Jump-Starting Your Web Surfing and Web Page Creation

by Laurie D. T. Mann

Last updated on September 15, 1998

Sitemap for Web Help

Some people so overwhelmed by the Web when they first stumble over it that they aren't sure where to start. This page gives you some suggested starting points, and some tools I found particularly easy to use. All tools are either freeware or are not horrifically expensive.

Using the Web

Since you're reading this, you must have stumbled onto the Web somehow! But, if you're confused, try following these hyperlinks for some basic information.

Creating Web Pages

While there are literally dozens of HTML editors out there, most of them produce incompatible HTML - if you edit a file using FrontPage, you cannot update it in another editor. If you can learn HTML, you will save yourself money and aggravation.

Installing Web Browsers on PCs

If you're running Windows 95, all the software you'll need to connect to the Internet is bundled in. Of course, it's harder to work with, initially, if you use Netscape rather than Internet Explorer. Read about Dial-up Networking in your Windows '95 help, and talk to someone at your company or ISP for additional information.

If you're runing Windows 3.1, you need to install an additional communications program called Trumpet Winsock. Winsock is not for the technically-squeamish. However, if you can get Winsock up, getting the actual browser up is no problem at all.