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Interaction Programme Timeline

This is (mostly) the draft Interaction programme timeline as of mid-January 2005.  I still need to:
  •  add the pubs timeline information
  • update the 1st mailing date which (I think) was a week later
  • add the pre-con run-up timeline

The questionnaire details were different as we had a two-questionnaire model that didn't work out all that well on the day.  I'd argue for keeping December 2010 as the due date for the single questionnaire.

                 Dec. 2004    Programme questionnaire posted
   Tue., 11 Jan. 2005    Initial reports emailed to area heads
  Mon., 31 Jan. 2005    Literary programme questionnaire posted
  Wed., 16 Feb. 2005    Admin/Scheduling questionnaire posted
   Mon.,  7 Mar. 2005    Preliminary input due from areas
    Sat., 12 Mar. 2005    Scheduling begins
   Sun., 20 Mar. 2005    "Final" input due from areas
    Mon.,  4 Apr. 2005    1st draft programme completed and sent for
                                      internal review.  (This copy is also sent
                                      to pubs to be used in prototyping the
                                     Con Guide.)
   Sun., 10 Apr. 2005    Comments due from internal reviewers
   Sun., 17 Apr. 2005    2nd draft programme completed
   Mon., 18 Apr. 2005    First mailing:  Begin notifying participants of proposed schedule
     Fri.,  6 May  2005    Deadline for feedback from participants
 Mon., 16 May  2005    3rd draft programme completed and sent for internal review
     Fri., 20 May 2005     Comments due from internal reviewers
   Sun., 29 May 2005     Programme updates complete.
  Mon., 30 May 2005     Second mailing: Schedules mailed to participants.
        TBD              Detailed schedule for hand-off to pubs.

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