Archive Site: Millennium Philcon Program Timeline (with Post-Con Notes)

Last Update: 11/6/01

Program Division Timeline

March 2001
March Finish making appointments
March 1 Membership Price Increase:  New -- $170; Converting -- $125
March 3 Program Division meeting – Pittsburgh, PA
March 10 Brainstorming for an hour at PARSEC
March 30 PR 5 Deadline
March 31 Division Heads’ Meeting – Greenburgh, NY room allocation 95% solid, ribbon request due.  Information distributed to all areas about how to schedule and supply scheduling information
April 2001
April ? Brainstorming at PSFS
April 15 List of science talks complete
April 13-15 Minicon/Eastercon
April 21 Open Program Division meeting – last brainstorming session – Pittsburgh, PA, create grid, add events and big items
April 30 Formal Brainstorming Ends – Idea Form Comes Down – work on precises and putting people on panels
May 2001
May 12 Preliminary schedules due from all areas (Tardis & Couch, Events, Exhibits, etc. - this basically did not happen.)
May 18-20 Scheduling Frenzy – Pittsburgh, PA  (aside from scheduling, at least an hour will be spent on pocket program design issues; attendance at this meeting is by invitation-only due to the amount of work and limited space.)
(this should have happened at least two weeks earlier - we really needed more post-frenzy time to get everything done.)
May 25-27 Balticon (may be attending Sat and Sun)
June 2001
June 1-2 Division/Mega-area meeting, Philly, close-to-final AV information to Events
June 8 Program draft, ready for consistency checks and fine tuning; copies to Lynn & Ann
June 22-24 Midwestcon, Cincinnati
June 30  Division Heads’ meeting
July 2001
July 8 Finish scheduling, have Lynn and Gary review
(this should have happened at least a week earlier)
July 14 Send out schedules (this should have happened at least a week earlier)
July 15 Send out rejection letters (this should have happened a few weeks earlier)
July 20 DRAFT HTML/PDA/etc. versions to Web 
July 20-22 Confluence, Pittsburgh (come, relax!)
August 2001
August 1 Final information from other areas integrated into master database. (this should have happened a week earlier)
August 4-5 Final division meeting in Philly, final pocket program changes from areas due. (this should have happened a week earlier)
August 10 Final dump of the database to pocket program. From here on out, all changes will be via mark-up to drafts and online version. (this should have happened a week earlier)
August 20 Pocket Program sent to printer, final online version to Web.
August 25-26 Jim and Laurie assemble program packets
August 27 Jim and Laurie arrive in Philadelphia (Lynn??)
August 28 Janice arrives in Philadelphia (late)
August 29 Green Room/Program Ops set-up begins.  Program Ops now controls the database (possibly 8/28, late afternoon)
August 30 Program Starts  (Don’t Panic)
September 2001
September 4-8 Recover.
September  9 Write report on how things went. (we didn't do this, but we still may)
September 24 Try to get Thank-you Notes out, try to let people know status of reimbursements. (finished by late November 2001.)