Why Are the Republicans so Afraid of Recounts in Florida?

© 2000 by Laurie D. T. Mann

Why are the same people who say they are "compassionate conservatives" are now waving signs that say things like "I understood the ballot" in Palm Beach County.

Don't they have any compassion for the people who might be having some trouble reading the ballot?

Of course, they had no trouble reading the ballot -- when your candidate is at the top of the ballot, it's easy enough to figure out. Even if you're voting for Bush.

This fear of recounts that the Republicans are trying to spread far and wide is wildly anti-democratic (note the small "d"). Why are the Republicans so afraid? Maybe they know fraud was conducted in parts of Florida?

They aren't complaining about the New Mexico recount, where Bush went from being 7,000 votes down to 17 votes ahead!

I'll never forget on election night when Bush was doubting the fact that the presidential vote went to Gore in Pennsylvania. Not that he wanted to believe it, but it turned out Gore beat Bush by 200,000 votes just in PA, roughly his margin nationwide. In the same breath as denying he'd lost in Pennsylvania, he also denied he lost in Florida. If he was so wrong about Pennsylvania, why is he so right about Florida?

Both my brother and my mother and I had long talks on the current situation over the last few days. We all agreed on the same thing -- people should take their time to count the ballots to make absolutely sure all the ballots were counted. They voted for Bush, I voted for Gore. Doing it right matters more than doing it fast, and neither of them are really happy with the Bush people right now.

Neither Bush nor Gore are being overly presidential just now. I wonder if it's too late to vote for Bill Bradley...

Postscript 12/29/00: I'm still willing to try to give President-elect Bush "the benefit of the doubt," but then I read things like this and it makes me wonder...