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(as of 6/27/10)

2010 June

June 19                Division heads meeting (Skype)
June 25-27           Midwestcon (Jim, Laurie, Ian, Ruth attending)  Discuss space allocation with Ben. Discuss other program division topics. 
All of June             Continue recruiting for area lead vacancies

2010 July

July 17                 Division heads meeting (Skype)
July 18                 Mockups of volunteer form and program questionnaire finalized. 
Mid-July               Ask DHs, and Program area leads for who they'd like to include in the Program invitation list
Late July/August   Work with the GoH liaisons to interview the guests of honor about what they want to do on Program,
                           who they particularly want to be on panels with, and any other ideas they have. 
All of July             Continue recruiting for area lead vacancies

2010 August

August 21             Division heads meeting (Skype)

August 22             Receive CSV data from membership database for importing.

August                 Review staffing needs carefully.  Make a list of areas we still need to recruit for and
                           who we might want to recruit.
Late August          Travel to Australia (many of us).
All of August         Continue recruiting for area lead vacancies, done by end of A4.

2010 September

September 2-6     AussieCon - Be sure to talk up Renovation when possible.  We should review lists
                           of people we'll probably invite early and talk to them directly.  Ditto potential staffers

September 19      Participant Survey/questionnaire ready for test

Late September    List of potential invitees ready for review by program staff and other staff members, as needed.
                           Be sure to work with Art night and Music night to ensure who is being invited by whom.

2010 October

Early October       Thorough testing of software, so the portions dealing with participant lists, mailings, participant
                           responses and the questionnaire are all working.
Early-October       Internal target date: Beta-test program invitations and forms
October 15-17      Division heads meeting in Portland.  Program staffing breakout, likely Music/Art night planning
Late October        Enter invitees into database.  Target for sending out first round of program invitations

2010 November

 Mid-to-late Nov    Distribute/publish participant input from db to the area leads here or in December

2010 December

1-3 December      Get-together in Palo Alto for Program DHs
3-5 December       Smofcon in San Jose (Jim, Ian, Laurie, Ruth all there - staff meeting)
December             Finish up core software, start testing reports.

2011 January

                          Continue testing software

2011 February

18-20 February   Boskone - try for a Program staff get together for at least an hour

2011 March

Mid-March          Probable committee meeting Reno
Mid-March           Preliminary suggested schedules due from all area leads and from other areas (e.g., Events)

2011 April

April 15-17          Program frenzy in Pittsburgh
      Formal Brainstorming Ends at the Frenzy – Idea Form Comes Down – work on precises and putting people on panels 

2011 May

Early May             Program draft, ready for consistency checks and fine tuning.  Copies to key program staff members
May 22                Intial schedule mailing to participants in late May

2011 June

Mid-June             Send out second round of schedules 

2011 July

Mid-July              Draft program on the Web
Mid-July              Final info from other areas in the database
Mid-July              Initial Program draft online

2011 August

August 1(?)          Pocket program to the pubs group; final schedule to the Web

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