Star Trek: Generations

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It was the best of was the worst of times...

That sums up Generations pretty well.

Generations lurches off your screen with lots of destroyed space ships, massive plot holes, and a few really great scenes mixed in just to make it frustrating. Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner are so good it's like they're in another movie. All the women characters are completely and frustratingly wasted. The direction is also wildly erratic, especially around the climactic scene on the mountain. (though I read elsewhere that parts of the mountain scene were filmed months apart, which could account for this.)

In short, Generations suffers from the dreaded "Star Trek movie odd number syndrome." It's just not a very good movie. Additionally, it feels like the writers who wrote it faxed/e-mailed in their contributions and tacked things on so the movie does not feel like a cohesive whole.

The more you like Trek, the more you'll like the movie (my husband and daughter liked the movie more than I did). The sound effects are unrelenting, and I left the movie with a headache. (However, they did do some interesting things with sound.)

Odd facts to know and tell: Malcolm MacDowell (Dr. Sauron (what an original name for a villain!)) and Whoopi Goldberg are in two short scenes. His ex-wife and her ex-boyfriend (in real life) are/were a couple earlier this year. Talk about serendipity.

Anyway, this movie is probably best caught at a bargain matinee. And sit far away from the speakers.