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    Millennium Philcon is running a room for ISAAC Interviews. It's room CC109A, and it will be open the following hours:


    When interviews aren't in sessions, teens are welcome to use the room as a lounge.

         List of All Teen Panels                      8/17/01
         These panels either have teens on them or could be of particular interest to teens
         Teen Orientation
           Thu noon CC204A
               WorldCons can be confusing--start right with advice from teens who
               are old hands at congoing, some special  speakers and lots of
               freebies. Lunch in Chinatown immediately following.
                       Diane Turnshek
                       Ilyana Mansfield
                       Laurie Mann
         How to Enjoy Your First Convention
           Thu  1:00pm CC204C
               An introduction to fandom by long-time fans.  Bring your questions,
               they'll have the answers.
                       Gay Haldeman
                       Rusty Hevelin
         Our Favorite SF and Fantasy: The Young Adult Perspective
           Fri 10:00am CC203A
                       Katherine Macdonald
                       Haitham Jendoubi
                       Catherine McMullen
                       Bryan Zubalsky
                       Jared Dashoff
         Growing Up With Us: Children's Books We Still Love as Adults
           Fri  1:00pm CC204B
               Some children's books survive the test of time in more ways than one:
               not only are they read by new generations of children, but they
               continue to be read and re-read by those same children when they grow
               up. The great "children's books" -- Narnia, The Hobbit, Alice, The
               Golden Compass, Harry Potter -- can be read and appreciated by adults
               as well as children. What differentiates these from the children's
               books we lay aside (and which disappoint us when we try to return to
               them as adults)?
                       Tamora Pierce
                       Jo Walton
                       Ellen Asher
                       Toni Anzetti
                       Andrew Wheeler
         Writing SF for Young Readers
           Fri  2:00pm CC104A
                       Julie Czerneda
                       Pat York
                       James Van Pelt
                       Robert J. Sawyer
                       Isaac Szpindel
         Collaboration Workshop: Exercises for Writers
           Fri  5:00pm CC110A
               Come prepared to write in small social groups.  Planned exercises,
               discussions of infamous collaborations and contracts.
                       Diane Turnshek
                       Cassie Krahe
                       Bryan Zubalsky
         What We Can Learn from Young Writers:  The SFWA Junior Program
           Sun 11:00am L4 Congress B
                       Diane Turnshek
                       Paul Levinson
                       Lucienne Diver
                       Harry Turtledove

    If you are a parent of a teenager interested in attending the Millenniuma Philcon, please read one of our open letters to parents:

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