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Thursday, May 15

Thu 12:00PM Registration/Information, 2nd Floor Rotunda
Pick up your Summit badge and schedule early. Find out about some of the places you can visit and the best restaurants in town. Area open until 6:00PM

Thu 6:00PM Original Fish Market Bar Get-together
Come to the bar in the Original Fish Market to meet the WIFTI Board of Directors, and Women In Film chapter representatives for a casual gathering before the opening of the Summit. Get-together should run from 6:00PM-7:30PM.

Note that all events in the Pennsylvania room on Friday have been moved to the Westmoreland room, which is also on the 2nd floor, beside the Cambria room.


Friday, May 16

Fri 7:30AM Registration/Information, 2nd Floor Rotunda
Pick up your Summit badge and schedule early. Find out about some of the places you can visit and the best restaurants in town. Area open until 5:00PM

Fri 8:00AM Plenary Breakfast, Westmoreland
Kick-off of the Summit and welcome by the WIFTI Board of Directors, Mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto and Allegheny County Executive Richard Fitzgerald. Local poet Vanessa German will read. All attending chapters will be introduced.
Faith Dickinson (M), Kalpana Biswas, Vanessa German, Rich Fitzgerald, Bill Peduto

Fri 9:30AM Plenary Speech, Westmoreland
Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner will introduce Kim Moses of Sander/Moses Productions, who will speak about creating magic at the intersection of television and digital media and why women need to be proactive gatekeepers at that intersection. Kim will discuss the rise of new media and how it has increased communication between people all over the world and the Internet. It has allowed people to express themselves through blogs, websites, pictures, and other user-generated media. We are at the crossroads of this innovation and women need to position themselves as the gatekeepers and decision makers.
Chelsa Wagner, Kim Moses

Fri 10:30AM WIFTI Board, Butler
Discussion of WIFTI mission, the Summit, the Short Film Showcase, WIFTI grants available to chapters, presidents calls, chapter support and member benefits.
Kimberly Skyrme

Fri 10:30AM Entertainment Law, Cambria
Working on a film can have many pitfalls, getting sued is one of them. How do you avoid someone suing you because of your film theme, music, actors, accidents...? How to protect yourself when contracting with others.
Stephanie Dangel

Fri 10:30AM Women in Technology, Westmoreland
The concept of bringing technologists and filmmakers to work together on projects that will produce projects that are designed to entertain, inform, inspire or influence another person. New technologies are coming together to bring new concepts to the forefront. Interactive storytelling is a wide open field, but what makes it so difficult to penetrate? What kind of problems does gaming cause when created by the male perspective?
Kathy Dziubeck, Loren Smith, Carol Lee Espy (M)

Fri 12:00PM Lunch Break
Try one of our great local restaurants for lunch!

Fri 1:30PM Understanding Profit Participations in the Motion Picture Industry, Butler
This panel discusses finding the money that the studios / funders owe you.
Michele Gentille, Kevin McQuillan, Krista M. Salera, Laura Boyd (M)

Fri 1:30PM Film Preservation, Cambria
You spend thousands of dollars to make your film, market your film and then where does it go? Do you archive your film? Or do you use a file cabinet? A safe? A desk drawer or bookshelf? Learn the importance of preserving your film, how to do it and the advantages of doing so. Also included will be a discussion about the NYWIFT Film Preservation Fund.
Diana Little, Kara Van Malssen, Susan Lazarus

Fri 1:30PM Creating Unforgettable Scenes, Westmoreland
What separates truly memorable movies and TV shows from all the forgettable ones are unique characters found in dynamic, conflict-filled scenes that deeply move people in universal ways. This high-energy lecture is designed to supercharge your storytelling abilities by focusing on powerful narrative and structural elements that can be found in a wide range of popular movies and TV shows. Perfect for screenwriters, directors, producers, and storytellers of all kinds.
Steve Cuden

Fri 3:15PM Grant Writing, Butler
Teresa A. Gregory

Fri 3:15PM Creative Disruption/Traditional Distribution, Cambria
A look at creative distribution--the removal of traditional gatekeepers and mediators in the arts and media industries. The creative disruptions of Internet and wireless technologies have opened new distribution channels for film, music, gaming, publishing, and advertising.
Elise D'Haene, Molly Rice

Fri 3:15PM Creative Direction - Current Programming, Westmoreland
What happens after a pilot is picked up to series? CBS’s Vice President of Current Programming Rosemary Tarquinio will discuss her experience overseeing the creative direction of a show from its initial episode order through the lifespan of the series, a process she has supervised on shows like The Mentalist, 2 Broke Girls, Criminal Minds, and The Good Wife. She will be joined by Kim Moses, Executive Producer of the new show Reckless to discuss the journey they took together.
Carol Lee Espy (M), Rosemary M. Tarquinio, Kim Moses

Fri 5:00PM Meet to Walk to Reception for Screening of Gideon's Army, 2nd Floor Rotunda
Join a group in the 2nd floor rotunda to walk to Point Park University for the Reception for and Screening of Gideon's Army - it takes about 12 minutes to walk to the George Rowland White (GRW) Theater, University Center, 414 Wood St.

Fri 5:30PM Reception, Screening and Q&A: Gideon's Army, Point Park University, George Rowland White (GRW) Theater, University Center, 414 Wood St.
Gideon's Army follows the personal stories of Travis Williams, Brandy Alexander and June Hardwick, three young public defenders who are part of a small group of idealistic lawyers in the Deep South challenging the assumptions that drive a criminal justice system strained to the breaking point. Backed by mentor Jonathan “Rap” Rapping, a charismatic leader who heads the Southern Public Defender Training Center (now known as Gideon’s Promise) they struggle against long hours, low pay and staggering caseloads so common that even the most committed often give up in their first year. Nearly 50 years since the landmark Supreme Court ruling Gideon vs. Wainwright that established the right to counsel, can these courageous lawyers revolutionize the way America thinks about indigent defense and make "justice for all" a reality? An official selection in the prestigious U.S. Documentary Competition at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Gideon's Army was awarded the editing prize at the festival. The film premiered on HBO in the summer of 2013.
Chosen by Women In Film and Television International to receive our first film grant of $1,000.
This event takes place offsite at George Rowland White (GRW) Theater, University Center, 414 Wood St. A reception will precede the screening. Following the screening, a group of civil rights lawyers and activists will field questions from the audience.
Kalpana Biswas (M), Anna Ahronheim, Bret Grote, Jasmine Gonzales Rose

This event is open to members of the Summit (wear your badge) at no additional charge. Members of the public can attend this event for $10, payable at the door. University of Pittsburgh and Point Park University students may attend this event for free (university ID required).

Saturday, May 17

Sat 8:00AM Registration/Information, 2nd Floor Rotunda
Pick up your Summit badge and schedule. Find out about some of the places you can visit and the best restaurants in town. Area open until 4:30PM, and again from 6:30PM until 8:30PM for Opal Award Dessert Reception attendees.

Sat 8:30AM Gender Disparity in the Media, Butler
Although more women are involved in independent films, there still continues to be a wide margin when compared to men. How do we get more involved; where are the best opportunities and what does the future hold.
Carol Lee Espy (M), Meenakshi Gigi Durham

Sat 8:30AM Documentary and Unscripted Networks, Cambria
What do networks pay for unscripted and documentary programs? What do they want? What's the deal?
Peter Hamilton

Sat 8:30AM Building Trust and Buzz in the Digital Era, Westmoreland
Communication is the very best way to build trust, educate and create value. Today’s marketing landscape is vastly different than even a few years ago with the emergence of digital channels like search, mobile and social media. Constituents are interacting with organizations online, sharing content with friends and family and buying online. In this session, attendees will gain a better understanding of digital marketing and how to create a strategy for communicating in the online environment.
Complimentary WIFI available in Westmoreland all day Saturday.
Shift Collaborative
Sarah Mayer

Sat 10:15AM Pittsburgh Shorts Screening, Cambria
Screening of short films created mostly by Pittsburgh women filmmakers will screen until 1:15 pm. Stop in and view the shorts that have been mostly produced here in Pittsburgh. Films to be screened.

Sat 10:15 AMWIFTI Chapter Development, Westmoreland
What are best practices to grow and maintain your chapter? Where's the money and how do you get it? How do manage membership data, dues, event payments, and your online membership directory? A panel of leaders from established chapters will discuss membership development and retention; fundraising and special events; membership management technology.
Complimentary WIFI available in Westmoreland all day Saturday.
Melissa Houghton, Terry Lawler, Gayle Nachlis

Sat 10:30AM Meet to Walk to Steeltown Film Factory Event, 2nd Floor Rotunda
Join a group in the 2nd floor rotunda to walk to the Steeltown Film Factory "And the Winner Is" event at Point Park University, George Rowland White (GRW) Theater, University Center, 414 Wood St. - it takes about 12 minutes to walk there.

Sat 11:00AM Pop-up PR, Westmoreland East
Have a Website or a project that needs some PR help? UpTo develops creative assets, on-demand, for filmmakers, businesses and organizations. Those assets include press releases, logo design, poster designs, biography writing, social media page creations and many more. All the work is original. All the work is done within hours – sometimes on the spot. The work is sent to you digitally. Donations are suggested so UpTo can carry on its social mission helping others with creative assets. Sign up for a 15 minute consultation and let UpTo creative experts help you communicate your effort appropriately, with clever design and quality writing services. UpTo is a social enterprise that uses temporary space strategies to popup in communities to help small businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs with creative assets. Further education through the program’s GoTo initiative provides additional learning and online training. Up to eight Summit attendees can sign up for a session at
Complimentary WIFI available in Westmoreland all day Saturday.
Sarah Mayer, Eric Sloss

Sat 11:00AM Steeltown Presents: And the Winner Is, Point Park University, George Rowland White (GRW) Theater, University Center, 414 Wood St. (same location as the Gideon's Army screening)
This local competition brings together experts from Hollywood and New York with local filmmakers who enter a competition with a 12-page script to compete to win $30,000 to make their film.
Lisa Smith-Reed

This event is open to members of the Summit (wear your badge) at no additional charge. Member of the public can buy admissions to this event.

Sat 11:30AM Lunch Break
You have many options for lunch. Free lunch (with your badge) in blue tent in parking lot at Waterfront and 11th. Sandwiches, salads, cookies. Venture out to one of the great restaurants in the area or just stop in one of the fine hotel restaurants. Lunch is a great time for networking, stopping by the Shorts screenings in Cambria, or the WIFTI Roundtables in Westmoreland.
To get to the free lunch tent, turn right out of the lobby, take a right on Penn, cross 11th st., turn left on 11th (under the railroad bridge), turn right into the parking lot on Waterfront.

Sat 12:00PM WIFTI Nuts and Bolts Roundtables, Westmoreland
Join us in one of the following discussion groups:
Short Film Showcase - Carol Bidault
Maximize your WIFTI Membership - Eileen Hoeter, Kimberly Skyrme
Starting a new chapter/growing an emerging chapter - Meighan McGuire
Organizing and utilizing committees.
Complimentary WIFI available in Westmoreland all day Saturday.

Sat 1:30PM How to Negotiate for Anything You Want, Cambria
Learn basic techniques about how to negotiate anything. Ayana Ledford, with the Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women (the only academy of its kind in the country), will address the issues of why women need this skill more than any other.
Ayana Ledford

Sat 1:30PM War Reporting, Westmoreland [runs until 4:00PM]
Documentary filmmaking and broadcasting in war zones is an extremely dangerous mission and requires special skills, information and education. The expansion of women filming women who are disadvantaged, suffering in war zones or who are victims in war-torn countries is on the increase.
Complimentary WIFI available in Westmoreland all day Saturday.
Martin Savidge (M), Kalpana Biswas, JulieHera DeStefano, Lynn Johnson

Members of the public can attend this event for $25, payable at the door. Stop by the 2nd floor Rotunda to buy your admission

Sat 3:15PM SAG-AFTRA: After the Merger, Butler
Join the SAG-AFTRA Ohio-Pittsburgh Local and special guest and Executive Vice President, Gabrielle Carteris to learn the basics about SAG-AFTRA. Debunk the myths about working under union contracts and with our members as well as the effects of the merged union. Learn what SAG-AFTRA means to filmmakers and performers and obtain an overview of our affordable Low Budget Theatrical Agreements. We'll also open the floor for discussion with Ohio-Pittsburgh Local Executive Director Brian Lysell and Contract Administrator Chelsea Danley moderating the discussion as Gabrielle Carteris helps you get to know SAG-AFTRA.
Gabrielle Carteris, Chelsea Danley, Brian Lysell

Sat 3:15PM Steeltown Presents: Trends in Distribution, Cambria
International products & distribution. Discussion of the new trends we are experiencing in the media both nationally and internationally.
Daniel Hoyos, Lauren Elmer, Kristen Bell

Sat 5:00PM Dinner Break
There are dozens of excellent restaurants with a few blocks of the Westin. Go out to one of our great local restaurants for an early dinner. Pittsburgh is getting to be a hot restaurant spot so you probably will need reservations, even for an early dinner. But, if you're coming back for the Opals, save room for dessert.

Sat 7:00PM Opal Awards Dessert Reception, Westmoreland
The Opal Awards will be held to honor local women for their work in the film and television industry. The evening will also present three scholarships to local women enrolled in colleges and universities with over $4,000 in funds for their education in a film or television curriculum. The Women In Film and Television International Board of Directors will present an award to a deserving woman in the film or television industry. Along with the dessert reception, there will be a cash bar.
Complimentary WIFI available in Westmoreland all day Saturday.
Carol Lee Espy (M), Deborah L. Acklin, Catherine Hardwicke, Dawn Keezer, Eleanor Schano

There is a separately-ticketed event; admissions to the Opal Awards Reception will be available at the door for $55.00 (payable by credit card only).

Sunday, May 18

Sun 8:00AM Registration/Information, 2nd Floor Rotunda
Pick up your Summit badge and schedule. Find out about some of the places you can visit and the best restaurants in town. Area open until 2:30PM.

Sun 8:30AM Women in the Director's Chair, Westmoreland
Directors who have made it to this level will discuss their views on the obstacles they've faced, what needs to be done to open the field to others and how to hurdle the obstacles that stand in our way.
Paula Gregg (M), Catherine Hardwicke, Melissa Martin

Sun 10:15AM Worldwide Tax Incentives, Butler
A discussion on tax incentives both nationally and internationally, including how to take advantage of various programs, how they are changing and how they are operated.
Maryann McBride, Marco Cordova

Sun 10:15AM Visual and Special Effects, Cambria
The growing trend in special effects, after effects for films even with the smallest budgets continues. Discussion will include: Creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional images depicting objects in motion or illustrating a process, using computer animation or modeling programs. Special effects makeup, mold making and casting for life casting and animatronics will be illustrated.
Jerry Gergely, Russ Streiner, Loren Smith, Tom Savini, Laura Boyd (M)

Sun 10:15AM Women Who Make Pittsburgh News, Westmoreland
Local journalists engage in a lively discussion of the changing times of Pittsburgh news.
Eleanor Schano, Sally Wiggin (M), Sheila Hyland, Susan Koeppen, Bufta Yiman, Amy Marcinkiewicz

Sun 12:00PM Keynote Lunch -Leadership - Forget the Glass Ceiling: Now We Have to Navigate the Labyrinth?, Westmoreland
Recent research shows that instead of shattering the glass ceiling, ambitious women must instead navigate through a type of a labyrinth with obstacles specific to us that men simply don’t face. To achieve success, it is critical to learn how to negotiate around these barriers.
Join your conference peers for an engaging dialogue presented by TED Speaker Christy Uffelman, a former executive in the construction industry. Christy will facilitate discussions around the concepts of power, influence and negotiation skills specific to women who work in male dominated industries like ours. Participants will walk away from this interactive session with three concrete concepts to start doing to advance your career and two to avoid at all costs.
Carol Lee Espy (M) Christy Uffelman

Sun 2:00PM Successfully Funding Your Independent Film, Cambria
Crowdfunding? Kickstarter? Indiegogo? Your personal checkbook and credit card or going to friends and family for the cash to fund your independent film. Learn how two filmmakers made it at Sundance and beyond with their documentary Blood Brother.
Lisa Smith-Reed (M), Julie Sokolow, Danny Yourd, Steve Hoover

Sun 2:00PM Observe a Casting Session In Action, Westmoreland
The Casting Director from House of Cards will audition local talent. Casting to be organized through local talent agents and casting directors. Summit attendees are welcome to observe, but all auditions will be pre-arranged.
Kimberly Skyrme

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