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The Hugo Awards are adaministered by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), and voted on by the members of World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon). The awards acknowledge outstanding works and individual achievements during the previous calendar year.. WSFS created their own Hugo Web site in 2007,

The listing below includes the Hugos and three other types of awards: the Campbell Award, Special Awards, and the Gandalf Award.

The John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the Best New Writer is administered by the Worldcon Committee and determined by the same nomination and voting mechanism as the Hugo but was originally sponsored by Conde Nast Publications. In 1979 sponsorship of the Campbell award was later assumed by Davis Publications. More recently, the Campbell has been administered by Dell Publications.

Special Awards are determined directly by the Worldcon Committee without any popular nominations or vote.

The Gandalf Award was an award which, like the Campbell Award, was administered by the Worldcon Committee and determined by the Hugo nomination and voting mechanism. It was sponsored by Lin Carter and S.A.G.A.

Present WSFS rules allow the Hugo nomination and voting mechanisms to be used only for the Hugo Award and the Campbell Award.