1981 Hugo Award Nominations

1981 Hugo winners.

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Best Novel

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon by Frederik Pohl

Lord Valentine's Castle by Robert Silverberg

Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven

The Snow Queen by Joan Vinge

Wizard by John Varley

Best Novella

"All the Lies That Are My Life" by Harlan Ellison (F&SF)

"The Brave Little Toaster" by Thomas Disch (F&SF)

"Lost Dorsai" by Gordon Dickson (Destinies)

"Night Flyers" by by George R. R. Martin (Analog)

"One-Wing" by George R. R. Martin & Lisa Tuttle (Analog)

Best Novelette

"The Autopsy" by Michael Shea (F&SF)

"Beatnik Bayou by John Varley (New Voices)

"Cloak & Staff" by Gordon R. Dickson (Analog)

"The Lordly Ones" by Keith Roberts (F&SF)

"Savage Planet" by Barry Longyear (Analog)

"The Ugly Chickens" by Howard Waldrop (Universe 10)

Best Short Story

"Cold Hands" by Jeff Duntemann (Asimov's)

"Grotto of the Dancing Deer" Clifford Simak (Analog)

"Guardian" by Jeff Duntemann (Asimov's)

"Our Lady of the Sauropods" by Robert Silverberg (Omni)

"Spidersong" by Suan C. Petrey (F&SF)

Best Non-Fiction Book

Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Di Fate's Catalog of SF Hardware by Vincent Di Fate

Dream Makers by Charles Platt

In Joy Still Felt by Isaac Asimov

Warhoon 28 by Walt Willis ed. Bergeron

Best Dramatic Presentation


The Empire Strikes Back

Flash Gordon,

The Lathe of Heaven

The Martian Chronicles

Best Professional Editor

Jim Baen

Terry Carr

Edward Ferman

Stanley Schmidt

George Scithers

Best Professional Artist

Vincent Di Fate

Steven Fabian

Paul Lehr

Don Maitz

Micheal Whelan

Best Fanzine

File 770


SF Chronicle

SF Review


Best Fan Writer

Richard E. Geis

Mike Glyer

Arthur Hlavaty

Dave Langford

Susan Wood

Best Fan Artist

Alexis Gilliland

Joan Hanke-Woods

Victoria Poyser

William Rotsler

Stu Shiffman

John W. Campbell Award

Kevin Christensen

Diane Duane

Robert L Forward

Susan C Petrey

Robert Stallman

Somtow Sucharitkul

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