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What is a Smofcon?

Smofcon is an annual conference for convention planners. At Smofcon, we gather discuss many aspects of convention planning, at both the local level and at the Worldcon and other large conference level. We look for old friends, make new ones, attend panels on a variety of subjects about convention running, and express our views on best ways to do something. We often get recruited to work on other conventions — or recruit others to come work on our next convention.

Okay, we do a lot of talking with each other — we refer to it as "smoffing." And smoffing requires good food and drink to keep us going!

Due to the changes we had to made due to COVID-19, here are the plans for upcoming Smofcons.

Smofcon 37 1/4
Dec. 5, 2020
Virtual conference, jointly organised by Smofcon 38 and Smofcon 39
YouTube videos from the virtual conference

Smofcon 39
Dec 3-5, 2021
Lisboa, Portugal
CanSMOF Scholarship for 2021

Smofcon 38
Dec. 2-4, 2022
Le Centre Sheraton, Montreal Quebec

What Is a Smof?

The word "smof" was invented by writer and fan Jack Chalker for "Secret Master of Fandom," fannish slang for convention planner. A convention doesn't just spring up and succeed without a lot of preparation, talent and commitment. Regrettably, the knowledge that is gathered while running a convention is not always passed around to others, and as the saying goes "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."

Smofs are the people behind the scenes at science fiction conventions. We are those faceless and sometimes nameless individuals, who have spent months, sometimes years, preparing for your arrival. We are the people who are behind the Registration desk handing you your membership badge, or take care of the guests, or are busy keeping the Anime festivals running on time, or organize the Masquerade show, or gather, edit and print the newsletters, or deal with the hotel on contract issues, or otherwise take care of the hundreds of other details that it takes to make a convention run.