Bidders Survey


Please answer all the questions below.

If a question doesn’t apply to your convention please state: N/A.

If the answer won’t be known until some future date, please provide an estimate of when you’ll be in a position to answer. For example, for the question about room rates you might answer “These are expected to be agreed by [date]. Current internet rates are X per night room only for a double or twin and Y for single occupancy.”

The Inquisitions

The questionnaire below includes some of the most commonly asked questions at a Fannish Inquisition. We are asking that all bids complete the questionnaire by November 20, 2012. We will post the answers on the Smofcon website, and will have some printed copies available at Smofcon for review.

All Smofcon members will be able to submit questions for the Inquisition online before the convention, and in person at Smofcon prior to the Inquisition. Submissions will be anonymous.

The Inquisition will be facilitated by Helen Montgomery, Deb Geisler, and Stephen Boucher. They will be asking all of the questions at the Inquisition. The process for the Inquisitions is as follows:

Seated Worldcons / Smofcon Bids: 1 hour session, Saturday 4-5
5 minute presentations / 10 minute Q & A for the 2013 / 2014 Worldcons (30 minutes)
2013 Smofcon bid presentation / vote (~ 10 minutes ~ 4:40)
3 minute presentations by Smofcon bids for 2014 and forward (~ 20 minutes)
Worldcon / NASFiC Bids: 1.5 hour session, Saturday 8-9:30
Review the Rules of Engagement and introduce the Inquisitors (5 minutes)
3 minute presentations by 2014 NASFiC Bids / 2015 Worldcon Bids (~ 20 minutes)
2 minute presentations by 2016 - 2020 Worldcon bids / all Hoax bids (~ 15-20 minutes)
5 minutes for Audience to write and submit additional questions
5 minutes for Inquisitors to review and incorporate questions

Inquisition (30+ minutes - until end of allotted session time / run out of questions)

The Follow-up Session

On Sunday from noon-1:00 in Riverview C, there will be an opportunity for you to be at a "bid table" - you can display a poster, have materials, etc. (You may need to share a table due to space.) Attendees will have the opportunity to come up and talk to you about your bid, ask further questions that came up as a result of the Inquisition, etc.