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8-bit message active newgroup action
ActiveX address alert AltaVista
applet Archie ARPANET article
audio file automatic proxy configuration background background sound
base font baud rate beta version blue ribbon
bookmark bookmark menu folder bookmarks folder browse
browser browser user case insensitive case sensitive
CDA CERN certificate CGI
chat Configuration Location URL configure viewer corporate network
cross-post DARPA DHCP direct connection
disk cache domain name DNS DTD
E-mail E-mail address EFF encoding
enterprise server Ethernet executable file expired link
external viewer favorite FAQ file type
firewall fixed font flame followed link
font font size frame FTP
gateway server GIF Gopher graphical browser
graphic help helper application history
home page host hotlink hotlist
HTML HTML editor .html/.htm file HTTP
hyperlink IETF image image display
imagemap inline image internal file server internal Web
Internet Internet Explorer intranet IP address
IRC IRC channel ISP Java
link link style location
lynx mail directory mail server memory cache
message meta keyword MIME modem
Mosaic NCSA netiquette Netscape
Netscape Navigator network buffer news news server
newsgroup news RC directory NNTP Perl
plug-in POP port post
posting PPP proportional font proxy server
quoted text robot script search directory
search engine secure server secure transaction server
shortcut signature site SLIP
SMTP spam spammage socks
spider start page startup status bar
supporting application surf TCP/IP Telnet
text browser threaded message title bar tool bar
TT font UIDL Unix URI
URL USENET variable-width font video file
viewer VRML WAIS Web address
Web author Web client Web page Web server
Web session Web site Webmaster WINS
Winsock WWW Yahoo