Writing to the dpsinfo.com Webmaster

I welcome cogent E-mail, which is why I always had used lots of mailtos on my pages. I even answered most of it. However, I stopped using mailtos due to the plethora of junk E-mail I was getting. If you're not a spammer, and you have something to say other than to whine or spew, please drop me a line.

If you write to me about an error on a page, please tell me which page you're talking about. I maintain over 1000 pages, so I might not remember what you're talking about without a URL or a page title.

Note to DPS Readers: I welcome corrections, but don't worry about sending suggestions. I do add "the newly dead" within days, so you really don't need to send new additions. If you're curious about how I decide who to add, please read the guidelines. And while I can't do your research for you, it's really not very hard....

You're welcome to link to any page on the site, but if you want to use a script or style sheet, please download it to your system. Photographs are available for use under a Creative Commons license; I have high res versions of most photos at my site, so please let me know if you'd like a high resolution photo.

Laurie D. T. Mann
American, feminist, writer, geek, SF fan