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Thursday, August 4

Thursday 12.00, L(Alsh-1)

The Portrayal of Science and Scientists on SF TV

Scientists on TV and in movies are often stereotypes, or are portrayed with no real understanding of science or what real scientists do. But there are exceptions -- for example Scully, in early seasons of the X-Files, was a reasonable scientist.

Andrew Adams, Genevieve Dazzo, Therese Littleton, David Stewart

Thursday 12.00, L(Dochart)

The Plague After Next: How Are We Going to Die?

We've seen HIV, SARS and now Avian Flu. Global pandemics are a stable of SF disaster, but how realistic is the fiction, and how worrying are the facts?

Greg Bear, Colin Gavaghan, Alma Alexander, Frank Wu

Thursday 12.00, L(Fyne)


Gary Gibson

Thursday 12.00, M(Boardroom)


Simon R Green

Thursday 12.00, S(Hall3)

YAFA Initiation

Introduction to Young Adult Fun Activities, hair adjustment, and some fun and free stuff. A chance to check out YAFA.

Thursday 12.30, M(Boardroom)


Joe Haldeman

Thursday 13.00, L(Alsh-1)

Fangorn Talks about His Art

Cover art from Chris Baker has many moods -- silly for Robert Asprin, fantastic for Brian Jacques, dramatic for David Gemmell. He's also created conceptual art for films such as War of the Worlds.


Thursday 13.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Human Psychology and Long Distance Spaceflight

Mike Rennie considers the potential psychological effects of long distance space flight, and looks at some of the research undertaken by the space agencies and even the British Antarctic Survey!

Michael Rennie

Thursday 13.00, L(Boisdale-2)

British Worldcon Orientation for SF Professionals

Not been to a Worldcon before? Or an SF convention before? Or a British SF convention before? Our crack team of experts shows you how to have a good time.

Pat Cadigan, Gay Haldeman, Harry Harrison, David Hartwell

Thursday 13.00, L(Dochart)

Hubble Update

Inge Heyer talks about the Hubble Space Telescope.

Inge Heyer

Thursday 13.00, L(Fyne)


Amy Thomson

Thursday 13.00, L(Lomond)

The Family Business: So Maybe It's In the Genes?

Why do some families produce more than one writer? What's it like? Can you share worlds?

Anne McCaffrey, Todd McCaffrey, Sean McMullen, Adam Stemple, Jane Yolen

Thursday 13.00, M(Boardroom)


Karl Schroeder

Thursday 13.00, S(Hall3)


Scott Edelman, Elizabeth Hand, Eldon Thompson

Thursday 13.00, S(Hall3)

Nitro Ice Cream (YAFA)

John, Kathi, Emma and Simone make nitrogen ice cream, and we learn odd uses for this chemical.

Emma King, Kathi D. Overton, John Pomeranz, Simoné Vanzyl

Thursday 13.30, L(Fyne)


Mark Rich

Thursday 13.30, M(Boardroom)


Juliet E McKenna

Thursday 13.45, M(Argyll-1)

Fan Room Opening Ceremony

The Plokta Cabal (and friends) explain the concept of a viral convention, introduce the Antler Awards, encourage you to participate in everything, and generally set you up for the weekend.

Thursday 14.00, L(Alsh-1)

Revisiting Favourite Childhood TV as Adults

What were your favourite shows as a child? Why did you enjoy them? When you saw them as an adult, what changed for you?

Margaret Austin, Chris Barkley, Nicki Lynch, Laurie Mann, John Pomeranz

Thursday 14.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Post Colonialism and Cargo Cults

Is it a gift from the gods or just a military supply run? Portrayal of indigenous people has notalways been fair or free of cultural bias. Words like "primitive" and "backward" may notbe used anymore, but what expectations does the writer bring to these settings?

Karin Lowachee, Geoff Ryman, Harry Turtledove, Elizabeth Wein

Thursday 14.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Book Group: Robert Sheckley's The 10th Victim

The 10th Victimis one of Robert Sheckley's most provocative books. Elements from the novel have been reused in SF ever since its publication, and it was the basis for the motion picture The Tenth Victim with Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress.

Gail Dana, Robin Munro

Thursday 14.00, L(Carron)

Fem-Bots and Faeries

Although we no longer live with the nipple shortage of the 1950s, fantasy art remains unreconstructed. Why hasn't feminism affected SF and fantasy art -- or has it?

Judith Clute, Paul F. Cockburn, Karen Haber, Madeleine E. Robins, Jannie Shea, Delphyne Woods

Thursday 14.00, L(Dochart)

What's New from Del Rey Books

Come meet the editors from Del Rey and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Steve Saffel, Shelly Shapiro

Thursday 14.00, L(Lomond)

So, Private Spaceflight Is Here

SpaceShip 1 has won the X-Prize and Branson is buying a batch of the next model. We've been talking about what happens when we hit this point in programme items at cons for the last 20 years, so what do we think now that it's happened?

Simon Bisson, Paul Chafe, Dan DeLong, Aleta Jackson, Mary Turzillo

Thursday 14.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fandom 101 -- Enjoying a British Worldcon

Not been to a Worldcon before? Or a con before? Or a British con before? Our crack team of experts shows you how to have a good time.

Liz Batty, Gay Haldeman, Sue Mason, Chris O'Shea, Spike Parsons

Thursday 14.00, M(Argyll-3)

The Limits of Open-Source Knowledge

Wikis are touted as a huge success, but are they useless for practical work? What happens to data integrity in a world where people can effectively vote on the documented value of pi?

John Bray, Andy Sawyer, Alison Scott, Renee Sieber, Amy Sisson, Karen Traviss

Thursday 14.00, M(Barra)

The Origin of Life: Facts and Speculation

Tino Warinowski discusses current speculations from the scientific community concerning the origin of life and the potential for life in other parts of the solar system.

Tino Warinowski

Thursday 14.00, M(Boardroom)


Alastair Reynolds

Thursday 14.00, M(Jura)

The Past, Present and Future of Christian Fantasy

With D. J. Taylor's Shadowmancer, Gene Wolfe's The Wizard Knight, and the Left Behindsequence, Christian fantasy is back on the agenda. What does it have to offer the largely secular world of the fantastic?

Paul Cornell, Ronald Oakes, Jessica Rydill, Graham Sleight

Thursday 14.00, M(Shuna)

Board Games for the 21st Century

A look at some superb board games that you will not find outside the hobby stores. If your knowledge of board games is limited to Riskor Monopoly, then you are in for a real treat! Discussion will include co- operative games Lord of the Ringsand Shadows Over Camelot.

Gordon Lamont

Thursday 14.00, S(Hall3)


Juraj "Mad" Maxon, Janet McNaughton, Chris Roberson, Amy Thomson

Thursday 14.00, S(Hall3)

Lego Train (YAFA)

We have a selection of train bases, upon which your WAR TRAINZ can be built and battled, while people talk about the future scientific side of Trains.

Bazooka, Carolyn Dougherty, James Shields, Simoné Vanzyl

Thursday 14.30, M(Barra)

A Solar System of 50,000,000,000,000,000 People

Klaus Æ Mogensen's vision, based on rigourous science, of humanity's future in the Solar System.

Klaus Æ Mogensen

Thursday 14.30, M(Boardroom)


Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Thursday 15.00, L(Fyne)


Dennis Danvers

Thursday 15.00, M(Barra)

The Matter of Britain in British Music

An investigation into the Matter of Britain as portrayed in British music, from Purcell to Birtwistle -- and beyond.

Sarah Ash

Thursday 15.00, M(Boardroom)


Keith DeCandido

Thursday 15.00, S(Hall3)

The Philosophy of Science Fiction (YAFA)

"What is Science Fiction?" is a big enough question. So what is the philosophy of SF?

Geneva Melzack, Justina Robson

Thursday 15.30, L(Alsh-1)

Role-Playing Game Design Theory

How has the model for an enjoyable RPG evolved? An introduction to the models popular in the internet independent RPG community will be followed by discussion.

David Cake

Thursday 15.30, L(Boisdale-1)

What's New From Eos

Come meet the editors from Eos and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Diana Gill

Thursday 15.30, L(Carron)

Privacy or Paranoia?

How justified are concerns about ID cards, RFID and the like? Are social and communitarian interests being undermined in the name of freedom?

Roz Kaveney, Mike Scott, Renee Sieber, Karen Traviss, Britt-Louise Viklund

Thursday 15.30, L(Dochart)

The Next Astronomy Missions

Dave Clements talks about Herschel, Planck and ASTRO- F.

Dave Clements

Thursday 15.30, M(Argyll-3)

Hans Christian Andersen & the Dark Side of Fairy Tale

Fairy tales really aren't very nice; they encode the fears and prejudices of adult society. By the time you leave this panel you might have doubts about the red shoes you wanted so much.

John Clute, Edward James, Faye Ringel, Jo Walton

Thursday 15.30, M(Barra)

Science Commons

Scientific research has long been very much like the open source model. Can it be kept that way? Discussion of the SC project and related work.

Colin Gavaghan, Julian Headlong, Amy Sisson, Eric M. Van, Juliette Woods

Thursday 15.30, M(Boardroom)


Elizabeth Wein

Thursday 15.30, M(Jura)

Wearable Art: Jewelry and Fabric Arts

Fabulous painted scarves, silver rocket pins, brocade dresses, necklaces of exotic stones. How is it done and where do they get the materials?

Spring Schoenhuth

Thursday 15.30, S(Hall3)


Robert Buettner, Alastair Reynolds, Kathryn Sullivan

Thursday 15.30, S(Hall3)

Paul Cornell Reads Some Doctor Who (YAFA)

Paul is the author of numerous Doctor Who books and audio plays, and is a script writer on the New Doctor Whoseries. His episodes include "Father's Day."

Paul Cornell

Thursday 15.30, S(Hall5)

Opening Ceremonies

And so it begins, with some solemn ritual, and the introduction of the Guests of Honour. The Committee welcomes everyone to the 63rd Worldcon!

Gail Dana, Greg Pickersgill, Christopher Priest, Lars-Olov Strandberg, Jane Yolen, Vince Docherty, Colin Harris

Thursday 16.00, L(Fyne)


Gregory Frost

Thursday 16.00, M(Boardroom)


Ellen Klages

Thursday 16.00, S(Hall3)

Cartoon Capers (YAFA)

One hour of insanity. A look at some of the weirder cartoons current, homemade and old.

Thursday 16.30, L(Fyne)


Susan Hanniford Crowley

Thursday 16.30, M(Boardroom)


Jay Lake

Thursday 17.00, L(Alsh-1)

Asexuality is the New Gay, but Is that Also the Default of Science Fiction?

In the middle of the sex scene do you find yourself wanting to get back to the technical description of the star drive?

Paul F. Cockburn, Jim Grimsley, Joe Haldeman, Geoff Ryman

Thursday 17.00, L(Boisdale-1)

What's New From Bantam Spectra

Come meet the editors from Banta/Spectra and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Anne Lesley Groell

Thursday 17.00, L(Boisdale-2)

The Art of the Reviewer

Our Panelists discuss the potential pitfalls of reviewing, as well as the skills needed to write a good book review.

Elizabeth Hand, Mark Kelly, Paul Witcover, Gary K. Wolfe

Thursday 17.00, L(Carron)

Physics and Astrophysics Year in Review

What's been happening in astronomy and astrophysics this past year? A lot! Come and hear about some of it.

Jordin Kare, Mark Olson

Thursday 17.00, L(Dochart)

UK: Media SF vs. "The Two Cultures"

The divide between the cultures of the sciences and the arts are often discussed in the UK. While SF is sometimes invited out of the gutter to dine with the literary establishment, its media cousin does not. Despite this, the only shows on UK radio and TV discussing the human soul were Melvyn Bragg (UK TV's champion of the intellectual) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Is it time for media SF to be taken more seriously in the UK?

Martin Easterbrook, Roz Kaveney, John Medany, Dave O'Neill

Thursday 17.00, L(Fyne)


Irene Radford

Thursday 17.00, M(Argyll-1)

Into the Navel of Fandom and Other Scary Journeys

Why record, remember and reminisce? How does it seem when we do look back? Featuring the memories participants personally think should notbe lost -- and experiences which should be forgotten.

Geneva Melzack, Greg Pickersgill, Joe Siclari, Lars-Olov Strandberg, Suzanne Tompkins, Damien Warman

Thursday 17.00, M(Argyll-3)

Can It be Fine Art if It's Science Fiction?

Many galleries and fine art markets insist that SF art cannot be fine art. Should this or can this be changed, and if so, how?

The Wombat, Sally Mayer, Klaus Æ Mogensen, Martina Pilcerova

Thursday 17.00, M(Barra)

It May be Art, But is It Science?

The science in science fiction art -- where does artistic license begin and end?

Fangorn, Judith Clute, Les Edwards, Dominic Harman

Thursday 17.00, M(Boardroom)


David D. Levine

Thursday 17.00, M(Jura)

How to Participate in and Moderate a Panel

Veteran Panelists discuss the tricks of the trade for being an effective panel member or moderator, and offer words of wisdom on things to avoid while serving on a panel.

Janice Gelb, Ellen Klages, John Scalzi

Thursday 17.00, M(Orkney)

The Real Middle Ages

Since the time of William Morris, much fantasy has been set in a pre-industrial world of warriors and castles. Why do writers love the Middle Ages? What do the authors leave out, or get wrong?

Ellen Asher, Edward James, Conor Kostick, Kari Maund, Sean McMullen, Faye Ringel

Thursday 17.00, M(Shuna)

Use Your Presentation to Tell a Story

A costume is only part of a masquerade entry. The presentation is the other part, and you can take and hold the attention of the audience and judges by telling them a story.

Miki Dennis, Maggie Percival, Dave Weingart

Thursday 17.00, S(Hall3)


James Barclay, Chaz Brenchley, Diana L. Paxson, James Swallow

Thursday 17.00, S(Hall3)

Create Your Own Car (YAFA)

Paint a car, and use foam to alter its looks. Is it a Batmobile or a Delorean? Continues all weekend.

Shelly Coleman, Dave Elder, Anne Stokes

Thursday 17.30, L(Fyne)


Allan Weiss

Thursday 17.30, M(Boardroom)


Janet McNaughton

Thursday 18.00, L(Alsh-1)

Introduction to SF Fandom in Japan

In preparation for the 2007 Worldcon in Yokohama, we present an introduction to Japanese fandom -- past, present, and future!

Hiroaki Inoue, Mari Kotani, Peggy Rae Sapienza, Takayuki Tatsumi

Thursday 18.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Terraforming Starts At Home

Before trying to engineer the environments of other worlds, should we try to see if we can handle this one's first? Could we actively intervene in Earth's environment? If we could, should we? Or have we already?

Tom Easton, Rich Lynch, Geneva Melzack, Andrea Novin

Thursday 18.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Xena, Buffy, Hex: Is Lesbianism in Genre TV Progressive?

Lesbian subtext in Xenacontributed to its popularity, and subsequent genre TV portrayed more open lesbianism. Does it matter if these shows give us positive role models, or merely titillate?

Jane Carnall, Elaine Nicol, Steve Rogerson, Stuart Vandal

Thursday 18.00, L(Carron)

Room 101 with the Guests of Honour

According to George Orwell, Room 101 contains "the worst thing in the world," the thing you most hate and fear. Our guests will provide some pet hates and argue why they deserve a place there; the devil's advocate will try to argue them out

Bridget Bradshaw, Greg Pickersgill, Christopher Priest, Connie Willis

Thursday 18.00, L(Dochart)

The Digital Divide

Are we building a web-enabled society that disenfranchises those unable or unwilling to adopt the online lifestyle? Governments justify the push for e- services on the basis of cost savings, but along with privacy considerations, what are the implications?

Christopher Rowe, Don Sakers, Renee Sieber, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Nicholas Whyte

Thursday 18.00, M(Argyll-1)

The Alge-Bread-ist

If you cut a sandwich in half, do you have one sandwich or two? Third Row Fandom contemplate the great philosophical questions of our time, and make a tasty snack.

Tom Anderson, Liz Batty, Niall Harrison, Andrew Hogg, Alex Ingram

Thursday 18.00, M(Argyll-3)

Ceilidh Made Easy

Interested in going native, or just looking for some exercise? This is a class in Scottish dance for beginners.

Margene Bahm

Thursday 18.00, M(Jura)

What is the Future of the Developing World?

Should the West stay out of it? Is Development Politics irretrievably contaminated by the past? Or is the free market the answer?

John-Henri Holmberg, Grant Kruger, Lawrence Person, Karl Schroeder

Thursday 18.00, M(Orkney)

Mark Protection Committee Meeting

This committee manages the WSFS service marks like "Worldcon" and "Hugo Award" and consists of members elected by the Business Meeting and appointed by Worldcon committees. This meeting is open to all convention members.

Thursday 19.00, L(Boisdale-1)

How Do You Get to a Book Cover

Artists and art directors from different countries/industries discuss the differences in their markets. What unconscious cultural preferences exist? What makes a good book cover?

Didi Chanoch, Simon R Green, John Picacio, Karen Traviss

Thursday 19.00, L(Dochart)

You Can't Copyright My DNA, Can You?

Genome, appearance, personality -- what happens when you CC licence them? Can you assert moral rights over your DNA?

Andrew Adams, Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf, Ken MacLeod, John Meaney, Richard Morgan, Alastair Reynolds

Thursday 19.00, M(Argyll-1)

SF Fandom: Telling the Story

How we tell the stories and how that preserves or distorts fan history, particularly in the UK/Europe. Includes libraries, archives, histories, fanzines, trip reports, art, photos, films and onwards.

Chaz Boston Baden, Bill Burns, Tony Keen, Patrick McMurray, Andy Sawyer

Thursday 19.00, M(Argyll-3)

A Fair Ballot

Fandom has for years used the Australian ballot, which solves the problems in First Past the Post systems at the expense of greater complexity. Now the real world seems to be catching on.

Paul Dormer, Fran Dowd, Parris McBride, Kevin Standlee

Thursday 19.00, M(Barra)

Enough of Medievalism Already!

Other historic periods can offer the writer a fresh canvas.

Sally Mayer, Marcus Rowland, Delia Sherman

+*Thursday 19.00, S(Mezzanine Concourse Bar)+*


Cast and crew of the New movie GamerZwill be present to mark its premiere. The reception is open to anyone with tickets to the GamerZpremiere.

Thursday 20.00, Hilton Ballrm 3


Come dance to the traditional sounds of the Eden Ceilidh Band.

Duncan Lunan

Thursday 20.00, L(Boisdale-1)

The Future of RPG and Computer Games

Computer and role-playing games have been an important part of SF and fandom for 25 years. What does the future hold for computer games and RPGs, especially as they relate to each other?

David Cake, Bill Fawcett, David Lohkamp, Klaus Æ Mogensen

Thursday 20.00, L(Dochart)

All Politics are Local

How does a writer's personal and cultural politics shape what shows up on the page/screen? How might the politics demanded or suggested by editors affect SF? Panelists discuss the many faces of politics in their everyday lives.

Tore Audun Høie, John-Henri Holmberg, Kimmo Lehtonen, Takayuki Tatsumi

Thursday 20.00, L(Lomond)

Film Premiere: GamerZ

Interaction is proud to host the premiere showing of GamerZ, a New comedy movie from Scotland -- an engaging love triangle with a strong twist fantasy. Tickets will be available from the Info Desk. Please see the Thursday Newsletter for further details.

Thursday 20.00, M(Argyll-1)

Sexual Just A Minute

Spicing up the venerable BBC Radio panel game. Our Panelists talk unprepared about sleazy subjects for one minute without deviation, hesitation or repetition -- well, pick any two of three.

Fran Dowd, Flick, Doug Spencer

Thursday 20.00, M(Argyll-3)

The Military: Making it Authentic

Does it matter if we don't get the equipment right? Is there a military ethic that we have a duty to get right? What matters to readers in uniform?

Simon Bradshaw, Paul Chafe, Richard Morgan, Karen Traviss, Scott Westerfeld

Thursday 20.00, M(Boardroom)


Glenda Larke (Noramly)

Thursday 21.00, M(Argyll-1)

Living in Old Structures: Church, State, Academia

What's it like to live and/or work in some of the world's oldest hierarchies? Fans from the Church, the Civil Service, the military and academia discuss.

Simon Bradshaw, Claire Brialey, Guy Consolmagno SJ, Lilian Edwards

Thursday 21.00, M(Argyll-3)

SF Trivia For Chocolate Quiz

Mark & Priscilla ask SF trivia questions. Audience members answer, hoping to win chocolate.

Mark Olson, Priscilla Olson

Thursday 21.00, M(Barra)

Open Filk

Thursday 21.00, M(Boardroom)


Ellen Kushner

Thursday 21.00, M(Orkney)

Open Filk

Thursday 21.00, M(Shuna)

Open Filk

Thursday 22.00, L(Dochart)

Disgusting Ideas in SF

One reader's neat idea is another's yuck factor. What's yours?

Fiona McIntosh, Amy Thomson, Diane Turnshek

Thursday 22.00, M(Argyll-1)

I'm Sorry I Haven't an SFing Clue

Those famous opening notes tip you off immediately, this is the antidote to panel items... Remarkably well-preserved jazz trumpeter Tony Keen is the chair, and scoring duties are the responsibility of the lovely Cardboard Buffy.

Ben Jeapes, Tony Keen, Ken MacLeod, John Meaney, Christopher Priest

Thursday 23.00, M(Argyll-3)

After Dark

A selection of sensitive fannish faces discuss the burning issues of the day -- a Zeitgeist item; we can't tell you what the topics will be at the time of going to press. They'll keep going as long as there's an audience and an argument.

Alison Scott

Friday, August 5

Friday 10.00, A(Forth)

WSFS Preliminary Business Meeting

This Meeting is where you can participate in the process of making and changing the official rules for the Hugo Awards and the selection of future Worldcons. Every member of Worldcon can propose, debate, and vote on changes to the governing documents of WSFS. Today's meeting is where we hear reports from committees, consider changes to the Standing Rules, and go through an initial round of setting debate times for amendments to the WSFS Constitution, and also where you can make nominations to the WSFS Mark Protection Committee. If there are items of business you want discussed at the main meetings later in the convention, make sure you attend today's meeting to keep the business from being dismissed from the agenda.

Friday 10.00, L(Alsh-1)

Blake's 7: Is Story More Important than Special Effects?

The release of a 30-year-old show on DVD attracts New fans: why? New shows with a massive SFX budget fail before the first season is out: why? It certainly isn't the latest special effects that give Blake's 7 its staying power -- what is it?

Ben Jeapes, Judith Proctor, John Campbell Rees, Steve Rogerson

Friday 10.00, L(Boisdale-1)

The Future Around the Corner (SFF)

Mike Cosgrave (M)
Paul Billinger:
- Near Future Visions: Robson, Morgan, Levy
Dr Nick Hubble(Kingston University):
- Future Memories of the Suburbs
Andy Sawyer(Liverpool University):
- Learning to be British through the Future of 2000 AD

Friday 10.00, L(Boisdale-2)

You've Plugged Whatinto It?

Hardware Hacking is an increasingly popular pastime. Also the advent of computer control has revolutionised many hobbies, e.g. amateur astrophotography.

Cory Doctorow, Martin Hoare, Jordin Kare

Friday 10.00, L(Carron)

Drug-crazed, Mutant Sci Fi Fans Invade Glasgow: SF in the Tabloids

Just what do we look like to the outside world? Why is it they think we are all trekkies when there isn't a uniform to be seen.

Tom Easton

Friday 10.00, L(Dochart)

John Brunner Retrospective

Without a doubt, the most distressing event of the 1995 Worldcon was the death of John Brunner. Our distinguished Panelists will pay tribute to his work, considering the legacy he left for science fiction.

Brian Aldiss OBE, Joe Haldeman, Christopher Priest, Robert Silverberg

Friday 10.00, L(Fyne)


Conor Kostick

Friday 10.00, L(Lomond)

When is Genocide Justified?

Genocide is remarkably common in SF, often promoted by apparently nice liberal people. Why?

Paul McAuley, Michael Swanwick, Karen Traviss

Friday 10.00, M(Argyll-1)

Care and Feeding of a GoH

So you've decided to run a con, and you've invited a guest. What should you do to make them happy? Conrunners and their guests exchange tips and horror stories.

Toni Jerrman, Sue Mason, Parris McBride, Spike Parsons

Friday 10.00, M(Argyll-3)

DDR Workshop

Dance Dance Revolution/ Dancing Stage Euromix is that rarest of things; a video game that's good for you. Alison Scott, lifelong video game junkie and couch potato, helps you get off your arses and get dancing. Regular clothes are fine.

Alison Scott

Friday 10.00, M(Barra)

Pseudo-Hard SF

Fiction that looks superficially like science-oriented SF, but on closer examination is little more than a hackneyed rehash of Frankensteinor some such. Michael Crichton has a lot to answer for!

Ellen Asher, Jonathan Cowie, John Douglas, Ian McDonald, Geoff Ryman

Friday 10.00, M(Boardroom)


Esther Friesner

Friday 10.00, M(Shuna)

From the Glens to the Stars

Scottish writers prepare to take SF by the horns and ride it through the cosmos, and nary a kilt or a haggis in sight. Discussion of genre pitfalls and potentials from the Scottish perspective.

Michael Cobley, Gary Gibson, Richard Morgan, Neil Williamson

Friday 10.00, S(Hall2)


Les Edwards, Peter F. Hamilton, Tanya Huff, Madeleine E. Robins

Friday 10.00, S(Hall3)


Laura Anne Gilman, Walter Hunt, Rebecca Moesta

Friday 10.00, S(Hall3)

Career Guidance: How to Get into the Trade (YAFA)

Why teens should start writing now. How to break into the business and avoid scams and ripoffs. Our esteemed panel offers an insight into becoming a writer.

Nick Gifford, Robin Hobb, Ken MacLeod, Diane Turnshek

Friday 10.30, L(Fyne)


Steve Davies

Friday 10.30, M(Boardroom)


Jessica Rydill

Friday 11.00, A(Gala2)

Game Design: You've Read It, Could You Play It?

Just how would you turn a book or comic into a playable game -- board, role-playing or computer game?

David Cake, William King, Gordon Lamont, Joe Pearce, Marcus Rowland

Friday 11.00, L(Alsh-1)

The Pros and Cons of Blogging Science

What can happen when an apparently off-the-record remark by a scientist at a fannish gathering gets reported online? When nothing is unattributable any more, will researchers dare to risk mixing with bloggers at events such as conventions?

Anna Croft, Colin Gavaghan, Oliver Morton, Dave O'Neill, Renee Sieber

Friday 11.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Visions of a Small Island (SFF)

Paul Kincaid (M)
Dr Neil Hook(University of Wales, Glamorgan):
- Visions of Wales seen through Thursday Next
Jeana Jorgensen(Indiana University):
- Militant Protestants and Gun-Toting Vampires: one anime view of Britain

Friday 11.00, L(Boisdale-2)

The High Frontiersmen

Is it inevitable that space will become the next battleground for geopolitics?

Keith DeCandido, Ken MacLeod, Ian McDonald, Nicholas Whyte

Friday 11.00, L(Carron)

Why Write for Children & Young Adults?

A recent advertisement for a Canadian first novel award included the sentence "if you have previously written children's books, you are still eligible." With that kind of attitude, why do we bother?

Julie Bertagna, Oisin McGann, Janet McNaughton, Sharyn November, Scott Westerfeld, Jane Yolen

Friday 11.00, L(Dochart)

Has SF Lost its Faith in Social Science?

With increased discussion of politics and economic systems in SF, are SF authors beginning to treat the social sciences with the same rigour as the hard sciences? Or do they continue to make stuff up, expecting the reader will demand less from the "soft" sciences?

Ginjer Buchanan, Jo Fletcher, Laura Frankos, Charles Stross

Friday 11.00, L(Fyne)


Mary Turzillo

Friday 11.00, L(Lomond)

Character vs. Science in Hard SF

It is sometimes said that in hard SF, the science is a character too. What does this mean, and can or should it be reconciled with a traditional understanding of character?

Greg Bear, Patrick J. Gyger, James P. Hogan, Justina Robson, Stanley Schmidt

Friday 11.00, M(Argyll-1)

Slideshow: A Look at Many Worldcons

Guest of Honour Lars-Olov Strandberg has taken photos at every British and European Worldcon since 1965, and a number of American ones too. He's going to show some of the slides; a small panel of experts will help him identify the guilty.

Bill Burns, Rich Lynch, Andrew I. Porter, Lars-Olov Strandberg, Kees van Toorn

Friday 11.00, M(Argyll-3)

Fanzine Production Workshop 1: Cover and Design

Fanzines are cool, but if you've never pubbed your ish, it can be daunting. Our workshops are designed to get you producing your own fanzines Right Here In The Fan Room -- and the first is on cover and design.

Jae Leslie Adams, Pat Virzi, Pete Young

Friday 11.00, M(Barra)

Digital Dreams

Digital techniques, the art of the airbrush, and other ways to paint the fantastic.

Allison Hershey, John Picacio, Martina Pilcerova

Friday 11.00, M(Boardroom)


Robert Sheckley

Robin Munro

Friday 11.00, M(Jura)

Promoting New Writers

How it's done, the best way forward, and what writers can do for themselves.

Carolyn Caughey, Lillian Cauldwell, Jetse de Vries, Shelly Shapiro, Sheila Williams

Friday 11.00, M(Orkney)

Racial Characteristics and Other Forms of Determinism in Fantasy: How Can We

Ever Get Away from It? How do you avoid racial stereotyping when you construct an alien species? Is it ok to simply move the stereotyping to a different trait? Are strong, fierce women who hop onto horses hours after giving birth just as bad? And can we use stereotypes creatively?

Sarah Ash, Lillian Stewart Carl, Gregory Frost, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Jo Walton

Friday 11.00, M(Shuna)

My First Masquerade: What Happens at a Masquerade

What is the process from the time an entrant checks in at the masquerade desk or office until they leave stage.

Sandra Manning, John O'Halloran, Teddy

Friday 11.00, S(Hall2)


James Barclay, Frank Borsch, Paul Cornell, Chris Roberson

Friday 11.00, S(Hall3)


Jay Lake, Todd McCaffrey, Irene Radford, Elizabeth Wein

Friday 11.00, S(Hall3)

Rebel Training Camp and Missions (YAFA)

Everyone is dressed as a rebel trooper, drilled, and set to tasks.

Paul Chafe

Friday 11.00, S(Hall5)

Art in Space: Slideshow by David A. Hardy

Hardy captures massive starscapes on a canvas that can fit on your wall. Enjoy a slideshow full of launching starships, dying suns and spinning planets, including paintings from his Hugo-nominated book Futures.

David A. Hardy

Friday 11.30, L(Fyne)


Laura Anne Gilman

Friday 12.00, A(Gala2)

The Immortal in Written and Media SF, The HighlanderMeets This Immortal

Immortal characters are a staple of SF and Fantasy. How do the written and media genres cope with characters who look at the world without our cultural assumptions?

Ginjer Buchanan, Tanya Huff, Fiona McIntosh, Elaine Nicol, John Scalzi

Friday 12.00, L(Alsh-1)

Introduction to Japanese Science Fiction

An overview of the genre past and present. Come see the Seiun Award presentation.

Mari Kotani, Reiko Noda, Peggy Rae Sapienza, Hicaru Tanaka, Takayuki Tatsumi

Friday 12.00, L(Boisdale-1)

It's How You Say It (SFF)

Andy Sawyer (M)
Dr Dianne Newell(University of Vancouver):
- Judith Merril in Japan
Amelia H Beamer(University of Michigan):
- Genre Evolution Project
Ria Cheyne(Royal Holloway):
- Alien Languages in Science Fiction

Friday 12.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Moving in Time as Well as in Space: the Fractured Narrative & the Causal World

Priest's novel The Affirmation, presents a story in pieces which readers have to reconstruct like a puzzle. This may be a valid way for a writer to depict extreme experiences -- but what are the pitfalls? Do films like Mementorepresent a "mainstreaming" of this approach?

Claire Brialey, Fiona Patton, Alastair Reynolds, Steph Swainston

Friday 12.00, L(Carron)

What's Hot and What's Not

An overview of favourite recent fiction and the material that missed the nominations. What works are winning the more specialised awards? What is cool but defies categorisation?

Paul Billinger, Charles N. Brown, Ellen Datlow, Donna Hanson, Paul Kincaid

Friday 12.00, L(Dochart)

What's New in Astronomy and Cosmology

Recent developments on our understanding of deep space and the structure of the universe.

Dave Clements, Guy Consolmagno SJ, Inge Heyer, Diane Turnshek

Friday 12.00, L(Fyne)


Fiona Avery

Friday 12.00, L(Lomond)

XCOR Private Rocket Company

Talk by Aleta Jackson and Dan DeLong on XCOR's work on commercial private space flight.

Dan DeLong, Aleta Jackson

Friday 12.00, M(Argyll-1)

Worldcon Box Game: Time Travel in Practice

We send superfluous technology and fannish goodies back to Loncon II, and the 1965 Worldcon sends Interaction a time capsule. Fans representing the '60s and the '00s explain their choices; a survivor from the '80s moderates.

Zara Baxter, Sandra Bond, Andrew Ducker, Rog Peyton, Peter Weston

Friday 12.00, M(Argyll-3)

Belly Dancing

A practical workshop, participants only. Great exercise, drives men wild with lust*, what's notto like? *NB Your Mileage May Vary.

Sue Mason

Friday 12.00, M(Barra)

The Return of the Queen: Writing Feminism in a Medieval World

The "real" Middle Ages is notknown for fostering feminism. Apart from the upper aristocracy, few women had any power or freedom of action, and that power was limited by the rules of male society. What are the effects of introducing feminism to medieval setting?

Lillian Stewart Carl, Ellen Kushner, Julianne Lee, Diana L. Paxson, Madeleine E. Robins

Friday 12.00, M(Boardroom)


Kelly Link

Friday 12.00, M(Orkney)

Clones, Children or Countless Lives

If everyone lives forever, or is endlessly reincarnated, where do we put them? And can anyone reproduce in any other way?

Simon Bradshaw, Cory Doctorow, Anne K. Gay, Richard Morgan, Eric M. Van

Friday 12.00, M(Shuna)

Book Group: Jane Yolen's The Devil's Arithmetic

Come join the discussion of Jane Yolen's novel about a contemporary Jewish girl who finds herself shifted in time and place to the era of the Nazi Holocaust. Hannah learns what it means to be a hero. She experiences the horrors of the past, then acts as a witness to her contemporaries, telling a powerful story that isn't an easy one for civilisation. And so the narrator begins, "I'm tired of remembering..."

Elizabeth A Billinger

Friday 12.00, S(Hall2)


Kevin J. Anderson& Rebecca Moesta, Jay Caselberg, James Swallow, Ian Watson

Friday 12.00, S(Hall3)


Trudi Canavan, Michael Cobley, Hal Duncan

Friday 12.00, S(Hall3)

Extreme Art (YAFA)

We nail you to a wall, colour by GOB art, decorate our own t-shirts, and generally have fun with spray paint.

Max, Oisin McGann, Anne Stokes

Friday 12.30, L(Fyne)


Carol Berg

Friday 12.30, M(Boardroom)


Jude Fisher

Friday 13.00, A(Forth)

Creating a Character for the Screen or the Page

Comparing media characters like Buffy, Spock or Londo with written favourites like Miles Vorkosigan, Honour Harrington, Winston Smith or Zee Zee.

David Gerrold, George R.R. Martin, Lauren McLaughlin, Craig Miller

Friday 13.00, A(Gala2)

How Do You Research Things That Don't Exist?

What are the "rules" of vampires or fairies? How do you justify departure from the rules?

Mark Chadbourn, Laura Anne Gilman, Beth Hilgartner, Charles Stross, Martha Wells

Friday 13.00, L(Alsh-1)

You Killed Off the Old People: Depicting Older People in SF

Will there be pensioners in outer space? Will longevity treatments rule the future? What might a world without grandparents be like? Does it matter if we forget how to grow old?

Brian Aldiss OBE, Elizabeth Hand, Tanya Huff, Geoff Ryman, John Scalzi

Friday 13.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Fantasy for Children (SFF)

Fatima Ahad (M)
Dr Irma Hirsjärvi(Jyväskylä University):
- Young People Reading Fantasy
Stefan Ekman(Lund University):
- Forces of nature in Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Risingsequence
Jessica Yates:
- Catherine Fisher and Annie Dalton: contemporary UK children's fantasy writers

Friday 13.00, L(Boisdale-2)

The BSFA 'Best of British Science Fiction' Contenders

Panel to consider the contenders for the British Science Fiction Association poll on the best of British SF, as well as a great British SF author to join the BSFA's New Order of Merit.

Stephen Baxter, Paul Billinger, Paul Kincaid, Maureen Kincaid Speller

Friday 13.00, L(Carron)

Fantastic Cities

A celebration of all the many wild, wonderful, vibrant, dangerous and exciting cities of fantasy literature.

Jeffrey Ford, Ian R. Macleod, China Miéville, Michael Swanwick, Claire Weaver

Friday 13.00, L(Dochart)

The Ethics and Effects of Colonisation

Life on a colony is likely to be dangerous, deprived, lonely and years from medical and social support. The first generation might be happy with this, but will subsequent generations feel the same way? Do we risk recreating Pitcairn Island on Phobos? Also, what are the risks of having unaccountable groups with the resources and energy budgets needed for spaceflight? Do we risk terrorism by meteor strike (imagine The Moon Is A Harsh Mistressfrom the Earth's point of view)?

Ken MacLeod, Farah Mendlesohn, David Moles, Dave O'Neill, Karen Traviss

Friday 13.00, L(Fyne)


Andy Duncan

Friday 13.00, L(Lomond)

Doctor WhoRetrospective: The Best Years

What were the best years of Doctor Who? It goes beyond the important matter of "who made the best Doctor?" Which years had the best scripts, the best major story arcs, the best free-standing episodes?

Chris Barkley, Paul F. Cockburn, Paul Cornell, Kathryn Sullivan, Nicholas Whyte

Friday 13.00, M(Argyll-1)

Growing Old by Accident: How Do *We* End Up as the Establishment?

Once we knew how to make fandom better -- or take it over. And then we find we've gone from young turks to old farts. Are we destined to repeat fan history even if we're uninterested in it?

Randy Byers, David Cake, Andrew Hogg, Greg Pickersgill, Mark Plummer

Friday 13.00, M(Argyll-3)

Aesthetics of SF

How do we write the sense of wonder?

John Clute, Ian McDonald, Robert Silverberg, Ian Watson

Friday 13.00, M(Barra)

The Chesleys: Past, Present and Future

The Chesley Awards are internationally respected as the most prestigious in the fantastic arts. They acknowledge the best sculptures, book and magazine covers, game designs and art direction that the field has to offer.

Karen Haber, Justina Robson

Friday 13.00, M(Boardroom)


James Barclay

Friday 13.00, M(Jura)

Conrunning Fans Separated by a Common Language

Conrunners all have their own lingoes, histories, and strong points of view. How can they communicate with each other, let alone the people attending the cons?

Janice Gelb, Toni Jerrman, Mike Scott, Theresa R. Smith

Friday 13.00, M(Orkney)

Mandolin Workshop

Mandolin for all skill levels in ensemble and solo filk settings; audience participation encouraged but notmandatory.

Blind Lemming Chiffon

Friday 13.00, M(Shuna)

A Commonwealth of Science Fiction

A chance to hear about the work coming out of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other areas of the Commonwealth

Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Russell Farr, Jo Fletcher, Rowena Lindquist (Cory Daniells), Antonio Ruffini, Allan Weiss

Friday 13.00, S(Hall2)


Juliet E McKenna, Suzanne Tompkins& Damien Warman& Juliette Woods, Harry Turtledove, Jane Yolen

Friday 13.00, S(Hall3)


Sarah Ash, Keith DeCandido

Friday 13.00, S(Hall3)

Terry Pratchett Reading on the Floor (YAFA)

Terry Pratchett reads his favourite book.

Terry Pratchett

Friday 13.00, S(Hall5)

The Science of Aliens

A landmark New touring exhibition from the Science Museum, London, incorporates content developed by Big Wave Productions for the Channel 4 TV series Extraterrestrial. Development teams discuss the use of science fiction and imagined worlds to engage the public in science.

Stephen Foulger

Friday 13.30, L(Fyne)


Greer Gilman

Friday 13.30, M(Boardroom)


Bill Fawcett

Friday 13.30, M(Orkney)

Handling the Media

You've just received a phone call: a local TV station wants a quote from a "Sci-fi" author. What do you do when the BBC ask you to talk about UFO belief? How do you cope when your lovingly crafted genre novel hits the big time?

Lillian Cauldwell

Friday 13.30, S(Hall3)

Make a Cyclotron with Your Microwave Oven (YAFA)

Emma and Simone show us things.

Emma King, Simoné Vanzyl

Friday 14.00, A(Forth)

How Mediocre Movies Can Become Good TV Shows

What do Stargate SG-1and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have in common? They were both mediocre movies that became good TV shows. Poor TV shows get remade as good ones e.g. Battlestar Galactica. How can this happen?

Jim Mann, Cindy (Huckle) Mohareb, James Swallow

Friday 14.00, A(Gala2)

When Novices Win: Masquerade Tips

Worldcon masquerade winners ("Arctic Circle" at Noreascon 4, "Return of the Hunt" at Intersection) discuss entering a masquerade as worldcon novices, along with tips and pitfalls to watch for along the way.

Susan de Guardiola, Janet Johnston, Maggie Percival, Mike Percival, Kate Waterous

Friday 14.00, L(Alsh-1)

What's New from Voyager/HarperCollins

Come meet the editor of Voyager Books and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Joy Chamberlain, Emma Coode, Jane Johnson

Friday 14.00, L(Boisdale-1)

The Second Golden Age of Children's Fantasy (1970-1990) (SFF)

What inspired such a wealth of fantasy writing for young people in this period? What gives these stories lasting appeal for writers, critics and children now?

Charles Butler (M), Stefan Ekman, Conor Kostick, Janet McNaughton, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Francis Spufford

Friday 14.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Eurocon Business Meeting

Annual business meeting of the European Science Fiction Society, including presentations by Eurocon 2007 bid committees.

Friday 14.00, L(Carron)

Not Letting Research Get in the Way of Your Imagination

How to bluff your science in a convincing fashion.

Tina Beychok, Brenda Cooper, Gail Dana, Peter F. Hamilton, James P. Hogan, Ian R. Macleod

Friday 14.00, L(Dochart)

How Have Worlds Changed?

In the 1960s, Larry Niven found himself writing a New version of Mars every time another space probe changed the understanding of the planet. What are the latest developments in our understanding of the planets that will affect the way we write about them?

Duncan Lunan, Paul McAuley, Oliver Morton, Tino Warinowski

Friday 14.00, L(Fyne)


Sylvia Kelso

Friday 14.00, L(Lomond)

Guest of Honour Speech: Jane Yolen

Our Guest of Honour Jane Yolen talks about growing up in a family of liars... er, storytellers and how that sort of heritage can influence a person's outlook on life and choice of career.

Jane Yolen

Friday 14.00, M(Argyll-1)

SF on British TV Since the First Doctor

What impact did Doctor Whohave on British TV? Did it help or impede the creation and acceptance of other later SF shows? Can we predict the legacy of its current incarnation?

Judith Proctor, Steve Rogerson, Gary Russell, Rob Shearman

Friday 14.00, M(Argyll-3)

Fannish Reading

Why read fanzines anyway? Some of our favourite readers read some of our favourite fanzine articles.

Sandra Bond

Friday 14.00, M(Barra)

Things I Wish I'd Known

Artists in discussion on things they didn't know when they started out, but wish they had.

Robert Hole, Jr., Sally Mayer, Oisin McGann, Frank Wu

Friday 14.00, M(Boardroom)


Connie Willis

Friday 14.00, M(Jura)

Mining Other Cultures

What stories, characters and landscapes can non- European folk traditions offer the SF/F writer?

Jonathan Clements, Jeana Jorgensen, Katya Reimann, Frank Roger, Takayuki Tatsumi

Friday 14.00, M(Orkney)

The Agent-Client Relationship

Literary agent Joshua Bilmes discusses the business from an agent's perspective.

Joshua Bilmes

Friday 14.00, S(Hall2)


David Moles, Stanley Schmidt, Lars-Olov Strandberg(in Swedish), Robert Vogel

Friday 14.00, S(Hall3)


Joe Haldeman, Harry Harrison

Friday 14.00, S(Hall3)

Capture the Flag (YAFA)

Based on computer games like Doom, we bring this violent sport to life, with two teams and two forts and many blow up weapons.

Friday 14.30, L(Fyne)


Justine Larbalestier

Friday 14.30, M(Boardroom)


Elizabeth Hand

Friday 14.30, M(Orkney)

Update on the Dune Series

Frank Herbert may have left us but his Dune lives on. Find out about the Dune 7 duology being written, based on an outline by FH, as well as other works.

Kevin J. Anderson

Friday 15.00, M(Boardroom)


Christopher Rowe

Friday 15.00, M(Orkney)

Paganism in Glasgow

The thriving pagan community has at least eight moots currently running in Glasgow. Come hear about this diversity, and how some local pagans interact with the land and spirits of this green place.

DC, Jean Thompson

Friday 15.00, S(Hall3)

Five Horror Books You Shouldn't Read (YAFA)

Kim Newman and James Lovegrove talk to us about a selection of books that will give you nightmares.

James Lovegrove, Kim Newman

Friday 15.30, A(Forth)

Comics Now

People doing comics today comment on the state of the industry.

Dan Abnett, Tony Lee, Liam Sharp, Bryan Talbot

Friday 15.30, A(Gala2)

The Dead God in SF and Fantasy

"God is dead," proclaimed Nietzsche. Philip K. Dick put the corpse in a spaceship circling Alpha Centauri, and Philip Pullman killed Him off in volume 3. Can gods be killed? And if so, why?

Stephen Baxter, Carol Berg, Guy Consolmagno SJ, Ben Jeapes, Paul Park

Friday 15.30, L(Alsh-1)

The Developing World in Space: Through Poverty to the Stars

China has a manned space programme; India is openly musing about following suit. Are the New superpowers recapitulating the space-race?

Aleta Jackson, Ken MacLeod, Geoff Ryman, Amy Thomson

Friday 15.30, L(Boisdale-1)

Questioning Camelot (SFF)

Edward James (M)
Dr Kari Maund:
- The Myths of Avalon: Celtic realities and Arthurian fantasie
Dr Faye Ringel(United States Coast Guard Academy):
- When Knighthood Was in Flour

Friday 15.30, L(Boisdale-2)

What's Real & What's Not: Christopher Priest & Reality

You can't trust anyone, especially the narrator in a Priest novel. Many of them make up stories to shape their lives or those of others. Should the reader try to sort out what is real, or is that a dead end? And is Priest a storyteller who tells us notto believe in stories?

Andrew M Butler, Paul Kincaid, James Lovegrove, Graham Sleight

Friday 15.30, L(Carron)

History of Anime, Part 1: Early Anime

Jonathan Clements looks at the earliest anime, from wartime propaganda to Astro Boy, the first science fiction cartoon in Japan, and the earliest days of colour TV.

Jonathan Clements

Friday 15.30, L(Dochart)

Creating the Matte Paintings for I, Robot(Slideshow)

Enjoy a slide presentation by David Mattingly of the paintings he created for use in the movie I, Robot.

David Mattingly

Friday 15.30, L(Fyne)


Diana L. Paxson

Friday 15.30, L(Lomond)

Exploring the Planets

Panel on current and forthcoming planetary missions

Geoffrey Landis, Oliver Morton, Alastair Reynolds, Prof. David Southwood

Friday 15.30, M(Argyll-1)

Greg Pickersgill GoH Experience

Part talk, part interview, all Greg.

Catherine Pickersgill, Greg Pickersgill, Peter Weston

Friday 15.30, M(Argyll-3)

SF Music Quiz

A light-hearted quiz to test how well you know your SF television and movie themes.

Christine Davidson, Michael Davidson

Friday 15.30, M(Barra)

What's New from Hodder Headline?

Come meet the editor of Hodder Headline and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Carolyn Caughey

Friday 15.30, M(Boardroom)


Chris Roberson

Friday 15.30, M(Jura)

Presentation of Prometheus Awards

The Prometheus Awards are sponsored by the Libertarian Futurist Society. Two awards are given: for best libertarian novel of the year and a Hall of Fame award for classic libertarian fiction.

Friday 15.30, M(Orkney)

Just How Different are Arts & Sciences Research?

The subjects might be very different, but aren't the research methods fairly similar? Scientists often give unscripted talks at conferences, while arts papers are often read verbatim. In what other ways are these two academic cultures and research approaches different, and how are the differences reflected in the published papers and repositories? Which discipline yields ideas more useful to the SF author?

Dave Clements, Greer Gilman, Tony Keen, Farah Mendlesohn, Liz Williams

Friday 15.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Lynn Gold

Not all California Love Songs and Road Kill, Lynn sings of the chic of geek and puts the fun in unusual.

Lynn Gold

Friday 15.30, S(Hall2)


David D. Levine, George R.R. Martin, Richard Morgan, Karl Schroeder

Friday 15.30, S(Hall3)


Esther Friesner, Robert Silverberg, Tricia Sullivan

Friday 15.30, S(Hall3)

5 Anime Films You Shouldn't Watch (YAFA)

Mari and Dragon recommend five anime films that will turn you into a fan forever.

David 'Dragon' Cotteril, Mari Kotani

Friday 16.00, M(Boardroom)


Jack Cohen

Friday 16.00, M(Jura)

Presentation of Sidewise Awards

The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History were first announced in summer 1996 to honour the best "genre" publications of the year. Two awards are given: short form and long form.

Friday 16.00, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: TBA

The first of our slots for musicians discovered at the convention -- show up and find out who we've tracked down!

Friday 16.00, S(Hall3)

Fanzine (YAFA)

Over the weekend we will be producing a fanzine, and this is our kick-off meeting. Any task that takes your fancy -- photo journalist, commentary, artwork, interviews, reports on programmes -- is welcome.

James Bacon, Grant Kruger, Geneva Melzack, James Shields

Friday 16.00, S(Hall5)

Harper Collins Pre-launch of Alan Lee's The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook

In conjunction with Harper Collins, Alan Lee 's The Lord of the Rings Sketchbookwill be available for sale and signing. Come early to purchase a book to be signed.

Alan Lee

Friday 16.30, L(Fyne)


Paul McAuley

Friday 16.30, M(Boardroom)


Paul Cornell

Friday 16.30, M(Jura)

Presentation of Golden Duck Awards

The Golden Duck cash awards honour excellence in children's science fiction literature in the categories of Picture Book, Middle Grades (Eleanor Cameron Award), and Young Adult (Hal Clement Award).

Friday 16.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Gwen Knighton

Gwen is a Scottish Harp Society of America National Journeyman Champion and a "distant sister" member of Three Weird Sisters since her 2004 move to the UK. Her song writing is extraordinary.

Gwen Knighton

Friday 17.00, A(Forth)

Secret History Of Ansible

A talk by Dave Langford, multiple Hugo winner for fanwriting and his fanzine Ansible.

David Langford

Friday 17.00, A(Gala2)

The World We are Making Now 1: People

Children being born now will be running the world in 50 years time. What kinds of people are we making now?

Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Robert Hole, Jr., Caroline Mullan, Ruth Nestvold, Liam Proven

Friday 17.00, L(Alsh-1)

Radical Retellings: of Fairytale, of Well Known Fantasies, of Other Genres

Is the only way to make fantasy interesting these days to retell and rework it?

Andy Duncan, Gregory Frost, Merrie Haskell, Christine Mains, Jane Yolen

Friday 17.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Breadth of Character (SFF)

Faye Ringel (M)
Dr Sylvia Kelso(James Cook University):
- The Green Knight's Progeny: Medieval and Modern Romance(s)
Dr Peter G Christensen(Cardinal Stritch University):
- John Dee in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and the Historical Novel
Albrecht Fritzsche:
- James Bond and the Borders of Fantasy

Friday 17.00, L(Boisdale-2)

The Sting: SFWA, Atlanta Nights and Publish America

Disgusted by Publish America's claim to be selective and concerned about quality, a group of SFWA authors concocted the worst novel imaginable. This monstrosity was submitted to Publish America who enthusiastically offered to publish it. Gotcha!

Darlene Marshall, Robin Hobb, John Jarrold, Steve Saffel

Friday 17.00, L(Carron)

Is Genius Gendered?

One lone genius and an attractive assistant (fill in the genders) save the world. Our panel gives media and literary SF examples, and discuss how changing the gender might change other things.

Cory Doctorow, Sean McMullen, Connie Willis

Friday 17.00, L(Dochart)

Current State of SF on TV: Picking from the Potentials

Which of the New SF/fantasy series do the fans like?

Lillian Cauldwell, Martin Easterbrook, Scott Edelman, Nicki Lynch, Rebecca Moesta, Eric M. Van

Friday 17.00, L(Fyne)

James Tiptree Jr. Book Group: Not Before Sundown

Discussion of Johanna Sinisalo's Not Before Sundown? (released in US as Troll: A Love Story). In modern Finland, a man hides a troll in his apartment and struggles with problems of attraction and possession.

Irma Hirsjärvi

Friday 17.00, M(Argyll-1)

Translation: Controlling the Text

How do we select a text for translation? What are the technical issues when translating SF? What is lost? Are some texts inappropriate for translation? Does translation intensify or dilute artefacts of the originating culture?

Frank Borsch, Gail Dana, John-Henri Holmberg, Alain Nevant, Terry Pratchett

Friday 17.00, M(Argyll-3)

Realistic Swordfighting 101

Mark Hillyard and Alastair Stewart explain the tradition of western martial arts, and demonstrate the skilful and pragmatic swordsmanship of the Elizabethan age.

Mark Hillyard, Alastair Stewart

Friday 17.00, M(Boardroom)


Brian Aldiss OBE

Friday 17.00, M(Jura)

A Matter of Faith: How SF Television Treats Religion

The panel discusses how religion and spirituality is treated in science fiction television. Has it evolved since the original Star Trek??

Louise Burfleet, David D. Levine, Rita Medany, Judith Proctor

Friday 17.00, M(Orkney)

Worldcon Financial Responsibility

Worldcons, when they bid and are selected, take on various formal and informal financial responsibilities. They are expected to: spend their income on the Worldcon and its members; attain solvency; provide financial reports to future Worldcon business meetings; operate with a certain level of openness; disburse their surplus to benefit the Worldcon community, including reimbursing volunteers. If they subscribe to the Pass-Along Funds agreement, they are expected to quickly pass an amount equal to half of their surplus to future Worldcons. notall Worldcons have lived up to these expectations. What financial information should we expect a Worldcon to provide? What should we expect a Worldcon to do with a surplus? What should we do when it can't or won't meet our expectations?

Kent Bloom, Craig Miller, Mark Olson, Kevin Standlee

Friday 17.00, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Gary Ehrlich

"Gorgeous" Gary, a denizen of the swamps near the capital of the US, is a techie and a folkie and a fine songwriter of "songs to shock and delight."

Gary Ehrlich

Friday 17.00, S(Hall2)


Ian McDonald, Christopher Rowe, Prof. David Southwood, Karen Traviss

Friday 17.00, S(Hall3)


Keith BrookeAKA Nick Gifford, Jo Fletcher, Graham Joyce, Conor Kostick, Stan Nicholls, Robert Rankin

Friday 17.00, S(Hall3)

How to Mosh, Slam Dance and Stage Dive (YAFA)

Tutorial in rock dancing ... huzzaahh!

Friday 17.30, M(Barra)


Kevin J. Anderson

Friday 17.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Phil Allcock

Master of the rapier-like wit -- well, more like one of those poison daggers, really -- and notafraid to use it. Phil is one of UK fandom's funniest songwriters. His songs are funny, too.

Phil Allcock

Friday 18.00, L(Alsh-1)

Race, Migration and Refugees

A lot of SF is about discovering frontiers. What happens when you have no choice? What happens when you are "invaded" by the under dogs? What does SF have to say about a desperate and mobile world.

Fiona Avery, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Karin Lowachee, Ian McDonald, Elizabeth Wein

Friday 18.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Writing for Comics

Comics writers gather and discuss their art, as well as unique aspects associated with the comics business. What are the techniques and challenges, and is it very different from writing books, short stories or screenplays?

Dan Abnett, Tony Lee, Steve Saffel, Bryan Talbot

Friday 18.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Quiz: Call My Bluff--SF Theory

Panel game in which one team offers three definitions of an SF theory term and the opposing team has to guess which is the true definition and which are bluffs.

Ginjer Buchanan, John Clute, Esther Friesner, David Hartwell, Roz Kaveney, Christopher Priest, Gary K. Wolfe

Friday 18.00, L(Carron)

Huygens on Titan

Talk by member of the Open University Huygens team.

Karl Atkinson

Friday 18.00, L(Dochart)

The Cult of Personality

So what do you do when your autograph line goes twice around the block?

Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett

Friday 18.00, M(Argyll-1)

Whatever Happened to the Class of '95?

At the Novacon after Intersection, over 20 fanzines were distributed, including many New titles. A look at what happened to the editors, what provoked the surge -- and whether it might happen this year.

Michael Abbott, Bridget Bradshaw, Claire Brialey, Jerry Kaufman, Christina Lake

Friday 18.00, M(Argyll-3)

Whiskey, Whisky, Bourbon and Rye

Explore the delights of the grain.

Jeffrey Ford, Richard Morgan, Steph Swainston

Friday 18.00, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Blind Lemming Chiffon

A multitalented instrumentalist and writer of many classic filks under a variety of names, you won't want to miss this one.

Blind Lemming Chiffon

Friday 18.30, L(Lomond)

Chesley Awards Ceremony

The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists sponsors the Chesley Awards to recognize individual works and achievements in the community. This will be the first time the Chesley Ceremony has been held outside the US.

Friday 18.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: David Weingart

Unabashed Long Islander, aspiring beach bum, and tech guru, Dave serves up a classically rock influenced guitar and song writing style that both inspires and delights.

Dave Weingart

Friday 19.00, L(Boisdale-1)

In Memoriam

A look back at people from the SF&F community who have died since Noreascon 4.

John Douglas, Mark Kelly, Rich Lynch, Laurie Mann

Friday 19.00, L(Dochart)

Pro-Am Technobabble

O'Neill and Cray present an authors vs. fans special of their long-running panel game for the hard-SF geek. Can you tell your warp coil from your wormhole generator -- and more importantly, can you tell your glamourous assistant what the difference is?

Stephen Baxter, Simon Bisson, Paul Cray, Dave O'Neill, Liam Proven, Charles Stross, Liz Williams

Friday 19.00, M(Argyll-1)

The Uplift War: Foundation and Empire

In the UK, lots of female fans (and some blokes) like to get dressed up of a Saturday night, bolstered by events such as Cleavage Night at <plokta.con>. In the US, you're likely to be accused of Betraying the Sisterhood. What's going on?

Jae Leslie Adams, Giulia De Cesare, Flick, Donna Hanson, Mari Kotani

Friday 19.00, M(Argyll-3)

Challenges For New Writers

Interruptions, interruptions, interruptions -- how can New writers stay focussed? Are websites, blogs, and Newsgroups helping or hindering New writers? What about writers workshops? When do you know you're established and no longer New?

Jay Caselberg, David D. Levine, David Marusek, Bridget McKenna, Martha Wells

Friday 20.00, A(Clyde)

Reductio ad Absurdum presents Lucas Back in Anger

Lucas Back In Angeris Reductio Ad Absurdum's latest epic production. Following on the huge success of their previous shows, which include The Matrix: Remaindered, A Fistful of Hobbitsand Dune, or The Sand of Music, Phil Raines and Ian Sorensen present their spectacular version of the complete Star Wars saga -- all six movies in 60 minutes. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss an hour goodbye!

Phil Raines, Ian Sorensen

Friday 20.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Digital Law: Computer Crime

How many ways can you get into trouble with your PC? Can you take an AI to court?

Lilian Edwards, Britt-Louise Viklund

Friday 20.00, L(Dochart)

Dr. Lambshead's Surgery and Consultation

An interactive participatory presentation by expert and highly qualified contributors to The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases.

Jay Caselberg, Mark Roberts, Liz Williams

Friday 20.00, M(Argyll-1)

Space Pirate Night

Splice the main brace! Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Blog! Pirate Night is back, and this time we're Space Pirates! Parrots! Tattoos! Pieces of Eight! ARRRR! Costumes encouraged. (Go to Chaos Costuming room and make one!)

Friday 20.00, M(Argyll-3)

Undead and Kicking: the Death of Horror Has Been Much Exaggerated

What's happening in horror? A quick visit to the horror section of any bookstore chain reveals four bays of books by only 8-10 writers. Is there more to horror than Stephen King and Richard Laymon?

Chaz Brenchley, Christopher Cevasco, Mark Chadbourn, Stephen Jones

Friday 20.00, M(Boardroom)


Steph Swainston,

Friday 20.30, S(Artshow)

Chesley Reception

The Chesleys are the annual peer awards whereby the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) recognizes individual works and achievements. Come enjoy a reception with the artists after the awards ceremony.

Friday 21.00, L(Dochart)

The Aesthetics of Horror Fiction

How do we write fear?

Chaz Brenchley, Stephen Jones, Freda Warrington, Andrew Wilson

Friday 21.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fan Fiction

Can fan fiction writers go on to write real books? Fan authors and real authors debate the point.

Tanya Brown, Jane Carnall, Robin Hobb, Roz Kaveney, Juliette Woods

Friday 21.00, M(Barra)

Open Filk

Friday 21.00, M(Boardroom)


Kathryn Sullivan

Friday 21.00, M(Orkney)

Open Filk

Friday 21.00, M(Shuna)

Open Filk

Friday 21.30, M(Boardroom)


Robert Buettner

Friday 22.25, M(Argyll-1)

Fan Funds - O - Rama

It's the Fan Funds Auction! Rare, strange, and interesting artefacts from around the globe are auctioned in our inimitable way. We hope to offer you books, art, fanzines, ephemera, curios, and New this year -- Tuckerisations! Monies raised support the fan funds and other fannish causes.

Bridget Bradshaw, Claire Brialey, Jerry Kaufman, Alison Scott, Suzanne Tompkins, Damien Warman, Juliette Woods

Friday 24.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fannish Pictionary

This time, the artist asks the questions and the rest of you draw the answers. Can you tell what it is yet?

Sue Mason

Friday 24.00, M(Argyll-3)

Spooky Midnight Storytelling

It's midnight, it's spooky. Join our round robin storytelling session. notfor the faint of heart or ladies of a nervous disposition.

Diana Pharaoh Francis, Alison Scott, Jo Walton

Saturday, August 6

Saturday 9.00, M(Argyll-3)


Wake up and stretch. Beginners welcome.

Mary Crowell

Saturday 10.00, A(Forth)

WSFS Business Meeting

This Meeting is open to all Worldcon members, all of whom are eligible to vote. Today's meeting will debate and vote on amendments to the WSFS Constitution. The elections for the WSFS Mark Protection Committee are scheduled for this meeting.

Saturday 10.00, A(Gala2)

SFWA Meeting

The regional meeting of the Science Fiction Writer's Association.

Saturday 10.00, L(Alsh-1)

What's New from Macmillan/Tor UK?

Come meet the editors from Macmillan/Tor UK and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Stefanie Bierwerth, Peter Lavery

Saturday 10.00, L(Boisdale-1)

The View From Over There (SFF)

Maureen Kincaid Speller (M)
Dr Allan Weiss(York University):
- The Image of the British Empire in Early Canadian Science Fiction
Dr Michelle Reid(University of Reading):
- Is Postcolonial Science Fiction a Matter of Perspective?

Saturday 10.00, L(Boisdale-2)

British Landscape and the Fantastic

Where we live informs the stories we tell. How is the British landscape unique, how has it changed, and how has it influenced British SF writers?

Sarah Ash, Susanna Clarke, Peter F. Hamilton, Elizabeth Hand, Deborah J. Miller

Saturday 10.00, L(Carron)

Fractured: Is British Politics tooBroken to Stay Together?

UK politics and race, class, geography, and changing political alignments.

James Lovegrove, Ian McDonald, Ian R. Macleod, Nicholas Whyte

Saturday 10.00, L(Dochart)

New British Space Opera (and Other Space Faring Cultures)

Twenty years ago, did you predict that British SF was on the verge of a long-term boom in producing large- scale exuberant space opera? You were laughed at, weren't you? And here we are, in 2005...

David Hartwell, John Meaney, Alastair Reynolds, Justina Robson

Saturday 10.00, L(Fyne)


Martha Wells

Saturday 10.00, L(Lomond)

The New Doctor Who

The latest incarnation of Doctor Whohas excited fans old and New and is already scheduled for more series and specials. What does this Doctor Whoget right and wrong? What about Eccleston, Tennant, and Piper?

Paul Cornell, Gary Russell, Rob Shearman

Saturday 10.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fan Computer Art

The dawn of the computer age has opened up the world of fan art to people who can't actually draw. Aided by superfluous technology, our Panelists talk about the process of turning ideas into finished artwork.

Feorag NicBhride, Alison Scott, Pete Young

Saturday 10.00, M(Argyll-3)

Belly Dancing: Tribal Fusion Techniques

Our second round of Belly dancing; a slightly different style. Once again, suitable for beginners.

Jeana Jorgensen

Saturday 10.00, M(Barra)

Design A Solar System

A number of linked workshops chaired by G. David Nordley, exploring the New knowledge arising from recent discoveries of extra-solar planets.

John Bray, Jack Cohen, G. David Nordley

Saturday 10.00, M(Boardroom)


Oisin McGann

Saturday 10.00, M(Orkney)

BSFA Award Book Group: Discussion of River of Gods

Join in the discussion of Ian McDonald's River of Gods, which received the British Science Fiction Association's Best Novel Award at this year's Eastercon.

Paul Billinger

Saturday 10.00, S(Hall2)


Robert Buettner, Jonathan Clements, Roy Gray, Juraj "Mad" Maxon

Saturday 10.00, S(Hall3)


Terry Brooks, Diana Pharaoh Francis, Katherine Kurtz

Saturday 10.00, S(Hall3)

Tolkien (YAFA)

Does Tolkien's misogynistic British Christian writing still have relevance to kids today?

Mark Chadbourn, Gregory Frost, Mary Kay Kare, George R.R. Martin, Maura McHugh

Saturday 10.30, L(Fyne)


Jo Walton

Saturday 10.30, M(Boardroom)


Lillian Stewart Carl

Saturday 11.00, L(Alsh-1)


Terry Pratchett

Saturday 11.00, L(Boisdale-1)

The SF Britain Doesn't See (SFF)

Andrew May (M)
Alain le Bussy:
- French SF and Fandom
Jim Walker:
- Urdu Science Fiction - Where is It?
Dr Dale Knickerbocker(East Carolina University):
- The Secular Apocalyptic Fantasies of Javier Negrete

Saturday 11.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Future Art Media

Envisioning (and critiqueing) possible future art forms like asteroid sculpting, ultrasonic cantatas, body fungus, computer-simulated dance, sonic sculptures, and zero-gravity couture. What's likely to be next, and do we really want it?

Dominic Harman, Alan Lee

Saturday 11.00, L(Carron)

The Greatest Editors Now and Then

Great magazine editors have identifiable personalities: the Campbell-era Astoundingor the Dozois-era Asimov'scouldn't be mistaken for anything else. But what about book editors? What makes a great editor?

Brian Aldiss OBE, Gail Dana, Andrew I. Porter, Stanley Schmidt, Peter Weston, Sheila Williams

Saturday 11.00, L(Dochart)

Byzantium at our Borders in the 21st century: the Future of Europe.

Would we have needed a different past to have a different future? What would be the consequences if "recognition of Europe's Christian heritage" is inserted into the constitution.

Keith Brooke, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Patrick J. Gyger, Harry Turtledove, Nicholas Whyte

Saturday 11.00, L(Fyne)


Oliver Morton

Saturday 11.00, L(Lomond)

Harry Potter Has Put Children's Fantasy Back Fifty Years

Children love Harry Potter. But his universe is quaint, relies on gimmicks and is, "a little derivative" in its plots. Has its success been a good thing? Does New material, by the likes of Steve Augarde, Cornelia Funk, and K. A. Applegate, match up to the classics of the past?

Julie Bertagna, Sharyn November, Graham Sleight, Elizabeth Wein, Jane Yolen

Saturday 11.00, M(Argyll-1)

I have Seen the Digital Future and It is Full of Fans

Once we were the proud and lonely few. But here in 2005, SF tropes are everywhere, and the interactions of the internet -- blogs, livejournals and so on -- feel like fanzines reinvented for the digital age. Except these days, everyone seems to be doing it. Are we no longer special?

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Charles Stross

Saturday 11.00, M(Argyll-3)

What is the Zeitgeist

What's hot? This item will tackle a burning fannish issue. Watch the Newsletter for details.

Fran Dowd

Saturday 11.00, M(Barra)

What's New from Transworld

Come meet the editor of Transworld Publishers and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Simon Taylor

Saturday 11.00, M(Boardroom)

The Path to Glory

So you can draw. What will it take to become a successful professional artist? What does it take to break? Pros share their stories.

David A. Hardy, Oisin McGann, John Picacio, Frank Wu

Saturday 11.00, M(Jura)

Rainbow Over the Future: Complex Families, Queer Neighbours

In the West, gay marriage is often seen as opening the door to polygamy. How much of this do we see in SF? Heinlein paved the way, and writers such as Bradley and Delany turned it into a highway. But what does the future look like for family life?

Barrett Brick, Lynn Gold, Ellen Klages, Geoff Ryman, Andrew Trembley

Saturday 11.00, M(Orkney)

From Spider-man to Justice League: A Look at Recent Comic Dramatizations

Comics sales aren't what they were 20 years ago, but in other media, comics characters are doing very well indeed. Recent superhero movies such as X-Men, Spider-man, and Batman Beginsare the best such films ever. Recent animated series, including the current Justice Leagueare also excellent. How are comics universes portrayed in film and on TV?

Scott Edelman, Tom Galloway, Simon R Green, Steve Nagy, Chris Roberson

Saturday 11.00, M(Shuna)

Fit to be Tied In! Tie in Books and Why Authors Write Them

Is there fun or just money to be had when you are offered the chance to write a book related to a movie or TV show? Did you fall in love then pitch the book or was it pitched to you? What are the joys of working in a shared universe?

Kevin J. Anderson, Keith DeCandido, Marc Gascoigne, Elizabeth Hand, James Swallow, Karen Traviss

Saturday 11.00, S(Hall2)


Jay Lake, Franz Miklis, Greg Pickersgill, Lars-Olov Strandberg(in English)

Saturday 11.00, S(Hall3)


Dan Abnett, Ellen Datlow, Jeffrey Ford, Alma Alexander, Tanya Huff, Karl Schroeder

Saturday 11.00, S(Hall3)

Water Pistols at Dawn (YAFA)

Let's get wet.

Saturday 11.00, S(Hall5)

Film: Appleseed

Post-apocalypse, Olympus is the only refuge from anarchy. Soldiers Deunan and her cybernetic lover, discovering this refuge is notas perfect as it seems, are dragged into a violent debate over the nature of humanity.

Saturday 11.30, L(Fyne)


Liz Williams

Saturday 12.00, A(Gala2)

The Other Hard Sciences: SF and Biology

Where can you find quality hard SF that focuses on biology? Which authors are writing it and what do they get right and wrong? What are some of the worst biological mistakes in SF?

Greg Bear, Therese Littleton, Sam Scheiner

Saturday 12.00, L(Alsh-1)

Not the Hugo Award Panel

What should win the Hugo Award in the fiction categories? Panelists discuss what they think should win and what the actual vote might be.

Lou Anders, Charles N. Brown, Ginjer Buchanan, Niall Harrison, Gordon Van Gelder

Saturday 12.00, L(Boisdale-1)

The Down Sides of Fantasy (SFF)

Veronica Schanoes (M)
Christine Mains(University of Calgary):
- Adultery: Sin/Crime in Arthurian Fantasy
Cecilia Dart-Thornton:
- The Kind, the Cruel and the Seductive: the strange world of British folklore
Dr Kim Selling(University of Nagoya):
- Fairylands Forlorn: sublime madness and romantic loss in British fantasy

Saturday 12.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Romance in SF and Fantasy

Since Tolkien and Mary Shelley, romance has been a part of SF, adding plot and depth of character. What SF writers effectively use romance? When does romance turn a novel from SF to Romance?

Darlene Marshall, Graham Joyce, Roz Kaveney, Ken MacLeod, Delia Sherman

Saturday 12.00, L(Carron)

Science Denial

From creationism to rejection of global warming, there is a rising tide of world-views that deprecate or explicitly reject the scientific consensus. Why the rise of such beliefs, and is it appropriate for SF to engage with them?

Guy Consolmagno SJ, Jonathan Cowie, Paul McAuley, Petrea Mitchell

Saturday 12.00, L(Dochart)

Hobbits, Orcs & Homo Floresiensis: Build Realistic Creatures

Hobbits were fantasy creatures until recent claims of the discovery of Homo Floresiensis, an extinct metre-tall hominid. How do the creations of authors stack up against realistic biology and anthropology?

Jack Cohen, Dougal Dixon, China Miéville, Michael Swanwick

Saturday 12.00, L(Fyne)


Jay Caselberg

Saturday 12.00, L(Lomond)

How Do We Reinvent Time Travel?

The genre seems to have run out steam, no one even wants to subvert it anymore. What can we do?

Stephen Baxter, Harry Harrison, Kim Stanley Robinson, Connie Willis

Saturday 12.00, M(Argyll-1)

Making a Good End of It: Buffyand Angel

Both Buffyand Angeltook rather different turns in their final years. Buffy returned from the dead and teamed up with Spike; Angel took over Wolfram & Hart (and teamed up with Spike). Did they do the right thing?

Margaret Austin, Laura Anne Gilman, Simon R Green, Rebecca Moesta, Marcus Rowland

Saturday 12.00, M(Argyll-3)

How to Vote with Your Gonads

Have the fan funds become a beauty parade, as suggested by Ted White? We offer you an introduction to the fan funds. Come along and, well, vote with your gonads.

James Bacon, Suzanne Tompkins, Tobes Valois, Damien Warman, Juliette Woods

Saturday 12.00, M(Barra)

New Writers & the Campbell

What is the John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award and what has it meant to these finalists and winners? Learn where these writers started and where they've gone since.

Jay Lake, David Moles, Chris Roberson, Stanley Schmidt, Steph Swainston

Saturday 12.00, M(Boardroom)


Benjamin Rosenbaum

Saturday 12.00, M(Jura)

Disseminating Filk

Fanzines, APAs, bootleg tapes, concert/circle cassettes and CDs. How can filk songs and/or performances be distributed to those who weren't there? Should they be?

Chris Malme, Bill Sutton, Annie Walker

Saturday 12.00, M(Orkney)

Can Art Change the World?

Looking at the intersection of politics and art, at what point does an artist create a work "with teeth"? Is science fiction and fantasy art just only escapism -- by definition?

Fangorn, Lisa Konrad, Feorag NicBhride, Frank Wu

Saturday 12.00, M(Shuna)

Feminism as Setting

Feminism is no longer the story, instead it's the setting -- what has this meant for feminist writers?

Trudi Canavan, Anne K. Gay, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Mari Kotani, Justine Larbalestier, Ruth Nestvold

Saturday 12.00, S(Hall2)


Chaz Brenchley, Brenda Cooper, Todd McCaffrey, Bryan Talbot

Saturday 12.00, S(Hall3)

Guests of Honour Autograph Session

Christopher Priest, Jane Yolen

Saturday 12.00, S(Hall3)

Donnie Darko: The Greatest Teen Movie Ever? (YAFA)

We look at clips and discuss this very interesting and often weird SF movie that strikes a chord with so many.

Paul Billinger, Claire Brialey, Stef Lancaster, Maura McHugh, Kim Newman

Saturday 12.30, L(Fyne)


Christopher Cevasco

Saturday 12.30, M(Boardroom)


Jetse de Vries

Saturday 13.00, A(Forth)

Mapping your World: Creating the Back Story

You've made the map of your fantasy world, invented a language or three, chronicled its thousand-year history, and given it a plausible postal system. Is there a danger that you'll write a book about the scenery, notthe story?

Susanna Clarke, Esther Friesner, Katherine Kurtz, Anne McCaffrey, Stan Nicholls

Saturday 13.00, A(Gala2)

Remembering Jack Chalker

Jack Chalker, who passed away in February, was both a pro and a fan. He was heavily involved in fandom and a tireless SF historian. He also wrote over 60 novels, often focusing on the effects of physical transformation. Jack founded Mirage Press, was a founder of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, and almost never missed a Worldcon.

Barry Newton, Michael J. Walsh, Eva Whitley, Eleanor Wood

Saturday 13.00, L(Alsh-1)


Jane Yolen

Saturday 13.00, L(Boisdale-1)

The Matter of Britain Revisited (SFF)

Naomi Novik (M)
Dr Alice Jenkins(University of Glasgow):
- Returning Kings: The Matter of Britain in Second World War American fantasy pulps
Steve Sneyd:
- The Goodbye Knights: Veiled American explorations of declining futures in Arthurian SF Poetry

Saturday 13.00, L(Boisdale-2)

It's OK, it's Lurve: Sex in Children's and YA Books

Is it ok? How to justify it? When and why we cringe.

Ben Jeapes, Oisin McGann, Janet McNaughton, Sharyn November, Terry Pratchett

Saturday 13.00, L(Carron)

Social Science and Social Satire, the Work of Robert Sheckley

In many of his stories, Sheckley speculates about alternative (and usually sinister) social orders but always with an absurdist touch. He looks at world problems with irony and hope.

Dennis Danvers, Scott Edelman, Connie Willis

Saturday 13.00, L(Dochart)

Alternative Americas

Not all American visions of America were capitalist. notall Americas are the US. What other plausible Americas can we imagine?

Pat Cadigan, Andy Duncan, Ken MacLeod, Farah Mendlesohn, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Saturday 13.00, L(Fyne)


Tricia Sullivan

Saturday 13.00, L(Lomond)

Alan Lee Interview

Alan Lee will be interviewed by Jane Johnson, the woman responsible for bringing his signature look to the works of Tolkien. These art and Tolkien lovers will have lots of stories to explore.

Jane Johnson, Alan Lee

Saturday 13.00, M(Argyll-1)

British Fandom and the Spheres of Influence

Have the influences on British fandom been predominantly internal or external -- or do the Brits export fannish influence? Has the Internet changed anything? Do fans from overseas have different views?

Sandra Bond, Lilian Edwards, Tony Keen, Murray Moore, Juliette Woods

Saturday 13.00, M(Argyll-3)

Literary Team's Book Group: Black Juice

This is a group discussion for the literary programme team's favourite book of the year: Margo Lanagan's fantastical short story collection Black Juice.

Niall Harrison

Saturday 13.00, M(Barra)

Our Starships Drive on the Other Side

What is different about creating a genre series in the US, UK, Europe and Australia? What are the cultural, business and technical issues?

Sean McMullen, Rita Medany, James Swallow, Stuart Vandal

Saturday 13.00, M(Boardroom)

Grey Eminences: Pulling Agents Out of the Shadows

So you've written a book, and now you have to sell it. Your first stop is to find an agent. Why? What can they offer? Does it matter if they are SF/fantasy specialists?

Joshua Bilmes, Ian Irvine, John Jarrold, Mary Turzillo, Claire Weaver

Saturday 13.00, M(Jura)

Writing SF, When You Aren't White or Christian

So much of SF/fantasy contains an implicit assumption about the shared culture of the readership. Many fantasies, for example, are thinly disguised reworkings of Pilgrim's Progress; much SF assumes you are American. Does it matter?

Kimmo Lehtonen, Antonio Ruffini, Robert Silverberg, Takayuki Tatsumi

Saturday 13.00, M(Orkney)

Inhabiting Existing Universes: Writing Fan Fiction

What's better than reading and writing in familiar universes that we love? Fan fiction ranges widely in quality, style, and erotic content. Enjoy the good and avoid the junk, but watch out for Mary Sue!

Jane Carnall, Laura Anne Gilman, Joseph Stockman, Kathryn Sullivan

Saturday 13.00, M(Shuna)

Clarke Award Book Group: Discussion of Iron Council

The Arthur C. Clarke Award is given to the best SF novel which received its first British publication during the previous calendar year. Come and discuss the latest winner, China Miéville's Iron Council.

Paul Kincaid

Saturday 13.00, S(Hall2)


Hal Duncan, Geoffrey Landis, Jessica Rydill

Saturday 13.00, S(Hall3)


Peter F. Hamilton, James P. Hogan, Justina Robson, Charles Stross, Scott Westerfeld, Liz Williams

Saturday 13.00, S(Hall3)

Books Based on Other Media (YAFA)

Can a related book bring you the same pleasure as the movie? Are tie-in books a good introduction to the wider world of literary SF?

Paul Cornell, Rebecca Moesta, Karen Traviss

Saturday 13.30, L(Fyne)


Beth Hilgartner

Saturday 14.00, A(Forth)

Building a Future World and Blowing it Up. The Pleasures of Destruction

Is there anything better than watching a world you've constructed word by word, blow up in super nova or a nuclear war?

Keith Brooke, Jay Caselberg, Gary Gibson, Martin Sketchley

Saturday 14.00, A(Gala2)

What Made a Creative Media Genius in the 20th Century?

The panel considers factors that contributed to the creative genius of writers & producers such as Roddenberry, JMS, Whedon and Adams. What distinguishes their work? Who will be remembered in 20 years?

Margaret Austin, Eddie Cochrane, Lilian Edwards, Craig Miller

Saturday 14.00, L(Alsh-1)


Christopher Priest

Saturday 14.00, L(Boisdale-1)

John Clute and Gary K. Wolfe in Conversation (SFF)

Listen in as science fiction and fantasy critics Gary K. Wolfe and John Clute discuss a variety of topics. There is no telling where the conversation could lead!

John Clute, Gary K. Wolfe

Saturday 14.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Eurocon Business Meeting

Annual business meeting of the European Science Fiction Society continues, with voting on 2007 Eurocon site, New board members, and ESFS awards.

Saturday 14.00, L(Carron)

History of Anime, Part 2: Robots and Ninja

Jonathan Clements examines TV anime of the 1970s and 1980s, including giant robots, the creation of the ninja myth, and theme songs you'll want to salute.

Jonathan Clements

Saturday 14.00, L(Dochart)

Mars 3-D

Learn about anaglyphs and stereo pairs, and see the latest images from Mars come to life in glorious stereo. [For full value from this presentation, you will need vision in both eyes and normal colour perception.]

Simon Bradshaw

Saturday 14.00, L(Fyne)


P. C. Hodgell

Saturday 14.00, L(Lomond)

The Alchemical Life of Robert Sheckley

Gail Dana and Robin Munro discuss Robert Sheckley's life and work.

Gail Dana, Robin Munro

Saturday 14.00, M(Argyll-1)

Alpha and Beta Fandom Ten Years On

So You Fancy Yourself as an Alpha? Alpha fans take the credit, Beta fans do the hard graft. Or do they? Michael Abbott tests if our two teams have Got What it Takes.

Michael Abbott

Saturday 14.00, M(Argyll-3)

Fanzine Production Workshop 2: Writing an Article

OK, so the best designed fanzine in the world is no good without material. We show you how to shape that roughly-hewn anecdote into a masterful jewel of fan writing.

Randy Byers, Steve Davies, Christina Lake

Saturday 14.00, M(Barra)

How a Comic is Put Together

Dan Abnett discusses the in's and out's of producing comic books and graphic novels. Come hear about the process from an experienced writer of comics and novels.

Dan Abnett

Saturday 14.00, M(Boardroom)

Military vs. Civil Authority: Do You Trust Adama or Roslyn?

The conflict between military and civilian authority can be seen in the world around us, and sometimes it is portrayed in SF. The panel examines this conflict, a key element in the New Battlestar Galactica.

Melanie Fletcher, Christina Hansen, David D. Levine, Jim Mann, Chris Roberson

Saturday 14.00, M(Jura)

The Greatest Queer SF

What are the best queer works of science fiction? A celebration of queer themes, queer characters and queer authors in the SF genre.

Paul F. Cockburn, Hal Duncan, Jim Grimsley, Jed Hartman, Tanya Huff

Saturday 14.00, M(Orkney)

Trouble in Tri-D

The unique challenges faced by 3D artists.

Chantal Delessert, Allison Hershey, Juraj "Mad" Maxon, Sally Mayer

Saturday 14.00, S(Hall2)


Sarah Ash, Harry Harrison, David Langford, Ian R. Macleod

Saturday 14.00, S(Hall3)


Brian Aldiss OBE, Kevin J. Anderson, Stephen Baxter, Jack Cohen, Kim Stanley Robinson

Saturday 14.00, S(Hall3)

Space Oddity (YAFA)

Our panel of experts bring along items and images to show and talk about.

Robert Buettner, Inge Heyer, Aleta Jackson, Jordin Kare, Emma King

Saturday 14.30, L(Fyne)


Eldon Thompson

Saturday 14.30, M(Barra)

Edwardian SF

H. G. Wells wasn't the only Edwardian writing SF. Come along and hear about some of the others.

Marcus Rowland

Saturday 15.00, L(Alsh-1)


Susanna Clarke

Saturday 15.00, L(Fyne)


Graham Joyce

Saturday 15.00, M(Barra)

The Green Children of Woolpit

Who were the two green-skinned children that legend says appeared in the Sussex village of Woolpit nearly nine centuries ago? Duncan Lunan explores a remarkable answer to this ancient mystery.

Duncan Lunan

Saturday 15.00, S(Hall3)

Harry Potter Reading (YAFA)

Far fetched fictionalist, Robert Rankin, reads some excerpts from J K Rowling's works, followed by a discussion.

Robert Rankin

Saturday 15.30, A(Forth)

Trilogy Middle Book Problem

Dave Langford once said that the middle volume of a trilogy advances the plot about as far as the average glacier gets beteween breakfast and elevenses. Why, and what's a writer to do?

James Barclay, Terry Brooks, Juliet E McKenna, Katya Reimann, Chris Roberson

Saturday 15.30, A(Gala2)

A History of British Comics

Dan Dare, The Trigan Empire, TV 21, 2000AD, Warrior-- there is much good stuff to discuss.

Graham Bleathman, Alan Grant, Bryan Talbot, Paul Treadaway

Saturday 15.30, L(Alsh-1)

Alien Anatomy

How to paint and draw fictional beings and make them look real.

Dougal Dixon, David Mattingly, John Picacio, Martina Pilcerova, Frank Wu

Saturday 15.30, L(Boisdale-1)

Art, Media and Speculative Fiction (SFF)

Sydney Duncan (M)
Dr Gail-Nina Anderson(University of Sunderland):
- Arthurian Subjects in Victorian Art
Dr Antony Keen(Open University):
- Cartagia in Babylon 5and his historical antecedents
Dr Sue Short(Birkbeck College):
- The British Dystopian Imagination

Saturday 15.30, L(Boisdale-2)

What's New from Orbit/TimeWarner

Come meet the editors from Orbit/TimeWarner and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Tim Holman, Darren Nash

Saturday 15.30, L(Carron)

The Art of the Anthology

Is there more to the anthology than compiling stories?

David Hartwell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Sheila Williams, Andrew Wilson, Jane Yolen

Saturday 15.30, L(Dochart)

After September 11th, are Vampires Still Scary?

In a world where every suitcase might carry a bomb; when you can poison a city with a couple of vials of virus -- why are we still writing about vampires?

Ellen Datlow, Jeffrey Ford, Tom Hunter, Kim Newman, Liz Williams

Saturday 15.30, L(Lomond)

What It Means to be a Concept Artist for a Movie

Movie-makers turn to artists to help them create a "look" for a movie. The artist's work can aid in set design, costuming, and lighting. What is it like to bridge the distance between the canvas and the movie screen?

Fangorn, Alan Lee

Saturday 15.30, M(Argyll-1)

Guest of Honour Interview: Lars-Olov Strandberg

Editor and publisher John-Henri Holmberg interviews Lars-Olov Strandberg. Together they discuss 50 years of fandom.

John-Henri Holmberg, Lars-Olov Strandberg

Saturday 15.30, M(Argyll-3)

International Battle of the Biscuits

Oreos, Tim Tams or Jaffa Cakes? Religious idealists take a stand and put international biscuits to the test.

Zara Baxter

Saturday 15.30, M(Barra)

On Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality (AR) system generates a composite world for the user -- a real scene merged with an information-rich virtual scene, ideally becoming an indistinguishable whole. What is the current state of the technology and what are its ramifications?

Karl Schroeder

Saturday 15.30, M(Boardroom)


Karen Traviss

Saturday 15.30, M(Jura)

"The Long Tail": Economics of a Post-Scarcity World

Does the internet makes it possible to keep infinite back catalogues of publications and exploit them in an economically efficient way? (Inspired by Chris Anderson's blog & article in Wired.)

Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf, Ken MacLeod, Oliver Morton, Mike Scott, Francis Spufford

Saturday 15.30, M(Orkney)


Robin Hobb

Saturday 15.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Kathleen Sloan

The "Catalog Queen" from Colorado USA, Kathleen is fun, funny, and as charming as is legal under EU guidelines. A longtime favourite of ours, we suspect she'll become one of yours as well.

Kathleen Sloan

Saturday 15.30, S(Hall2)


Joe Haldeman, David A. Hardy, Christopher Priest, Charles Stross

Saturday 15.30, S(Hall3)


Andy Duncan, George R.R. Martin, Paul McAuley, Ian McDonald, Steph Swainston, Michael Swanwick

Saturday 15.30, S(Hall3)

Discussion of Harry Potter (YAFA)

A discussion of the Harry Potter books and movies.

Conor Kostick, Janet McNaughton, Sharyn November

Saturday 15.30, S(Hall5)

Titan and the Imagination: Huygens and Cassini

Professor David Southwood, Director of Science for the European Space Agency, discusses the Huygens and Cassini missions.

Prof. David Southwood

Saturday 16.00, L(Fyne)


Jody Lynn Nye

Saturday 16.00, M(Barra)


Does Revelations describe an Assisted Super Volcano eruption? Wilson takes a realistic look at how long it would take for a Yellowstone Class Super Volcano to stop going "shussh," and how "assisting" the eruption improves the situation.

Edward Wilson

Saturday 16.00, M(Boardroom)


James Lovegrove

Saturday 16.00, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: TBA

Saturday's first surprise slot -- who will it be?

Saturday 16.00, S(Hall3)

Comics are for Girls, too(YAFA)

No they're not. Our panel gives their opinions along with examples of good comics for everyone and girls too.

Mari Kotani, Maura McHugh, Rebecca Moesta

Saturday 16.30, L(Fyne)


Paul Park

Saturday 16.30, M(Barra)

Climate and Human Change

Jonathan Cowie takes a wider look at the social and economic impact of climate change.

Jonathan Cowie

Saturday 16.30, M(Boardroom)


Ian R. Macleod

Saturday 16.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: TBA

Saturday's second surprise slot -- the suspense is killing us.

Saturday 17.00, A(Forth)

Interzone: the Good, the Bad and the Brass Bra'd

Since 1982, Interzone, has helped many of today's most prominent writers into print. It's time to look back and celebrate 23 years, and look forward too.

John Clute, Jetse de Vries, David Mathew, David Pringle, Liz Williams

Saturday 17.00, A(Gala2)

Are Tie-in Novels Worthwhile or Do They Stop People From Reading Real Novels?

Are there parts of the genre that tie-in novels tickle yet other books just can't reach? What makes a really good tie-in novel? What are the joys of working in a shared universe?

William King, Jaime Levine, Rebecca Moesta, Stan Nicholls, Dave O'Neill

Saturday 17.00, L(Alsh-1)

It Can't be Fantasy -- I Like It!

What makes certain apparently generic fantasies stand head and shoulders above the others? What about the fantasies that aren't marketed as such by mainstream publishers?

Laura Anne Gilman, Katherine Kurtz, Darren Nash, Jessica Rydill

Saturday 17.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Ideas, Fiction and Reality (SFF)

Nick Hubble (M)
Paul Kincaid(independent scholar):
- What happens in The Separation?
Dr Alvin C Kibel(MIT):
- A Function for Thought Experiments
Dr Joan Gordon(Nassau Community College):
- Being and Becoming in Sheri S Tepper's Six Moon Dance

Saturday 17.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide

Radio? Books? TV? Movie? Come explore what is available in these different interpretations of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Flick, Robert Newman, John Campbell Rees, Doug Spencer

Saturday 17.00, L(Carron)

Why Should We Mind? SF/Fantasy & Consciousness

From telepathy to life-after-death, the Singularity and uploaded consciousness, and into the psychotropic, the mind fascinates SF writers.

Kelly Link, Alastair Reynolds, Justina Robson, Ian Watson, Connie Willis

Saturday 17.00, L(Dochart)

Jules Verne: First Hard SF Writer?

Jules Verne died in 1905, one hundred years ago. Was he the first "hard SF" writer, and how well has his future tech stood up to the test of time?

Brian Aldiss OBE, Dan DeLong, Alain Nevant, G. David Nordley, Lars-Olov Strandberg

Saturday 17.00, L(Fyne)


Frank Roger

Saturday 17.00, L(Lomond)

Prof. David Southwood Interview

Special guest Prof. David Southwood is interviewed by Stephen Baxter.

Stephen Baxter, Prof. David Southwood

Saturday 17.00, M(Argyll-1)

Your Life as a Fan

Chat show hosted by Greg Pickersgill, who talks to some prime suspects about the role of SF in their life and career.

Malcolm Edwards, John Jarrold, Rog Peyton, Greg Pickersgill, Christopher Priest

Saturday 17.00, M(Argyll-3)

Geek Eye for the Technophobe Guy

Wary of Wi-fi? Prevaricating on a PDA? If you think Bluetooth is something your dentist might diagnose, this panel is for you! Our panel of experts will take a tech-resistant fan and rebuild him/her into a walking Singularity...

Michael Abbott, Tanya Brown, Steve Davies, Andrew Ducker

Saturday 17.00, M(Barra)

The Dummies Guide to Manga

Manga can overwhelm the Newbie with its barrage of images and unknown terrm. Subjects range from romance to samurai to giant robots to naughty schoolgirls to massive computers with geopolitical ambitions. Where do you start?

Hiroaki Inoue, Paul Treadaway

Saturday 17.00, M(Boardroom)


Brenda Cooper

Saturday 17.00, M(Jura)

Silken Blades and Long Blonde Hair

Is there toomuch homoeroticism in fantasy for real homosexuality? There are lots of really lovely gay scenes in fantasy and slash fiction, but how is the reality of being gay presented?

Barrett Brick, Roz Kaveney, Ellen Kushner, China Miéville

Saturday 17.00, M(Orkney)

The Magazines are Dead: Long Live the Magazines

Do you read the fiction magazines? How many of you have a subscription for a magazine that you haven't read for a year? What are magazines for? Are the stories any good? Does it matter if they are online or not?

Ellen Datlow, Gavin Grant, Niall Harrison, Jed Hartman, Gordon Van Gelder

Saturday 17.00, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Dave Luckett

Dave is an SF author and longtime filker from Australia -- we're honoured to have him on stage after long plane flights and much bheer...

Dave Luckett

Saturday 17.00, S(Hall2)


Simon R Green, Robin Munro, Kim Stanley Robinson, Tricia Sullivan

Saturday 17.00, S(Hall3)


Lillian Stewart Carl, Paul Cornell, Robin Hobb, Karin Lowachee, Karen Traviss

Saturday 17.00, S(Hall3)

Roller Blade Quidditch (YAFA)

er... Roller Blade Quidditch. Or skate boards, roller skates, and even unicycles.

Saturday 17.30, L(Fyne)


Jo Fletcher

Saturday 17.30, M(Boardroom)


Ian McDonald

Saturday 17.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Faye Ringel

When notin her secret identity as Professor of Humanities at the US Coast Guard Academy, Faye is a purveyor of everything from medieval ballads and bawdy songs to jazz, blues, and folk.

Faye Ringel

Saturday 17.30, S(Hall3)

Zombie Masquerade Prep (YAFA)

Get made up as a zombie, as in Shaun of the Dead.

Saturday 18.00, L(Alsh-1)

Quiz: Just a Minute

Panel game in which our contestants have to speak uninterrupted for sixty seconds on a given topic without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

Pat Cadigan, Andy Duncan, Sydney Duncan, George R.R. Martin, Sean McMullen, John Meaney, Ian Watson, Connie Willis

Saturday 18.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Video: SFX in Space

Video contrasts 1950s movies, especially Destination Moon, with the reality of the Apollo landings -- quite accurately, but notnecessarily seriously.

David A. Hardy

Saturday 18.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Growth of the Slipstream

Our Panelists look at the fiction that slips between traditional genre boundaries, and ask why this kind of fiction appeals to SF readers.

Hal Duncan, Colin Greenland, Elizabeth Hand, Kelly Link, Mark Rich, Delia Sherman

Saturday 18.00, L(Carron)

Science Meets Mythology: Stargate'sBalancing Act

The backstory of Stargate SG-1is rooted in pseudo- science -- ancient space travelers are the basis for human mythology. Yet often more attention is paid to basic science than your typical SF TV show. How does it mix gods, history and spaceships and still make sense?

Keith DeCandido, Ben Jeapes, Juliet E McKenna, Kathryn Sullivan

Saturday 18.00, L(Dochart)

Beyond Movies and TV: SF in Other Media

Notice the way speculative ideas are being used in commercials? In print ads? Do mundanes comprehend the Accuview ads?

Andrew Adams, Roy Gray, Geneva Melzack, Jody Lynn Nye, James Swallow

Saturday 18.00, L(Lomond)

Doctor WhoEpisode 8: "Father's Day"

Rose travels back to 1987, to witness the day her father died. This episode first aired May 2005.

Paul Cornell

Saturday 18.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fannish Currency: Whuffie, Egoboo and Chocolate

Fandom has for a long time had a potlatch economy, where you give things away in the expectation of egoboo, or fannish kudos. How does this translate to the Internet Age?

Cory Doctorow, Christina Lake, Mike Scott, Suzanne Tompkins

Saturday 18.00, M(Argyll-3)

How To Survive In Your Native Land

What's it like to be a fannish fan at a modern Worldcon? Are there frontiers to cross? Martin Easterbrook acts as the John Peel of fandom -- he's seen it all but remains enthusiastic about the New stuff.

Martin Easterbrook, Martin Hoare, Grant Kruger, Kees van Toorn

Saturday 18.00, M(Barra)

The Drugged Out Worlds of SF and Fantasy

It's notjust Philip K. Dick... much SF and fantasy presents experiences which are the result of consciousness-alteration. What books can be read this way? Do they depict the negative and positive consequences responsibly? [Interaction does not endorse the use of Can-D or Chew-Z.]

Andrew M Butler, Steph Swainston, Gordon Van Gelder, Lucy Zinkiewicz

Saturday 18.00, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Chris Malme

Chris is known as "Minstrel" for a reason -- this UK singer/songwriter's work can be both funny and poignant and is always full of wonder.

Chris Malme

Saturday 18.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Valerie Housden

As Valerie has been lending her vocal and directing talents to UK choir the n'Early Music Consort (yes, you read that right), it's a treat to have her back on stage for a solo concert.

Valerie Housden

Saturday 19.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Game Design: Realism vs. Playability

Playability means a game is easy to understand, and more quickly. Realism adds depth and believability but makes the game longer. How do you find a balance?

David Cake, Gordon Lamont, Marcus Rowland

Saturday 19.00, L(Dochart)

Is Blogging Helping or Hurting Your Career?

Is your blog taking over your life -- or your writing? Are you talking toomuch about writing and not actually writing, or is your blog helping you to write better?

Michael Cobley, Eileen Gunn, Benjamin Rosenbaum, John Scalzi, Martha Wells

Saturday 19.00, M(Argyll-1)

The Alternative Class of 87

Conspiracy '87 had a notable effect on British fandom. Panelists look back to their first British Worldcon, what they did there and how it affected what they've been doing since.

Steven Cain, Jim de Liscard, Spike Parsons, Mark Plummer

Saturday 19.00, M(Barra)

A Con Every Weekend: Wouldn't It Be Great?

Question & Answer session featuring representatives from upcoming conventions.

Fran Dowd

Saturday 20.00, A(Clyde)


The masquerade is one of the highlights of a Worldcon, a theatrical presentation where you will see fandom's best costumers briefly bring to life scenes from science fiction and fantasy.

Saturday 20.00, L(Dochart)

Tall Technical Tales

By popular demand, the return of True Stories from the Lab.

Dave Clements, Nigel Furlong, Martin Hoare, Jordin Kare

Saturday 20.00, M(Argyll-1)

So You're Going to Japan

We're all looking forward to Nippon in 2007, but none of us has any idea what to expect. Our panel gives us a clue.

Allen Baum, Patrick McMurray, Peggy Rae Sapienza

Saturday 20.00, M(Barra)

The Gripes of Wrath

Just like any other gripe session, except that this one is for a convention that never happened. Bring some gripes you wish you'd heard and the gripes you never want to hear. If we haven't kept the Kraken in the Clyde well-fed this weekend, now's the time we want to hear about it.

Martin Easterbrook, Chris O'Shea, Catherine Pickersgill

Saturday 20.30, L(Boisdale-1)

Reading - New Scottish Writing

Michael Cobley, Neil Williamson, Andrew Wilson

Saturday 20.30, L(Lomond)

Film: GamerZ

A New comedy movie from Scotland -- an engaging love triangle with a strong twist of fantasy.

Saturday 20.30, M(Boardroom)


Diana Pharaoh Francis

Saturday 21.00, L(Dochart)

SF Before 1960: No Sex... and Who Cleaned the Toilets?

What has changed in science fiction since the 1960s and why?

Fred Lerner, John Meaney, Richard Morgan

Saturday 21.00, M(Argyll-1)

The Strange Case of the SF Book Seller

The myths and legends of the science fiction book selling trade, as told by mythical and legendary book sellers from around the globe.

Brian Ameringen, Rog Peyton, Mark Plummer, Michael J. Walsh

Saturday 21.00, M(Barra)

Open Filk

Saturday 21.00, M(Boardroom)


Ian Irvine

Saturday 21.00, M(Orkney)

Open Filk

Saturday 21.00, M(Shuna)

Open Filk

Saturday 22.00, M(Argyll-1)

Quiz Gunfight

A fast and furious one-on-one quiz: a series of duals between two entrants, with SF and fan questions. Turn up and have a go; last fan standing wins a prize.

Catherine Pickersgill

Sunday, August 7

Sunday 9.00, M(Argyll-3)

Shotokan Karate Workshop for Beginners

Participate in light, controlled, and *safe* physical activity. If you have never tried karate but would like to learn more, this workshop is for you. Loose- fitting clothing suggested. More advanced practitioners also welcome.

Kenn Bates, Keith G. Kato

Sunday 10.00, A(Forth)

WSFS Business Meeting

This Meeting is open to all Worldcon members, all of whom are eligible to vote. Today's meeting will debate and vote on amendments to the WSFS Constitution. This meeting will deal with business notresolved at yesterday's meeting. If all business was resolved at yesterday's meeting, today's meeting will be cancelled; watch the convention Newsletter for updates.

Sunday 10.00, L(Alsh-1)

Is the American Empire on the Verge of Collapse?

A convergence of factors -- peak oil, imperialism in the Mideast, the growing dominance of Pacific Rim economies, the competition from a (more-or-less) united European Union, and the rejection in America of intellectualism and science -- suggest that the US balances on the precipice of collapse.

Ken MacLeod, Lawrence Person, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Nicholas Whyte

Sunday 10.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Stretching the View (SFF)

Edward James (M)
Knud Larn(independent scholar):
- Hans Christian Anderson
Dr Andrew May:
- Parsifalas proto-SF

Sunday 10.00, L(Boisdale-2)

ASFA Meeting

The annual meeting of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.

Sunday 10.00, L(Carron)

AI: the Aliens We Make?

Aliens and AI are both Other, but where one comes from Out There, the other lives Down Here. Are they really the same thing -- and either way, what difference does it make?

Cory Doctorow, David Gerrold, Ian McDonald, Charles Stross, Tricia Sullivan

Sunday 10.00, L(Dochart)

Where Next and How To Get There?

Space probes:TNG! What are the next tempting targets and what are the forthcoming technologies that will let us explore them? Will we explore the asteroids with swarms of smart gravel?

Janet Johnston, Jordin Kare, Geoffrey Landis, Tino Warinowski

Sunday 10.00, L(Fyne)


Jeffrey Ford

Sunday 10.00, L(Lomond)

The Aesthetics of Fantasy: Writing the Fantastic

How do writers create a sense of the fantastic? What techniques work? What styles and voices bring reality crashing around the reader's ear?

Susanna Clarke, Greer Gilman, Jay Lake, Farah Mendlesohn, China Miéville, Ruth Nestvold

Sunday 10.00, M(Argyll-1)

The Enduring Popularity of Doctor Who

What makes Doctor Whoso popular, such that old fans continue to watch and New fans discover it every year? Writers from the series reflect on its enduring popularity and the elements that made it an iconic show today.

Paul Cornell, Paul Oldroyd, Gary Russell, Rob Shearman

Sunday 10.00, M(Barra)

Design a Solar System 2

The second of three linked workshops chaired by G. David Nordley, exploring the New knowledge arising from recent discoveries of extra-solar planets and in our own solar system.

John Bray, Jack Cohen, G. David Nordley

Sunday 10.00, M(Boardroom)


Kim Stanley Robinson

Sunday 10.00, M(Jura)

Travel to Other Planets: Non-English Language Conventions

What's it like for Anglo-American authors going to cons outside the English speaking world? Culture Shock! But who is more shocked, the visitors or the visited? What happens if there is no bar culture?

Jonathan Clements, Ralan Conley, Klaus Æ Mogensen, Greg Pickersgill, Christopher Priest, Lars-Olov Strandberg

Sunday 10.00, S(Hall2)


Lillian Stewart Carl, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Alan Grant, Elizabeth Wein

Sunday 10.00, S(Hall3)

Let Loose the Grumpy Old Ladies (YAFA)

A selection of fun ladies play traditional games.

Fran Dowd

Sunday 10.30, L(Fyne)


Paul Chafe

Sunday 10.30, M(Boardroom)


Stephen Baxter

Sunday 10.30, S(Hall3)

Dune Reading (YAFA)

Kevin J Anderson reads some Dune, and engages in conversation about the Dune phenomenon.

Kevin J. Anderson

Sunday 11.00, A(Gala2)

Have the Tolkienistas Misread Tolkien?

A lot of fantasy that is apparently derivative of Tolkien is searching for an object of power to make everything right. Whereas the entire point of Lord of the Ringsis that if anyone has the object of power then everything is wrong.

Esther Friesner, Robin Hobb, Chris Roberson, Justina Robson

Sunday 11.00, L(Alsh-1)

Is LostSF or Paranoid Realism?

(Warning: spoilers) Is Lostspeculative or just a paranoid delusion? Is it truth or fantasy? What about Hurley, Locke, Walt and Claire?

Tom Galloway, Joe Haldeman, David D. Levine, Laurie Mann, Priscilla Olson

Sunday 11.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Myth, History and Fantasy (SFF)

Tania Scott(University College Dublin):
- Pegana and Ireland: The fantastic realms of Lord Dunsany
Dr Mike Cosgrave(University College, Cork):
- The Unionist Mistake? Home Rule and Empire: 1886- 1930
Dr Michael Johnson(Buffalo State College):
- What's the bear doing in C S Lewis's That Hideous Strength?

Sunday 11.00, L(Boisdale-2)


George R.R. Martin

Sunday 11.00, L(Carron)

The 1950s, 50 Years On

The 1950s saw the Golden Era of Science Fiction film and the blossoming of writers such as Asimov, Sturgeon, Dick, Farmer, Walter M. Miller and Poul Anderson. What do we think of them now?

Gail Dana, Irma Hirsjärvi, Justine Larbalestier, Greg Pickersgill, Mark Rich

Sunday 11.00, L(Dochart)

Lost and Found: Children's Books We Miss

A chance to rediscover all those life-shaping children's books that you and everyone else, publishers included, had forgotten up 'til now.

Greer Gilman, Janet McNaughton, Terry Pratchett, Francis Spufford

Sunday 11.00, L(Fyne)


Keith BrookeAKA Nick Gifford

Sunday 11.00, L(Lomond)

Where is the Heart of the Genre?

Is short fiction still the engine that drives SF or is the most exciting writing taking place at novel length?

Lou Anders, Harry Harrison, Paul Kincaid, Ian R. Macleod, Stanley Schmidt

Sunday 11.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fannish Etiquette: A Primer

How should fans behave? Why don't they? Our panel muses on basic human etiquette, and wonders why it's passed so many fans by completely.

Simon Bradshaw, Susan de Guardiola, Janice Gelb, Lucy Zinkiewicz

Sunday 11.00, M(Argyll-3)

Fanzine Production Workshop 3: Getting it Together

You've got a design, you've got material, but you've got to get it all together. Our panel help you master editing, collation, mailing list management and all those little extras. Or you could just put it online.

Jae Leslie Adams, Bill Burns, Jerry Kaufman, Mark Plummer, Suzanne Tompkins

Sunday 11.00, M(Barra)

Website Design: Going Global

The Web has opened a whole New market for artists, and a whole New set of problems and dangers. What are the pros and cons of having your own website, and how do you make yours effective?

James Stanley Daugherty, Sally Mayer, Franz Miklis, Frank Wu

Sunday 11.00, M(Jura)

The Best New Feminist SF

Our panel considers the most recent generation of feminist SF writers. What issues are contemporary feminist authors concerned with? Who is worth reading?

Judith Clute, Sarah Micklem, Liz Williams

Sunday 11.00, M(Orkney)

The SF Fan's Introduction to Literary Criticism

Interested in the critical study of SF but never formally studied literary theory? Find yourself getting lost in jargon? Some friendly critics are here to give you a helping hand.

Andrew M Butler, Joan Gordon, Colin Greenland, Graham Joyce

Sunday 11.00, M(Shuna)

Virtual and Physical Activism

Beginning with the fax machine and continuing with listserves, wikis, blogs, texting and now podcasting, there are many ways that activists can connect and agitate. What are the innovations, the future, and the unanticipated consequences of online activism?

Michael Cobley, Ian Irvine, Geneva Melzack, Renee Sieber, Maureen Kincaid Speller

Sunday 11.00, S(Hall2)


Charles N. Brown, Laura Anne Gilman, Stan Nicholls

Sunday 11.00, S(Hall3)


David A. Hardy, James Lovegrove, Jody Lynn Nye, Katya Reimann, Connie Willis

Sunday 11.00, S(Hall3)

Patronising Youth: Your Chance to Speak Up (YAFA)

Editors and authors discuss the fine line between patronising and entertaining, and reveal what age group "young adult" is actually aimed at. Youfs will be encouraged to share opinions.

Jo Fletcher, Maura McHugh, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Irene Radford

Sunday 11.30, A(Forth)

Old Pharts Photo Session

Current and former Worldcon chairs are invited to have their pictures taken. Others are invited to take the pictures.

Sunday 11.30, L(Fyne)


Madeleine E. Robins

Sunday 12.00, A(Forth)

Masquerade Post-Mortem

What went right, what went wrong? Round table discussion between this year's team and representatives from next year's Worldcon masquerade organizers.

Giulia De Cesare

Sunday 12.00, A(Gala2)

Does Family Make our Hero Boring?

Have you ever noticed the number of orphans and "onlies" in SF/F, and the absent husbands and wives? Does being married with children mean an end to the Quest?

Pat Cadigan, David Gerrold, Sean McMullen, Tricia Sullivan

Sunday 12.00, L(Alsh-1)

The British Boffin: An SF Stereotype Dissected

For every Bond, there has to be a Q. Who were the Boffins, where did they go, and are they coming back? Francis Spufford, author of the acclaimed Backroom Boys, talks to Ken MacLeod, Stephen Baxter, and others.

Liz Batty, Stephen Baxter, Ken MacLeod, Francis Spufford

Sunday 12.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Old Masters and New Voices (SFF)

Veronica Schanoes (M)
Dr Sandra Singer(University of Guelph):
- So Long Been Dreaming: how does the subaltern speak?
Geetha B(Birla Institute of Science and Technology):
- Thematic Concerns in Arthur C Clarke

Sunday 12.00, L(Boisdale-2)

A Final Look at Farscape

Browder & Black are going back to Stargate. Is Farscapefinally finished? Let's look at the four wonderful seasons that we did have, and discuss possibilities for the future.

Christina Hansen, Rebecca Moesta, Cindy (Huckle) Mohareb, Priscilla Olson

Sunday 12.00, L(Carron)

Superheroes, Vigilantes & Police Officers with Big Guns

The relationship between comics characters, law enforcement, and justice.

Fiona Avery, Alan Grant, Richard Morgan

Sunday 12.00, L(Dochart)

Speculative Evolution of Dinosaurs

What would have evolved if dinosaurs hadn't died out?

Michael Brett-Surman, Neil Clark, Dougal Dixon, Sam Scheiner, Frank Wu

Sunday 12.00, L(Fyne)


Deborah J. Miller

Sunday 12.00, L(Lomond)

Genre Killing Ideas

"The Singularity is this enormous turd that Vernor Vinge crapped into the punchbowl of SF writing, and now nobody wanting to take a drink can ignore it." [Charlie Stross] What other ideas have had the same effect on the genre?

Ian McDonald, Alastair Reynolds, Karl Schroeder, Charles Stross

Sunday 12.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fanzine Reviews in the Bath

Fanzines have always been great for reading in the bath. Our slightly damp experts review the latest crop. Bring a rubber duck and a loofah.

Alison Scott

Sunday 12.00, M(Argyll-3)

Art vs. Love: Balancing a Creative Career & Relationships

Is art a jealous mistress?

James Stanley Daugherty, Joe Haldeman, David Mattingly

Sunday 12.00, M(Barra)

Perry Rhodan: The World's Longest Running SF Series

After 44 years this German science fiction serial is still vastly popular. What is the secret of this audacious space explorer's longevity?

Frank Borsch, Klaus N. Frick, Kees van Toorn, Robert Vogel

Sunday 12.00, M(Boardroom)


Paul Witcover

Sunday 12.00, M(Jura)

Creative Commons 101. A Primer for the Interested

Talk by Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow

Sunday 12.00, S(Hall2)


Brian Aldiss OBE, Ellen Datlow, Geneva Melzack, Delia Sherman

Sunday 12.00, S(Hall3)


Lilian Edwards, Martha Wells

Sunday 12.00, S(Hall3)

Trip to Glasgow Science Centre (YAFA)

Our resident science nuts, Emma King and Simoné Vanzyl, take a group to the Science Centre across the Clyde. [Two hour item. Charges of £2.50 per youth apply.]

Emma King, Simoné Vanzyl

Sunday 12.00, S(Hall5)

Roving on the Red Planet

Talk by Geoff Landis on science and the Mars Rover.

Geoffrey Landis

Sunday 12.30, L(Fyne)


Andrew Wilson

Sunday 12.30, M(Boardroom)


Michael Swanwick

Sunday 13.00, A(Forth)

Masquerade Show and Tell

You went ooohhh! and aaahhh! over masquerade entries last night. Here's a chance to see some of them close up, photograph the detail work, and hear their creators explain their techniques.

Giulia De Cesare, Kevin Roche, Andrew Trembley

Sunday 13.00, A(Gala2)

The World We are Making Now 2: Places

What we're building now -- technology, agriculture, and transport infrastructure -- will support or hamper our living fifty years hence.

Ian McDonald, Caroline Mullan, Joe Raftery, Kim Stanley Robinson, Yvonne Rowse, Renee Sieber

Sunday 13.00, L(Alsh-1)

Collecting Miniature Knights

George RR Martin talks about his hobby. Does this connect to his past as a chess club maven? Inquiring minds...

George R.R. Martin

Sunday 13.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Geography, Landscape and Nature (SFF)

Dr Antony Keen (M)
Noga Applebaum(Roehampton University):
- Only God Can Make a Tree
Elizabeth Billinger(University of Reading):
- notWaving But Drowning: Living on an Island
Maureen Kincaid Speller(University of Kent at Canterbury):
- Landscape and Presence in the Novels of Alan Garner

Sunday 13.00, L(Boisdale-2)

As It Happens, We Are Rocket Scientists.

What do rocket scientists really get up to? And does being one get you a table in a busy restaurant?

Paul Chafe, Inge Heyer, Jordin Kare, Geoffrey Landis

Sunday 13.00, L(Carron)

Re-examining Lucas' Vision: Star Wars in Its Various Forms

The Star Warssaga is complete. Lucas tried to do something different with this media franchise: the books, comics, Clone Wars cartoons, and games were part of the canon. Some provided valuable background to the films, filled in key events, and were even referenced in the films. How well did this work?

Kevin J. Anderson, Craig Miller, Chris Roberson, James Swallow, Eldon Thompson

Sunday 13.00, L(Dochart)

Subverted Elves, Hard Assed Fairies with Attitude, and Dragons Taking Tea

Are sweet Princesses, pretty little Faeries and vicious Dragons notrelevant to modern society or did we just get bored of them? What do the New fantasists have to offer? Is there any resonance with fantasy before the 18th and 19th century sanitised Faerie?

P. C. Hodgell, Juliet E McKenna, Terry Pratchett, Jo Walton

Sunday 13.00, L(Fyne)


Katya Reimann

Sunday 13.00, L(Lomond)

Collaborating Magic

Looking at how teams of writers, artists, and filmmakers create magic together.

Allison Hershey, Tom Hunter, Alan Lee

Sunday 13.00, M(Argyll-1)

How To Be A Content Provider

Some fans just seem to have reputations that precede them. They don't write themselves, but somehow their exploits appear in fanzines all the time. We've got four of them here, so we hope you're taking notes.

Noel Collyer, Flick, Anders Holmstrom, Tobes Valois

Sunday 13.00, M(Argyll-3)

Making the Hugos

Peter Weston tells us the story and shows us the process behind the manufacture of our most prized rockets.

Peter Weston

Sunday 13.00, M(Barra)

Anarchy vs. Technology

Is our world toocomplex to survive the sort of drastic "flattening down" of society visualised by libertarians or anarchists? Who will make the microchips and insulin after the Revolution? Will Magic sustain us?

Ken MacLeod, Dave O'Neill, Charles Walther, Liz Williams, Juliette Woods

Sunday 13.00, M(Jura)

Circling the Wagons: the Benefits & Costs of Being in a Larger Publishing House

Not all SF imprints stand alone; many are parts of larger publishing houses with diverse interest. On one hand there may be more money and resources, but on the other hand there is more competition.

Ginjer Buchanan, David Hartwell, Justina Robson, Eleanor Wood

Sunday 13.00, M(Orkney)

Waiting for the Fantastic: What is Known but Never Stated

In some stories, the strange things hide in the spaces between pages. Why do we like this, and how do we write it?

John Clute, Graham Joyce, Kelly Link, Graham Sleight

Sunday 13.00, S(Hall2)


Elizabeth Hand, Amy Thomson, Tino Warinowski, Sheila Williams

Sunday 13.00, S(Hall3)


Jay Caselberg, Anne McCaffrey, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Bryan Talbot, Paul Witcover

Sunday 13.30, L(Fyne)


Scott Edelman

Sunday 13.30, M(Boardroom)


Chaz Brenchley

Sunday 14.00, A(Gala1)

Sorting SF After 200 Years

Deciding what is "SF" isn't getting any easier; neither is trying to create sub-genres. And how do we define all those terms we "know" but can't explain?

John Clute, David Langford, Darren Nash, Peter Nicholls

Sunday 14.00, L(Alsh-1)

What's New from Gollancz/Orion Publishing

Come meet the editors from Gollancz/Orion Publishing and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Stephen Baxter, Jo Fletcher, Robert Rankin, Geoff Ryman, Simon Spanton

Sunday 14.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Science Fiction and Other Archives (SFF)

How can we best preserve our primary texts and criticism for use and appreciation now and in the future? How can we manage them -- and make them accessible?

Dana Hayward, Mary Hemmings, Dianne Newell, Andy Sawyer (M), Amy Sisson

Sunday 14.00, L(Boisdale-2)

The Mason-Dixon Line Redrawn: America Divided?

Recent election maps show the US largely divided into urban Democrat states and rural Republican ones. What kinds of stories do the two Americas want to hear -- and should we be telling them?

Andy Duncan, Harry Harrison, Paul Kincaid, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Kim Stanley Robinson

Sunday 14.00, L(Carron)

History of Anime, Part 3: Girls and Guns

In the final part of his lecture series, Jonathan Clements looks at the impact of video cassettes, digital animation and the corrupting influence of anime's success abroad.

Jonathan Clements

Sunday 14.00, L(Dochart)

Frank Kelly Freas Remembered

For over 50 years, Kelly gave us sparkling, colourful paintings -- spaceships and impish Martians, pixies and sultry spacebabes. Sadly we lost Kelly in January. Come celebrate the life and art of one of SF's most beloved artists!

Jane Frank, Joe Siclari, Frank Wu

Sunday 14.00, L(Fyne)


Dan Abnett

Sunday 14.00, L(Lomond)

An Encounter with Chris Priest

"The Matter of a Briton: Forty Years on the Atlantic Shore" -- A presentation by our GOH Christopher Priest.

Christopher Priest

Sunday 14.00, M(Argyll-1)

Great Fans of History

Panelists debate whether fandom depends on a few movers and shakers or whether the key ages and movements would have happened anyway (again and again). Are there plausible alternate fan histories?

Doug Bell, Sandra Bond, Rich Lynch, Alison Scott, Mike Scott

Sunday 14.00, M(Argyll-3)


For those of you of a certain age, this is the fannish version of the famous TV quiz. Robert Newman asks the questions, the audience RUN AROUND!!

Robert Newman

Sunday 14.00, M(Barra)

Electron Dreams

Artist Dominic Harman is interviewed by Stan Nicholls, author of the Quicksilver Trilogy.

Dominic Harman, Stan Nicholls

Sunday 14.00, M(Boardroom)


Cory Doctorow

Sunday 14.00, M(Jura)

When I Were A Lad, We Used To Dream of 64K

Techno-nostalgia is increasingly popular. In these days of PDAs and gigHertz processors, why do so many of us have fond memories of the Good Old Days?

Simon Bisson, Simon Bradshaw, John Dowd, Terry Pratchett, Francis Spufford

Sunday 14.00, M(Orkney)

Is The Future Non-Western?

A future dominated by Pacific Rim economies and Indian outsourcing has been a popular theme in SF since the cyberpunk wave and before. Is the world now moving in this direction, and if so what path will it take? Will this affect SF writing?

Mari Kotani, Glenda Larke (Noramly), Klaus Æ Mogensen, Cristina Pulido Ulvang, Liz Williams

Sunday 14.00, M(Shuna)

Chapter and Verse

Fannish original music is sometime inspired by books and stories. Authors will read works that have inspired songs, songwriters will perform the resulting composition, and everyone will discuss how they relate to one another.

Mary Crowell, Colin Greenland, Valerie Housden, Tanya Huff, Chris Malme, Kate Soley-Barton, Brenda Sutton

Sunday 14.00, S(Hall2)


Robin Hobb, Conor Kostick, Michael Swanwick, Connie Willis

Sunday 14.00, S(Hall3)


Susanna Clarke, Stanley Schmidt, Harry Turtledove

Sunday 14.00, S(Hall3)

Attack Helm's Deep (YAFA)

Cardboard castles and water pistols.

Sunday 14.00, S(Hall5)

Doctor WhoEpisode 6: "Dalek"

View and discuss -- exterminate later. This episode first aired April 2005.

Rob Shearman

Sunday 14.30, L(Fyne)


Alma Alexander

Sunday 14.30, M(Boardroom)


Roy Gray

Sunday 15.00, M(Boardroom)


Michael Cobley

Sunday 15.00, S(Hall3)

Big Bangs (YAFA)

Emma King blows stuff up. All in the name of research and science, you know. BANG!

Emma King

Sunday 15.30, A(Gala1)

Jane Yolen's Impact on Children's Fantasy

As an author, editor and advocate, the impact of Jane Yolen on children's fantasy is immeasurable -- but we're going to try to measure it. How have Yolen's stories affected you?

Sharyn November, Priscilla Olson, Adam Stemple

Sunday 15.30, A(Gala2)

In Another Media: Script Writing

Scripts aren't just "filmed books," they are a whole different way of writing. How do you approach writing a script? Should you try a movie or episode of a current TV show? Adapt a book or write something original?

Paul Cornell, David Gerrold, Craig Miller, Eldon Thompson

Sunday 15.30, L(Alsh-1)

What Did the New Wave Do For You?

The New Wave has come to dominate SF histories of the 1960s and 1970s. Did it bring New techniques and introduce sex into SF? Was it the progenitor of the New Weird? What isits legacy?

Brian Aldiss OBE, Colin Greenland, John Jarrold

Sunday 15.30, L(Boisdale-1)

The Making Of Britain (SFF)

Farah Mendlesohn (M)
Steph Swainston(author):
- The North-South Divide in Fiction
Stephen Baxter(author):
- The Industrial Landscape of Great Britain and British SF

Sunday 15.30, L(Boisdale-2)

Eurocon Awards: European Perspectives on Writing SF & Fantasy

Following the Eurocon Awards presentation, our panel will discuss European writers and what distinguishes their literature from F/SF written in English.

Stefan Ekman, Al Fritzsche, Natasha Hull, W.J. Maryson, Glenn Petersen

Sunday 15.30, L(Carron)

Get Out of My Ghetto!

"The mainstream is ready to try cohabitation. Now it's F/SF that's acting coy." [M. John Harrison]. A number of mainstream writers have tried SF recently, why do we get so prissy?

Chris Barkley, Christopher Priest, Geoff Ryman, Simon Spanton

Sunday 15.30, L(Dochart)

Looking at the Whole Picture: Jackson's Lord of the Rings

So now that we've had nearly two years to consider the whole cinematic trilogy, what do we think? Is it holding up over time? And what about The Hobbit??

Lillian Stewart Carl, Christopher Cevasco, Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, Mary Kay Kare, Laurie Mann

Sunday 15.30, L(Fyne)


Gavin Grant

Sunday 15.30, L(Lomond)

Space Science Sacrificed?

It seems clear that NASA's manned priorities are moving away from the space station and towards the moon as a proving ground for exploration of Mars. But there also seems to be a move away from normal space science with robotic missions (such as Galileo), and for this money to be ploughed into the manned programme as well. Meanwhile ESA's programme is also moving towards Mars with an eventual manned component, and the large budget for this will doubtless also have an effect on non-Mars projects. Should ESA see NASA's step away from space science as an opportunity to fill the gap, and become the New space astronomy giant? And what about space agencies in Japan, China and elsewhere?

Dave Clements, Flick, Inge Heyer, Alastair Reynolds, Diane Turnshek, Mary Turzillo

Sunday 15.30, M(Argyll-1)

What Did the British Worldcon Ever Do for Us?

Do British Worldcons consistently have a benign or malignant effect on SF fandom in Britain? What do they do to fandom in the rest of the world? Can we even generalise about British Worldcons?

James Bacon, Claire Brialey, Martin Easterbrook, Joe Siclari, Suzanne Tompkins, Peter Weston

Sunday 15.30, M(Argyll-3)

Science Fiction Cities

From Metropolis to Laputa, Trantor to Luna City -- which cities in science fiction have stuck in our minds, and would we want to live there?

Gary Ehrlich, Ian McDonald, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Steve Saffel, Robert Silverberg

Sunday 15.30, M(Barra)

Role of Queer SF

Does queer SF have a positive role to play in the fight for queer rights or does it continue to treat issues of homosexuality, transgender and other sexual identities as "the other"?

Joe Haldeman, Roz Kaveney, Justina Robson, Don Sakers

Sunday 15.30, M(Boardroom)


Terry Brooks

Sunday 15.30, M(Jura)

Book Group: Christopher Priest The Separation

Come discuss Chris Priest's BSFA award winning novel set in two divergent histories shaped by two brothers during the Battle of Britain.

Graham Sleight

Sunday 15.30, M(Orkney)

Improving Your Writing

Authors discuss the basics -- plot, character, description -- and give their thoughts on matters of technique.

Gary Gibson, Simon R Green, Jay Lake, Rowena Lindquist (Cory Daniells), Steve Nagy

Sunday 15.30, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Three Weird Sisters

This internationally acclaimed eclectic folk band from the US gives the reunion performance involving all members since love stole one of them to London. Don't miss it!

Mary Crowell, Gwen Knighton, Teresa Powell, Brenda Sutton

Sunday 15.30, S(Hall2)


Jack Cohen, Esther Friesner, Graham Joyce, Jody Lynn Nye

Sunday 15.30, S(Hall3)


Greg Bear, Carol Berg, Pat Cadigan, Ian R. Macleod, John Picacio

Sunday 15.30, S(Hall3)

Fanzine Revisited (YAFA)

We return to the YAFA fanzine, polish it off and get it ready for printing.

Grant Kruger, Max, Geneva Melzack, James Shields

Sunday 15.30, S(Hall5)

Alan Lee Slideshow

Alan Lee artwork has become synonymous with Tolkien, bringing to life Rivendell, Treebeard, and Mount Doom. His vision shaped the spectacular Lord of the Rings movies.

Alan Lee

Sunday 16.00, L(Fyne)


Karin Lowachee

Sunday 16.00, M(Boardroom)


James P. Hogan

Sunday 16.00, S(Hall3)

Pot Noodle & Tripe Eating Challenge (YAFA)

Strange food, eating competition.

Sunday 16.30, L(Fyne)


Valerie Housden

Sunday 16.30, M(Boardroom)


Delia Sherman

Sunday 16.30, S(Hall3)

Join Our Ranks (YAFA)

A fan club and group session with two authors, who urge you to be sociable.

George R.R. Martin, Robert Rankin

Sunday 17.00, A(Gala2)

Anime and SF in Japan

Introduction to the relationship between Japanese science fiction, anime and manga.

Hiroaki Inoue, Mari Kotani

Sunday 17.00, L(Alsh-1)

Rumpole of the Spaceways: Depicting Law in SF

How does SF depict court cases, legal suits, and how does it portray the legal process?

Simon Bradshaw, Roz Kaveney, John Pomeranz

Sunday 17.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Great Europeans as Fictional Characters

Dee, Wellington, Engels. History offers some wonderfully colourful personages, but if they are to be more than cardboard cutouts you have to go beyond what is known. Is that legitimate and what are the consequences?

Susanna Clarke, Diana Pharaoh Francis, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Liz Williams

Sunday 17.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Is The Incrediblesthe Best Superhero Movie Ever?

The Incredibleslived up to its name. Should other caped movie crusaders hang up their suits, or is there more life in the genre? What do other superhero movies do as well or better?

Doug Bell, Simon R Green, Rebecca Moesta, Lawrence Person

Sunday 17.00, L(Carron)

Alternate Technological History

What were the roads nottaken in the development of science and technology? Could we have really had Babbage machines, steam motorcars or Betamax video?

Simon Bisson, Carolyn Dougherty, Lauren McLaughlin, Sean McMullen, Steph Swainston

Sunday 17.00, L(Dochart)

Cyberpunks vs. Humanists: The Battle for SF's Heart

In the 1980s there were two visions of the future, one dark and full of sharp knives and flashy tech, the other looking to a more ecological future in which philosophy trumped economics.

Pat Cadigan, Tom Hunter, Paul McAuley, Justina Robson

Sunday 17.00, L(Fyne)


Antonio Ruffini

Sunday 17.00, L(Lomond)

Deep in the Heart of Empire

In this informal and humorous presentation, Bryan Talbot uncovers the symbolism, references and storytelling devices in the sequel to The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

Bryan Talbot

Sunday 17.00, M(Argyll-1)

Towellies to Truffs

Since the first radio series, Hitchhiker's Guide fans have been finding their way into mainstream UK fandom in large numbers. What's special about this one show; will the film cause the magic to wear off; and do you know where your towel is?

Lilian Edwards, Mark Plummer, Liam Proven, Ian Sorensen

Sunday 17.00, M(Argyll-3)

Workshop Backwards Talking

The owls are probably notwhat they seem; as seen at Damn Fine Con, the talking backwards workshop. And possibly some singing backwards too. It's harder than it looks.

Steven Cain

Sunday 17.00, M(Barra)

Why Write About Current Politics in a Future Setting?

Is it OK to transplant current politics into a future setting, or an alternative world? Is it toohard to write about contemporary issues in a contemporary SF story?

Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Ian Watson

Sunday 17.00, M(Boardroom)


Tanya Huff

Sunday 17.00, M(Jura)

Getting a Game from Idea to Marketplace

What are the problems experienced differently by designers of board games, RPGs, computer games? How do the market forces differ? What degree of influence do the publishers have across the different genres?

Bill Fawcett, Gordon Lamont, Joe Pearce, Marcus Rowland

Sunday 17.00, M(Orkney)

How to Pitch Your Work to TV

Advice on writing for TV.

Marc Giller

Sunday 17.00, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Tim and Annie Walker

Tim and Annie perform as members of many groups, but we seldom get to hear them on their own -- grand instrumentalists, brilliant vocalists, and they both look great in leather.

Annie Walker, Tim Walker

Sunday 17.00, S(Hall2)


Kevin J. Anderson, Terry Brooks, John Clute, Ralan Conley

Sunday 17.00, S(Hall3)


P. C. Hodgell, Juliet E McKenna

Sunday 17.00, S(Hall3)

Voodoo Teacher & Parent Dolls (YAFA)

Time for a bit of psychotic fun here: we make voodoo dolls. Get the needles ready.

Sunday 17.30, M(Boardroom)


Colin Greenland

Sunday 18.00, L(Lomond)

Mars Society (UK) Meeting

Join members of the Mars Society as they discuss the future of the organization and its mission. This meeting is open to all interested in the Mars Society.

Duncan Lunan, Andrew Nimmo

Sunday 18.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fannish Question Time

Does the Panel Think? Burning Questions of Our Time are put to our panel of fannish luminaries by our very own Dimbleby -- Tony Keen.

Tony Keen

Sunday 18.00, M(Argyll-3)

Zen Scavenger Hunt

Earlier we sent you off on a Zen Scavenger Hunt. Now we tell you what you were supposed to find, and look at what you've actually come up with.

Chris Barkley

Sunday 18.00, M(Shuna)

Filk Concert: Andy & Martin GK

Accompanied by piano, clarinet and bass, and potentially a small child depending on his mood, Andy and Martin play some of the songs that will feature in their set at Conchord in August.

Martin Gordon-Kerr, Andy Gordon-Kerr

Sunday 19.00, M(Argyll-1)

Up The Walls of the World: The Next Generation

OK, you've got toomuch stuff and notenough space to put it. Our panel discuss storage, bookshelves, IKEA and when on earth are we going to read all these books anyway?

Allen Baum, Guy Consolmagno SJ, Knud Larn, Patrick McMurray

Sunday 20.00, A(Clyde)

Hugo Awards Ceremony

The Hugo Awards, the highest honours in science fiction, will be presented at a glittering award ceremony hosted by Paul McAuley and Kim Newman. Be there and be photographed.

Sunday 20.00, S(Hall5)

Film: Appleseed

Post-apocalypse, Olympus is the only refuge from anarchy. Soldiers Deunan and her cybernetic lover, discovering this refuge is notas perfect as it seems, are dragged into a violent debate over the nature of humanity.

Sunday 21.00, M(Argyll-3)

Fan Fiction Workshop: How to Avoid Info-dumping

How much series background information should be included in a story? How can you convey required New history, science, or character background without presenting it as one indigestible lump?

Judith Proctor

Sunday 21.00, M(Barra)

Open Filk

Sunday 21.00, M(Orkney)

Open Filk

Sunday 21.00, M(Shuna)

Open Filk

Sunday 23.00, M(Argyll-1)

Highland Games Sans Frontières

Competitive events feature Stupid Fannish Behaviour over the decades: astral pole, hum & sway, dollybirds and more. It's a cross between It's a Knockout, the Worldwide Wrestling Federation and the Olympics. Your MC is Liam Proven.

Jae Leslie Adams, Patrick McMurray, Liam Proven, Ang Rosin, Damien Warman

Sunday 24.00, M(Argyll-3)

Pagan Circles at Midnight

An informal pagan gathering for sharing our different perspectives in sociable discussion, and possibly even an informal rite to honour our diverse gods.

DC, Jean Thompson

Monday, August 8

Monday 10.00, L(Alsh-1)

The Poetry of Edwin Morgan

Glasgow poet Edwin Morgan has seen the stars and captured them in poetry. Down to earth one moment and soaring through space the next, his work is always marked by inventiveness, change and energy.

Cardinal Cox, Steve Sneyd

Monday 10.00, L(Boisdale-1)

What's New From Ace/Roc

Come meet the editor of Ace and Roc and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Ginjer Buchanan

Monday 10.00, L(Carron)

The End of the Space Age?

Launch rates, numbers of active satellites and man- days in space per year are at their lowest in 30 to 40 years. The satellite launch market is flat and booster development stalling. Is private space set to be just a tourist sideshow whilst the space industry matures into a slow series of launches to replace comsats?

Stephen Baxter, Simon Bradshaw, Aleta Jackson, Andrew Nimmo, Dave O'Neill

Monday 10.00, L(Dochart)

Finding the Fantastic in The Baroque Cycle

A much-lauded SF writer and computer scientist writes a meganovel on the emergence of the scientific method. Writes it with a fountain pen! But is the Baroque CycleSF, or just fiction about science?

Tanya Brown, Paul Kincaid, Charles Stross

Monday 10.00, L(Lomond)

Standing up for our (Copy)rights

Contrasting views on the benefits and hazards authors see in sharing (or having their work shared) online.

Andrew Adams, David Cake, Cory Doctorow, Christopher Priest

Monday 10.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fannish High Tech

Superfluous Technology through the ages -- what really helped us with our fanac in times past? Our Panelists reminisce about their typewriters, electrostencils and auto-slipsheeting duplicators.

Steve Davies, David A. Kyle, Nicki Lynch, Ken Slater, Peter Weston

Monday 10.00, M(Argyll-3)

Why Does the Left Like Military SF?

There is a tradition that military SF is for the Right, but the Left has military SF writers too. What can the scenarios of war and brotherhood offer to the Left?

Robert Buettner, Joe Haldeman, Harry Harrison

Monday 10.00, M(Barra)

Scottish Imaginative Writing

Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge... knowledge is limited, but imagination circles the world." Learn what these Panelists think makes Scottish imaginative writing unique.

Hal Duncan, William Meikle, David Pringle, Neil Williamson, Andrew Wilson

Monday 10.00, M(Jura)

What Does Small Press Have to Offer?

In comparison to the large publishing houses, what advantages can a small press offer to the authors whose work it publishes and the readers it sells that work to?

Gavin Grant, Stephen Jones, Jay Lake, Michael J. Walsh, Andrew Wheeler

Monday 10.00, M(Orkney)

Mark Protection Committee Meeting

This committee manages the WSFS service marks like "Worldcon" and "Hugo Award" and consists of members elected by the Business Meeting and appointed by Worldcon committees. This meeting is open to all convention members. This meeting may be rescheduled to be held earlier in the convention; check the convention Newsletter for schedule updates.

Monday 10.00, S(Hall2)


Diana L. Paxson, Alastair Reynolds, Liz Williams

Monday 10.00, S(Hall3)

Light Sabres Training vs. Martial Arts Masters (YAFA)

We make light sabres, and get some basic training in swordplay, only to face the threat of true martial artists.

Kenn Bates, Keith G. Kato, No Nuts Kenobi

Monday 10.30, M(Boardroom)


Jonathan Clements

Monday 11.00, L(Alsh-1)

Subverting the Traditions of Fantasy

We all know the orphan boy is going to be king--but what if he isn't?

Terry Brooks, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Ian R. Macleod, Robert Rankin

Monday 11.00, L(Boisdale-1)

Globalisation and Other Mysteries of Publishing

Publishing is getting more convoluted as it becomes more international. What determines where a book is released? Why are some releases concurrent and others delayed or never published in the UK or US at all?

Tim Holman, John Jarrold, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Simon Spanton, Simon Taylor

Monday 11.00, L(Boisdale-2)

The Future of Malware

Viruses continue to proliferate and most email traffic is spam. Where are we going -- and is it anywhere other than down? Are phishing and similar scams mind- hacks?

Simon Bradshaw, David D. Levine, Sally Mayer, Bridget Wilkinson

Monday 11.00, L(Carron)

The World We are Making Now: Politics

How are we linked today to our future in the next half century? Our careers, our causes, and the decisions we take now will determine who has power, and what they will do with it.

Claire Brialey, John-Henri Holmberg, Klaus Æ Mogensen, Caroline Mullan, Nicholas Whyte

Monday 11.00, L(Dochart)

"It's nota Maggot, It's a Wetware Wound Cleaner"

Retro medicine goes high-tech as traditional cures are now reappearing in modern medicine.

Jay Caselberg, Laurie Mann, Sean McMullen

Monday 11.00, L(Lomond)

Forgotten Fiction: Fantasy before Donaldson and Brooks

Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks are bringing some of the early classics within easy reach: a chance to hear the experts on what you really should read.

John Clute, Greer Gilman, George R.R. Martin, Maureen Kincaid Speller

Monday 11.00, M(Argyll-1)

Eastercon in Pictures, 1969 - 2005 (Slideshow)

As well as attending all the European Worldcons, GoH Lars Olov Strandberg has been to every Eastercon since 1969. He shows off photos from many of them, and our panel helps Lars put names to the fans in dodgy costumes.

Sandra Bond, Catherine Pickersgill, Lars-Olov Strandberg

Monday 11.00, M(Argyll-3)

Is There any Point to the Best Website Hugo?

Is the "Best Website" Hugo a bit like having a "Best Print" Hugo? Given that we don't want to be choosing between chalk and cheese, what should we do to the Hugos to reflect the Modern Age?

Chaz Boston Baden, Bill Burns, Jed Hartman, James Shields

Monday 11.00, M(Barra)

Design A Solar System 3

The final of three linked workshops chaired by G. David Nordley, exploring the New knowledge arising from recent discoveries of extra-solar planets and in our own solar system.

John Bray, G. David Nordley

Monday 11.00, M(Boardroom)

Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading

Sue Burke, Rina Elson, Jane Fletcher, Jude-Marie 'Kelly' Green, Alma Alexander, Jay Lake, Kathryn Sullivan, Kaires Tevesu

Monday 11.00, M(Jura)

What Makes a Good Hero?

Our favourite fictional heroes range from Superman to Frodo Baggins, Alice to Buffy. What do they have in common? Does a hero have to be perfect or even likeable?

Carol Berg, John Douglas, P. C. Hodgell, Amy Thomson, Martha Wells

Monday 11.00, M(Shuna)

Everything You Need to Know to Set Your Fantasy in Scotland

Learn what needs to be included and what stereotypes and cliches to avoid.

Paul F. Cockburn, Susan Hanniford Crowley, William Meikle, Deborah J. Miller

Monday 11.00, S(Hall2)


Forrest J Ackerman, Jetse de Vries, Diana Pharaoh Francis, Justina Robson

Monday 11.00, S(Hall3)


Dennis Danvers, Simon R Green, Ellen Kushner, David Mattingly, Terry Pratchett, Madeleine E. Robins

Monday 11.00, S(Hall3)

Firefly, Battlestar Galactica& Other New SF TV (YAFA)

Is there a renaissance in SF television? The last ten years have seen SF TV become very mainstream -- or was it already there?

Jody Briggs, Paul Cornell, Niall Harrison, Max

Monday 11.30, L(Fyne)


Scott Westerfeld

Monday 12.00, L(Alsh-1)

Eurocon 2006 in Kiev

Presentation about next year's Eurocon. Boris Sidyuk will be available to answer all your questions.

Boris Sidyuk

Monday 12.00, L(Boisdale-1)

What's New from Warner Aspect

Come meet the editor of Warner Aspect and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Jaime Levine

Monday 12.00, L(Boisdale-2)

Medical Hazards of Space

The health realities of spaceflight, and realistic diseases for other worlds.

Dave Clements, Jack Cohen, Eric M. Van

Monday 12.00, L(Carron)

Jim Burns Slideshow

His cityscapes are exotic, his women coolly erotic, his spaceships organic, his men and machines symbiotic. Burns' paintings flow, glow and move, stretching the viewer with them. Come experience one of the UK's craftiest artists.

Jim Burns

Monday 12.00, L(Fyne)


Sarah Ash

Monday 12.00, M(Argyll-1)

Easy Japanese for Fans

What's the Japanese phrase for "Could you sign my Hugo?" or "Where's the nearest public toilet?" or "My Hovercraft is Full of Eels." Translation tips, tricks and pitfalls for Japan-bound fans.

Andrew Adams, Allen Baum, David 'Dragon' Cotteril

Monday 12.00, M(Argyll-3)

Crafting Sex Scenes

There's the long silken hair, the heaving chests, the upright member: how do you write a believable sex scene? What about when the sex isn't consensual? There's a fine line between prurience and realism.

Darlene Marshall, Diane Turnshek

Monday 12.00, M(Barra)

What the F*** is it About Cats?

We all know about the weird connection between SF writers and cats. Why? And what are the best and worst examples?

Alma Alexander, John Meaney, Irene Radford

Monday 12.00, M(Boardroom)


Hal Duncan

Monday 12.00, M(Orkney)

Light Sabres aren't Heavy - Subtitling and Dubbing SF Films

Looking at this year's Hugo nominees, we will ask what are some of the special problems SF films encounter when it comes to subtitling and dubbing.

Cristina Pulido Ulvang

Monday 12.00, M(Shuna)

The Strugatsky Brothers & Their Role in SF

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, GoHs at Conspiracy in 1987, are by far the most famous Russian writers of science fiction. Their classic Monday Starts on Saturdayhas just been published in a New translation.

Natasha Hull

Monday 12.00, S(Hall2)


Keith DeCandido, Jerry Kaufman, Steph Swainston

Monday 12.00, S(Hall3)

Guest of Honour Autograph Session

Christopher Priest

Monday 12.00, S(Hall3)

Comics tooCool for Kids (YAFA)

A look at mature comics that may be of interest to teenagers, while still being bloody entertaining.

Shelly Coleman, Jim de Liscard, Bryan Talbot

Monday 12.30, L(Fyne)


Duncan Lunan

Monday 12.30, M(Boardroom)


Justina Robson

Monday 12.30, M(Orkney)

The "Evil Stepmother" Archetype

Do second marriages ever work in fantasy? Where does the archetype of the evil stepmother come from and who perpetuates it -- first wives, mothers, unhappy children, or a patriarchal society?

Merrie Haskell

Monday 13.00, L(Alsh-1)

Nippon In 2007: the Worldcon

Presentation by the Nippon 2007 Committee, with information on Yokohama, site of the 65th World Science Fiction Convention.

Masaharu Imaoka, Hiroaki Inoue, Kaku Masubuchi, Yukie Yasui

Monday 13.00, L(Boisdale-1)

What's New From Pyr/Prometheus

Come meet the editor of Pyr/Prometheus Books and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

Lou Anders, Keith Brooke, Ian McDonald, John Meaney, John Picacio, Chris Roberson, Justina Robson, Martin Sketchley

Monday 13.00, L(Boisdale-2)


Anne McCaffrey, Todd McCaffrey

Monday 13.00, L(Dochart)

Gripe Session

So, how were things? Tell the committee what they have done wrong, as well as what they have done right.

Vince Docherty, Colin Harris

Monday 13.00, L(Fyne)


Neil Williamson

Monday 13.00, L(Lomond)

Jack Cohen Talk: Designing Aliens

Our consulting alien designer extraordinaire shows that the possible shapes and habits of life are not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we canimagine. And there's more to imagining an alien than giving it a bumpy forehead

Jack Cohen

Monday 13.00, M(Argyll-1)

Whither British Costuming?

It's all been a bit quiet this side of the pond for the last few years. But a Worldcon always generates interest and brings in New faces. Come along and help keep the ball rolling.

Miki Dennis, James Steel, Teddy

Monday 13.00, M(Argyll-3)

The Future of Fandom

We're all getting older, but is this a problem? Is fandom vibrant or in decline, welcoming or exclusive? Will any good come of Interaction, and where will the New young fans come from?

Julia Daly, Fran Dowd, Flick, Niall Harrison, Pete Young

Monday 13.00, M(Barra)

Long Live the Legion

Explore the history of the Legion of Super Heroes and discuss their latest adventures. What lies ahead for the Lost Legionnaires? Will their greatest threat come from outside or within the Legion?

Doug Bell, Tom Galloway, Priscilla Olson, Don Sakers

Monday 13.00, M(Jura)

Has Star Trek Left Us with an Enduring Mythology?

Star Trek has been the most visible brand in science fiction since the late 1960s. It has introduced concepts and vocabulary into society in a way that no other aspect of SF has ever done. Will that influence eventually fade away or will Star Trek always be with us?

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Sally Mayer, John Medany, Rita Medany, James Swallow

Monday 13.00, S(Hall2)


Gary Gibson, Ellen Kushner, Jo Walton

Monday 13.00, S(Hall3)

Invasion: Fun with Armoured Vehicles (YAFA)

Put your YAFA skills to the test: sign up for a mission.

Monday 13.00, S(Hall5)

What Built the Writers?

Francis Spufford wrote a book called The Child that Books Built. Come to this panel and hear what built our Guests of Honour.

Gail Dana, Greg Pickersgill, Christopher Priest, Francis Spufford, Lars-Olov Strandberg

Monday 14.00, L(Alsh-1)

Fantasy and Folklore

Why do people write and read about folklore? How is folklore different from myth? Can the basic story be retold and still appeal to the reader? Why?

Amanda Hemingway, William Meikle, Diana L. Paxson

Monday 14.00, L(Boisdale-1)

What's New from Tor

Come meet the editors from Tor and hear about New books from your favourite authors.

David Hartwell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Monday 14.00, L(Dochart)

Elements of the Fantastic in Musicals

Why do fantasies like Wickedand Brigadoonseem particularly well-suited to be translated as musicials? Is more fantastic to see a witch fly than to see ordinary people break into song and dance? Why isn't SF represented more in the musical genre?

Laurie Mann, John Pomeranz, Neil Williamson

Monday 14.00, M(Argyll-1)

Fan Room Closing Ceremony

We summarise the entire convention for you, using the medium of interpretive dance. And we give out the Fan Room awards!

David D. Levine, Ang Rosin

Monday 14.00, M(Argyll-3)

SF and Computer Games

Writing SF based on games, games based on SF and mutual tie-ins from other sources such as films.

Walter Hunt, Conor Kostick, Joe Pearce, Justina Robson, James Swallow

Monday 14.00, S(Hall2)


Michael Cobley, Glenda Larke (Noramly), Anne McCaffrey, Frank Roger

Monday 14.00, S(Hall3)

Farewell to All (YAFA)

Cheerio time, we bid you a farewell. This is a last opportunity to pick up stuff made over the weekend.

Monday 15.00, S(Hall5)

Closing Ceremonies

Our fabulous Guests of Honour and the Interaction committee would like to thank you all for coming. We hand over the gavel to the brave-hearted optimists of next year's Worldcon, LACon IV. Help us give them a warm welcome.

Gail Dana, Greg Pickersgill, Christopher Priest, Lars-Olov Strandberg, Vince Docherty, Colin Harris

Monday 16.30, S(Hall5)

Packing Up for L.A.

Join us as we strike the convention and package it up for our friends at LACon IV.

Monday 21.00, M(Argyll-3)

Dead Dog Party

Drop by the Argyll suite and help us finish the Real Ale.

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