A Letter to NOW

Angry-An Essay on the Simpson Case

I read the latest Catt's Claws, with its provocative information about the national board of NOW "apologizing" for LA NOW's president's Tammy Bruce's wrath over the OJ Simpson verdict. After double-checking the press release at the NOW Web site, I felt some wrath of my own and E-mailed the following to NOW:

(Please forward to the board. I've been a member of NOW, on and off, since 1979, and do not plan to renew in light of the "apology" of December 6.)

I'm completely disgusted by the way the leadership refused to support Tammy Bruce, or at LEAST acknowledged LEGITIMATE DIFFERENCES between her views and the board's. I really regret renewing my NOW membership for three years. I don't want to be part of an organization that puts "political correctness" ahead of women speaking out against domestic violence.

With that kind of attitude, the board should be right at home with the Republican Right, since you're pulling some of the same tactics. What about DIVERSITY? What about people having an honest difference of OPINION without being slammed for it? You ought to be completely ashamed of yourselves.

I feel very sorry for the people, especially the women, who continue to view the Simpson murders as a racial issue. It was always a gender issue. For NOW to take the stand that they have indicates that they are wearing blinders over the issue of domestic violence.