Aztlan Prize

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Compiled by Wendell Mayo

The Aztlan Prize is sponsored by Rudolfo and Patricia Anaya and the University of New Mexico and is given each year for the best work of fiction in English by an emerging Chicano writer in a work that explores aspects of Chicano culture. Rudolfo Anaya is the award-winning writer of Bless Me Ultima.

2000 César A. González and Phyllis S. Morgan for A Sense of Place: Rudolfo A. Anaya: An Annotated Bio--Bibliography (Ethnic Studies Library Publications Unit at the University of California, Berkeley)
1999 Sergio Troncoso for The Last Tortilla and other Stories
1998 Ronald Ruiz for Giuseppe Rocco (Arte Público Press)
1997 Pat Mora for House of Houses (Beacon Press)
1996 Wendell Mayo for Centaur of the North (Arte Publico Press)
1995 Norma Cantu for Canicula (U of New Mexico Press)
1994 Denise Chavez for Face of an Angel (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux)
1993 Alicia Gaspar de Alba for The Mystery of Survival (Bilingual Review Press)