be stirred in unison, and to live unpredictable experiences!

Type: Concert
Tags: Music

Fannish Pictionary

Palladian Ballroom, 4:00 pm EST Available Online

Bring your artistic talent (or lack thereof!) and join the fun guessing fannish phrases, titles, or characters, based on drawings by you or your fellow fans.

Please note: Virtual streaming of this session will be audience-only. Participation through drawing and guessing will be limited to on-site attendees due to technical constraints.


Fanzines and Meta Fandom

Kress (Virtual), 4:00 pm EST Available Online

Fanzines have been a vital part of science fiction and fantasy from the beginning of modern genre fiction in the 1930s. They provide a record of friends, feuds, fashion, and fascinations. Periodically their demise is predicted, but they are still going strong, drawing in new participants and evolving along with fandom. This is a chance to talk to current and previous Hugo nominees about why they produce fanzines.

Type: Panel

Gaming Room and Online Gaming — Wednesday

Blue Room Prefunction, 4:00 pm EST

Come join us for freeform gaming!

Online, visit the gaming channels on Discord.   

Onsite, visit the gaming room, which is the Blue Room Prefunction space on level one. Stop by for a pickup game, or to see the schedule of games people are looking to run.

Want to run a game?  Fill out our online form to share the details for both onsite and online games. Or simply leave a note in person on the message board in the gaming room.


Not Just D&D: Great Tabletop RPGs

Older (Virtual), 4:00 pm EST Available Online

Dungeons & Dragons is the 800-pound gorilla, but what are some other cool role-playing games? Panelists discuss their favorite RPGs, what sets them apart, and what is needed to play them.

Type: Panel
Tags: Gaming

Opening Ceremonies

Regency Ballroom, 4:00 pm EST Available Online

Welcome to the convention.  We will present the First Fandom and Big Heart awards, as well as remarks from the Chair.


Reading – Hildy Silverman and Jennifer R. Povey

Capitol Room, 4:00 pm EST

Reading with author/artist Hildy Silverman and Jennifer R. Povey

Type: Reading

SF Singalong

Cabinet Room, 4:00 pm EST

Welcome to Camp DisCon! Let’s gather ’round the “campfire” and sing! You know the tunes; we supply the music (your Head Counselor Filthy Pierre at the keyboard), and the words (on the big screen). We’ll sing the glories of the Outer Space Marines and Frodo Baggins; the miseries of slow elevators and bad hotel food; and of Star Trek doings we’ll never see in prime time. “S’mores,” anyone?


Signing – Chris Panatier

Autographs 1, 4:00 pm EST

Get books signed by Chris Panatier


Signing – Jonathan Pace Brazee

Autographs 2, 4:00 pm EST

Get books signed by Jonathan Pace Brazee


The State of Machine Learning

Congressional On-Site Viewing (Virtual), 4:00 pm EST Available Online

An artificial intelligence does not necessarily have to think like a human being. How do current AIs approach questions of cognition and meaningful analysis? What are other ways that an intelligent AI might perceive and understand the world?

Type: Panel

What to See While You’re in DC

Forum Room, 4:00 pm EST

Come to hear regional fans discuss their favorite Washington, DC, landmarks and destinations, including the lesser-known places you might otherwise miss.

Type: Panel

5:00 pm EST


Local Creators Reception

Ambassador Ballroom, 5:00 pm EST

Come join us in honoring local creators here at Worldcon. Bring your autographs books because we’re bringing them all together in one location for you to meet.

5:30 pm EST


Concert: Sassafrass

Empire Ballroom, 5:30 pm EST Available Online

Sassafrass is a singing group led by science fiction author and Pegasus-nominated composer Ada Palmer. They perform original a cappella music with fantasy, mythology and science fiction themes. Noted for their close harmonies and their intricate narrative lyrics, Sassafrass unveiled their Norse song cycle Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok at Balticon in 2013.

Type: Concert
Tags: Music

Future Meat

Congressional On-Site Viewing (Virtual), 5:30 pm EST Available Online

What does the future hold for carnivorous foodways as factory farming becomes less and less sustainable and more socially unpopular? Is the future cloned meat, vat steaks, cricket burgers, or fungus-based “chicken?” Are we growing past the need to refer to products as meat substitutes? Can we trust the companies which produce them? What are the ethical implications?

Type: Panel

Imaginative Realism with Maurizio Manzieri

Palladian Ballroom, 5:30 pm EST Available Online

Join Maurizio Manzieri in a journey through galaxies and faraway worlds. The Hugo-nominated artist will guide us through his fantastic portfolio, talking about recent illustrations and the magic surrounding his multi award-winning career.

Tags: Art

Kaffeeklatsch — CL Polk

Harris (Virtual), 5:30 pm EST Available Online

Online small group conversation with CL Polk.

Advance signup is required to attend this session. Please use the link symbol to the left of the item name to register through SignupGenius. A Zoom meeting link will be emailed to registered participants 24 hours and one hour before the Kaffeeklatsch begins. The email you use to sign up must match the email associated with your DisCon III registration.


Mark Protection Committee – Day 1

Presidential Board Room, 5:30 pm EST

This is the first of two meetings at DisCon III of the only permanent body of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), the Mark Protection Committee (MPC). As its name suggests, the MPC manages the intellectual property for WSFS, including the registered marks for “Worldcon,” “Hugo Award,” and “NASFiC.” Wednesday’s meeting will finalize its report to WSFS for 2021. The MPC meets again on Sunday after the adjournment of the WSFS business meeting and will choose its officers for 2021-22. 

Tags: WSFS

Reading – Keith DeCandido

Capitol Room, 5:30 pm EST

Reading – Keith DeCandido

Type: Reading

Science Fiction for Museum Futures

Diplomat Ballroom, 5:30 pm EST Available Online

Description: Museums aren’t just historical repositories. They play an essential role in shaping how we see the future. To celebrate the Smithsonian’s 175th anniversary, Arizona State University led an effort to imagine possible futures for the national museums and the communities they serve. Join artist Brian Miller, Elizabeth Merritt of the Center for the Future of Museums, and Ruth Wylie of the Center for Science and the Imagination to discuss the project and explore how museums can ignite civic imagination.

Type: Panel

So This Is Your First Worldcon…

Blue Room, 5:30 pm EST Available Online

What the heck is all of this? What’s going on? What can I do? What should I do? Who is everyone? If you’ve never been to Worldcon before, this panel is for you.

Type: Panel

Undead Shows: TV and Movies That Won’t Die

Kress (Virtual), 5:30 pm EST Available Online

Some movie franchises and TV series were great when they started but lost their way long before their final installments. What are or were some of the worst examples of this phenomenon, and what caused these once-great properties to go off the rails?

Type: Panel

What makes a Classic a Classic?

Calvert Room, 5:30 pm EST

Join us for a discussion of the books, TV shows, movies, comics, and computer games that have become classics and ask why they have stayed with us. Panelists will discuss everything from the content through to the context, the contemporary market, and the modern memory.

Type: Panel

7:00 pm EST


A Closer Look at the Business Meeting Agenda

Blue Room, 7:00 pm EST Available Online

The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) is the body of fans who choose the recipients of the Hugo Awards and the locations for future Worldcons and NASFiCs. By attending DisCon III, you are a WSFS member, and can participate in the annual business meeting which takes place in sessions throughout the convention. But the meeting can be hard to follow if you don’t know the topics of discussion. Panelists will review the business passed on from last year’s con and the new proposals to be discussed.

Type: Panel
Tags: WSFS

Assistive Technologies

Kress (Virtual), 7:00 pm EST Available Online

The vast majority of the world’s population uses some kind of prosthetic or assistive device, from glasses, to mobility aids, to those jar-opening doohickies. How should they change our conceptions of disability and what using a prosthetic device really means?  What bleeding-edge assistive technologies are out there right now that may seem like science fiction? Do engineers overthink it, and are some technologies impositions. And when is simpler, better?

Type: Panel
Tags: Science

Author Reading — Nancy Kress

Diplomat Ballroom, 7:00 pm EST Available Online

An author reading by DisCon III Guest of Honor Nancy Kress.

Type: Reading

Breaking a Story, Hollywood-Style

Older (Virtual), 7:00 pm EST Available Online

In Hollywood, “breaking a story” means listing each scene in a story and arranging them in order for maximum dramatic effect. This panel will discuss how to apply this technique to novels and other narratives.

Type: Panel

Concert: Amy McNally

Calvert Room, 7:00 pm EST

Amy McNally is that chick in a skirt and no shoes who sits on the floor with a violin and a stash of Pixy Stix. Yeah, that one, with the hair. She’s been hanging around jam circles like that for 20 years and playing fiddle for over 30 years now. Playing with multiple bands, singing with Lady Mondegreen, performing guerrilla accompaniment, and on recordings with assorted musicians and rogues, she does folk, Celtic, and historical music too, but considers herself a filker first.

Type: Concert
Tags: Music

Concert: Ben Newman

Thomas (Virtual), 7:00 pm EST Available Online

Ben Newman is a singer-songwriter and filker who writes songs on a wide variety of topics: science fiction and fantasy, religion (several), science and computers, and many more. He writes original melodies and borrows tunes from other songwriters, soundtracks, and media such as movies and video games.

Type: Concert
Tags: Music

Costuming Tips I Wish I Learned Earlier

Cabinet Room, 7:00 pm EST

Ever wonder why your costumes don’t look as sharp as the ones on the front of the pattern? Our panel will discuss how to select the right fabric, why interfacing exists, the importance of ironing, and indispensable finishing techniques.

Type: Panel

Crafting Circle

Presidential Board Room, 7:00 pm EST

Grab your knitting needles, embroidery thread, or any other supplies you have. Let’s make some art together.


Kaffeeklatsch — Beverly Bambury

Harris (Virtual), 7:00 pm EST Available Online

Online small group conversation with Beverly Bambury.

Advance signup is required to attend this session. Please use the link symbol to the left of the item name to register through SignupGenius. A Zoom meeting link will be emailed to registered participants 24 hours and one hour before the Kaffeeklatsch begins. The email you use to sign up must match the email associated with your DisCon III registration.


Kaffeeklatsch with Heather Rose Jones

Suite 325 Dining Room, 7:00 pm EST

Kaffeeklatsch with Heather Rose Jones.

Advance signup is required to attend this session. Signup sheets will be at the Info Desk starting 12-24 hours before the Kaffeeklatsch begins.


Kaffeeklatsch With Sheree Renée Thomas

Suite 325 Main Room, 7:00 pm EST

A small-group discussion with DisCon III Guest of Honor Sheree Renée Thomas. Advance sign-up required.


Metropolis Revamped

Palladian Ballroom, 7:00 pm EST Available Online

DisCon III presents the almost complete 2010 restoration of the classic science fiction film Metropolis with an original rescore by musical artist Ryako. A Q&A session with Ryako will follow the screening.

Tags: TV & Film

Sip With the Stars (Wednesday)

Hotel Lobby, 7:00 pm EST

New con-goers are invited to hang out with published writers, critics, and convention veterans. A great way to make new friends and get the vibe of the con! We’ll break into groups of 4-5 people, each with a mix of newer and more experienced folks. Sips With the Stars events are planned on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings at 7–8 p.m. in the private dining room of the hotel restaurant. Bring your own drinks!


Viewing Disabilities Through a Historical Lens

Congressional On-Site Viewing (Virtual), 7:00 pm EST Available Online

Crude conceptions of disabled people abound in shallowly-written historical fantasy and popular imagination, but how was disability actually treated in historical cultures around the world? Our panel of archaeologists, anthropologists, historians and other experts sheds a modern, well-researched light on this oft-stereotyped area.

Type: Panel

8:30 pm EST