Celebrities/Cultural Icons Born in 1957

This is a list of folks born in 1957 or of anniversaries worth noting. Most folks listed here are famous, a few are infamous.

So why am I collecting this? Because I was also born in 1957 (but I'm not a celebrity, just a geek).

1957 was the climax of the baby boom - over 4.2 million of us were born that year in America, and millions more abroad. This was the most babies born in the same year in America until 2008. Some people have written that they think 1957 was a lucky year to have been born in, but I'm not so sure about that.

Most of the data comes from one of my favorite Web resources Internet Movie Database. A few entries were found in various encyclopedias and almanacs.

Beginning Sunday, February 20, 2039, people born during 1957 will start turning 30,000 days old (about 82 years). If we make it that long; our life expectancy is roughly 77 years according to actuarial charts if we've made it to our mid-60s.

Beginning Wednesday, October 5, 2011, people born during 1957 started turning 20,000 days old. That was an auspicious number (and thanks to my friend Deb Geisler for reminding me of this). When you reach 54 3/4th years, you've also reached 20,000 days. If you want to check the day you turn 20,000 days old, the Time and Date website has a handy duration calculator.

Or, if you want to find out how many Jovian or Venusian years old you are, check http://nerdiversary.com/ (thanks to Glenn Chambers for this link).

Sitara Achakzai Afghan human rights activist assassinated by the Taliban in 2009
Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert)
Betsy Aidem
Khandi Alexander
Roger MacBride Allen
Maria Conchita Alonso
Anniversary of the meeting of Paul McCartney & John Lennon (also the last Final Jeopardy answer of 2022 - all three contestants got in wrong)
Amy Aquino
Antarctica's McMurdo Station
Adam Arkin
Al Hunter Ashton died in 2007, heart failure
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Atlas Rocket
Denise Austin
Tim Bagley
Alan Ball
Seve Ballesteros died in 2011, cancer
John Barnes
Robert Bathurst
Stephen Baxter
Charles Beeson died of a heart attack, May 2021
Susan Bergman died of brain cancer in 2006
Christian Berkel
Leslie Bevis
Stephen Bicknell died in 2007
Ray Billingsley creator of Curtis
Osama bin Laden (makes you feel really old, doesn't it?) finally taken out by the US military under President Barack Obama on 5/2/11 - people have noted near the anniversary of the deaths of Hitler and Voldemort, and near the anniversary of Bush's famous "Mission Accomplished" speech...even though the Iraq/Afghanistan wars went on for years after 2003
Brad Bird
Dirk Blocker
Lisa Blount died suddenly in 2010
Carole Bouquet
Jo Brand
Berkeley Breathed
Matthias Brenner
Bobbi Brown
Ralph Brown
Ian Buchanan
Kate Burton
LeVar Burton
Steve Buscemi
Timothy Busfield
Vanessa Bell Calloway
Johann Carlo
Chris Carter - X-Files creator
Nancy Cartwright
Casio electronic calculator
Dan Castellaneta
The Cat in the Hat
Nick Cave
Rosalind Chao
Gary Chapman
Debra Chasnoff died 2017 of cancer
Andrew Dice Clay
Ethan Coen
Gary Cole
Julie Dawn Cole
Margaret Colin
Katie Couric
Robin Cousins
Bill Cowher
Jim Craig (1980 US Hockey team goalie)
Lorrianne Crook
Denise Crosby
Cameron Crowe
Tessa Dahl
Faith Daniels
Ricardo Darin
Liam Davison murdered by terrorists, 7/17/14, downing of flight MH17
Darryl Dawkins died suddenly, 8/27/15
Morris Day
Daniel Day-Lewis
Joaquim de Almeida
Eddie Deezen
Eloise DeJoria
Stephen Dillane
Donna Dixon
Lauren Dombrowski died from cancer in 2008
Martin Donovan
Sara Douglass died in 2011, cancer
Suzzanne Douglass
Fran Drescher
Michael Clarke Duncan died in 2012, heart attack complications
Sheila E.
Jeff East
Lisa Eilbacher
Bill Engvall
Laura Ernst died of ALS in 1994, Robert Downey, Jr.'s stepmother
Gloria Estefan
Kevin Eubanks
European Union
Bill Fagerbakke
Falco, died in a jeep crash in 1998
Chelsea Field
John "Dr. Mike" Ford died of natural causes in 2006
Buddy Foster
John Fox died of cancer in 2012
Yvette Freeman
Dawn French
C. S. Friedman
Frisbee (didn't we all have one? - the plastic version, not the pie pan)
Stephen Fry
Lisa Gerritsen
Ghanian Independence
Leeza Gibbons
Vince Gill
Joel Goldsmith died suddenly in 2012
Faye Grant
Richard E. Grant
Jon Gries
Melanie Griffith
Caroline Grimaldi (Princess Caroline of Monaco)
Jane Hamilton
Elizabeth Hand
Mel Harris
Steve Harvey
Ofra Haza died of AIDS complications (pneumonia) in 2000
Mark Heap
Kymberlin Herrin(unknown but you've seen her - "dream girl" in Ghostbusters, Western heroine at the beginning of Romancing the Stone)
Jon-Erik Hexum died in a shooting accident in 1984
Darby Hinton
Jan Hooks - SNL died following a long illness in 2014
Nick Hornby
John Howe
Tanya Huff
Rick Husband died in the shuttle Columbia break-up in 2003
Joyce Hyser
Zeljko Ivanek
Pico Iyer
Jim Jackman
Marlon Jackson his twin, Brandon, was stillborn
Peter Marc Jacobson
Duane Jarvis died of colon cancer in 2009
Dominic Jephcott
Richard Jeni commited suicide 3/10/07
Alex Jennings
Margaret Juntwait - Metropolitan Opera Radio died of ovarian cancer complications in 2015
Patricia Kalember
Hamid Karzai (another "leader" who seems like he's from a whole different generation...)
Michael Thomas Kelly first American journalist killed in Iraq, 2003
Callie Khouri
Martin Luther King, III
Christopher Knight
Harley Jane Kozak
Lady Chablis
Christopher Lambert
John Lasseter
Matt Lauer
Denis Leary (we may have taken College Boards at the same testing session in Worcester - it turns out he's a cousin of a childhood friend)
Spike Lee
Robert Lepage
Leave it to Beaver premieres on TV
Jerry Levine
Ted Levine
Jennifer Lewis
Anna Lindh murdered while shopping in 2003
Little People of America
Little Rock High School Integrated
Dolph Lundgren
Patty Loveless
Lyle Lovett
Jon Lovitz
Bernie Mac died from complications of pneumonia in 2008
Jeff MacGregor
Michael Madsen
Michael Maloney
Simon McBurney
Marc McClure
Frances McDormand, 3-time Oscar winner (so far...)
Kelly McGillis
Jim McGreevey
Susan Martha "Susie" McEntire-Eaton
Ray McKinnon
Kevin Meaney
Nancy Lopez Melton
PZ Meyers
Frank Miller
Stephanie Mills
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Colin Mochrie
Christopher Moore
Greg Mortenson
Music Man premiered on Broadway
Kenji Nagai Japanese photographer shot by Myanmar military during an anti-government demonstration, 2007
Mira Nair
Kathy Najimy
Taylor Negron died of cancer, 1/10/15
Phoebe Nicholls mother of Tom Sturridge
Denise Nickerson
Jeff Noon
Jody Lynn Nye
Kevin O'Connell (sound mixer, nominated for an Oscar without winning the most times (20 times)), finally won on his 21st nomination
Jerry Oltion
Jerry Ordway
Madolyn Smith Osborne
Donny Osmond
Peter Ostrum
Park Overall
Joanna Pacula
Tessa Peake-Jones
David Peaston died in 2012
Scott Pelley
Pink Plastic Flamingos killed off (new ones, anyway) in late 2006, resurrected 2007
Amanda Plummer
Kevin Pollak
Susan Powter
Faith Prince
Valerie Qunnessen died in a car accident in 1989
Daniel Radford died of an asthma attack in 1999
Mary Raftery died in 2012
Paul Reiser
Judge Reinhold
Marlon Riggs died of AIDS complications in 1994
Jay Roach
Rick Rossovich
Ray Romano
Cynthia Rothrock
Theresa Russell
Joan Benoit Samuelson
Saundra Santiago
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
Gina Schock
Scientology (its founder L. Ron Hubbard said, "I'm going to do something that will make P. T. Barnum look like a piker;" looks like he wasn't kidding!)
Kyle Secor
Paul Sereno
Nicholas Shakespeare
Sharon Shinn
Russell Simmons
Lori Singer
Frank Skinner
Michael W. Smith
Patty Smyth
Timothy Spall
Spoleto Festival
Michael Stackpole
Daniel Stern
Ewan Stewart
Payne Stewart died during a weird plane mishap in 1999
George Strait
Patricia Tallman
Mark Tandy
Heather Thomas
Tignous (Bernard Verlhac) murdered by terrorists in Paris, 1/7/2015
Pam Tillis
Jayne Torvill
Robert Townsend
Toyota in America
Timothy Treadwell known as the Grizzly Man, died with his girlfriend in a bear attack in 2003
Terri Treas
Dito Tsintsadze
Ulrich Tukur
Dietlinde Turban
John Turturro
Shannon Tweed
Theo Van Gogh murdered by an Islamist terrorist in 2004
Eddie Van Halen
Vincent Van Patten
Mario Van Peebles
Billy Van Zandt
Frankie Venom died from throat cancer in 2008
Sid Vicious died from a drug overdose in 1979
Nana Visitor
Rachel Ward
Sela Ward
West Side Story premiered on Broadway
Vanna White
Tad Williams
Mykelti Williamson
Cindy Wilson
Ray Winstone
Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
Dave Wolverton
Hans Zimmer