Photos of Phil Klass (AKA William Tenn)

Most of these photos appeared in an exhibit at Noreascon IV.

Professor Phil Klass in His Penn State Office
Professor Phil Klass Winning a Penn State Teaching Excellence Award
1978: Phil Klass with his sister Fran, his mother and his brother Mort
1933: Phil Klass Graduates from Grammar School (to right of school sign)
Circa 1925: Phil Klass
Circa 1930: Mr. Klass, an aunt, Mrs. Klass, Phil Klass, Fran Klass, Mort Klass
1942: Phil Klass's Army photo
Circa 1950: Phil Klass
Circa 1956: Phil Klass
1958: Mrs. Klass, Aurea Keyes, Phil and Fruma Klass, Daniel Keyes
1973: Penn Stater cover, featuring Phil Klass
Circa 1980: Phil, Adina and Fruma Klass
Circa 1998: Phil Klass, David Klass (Mort's son) and Mort Klass (Phil's younger brother)

Following photos taken by Laurie Mann

May 2002, Phil Klass

May 2002, Fruma Klass
03 Nebulas, Ellen Datlow with Phil Klass
03 Nebulas, Winners, Accepters and Presenters
03 Nebulas, Fruma and Phil Klass, Harry Harrison and Katherine MacLean
03 Nebulas, Phil Klass Meets Neil Gaiman
03 Nebulas, Fruma and Phil Klass
03 Nebulas, Phil Klass and Gordon Van Gelder
03 Nebulas, Catherine Mintz, Phil Klass, Catherine Asaro
03 Nebulas, Kathy and Jim Morrow, Phil Klass