Special Committee Awards

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Many committees over the years have given out special awards (not-a-Hugo). These awards are not voted on by the membership; they are discussed and awarded by the committee only. Here's a list of all the publicized special Worldcon committee awards, given out with at the Hugo Award ceremony.

Year Worldcon Special Commitee Award
1955 Clevention Sam Moskowitz as "Mystery Guest" and for his work on past conventions
1960 Pittcon Hugo Gernsback as "The Father of Magazine Science Fiction"
1962 Chicon III Cele Goldsmith for editing Amazing and Fantastic
Donald H. Tuck for The Handbook of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Fritz Leiber and the Hoffman Electronic Corp. for the use of science fiction in advertisements
1963 Discon I P. Schuyler Miller for book reviews in Analog
Isaac Asimov for science articles in F&SF
1967 Nycon3 CBS Television, for 21st Century
1968 Baycon Harlan Ellison, for Dangerous Visions
Gene Roddenberry, for Star Trek
1969 St. Louiscon Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins, for "The Best Moon Landing Ever"
1972 LACon I Harlan Ellison for excellence in anthologizing Again, Dangerous Visions
Club du Livre d'Anticioation (France) for excellence in book production
Nueva Dimension (Spain) for excellence in magazine production
1973 Torcon II Pierre Versins for L'Encyclopedie de l'Utopie et de la Science Fiction
1974 Discon II Chesley Bonestell, for his illustrations
1975 Aussiecon One Donald A. Wollheim, as "the fan who has done everything"
Walt Lee, for Reference Guide to Fantastic Films
1976 MidAmeriCon James E. Gunn for Alternate Worlds, The Illustrated History of Science Fiction
1977 SunCon George Lucas for Star Wars
1982 ChiCon IV Mike Glyer for "keeping the 'fan' in 'fan'zine publishing"
1984 LACon II Larry T. Shaw for a lifetime of service
Robert Bloch for 50 years of excellence
1988 NolaCon II The Science Fiction Oral History Association
1989 Noreascon III SF-Lovers Digest (Saul Jaffe, mod.), Alex Schomberg
1993 ConFrancisco For building bridges between cultures and nations to advance science fiction and fantasy, Takumi Shibano
2004Noreascon IVErwin S. "Filthy Pierre" Strauss
Ironically, Filthy also won the the E. Everett Evans "Big Heart" Award at the same awards ceremony.
2005InteractionDavid Pringle for Interzone
2006L.A.Con IVBetty Ballantine, Harlan Ellison and Fred Patten
2008Denvention 3NASA and NESFA Press
2012Chicon 7Bob Weinberg