Confiction Schedule (partial)

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Confiction Schedule (partial): Thursday, august 23: 17.00 opening of the Tolkien Art Show, with paintings of the professional artist Lode Claes. The paintings are to be seen until sunday, when they will be auctioned. Saturday, august 25: 14.30 seminar by professor Tom Shippey "The History of Middle-earth: an appraisal". A workshop by this leading professor on the Tolkien area, in which he is going to discuss some ideas, to be used in the second edition of his book "The Road to Middle-earth", with the participants. Sunday, august 26: 10.00 Lecture by Tom Shippey, "Heroic Ethics: Tolkien's Problems, Tolkien's Solutions". Discussion afterwards will be strongly appreciated. 11.30 Tonke Dragt on Tonke Dragt. Netherlands best fantasy-author gives a lecture about her work. Questions to be answered afterwards. 13.00 Pause. 13.30 Ballet "Tales of Beren and Luthien". This promises to be the highlight of the Tolkien Program and probably of the whole ConFiction. Mike and Maggie Percival will dance the story of Beren and Luthien in six scenes. The scenes will be talked talked together by Jan Bosse, the former chairman of the Dutch Tolkien Society "Unquendor". This is a professional ballet and has had some good critics on former performances. 14.30 Panel "Tolkien's Heritage" on how the literary and scientific inheritance of Tolkien is handled. Points like his influence on the fantasy genre, the present appreciation of his scientific work, the publishing strategy and the opinion of the fans on this all. Conducted by Renee Vink (TV-assistant and translator of Guy Gavriel Kay's books) there will be a discussion between Tom Shippey, Jan Bosse, the American author Poul Anderson and the editor of Unwin-Hyman, responsible for the publication of Tolkien's books, Jane Johnson. 16.00 Panel "International Tolkien Fandom" with editors of several Tolkienmagazines on questions like what is keeping those clubs busy, if there are international differences, if they are not keeping a myth alive and so on. Participants: Erna Barth (Unquendor), Mike Percival (Tolkien Society), Johannes Berg (Arthedain), Peter Buchs (Eredain), Nathalie Kotowski (Belegaer) and Paulina Braiter (Polish Tolkien Society). Conducted by Rene van Rossenberg. 17.30 Auction of paintings of the Tolkien Art Show. 20.00 Unquendor Room Party. To close the Tolkien Program, have a chat, a drink and a snack with other Tolkienfans from over the world.