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2:00:00 PM, MR 15, 1F516, How to Enjoy Your First WorldCon,
 So you took the Big Step and came.  Here's some help in making
 yours a great convention, Kathei Logue, Bill
 Farina, jan howard finder, David W Clark, Leah Zeldes Smith,
 Richard Smith, Robin Wulff
2:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 1F862, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required1f
3:00:00 PM, MR 15, 1G002, Steps in Getting From Manuscript
 to Finished Book, Does the "finished book" exist?  Should "finished
 book" become an anachronism?  What comes
 after the finished book? Kathryn Cramer, Kristine Kathryn Rusch,
 Dr. William Sarjeant, Richard Knaak, Dean Wesley Smith, Moshe
3:00:00 PM, MR 2, 1G134, Genre Crossing, When is an SF
 story notan SF story? Joe Haldeman, Dr. Janice Bogstad, Adrienne
 Foster, Ron Sarti, Peter J Heck, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 1, 1G646, 1973 Worldcon Remembered Ken
4:00:00 PM, MR 7, 1H006, Living With a Writer, Is living
 with a writer like living alone?  Are all writers insane?  The ups
 and downs of living with a writer, Christine Valada,
 Jeremy Bloom, Richard Chwedyk, Carolyn Clink, Laura Frankos, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 9, 1H051, German SF, German SF: A short
 market report.  Who publishes SF after four out of six publishing
 houses (pocket books) closed their SF section in
 1986?  What goes on SF-wise besides books, like movies (The High
 Crusade) and the Fantasy Filmfest? Myra Cakan, Waldemar Kumming,
4:00:00 PM, MR 13, 1H096, SF Origins, Are we running the
 Chicken and the Egg theory again?  How did SF begin? Bradford
 Lyau, David Kyle, Arthur Kyle, Ariane Von
 Orlow, Jean-Louis Trudel, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 2, 1H615, The Technology of Magic, Are there
 any universal rules?  How can you keep the magic consistent?  How
 much can you borrow? Greg Costikyan,
 Harry C Stubbs, Maia Cowan, Jack L Chalker, Julia Martin, Edmund R.
4:00:00 PM, MR 1, 1H640, 1997 Worldcon Bid Presentations,
 , Mike Glyer, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 4, 1I017, Should SF Have Rivets? Everything
 in life and beyond has a structure, but must we know the "science"
 behind every facet of existance? Ken Meltsner,
 Jonathan V. Post, Maia Cowan, Bart Kemper, Allen Steele, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 13, 1I236, Virtual Reality, How real can it
 be if you can't touch it?  A discussion of VR and how it can work
 for you, Dr. Arlan Andrews, Amy Thomson,
 Ashley D Grayson, Jack Nimersheim, Perry Mark Stratychuk, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 14, 1I361, Hands-On Parliamentary Procedure
 Workshop, An introduction to parlimentary procedure and Robert's
 Rules of Order, the rules which govern the
 WSFS Business Meeting.  We'll cover basic procedure, with special
 emphasis on procedures you'll see at most WSFS Meetings.  If you've
 ever wanted to participate in the WSFS
 Business Meeting, but felt intimidated by the procedural rules,
 you'll want to attend this meeting, Kevin Standlee, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 2, 1I614, Never Make It Easy On Your
 Hero/Heroine, After all, what kind of hero is he if he lives in
 Care Bear Land? Jean Lorrah, Geoff Ryman, Shariann
 Lewitt, K. D. Wentworth, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 1, 1I633, Is It Fantasy If You Rip It Off
 From History, How to use history to help shape a good fantasy
 story, Anthony Bryant, Kate Soley, Roger Burton-West,
 Sasha Miller, 
7:00:00 PM, WINW, 1K641, Mark Protection Committee Meeting,
 The WSFS Mark Protection Committee administers the service marks on
 "Worldcon," "Hugo Awards," and
 the other WSFS marks.  This committee meeting is open to all
 members of ConAdian, seating permitting.  The committee will
 consider its report to the WSFS Business Meeting, Kevin
8:00:00 PM, MR 7, 1L009, Tarot Workshop, Basic workshop for
 beginners.  Covers choosing, initiating, and maintaining a deck.
 Also what to do when a deck goes "bad.,"
 Sunnie Andreu, 
8:00:00 PM, MR 9, 1L675, Enterprise 2067, Bent Science
 Demonstration:  We came in peace for all mankind-future space
 conquistadors will have to make ships which can fight
 in space.  The lecture and demo is on how to design and build a
 real interplanetary cruiser, David Stephenson, 
8:00:00 PM, Norwood Hotel Bar, 1L741, Spider's Place, This
 year's nonfilk musical extravaganza - 1/2 hour sets of mostly
 accoustic music.  Entertainers include Joe Haldeman,
 Peter Heck, Tam Gordye, Steve Fahnestalk, Andy Reichert, David
 Honigsberg, Alexandra Honigsberg, David Emerson, Barb Jensen, Nate
 Buckland, and of course - your hosts, Jeanne
 and Spider Robinson, Spider Robinson, Jeanne Robinson, 
9:00:00 PM, MR 13, 1M015, Alternate Histories, If you could
 change one event in the past, how would today's history change?
 What are the rules of alternate histories? Ginjer
 Buchanan, Harry C Stubbs, Glenn Grant, Philip Kaveny, Evelyn
 Leeper, Allen Steele,
9:00:00 PM, MR 12, 1M348, Star Trek Parody, Standard Orbit
 Players Lance Sibley, 
9:00:00 PM, MR 1, 1M619, Sources of Fear in Horror, It's
 fun to be scared from time to time.  Here's how the writer can
 create mood, schock, and suspense,  William R. Lund,
 Beverley Richardson, 
9:00:00 PM, MR 13, 1M782, So You've Been Taken Aboard a
 UFO!  An Etiquette Guide for Abductees, Remember:  When greeting
 an unknown species, shake only the
 proferred tentacle,  Chris Rutkowski, 
11:00:00 PM, MR 1, 1O075, Urban/Dark Fantasy, We see it in
 the paper and on the nightly new.  Are we as a culture fascinated
 with Death? Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Richard
 Knaak, Stephen Dedman, Dawn Dunn, Terry O'Brien, Dale Sproule


9:00:00 AM, MR 8, 2A080, Aerobics John Douglass,  
9:00:00 AM, Fort Garry Hotel Cafe, 2A767, N3F Breakfast, A
 dutch treat breakfast, Diane Miller, 
10:00:00 AM, Campaign South, 2B000, ASFA Meeting, Annual
 meeting of ASFA, which is the SF & F artist membership organization
 advocating for artists and their artwork.,
 Stu Hellinger, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 1, 2B007, The Business of Writing, Can you
 survive writing SF alone?  Should you concentrate on the "art" and
 leave the business to an agent?  Are you in it
 just for the money? Dave Wolverton, Ian Ballantine, Betty
 Ballantine, Rebecca Moesta Anderson, M Shayne Bell, L Warren
 Douglas, David Feintuch
10:00:00 AM, MR 9, 2B221, Origami Workshop, Mark will teach
 folding figures the attendees choose from a selection of simple,
 intermediate, and difficult paperfolds.  Subjects
 include dinosaurs, aliens, speacecraft, etc.  Attendees are
 encouraged to show and teach figures of their own and to
 experiment.  Most of the figures that Mark teaches are his own
 inventions.  Featured: X-wing fighter, Mark Leeper, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 7, 2B519, Solar Power Satellites and Energy
 Politics, Let's take a look at solar power via the slide
 projector, John Strickland Jr, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 12, 2B520, Debunking Pseudoscience, Most SF
 writers knowingly use pseudoscience.  Where do we draw the line?
 Jack Nimersheim, George Flentke, Keith
 G. Kato, Hayford Peirce, Howard Scrimgeour, Susan M Smith,
10:00:00 AM, MR 15, 2B638, Starting a New Convention, How
 and why some cons were started, how they have been maintained, and
 a few of the problems they had to fix along
 the way, Cindy Huckle, Sue Weinlein, Franklin Hummel, Val Ontell,
 Robert Runte, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 14, 2B748, Society for the Preservation of
 SF Fandom History, Dedicated to the physical preservation of
 endangered fannish materials.  Networking,
 cataloguing resources and idea sharing encouraged!, Peggy Rae
10:00:00 AM, Con Ctr Loop, 2B761, Blood Drive, Since the
 dawn of time Worldcons have had Blood Drives, Conadian will be no
 different.  The Red Cross will provide a bus on
 Friday, September 2nd.  It will run at the hours of 10am and 11am.
 Pick up is in the loop in front of the Convention Centre.  Photo ID
 is required to donate, and it is asked that donors
 eat before hand,  
10:00:00 AM, ConCourse, 2B800, Autograph Sessions 2b
 Jean Lorrah, Elizabeth Moon, Jody Lynn Nye, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 5, 2B830, KaffeeKlatch 2b, Limited ADVANCE
 registration - inquire at Con Info Desk,  Alan Barclay, Donald
 Kingsbury, George (Lan) Laskowski, Larry
 Niven, Elisabeth Vonarburg,
10:00:00 AM, Sheraton, 2B850, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required2b
 ,  Jack Dann, Leslie Gadallah, Adrienne Foster, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 10, 2B870, Reading by Heather Spears,
 Heather Spears reads her own work, Heather Spears, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 7, 2C022, Libraries in the Future, Will
 actual "paper" books become an anachronism with the advent of the
 electronic media?  With easier access, might people
 read more, or has television killed the book industry? Lindalee
 Stuckey, Billie Aul, Laura Frankos, Val Ontell, Joseph T Mayhew,
11:00:00 AM, MR 2, 2C170, A New Look at Hard SF, What is
 considered "hard" SF in today's market?  How does it compare to
 what it has been in the past? David G Hartwell,
 Kathryn Cramer, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 13, 2C197, Latest Japanese SF Art/Slide
 Show, Let Yasuo Kawai and Masamiti Osako show you the unknown
 Japanese SF Arts recently with beautiful slides!
 They will show you centered on the Art of Paperback covers, and
 talk about various artists, Yasuo Kawai, Masamichi Osako, Anthony
11:00:00 AM, MR 14, 2C200, How to Do Celtic Knotwork
 Workshop, Celtic knotwork is the ancient art of interlacing.
 Although it is beautifully intricate, it is deceptively
 simple to learn.  In this workshop you will learn how to create a
 basic four strand knot which can be used as a border pattern or
 manipulated into more complex designs, Deb Kosiba,  
11:00:00 AM, MR 1, 2C451, How to Kill, Maim, or Heal
 Characters, How can one sword destroy an army?  Here's help to
 ensure your science matches your story, Shariann
 Lewitt, Bart Kemper, Pras Stillman, Bridget McKenna, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 6, 2C581, When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Just
 Like Wolverine, Canada's first superhero...Psycopath or Hero?
 Len Wein, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 15, 2C611, Panel Moderation Workshop
 Tom Whitmore, Frederick Andrew Lerner, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 10, 2C729, Model Contest, First Session
 Sheila Adler, Barry Adler, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 4, 2C739, Interview with Anne McCaffrey,
 Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, co-writer with and friend of Anne
 McCaffrey, interviews Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth
 Ann Scarborough, Anne McCaffrey, 
11:00:00 AM, ConCourse, 2C801, Autograph Sessions 2c
 P C Hodgell, Guy Gavriel Kay, George R R Martin, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 15, 2D014, Enhancements to Humanity, When
 is the enhanced person no longer human?  Where is your privacy when
 everybody has telepathy?  Who would
 oppose the enhancements? Maia Cowan, Mary H Rosenblum, Glenn
 Grant, J. D. Maynard, Gerald D. Nordley, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 9, 2D035, How Anthologies are Put Together,
 We've all read them.  How are they put together?  Who picks a
 theme?  And why the heck can't I get in one?!?
 Ellen Datlow, Kevin J Anderson, Briccio Barrientos, Mike Resnick,
 Edward Kramer, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 6, 2D057, Poetry Round-Robin Readings, Open
 to all who wish to participate.  Co-ordinated by Mary Turzillo.,
 Mary A Turzillo, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2D103, Maquerades, Famous costumes of
 the past from the cameras of Ray Lavender, Ken Konkol, David Clark
 and others; collected and presented by
 Marjii Ellers, Marjii Ellers, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 8, 2D177, New Games, A friendly
 ice-breaker, in an atmosphere of pure fun, for children of all
 ages.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a sense of humor.,
 David Honigsberg, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2D335, Long-Term Future of the Universe,
 The past of the universe, all the way to the Bug Bang, has been
 mapped out in fair detail.  But what about the
 long-term future?  How far ahead can we see, and what does the end
 look like for Earth, Sun Universe, and Humanity?  Come and find
 out, Charles Sheffield, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 12, 2D518, Fan Funds Auction, Auction for
 a variety of good causes--including (at press time) TAFF, DUFF, and
 the SF Foundation, Leah Zeldes Smith,
 Richard Smith, Jack L Chalker, Mike Resnick, Joe Haldeman, Mike
 Glicksohn, jan howard finder
12:00:00 PM, MR 4, 2D552, Invented Languages and Slangs,
 How do you invent a plausible language?  Must you write a complete
 dictionary or are just a few words needed?
 Wil McCarthy, Roger Burton-West, Barry B Longyear, Kate Soley,
 Stanley Schmidt, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2D621, Fairy Tales and Folklore: Their
 Influence on SF, If folklore is really tales about a culture, how
 can a writer derive a story that is SF in feel? Lee
 Barwood, Beth Meacham, Lindalee Stuckey, Claire Eddy, Josepha
12:00:00 PM, MR 1, 2D642, WSFS Business Meeting,
 Preliminary Session, This meeting, held in three daily sessions
 starting today, is where we consider amendments to the
 WSFS Constitution (including the Hugo Awards and Worldcon Site
 Selection rules).  At today's preliminary meeting, we will set
 debate time limits and other ground rules for debate on
 the motions submitted to this year's meeting.  If you are a member
 of ConAdian, you are a member of WSFS and are welcome to attend
 this meeting and participate in the debate, Kevin
12:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 2D802, Autograph Sessions 2d
 Jonathan V. Post, Jack L Chalker, Sandra Morrese, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 5, 2D831, KaffeeKlatch 2d, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  George Barr, S. M.
 Stirling, Edmund R. Meskys, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 14, 2D872, Reading by Terry Garey, Terry
 Garey reads own work, Terry Garey, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2E055, Planets of Double/Multiple Suns,
 The likelihood of planets in double and multiple star systems,
 compared with that for single stars; with the stability
 of various orbit arrangements (sorry, no figure 8); and with
 working out the effects (lighting, temperature) of multiple suns on
 specific planetary environments, Harry C Stubbs, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 15, 2E327, Canadian SF, A discussion on the
 differences in SF from various regions of the world, Robert Runte,
 Glenn Grant, David G Hartwell, Andre Lieven,
 Derryl Murphy, Robert Sawyer, Michael Skeet
1:00:00 PM, MR 9, 2E449, The Encyclopedia of SF, My Two
 Years in Hell, The co-editor of "The Encyclopedia of Science
 Fiction" (a finalist in this year's non-fiction category
 of the Hugos), describes the tribulations, unexpected problem and
 occasional minor triumphs of researching a book that attempts to
 describe-without mistakes-the whole of SF in 1.3
 million words, Peter Nicholls, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 10, 2E458, The Methods & Masochisms of Short
 Fiction Writing, What makes a story a story, and how do you keep it
 short? Richard Chwedyk, Stephen Burns,
 Mary H Rosenblum, Teresa Patterson, Mary H Rosenblum, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 14, 2E597, Slush Pile Panel, Excerpts from
 manuscripts the editors loved but for some silly reason just didn't
 buy, Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch,
 Sue Weinlein, Charles C Ryan, Shawna McCarthy, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2E639, I Got Run Over by a Truck with NSA
 Plates on the Info Superhiway, How to survive the information
 superhighway, Timothy L Smith,  Bandit, Robin
 Wulff, Brett Glass, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2E656, The Psychology of Writing, See
 what makes a writer tick.  Why they do what they do and how they
 deal with their obsession, Barry B Longyear, Jack
 Dann, Alexandra Honigsberg, John M. Landsberg, Shariann Lewitt, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 4, 2E740, Babylon 5 Presentation, A sneak
 peak at what's in store for one of the best SF shows on TV!, Craig
1:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 2E803, Autograph Sessions 2e
 Joe Haldeman, Kathryn Cramer, Charles Sheffield, 
1:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 2E854, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required2e
 , Bridget McKenna, Stanley Schmidt, L Warren
 Douglas, Kent Brewster, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 6, 2E871, Reading by Nancy Kilpatrick, Nancy
 Kilpatrick reads her own work, Nancy Kilpatrick, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 1, 2F047, Censorship, Hitler burned books
 and Canada still controls the news.  When does political
 correctness lead to censorship? Caro Soles, Myra Cakan,
 Charles Pellegrino, Ron Sarti, Christine Valada, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 9, 2F561, Changing Paradigms on the Verge of
 the 21 Century, The world is changing faster now than 30 years ago.
Are we keeping up? Dr. Arlan Andrews,
 Henry Vanderbilt, Maia Cowan, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Bradford Lyau,
2:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2F574, Using Humor to Make Social
 Statements, SF is a great medium for affecting social change and
 humor can be an efficient vehicle.  Aren't sacred cows
 perfect for beef stew? Paula Johanson, Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio,
 Stephen Burns, Susan Casper, Hayford Peirce,
2:00:00 PM, MR 8, 2F680, Collating APA-NYU Mark Glasser,
2:00:00 PM, MR 10, 2F696, Global Warming, A discussion on
 global warming and how it will affect our lives in the next
 century, Timothy Lane, Clifton Amsbury, John
 Strickland Jr, Gerald D. Nordley, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2F718, Transylvania Tour, A slide show
 of Transylvania in two parts.  The first part as seen through the
 eyes of Bram Stoker's characters in Dracula.   The
 second part covers the life of Vlad the Impaler, th ereal life 15th
 century prince who impaled his enemies, Beverley Richardson,  
2:00:00 PM, MR 15, 2F777, That Krazy Kepler...Basic
 Astronomy from the Past, Kepler, as performed by Dr. Martin
 Clutton-Brock, tells the audience how he made his
 discoveries, all thw while battling nagging wives, drunken
 roommates and stupid bureaucracy, Dr. Martin Clutton-Brock,  
2:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 2F804, Autograph Sessions 2f
 Amy Thomson, Allen Steele, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 5, 2F832, KaffeeKlatch 2f, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  Jean Lorrah, George R
 R Martin, Len Wein, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 14, 2F873, Reading by Donald Kingsbury,
 Donald Kingsbury reads his own work, Donald Kingsbury,  
2:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2F874, Reading by Frederik Pohl, Frederik
 Pohl reads his own work, Frederik Pohl, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 10, 2G024, How to Form a Writer's Group, So
 you have decided to publically declare your insanity and become a
 writer.  How do you find similar souls and how
 can they help  your dream?  M Shayne Bell, Cynthia Felice, Sally
3:00:00 PM, MR 4, 2G033, World Building, Haven't we all
 read stories where the writer got so involved in building the world
 that they lost the story? Roger MacBride Allen,
 Jack L Chalker, David Drake, Dave Duncan, Larry Niven, Harry C
3:00:00 PM, MR 9, 2G148, Soviet Space Disasters, A
 discussion of Russian space technology and political concerns.,
 Jordin Kare, Jonathan V. Post, Andre Lieven, Hugh
3:00:00 PM, MR 1, 2G342, Pern Trivia/Hosting, The Pern
 Trivia contest will be run as a combination between Jeopardy and
 Trivial Pursuit.  There will be 4 groups of 3, and the
 over-all winner will be decided by whomever has the highest score
 out of the four games.  The categories include:  Pern Heraldry,
 Weyrs, Holds, Crafts, Food and People, Magi Shepley,
3:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2G459, Babylon Five Panel, The action,
 the characters, the special effects.  Is it television SF's "last,
 best hope?," Gerri Balter, Perrianne Lurie, Franklin
3:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2G687, Magic Meets Technology,
 Techno-babble Vs. Fairy Woo-Woo.  Whose wand is stronger? Claire
 Eddy, Glenn Battis, Robert Charrette, Daniel
 Fresnot, Mark Shepherd, Janice M Eisen,
3:00:00 PM, MR 14, 2G713, Winnipeg Doctor Who/Blake's 7 Fan
 Club (Tardis 204), Club Meetng Anna Boudreau, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2G728, Bantam Books Presents, A
 slideshow and panel presentation which will preview science fiction
 and fantasy publications coming from Bantam
 Spectra Books over the next severl months, presented by the staff
 of Spectra.  Color slides will feature artwork from upcoming
 titles, Jennifer Hershey, Tom Dupree, Janna Silverstein,
 Christian Waters, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 6, 2G780, The Archeology of Slasher Films,
 A discussion of the significance of horror movies in our society.,
 Dr. Carl Matheson, 
3:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 2G805, Autograph Sessions 2g
 Jean-Louis Trudel, Gene Wolfe, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 15, 2G875, Reading by Connie Willis, Connie
 Willis reads her own work, Connie Willis, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2H011, Musing with Muuse
 (tm)--Applications of Virtual Reality, Muuse [tm]--Multicimensional
 User-oriented Synthetic Environment--is a unique new
 Virtual Reality shell invented by Dr. Creve Maples and Craig
 Peterson of Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico.  Dr.
 Andrews has worked with inventors to apply VR principles
 to practical engineering problems for industry, Dr. Arlan Andrews,
4:00:00 PM, MR 1, 2H049, To Be a Female Writer, The "glass
 ceiling" -- alive and well in SF&F, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime,
 Elisabeth Vonarburg, Myra Cakan, Nancy
 Kilpatrick, Elizabeth Moon, Carrie Richerson,
4:00:00 PM, MR 10, 2H144, How to Edit, How to read like an
 editor, Ginjer Buchanan, Shawna McCarthy, Ellen Datlow, Scott
 Edelman, Josepha Sherman, Janna Silverstein,
4:00:00 PM, MR 9, 2h227, Designing Diseases, A discussion
 of disease and how it works to help you in your world, Shariann
 Lewitt, Jeri Freedman, Ian K Hagemann, Judy
 Lazar, J. D. Maynard, Perrianne Lurie,
4:00:00 PM, MR 15, 2h235, OnLine Communities, What do you
 think like is like in a virtual community?  Can you still have safe
 sex in a virtual relationship? Alexandra
 Honigsberg, Marty Helgesen, Henry Spencer, Ken Meltsner, Terry
4:00:00 PM, MR 4, 2H331, The Use of Science in Fantasy, If
 a sufficiently advanced science could appear as magic, couln't
 magic also appear as science? Alexis A Gilliland,
 Robert Silverberg, Betsy Mitchell, Geoff Ryman, Dr. William
4:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2H677, Can Technology Help Us Save/Manage
 Our World, Have we as a people matured fast enough to keep pace
 with technology, or are we just playing
 God? Gail S Abend, Daniel L Marcus, Leslie Gadallah, Bart Kemper,
 Bradford Lyau, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 12, 2H732, What is Magic, the Game? Susan
4:00:00 PM, MR 6, 2H785, "IMP's" Meeting, Writers Group
 Meeting, Louise Rowder, 
4:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 2H806, Autograph Sessions 2h, For
 McCaffrey members A-L only, 2 book limit,  Kevin J Anderson,
 Peter Nicholls, Anne McCaffrey, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 5, 2H833, KaffeeKlatch 2h, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  Joe Haldeman, P C
 Hodgell, Barry B Longyear, Jody Lynn Nye,
 Charles C Ryan,
4:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 2H858, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required2h
 , Roger MacBride Allen, Dave Duncan, Sasha Miller,
 Gerri Balter, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2H876, Reading by Kristine Kathryn Rusch,
 Kristine Kathryn Rusch reads her own work, Kristine Kathryn Rusch,
5:00:00 PM, MR 14, 2I044, Balancing Writing With Family,
 Little Sally has a dance recital, Billy has a soccer game, the Baby
 is teething, my Protagonist faces death, and I
 haven't made love to my Spouse in two weeks -- Who wins? Mary H
 Rosenblum, Laura Frankos, William R. Lund, Sandra Morrese, Ann
 Tonsor Zeddies, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 1, 2I352, What to do When Universal
 Translator Breaks Down, The problems of communication between
 completely different cultures, Timothy L Smith, Gail
 S Abend, Roger Burton-West, Greg Costikyan, Kate Soley, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 9, 2I541, Being A Pagan in Professional
 Society, What defines "pagan" in today's society?  Does admitting
 to such hurt one's ability to deal with certain
 segments of society?  How can you deal with it? Julia Martin,
 Sue-Ryn Hildenbrand-Burns, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2I563, Is Modern SF A Reactionary
 Literature? Is SF currently reactionary against mainstream
 literary ideas, against "society's" ideas, or against itself?
 Nicholls, Daniel Fresnot, Martha Soukup, Dr. Elizabeth Anne Hull,
 J.R. Dunn, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2I688, Christian Fandom Meeting,
 Christian Fandom meeting.  General discussion of science fiction,
 fantasy, and fandom in relation to Christianity, and of
 being a Christian fan.  Primarily of interest to Christian fans but
 all are welcome, Marty Helgesen, Ross Pavlac, G. F. Proechel,
 Kathy Tyers, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2I723, So What's A Science Fiction
 'Garage' Kit? Stan Hyde, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 12, 2I736, Bheer Home-Brewing, Home-brewing
 bheer with demo and samples from Canadian home-brewing supply
 house, Brewers Direct, William "Wolf"
 Foss, Rick Foss, George Flentke, Lise Otto, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 15, 2I764, Books through the Internet,
 BiblioBytes started selling and distributing books via the Internet
 in July, 1994.  Their publications includes books by
 Barry B. Longyear, Nancy Kress, Spider Pobinson, Parke Godwin,
 Octavia E. Butler, Ron Goulart, John Betancourt and Harlan
 Ellison, Glenn Hauman, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 10, 2I773, Introduction to Play-by-Mail
 Gaming, Play-by-Mail Gaming originated in the early 1800's.  Learn
 why it is one of the fastest-growing segments of
 gaming today.  A brief history of PBM will be presented, as well as
 an introduction into modern PBM game systems.  Specific questions
 on the "Legends" PBM game system will be
 addressed, Simon Parkinson, 
5:00:00 PM, Concourse, 2I807, Autograph Sessions 2i
 Jeanne Robinson, Spider Robinson, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 8, 2I877, Reading by S. M. Stirling, S. M.
 Stirling reads own work, S. M. Stirling, 
6:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2J787, Hatching Setup, Set up for The
 Hatching, Dee McLoughlin, 
7:00:00 PM, MR 6, 2K770, Jewish Sabbath Services,
 Traditional Orthodox service for all Jews who wish to attend.
 Others may attend, but men must cover their heads during the
 service, Christine Barnson, 
7:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2K784, The Hatching, A live Pernese-style
 Hatching in honour of Anne McCaffrey.  Pre-registration is required
 at Living Fiction's fan table, Dee
7:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 2K853, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required2k
 , Donald Kingsbury, Jack Nimersheim, Jean Lorrah,
 Adrienne Foster, 
8:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2L195, Getting Off the Rock, There's
 more than one way to get there!  Alternative methods of space
 launch, Jordin Kare, 
8:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2L629, Electronic Publishing, What is the
 future of SF in the electronic age? Ginjer Buchanan, Glenn Hauman,
 Henry Vanderbilt, Greg Costikyan, Moshe
8:30:00 PM, MR 1, 2L674, Regency Dance, Georgette Heyer's
 novels of English Regency aristocrats (circa 1800) have tivkled
 fannish whimsy for years.  Regency dancing, has
 become a feature of conventions.  Come in costime, or come as you
 are.  John Hertz teaches, John Hertz, 
9:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2M250, What Should Have Made it on the
 Hugo Ballot, But Didn't, A moderated group discussion of what (or
 who) should have, but didn't make it onto this
 year's Hugo ballot, Joseph T Mayhew, 
9:00:00 PM, MR 12, 2M622, Trends in Horror, How is the
 horror story changing in today's world? Kathryn Cramer, Mary A
 Turzillo, Dale Sproule, Dawn Dunn, 
9:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2M722, How to Design Credible Aliens,
 Dr. Cohen works with SF authors, including Anne McCaffrey, Jack
9:00:00 PM, MR 2, 2M783, Star Trek Parody, Standard Orbit
 Players Lance Sibley, 
10:00:00 PM, MR 13, 2N243, Bad Movies, We've all seen them.
We've really loved some of them.  Why are some bad movies just so
 darn good? Stan Hyde, Ric Meyers,
 Michael Skeet, 
10:00:00 PM, MR 1, 2N604, Pictionary:  Artists Vrs Authors,
 Watch them sweat against the clock.  Who is better at placing words
 to a picture? Geoff Ryman, Rebecca Moesta
 Anderson, Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio, John M. Landsberg, 
11:00:00 PM, MR 7, 2O088, PC/Multiculturalism and its
 Influence on SF, Can you be politically correct and still like SF?
 J.R. Dunn, Clifton Amsbury, Ron Sarti, Ian K
 Hagemann, Astrid Julian, 
11:00:00 PM, MR 1, 2O632, Vampires:  Fact, Fiction, and
 Myth, Vampire stories have been around for as long as acne.  How
 did they begin, how have they changed, and can
 they still be living among us? Lee Barwood, Alexandra Honigsberg,
 Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Joshua Bilmes, Daniel Dvorkin, 
11:59:00 PM, MR 7, 2P000, Midnight Horror Readings,
 Readings open to at-con sign-up.  Coordinate with Scott Welch.
 Participants TBA in Daily Newsletter, Scott Welch,  
11:59:00 PM, MR 13, 2P091, Alternative Music & Culture,
 Every generation believes it has found something new.  How can you
 tell when what's In is Out? Pras Stillman,
 Daniel Dvorkin, Jordin Kare,


9:00:00 AM, MR 8, 3A746, Aerobics John Douglass,  
9:00:00 AM, MR 6, 3A771, Jewish Sabbath Services, Will read
 from the bible in Hebrew and have public prayer.  Need at least 10
 men for service, especially welcome are those
 who read Hebrew, Christine Barnson, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 12, 3B093, Running SF Clubs/Libraries, So
 you want to share your personal love.  Here are some tipes on
 starting and maintaining a successful club, Michael
 Wallis, Jill Eastlake, David Stein, DI, Robert Runte, Henry Welch,
 Frederick Patten,
10:00:00 AM, MR 13, 3B193, Reviewing/Criticism, What is the
 difference between a reviewer and a critic?  How can you be a
 successful one? Dean Wesley Smith, Rick Foss,
 Ashley D Grayson, Paula Johanson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Janeen
 Webb, Tom Whitmore
10:00:00 AM, MR 15, 3B224, "Behind-the-Scenes" of
 Publishing & Sales, Can artistic and editorial creativity survive
 in a business driven by sales? Susan Allison, David Wixon,
 Ian Ballantine, Betty Ballantine, Tom Doherty, Kuo-Yu Liang,
10:00:00 AM, MR 4, 3B726, Highlander:  The Series and the
 Movie, The staff of the Los Angeles office of Highlander:The Series
 takes you through the process of creating an
 episode from concept to screen.  Also: A preview of the upcoming
 Highlander III movie, and tidbits on the new season of the series.
 Q & A follows, Gillian Horvath, Donna Lettow,  
10:00:00 AM, MR 10, 3B730, Model Contest, Second Session,
 , Sheila Adler, Barry Adler, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 1, 3B733, What is Upcoming with WOTC & 

 of Russia, but of all C.I.S. or ex-USSR or
 whatever.  From the prohibition of SF Clubs in the early 80's to
 the flourishing of fandom during Perestroika, to the current
 decline, Yuri Savchenko, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 10, 3D631, Nuts and Bolts of Game
 Publishing, The how-to guide to help you break into the industry.,
 Roger E. Moore, Julia Martin, Sue Weinlein, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 13, 3D657, Enduring Myths (Robin Hood, King
 Arthur, others), Why do some stories continue to live on when
 others die so young? Jean Lorrah, Ann L.
 Chancellor, Mary Cannings, Lorna Toolis, Terry O'Brien, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 1, 3D720, WSFS Business Meeting, First Main
 Session, Today, amendments to the WSFS Constitution will be debated
 and voted on.  Also, reports from
 Worldcon committees and the elections to the WSFS Mark Protection
 Committee are expected.  If you are a member of ConAdian, you are
 a member of WSFS and are welcome to attend
 this meeting and participate in the debate, Kevin Standlee,  
12:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 3D810, Autograph Sessions 3d
 Shariann Lewitt, Harry Turtledove, Carrie Richerson, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 5, 3D835, KaffeeKlatch 3d, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  Greg Costikyan,
 William "Wolf" Foss, David G Hartwell, Patrick
 Nielsen Hayden, Bridget McKenna,
12:00:00 PM, MR 7, 3D880, Reading by Guy Gavriel Kay, Guy
 Gavriel Kay reads his own work, Guy Gavriel Kay, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 15, 3E053, Short Fiction Vs. Longer Fiction
 Forms, Short fiction, novellas, and novels.  It's only the word
 count, right? Sandra Morrese, Gardner Dozois,
 Nancy Kilpatrick, Maureen F McHugh, Shawna McCarthy, Mary H
1:00:00 PM, Campaign South, 3E098, SF Films, A discussion
 of SF from Hollywood:  The good, the bad, and the cyberpunk, Steve
 Fahnestalk, Myra Cakan, Michael Skeet,
 John M. Landsberg, Mark Leeper, Craig Miller,
1:00:00 PM, MR 12, 3E124, Journey of the Hero, What should
 the Hero's journey mean to us?  Can we identify with the journey?
 Lee Barwood, Jack L Chalker, David Drake,
 Janeen Webb, K. D. Wentworth, Ann Tonsor Zeddies,
1:00:00 PM, MR 13, 3E149, Russian Interplanetary Probes, A
 look back across 30 years of Soviet Interplanetary exploration, in
 particular the probes for Venus and Mars made by
 the Lavochkin Association.  Photos of the actual engineering models
 that were used to test and work out problems on the spacecraft
 before they were launched and while in flight, Hugh
1:00:00 PM, MR 8, 3E196, Shotokan Karate Workshop,
 Con-goers (12 years and older) are invited to participate in a
 one-time training session in the dynamic martial art of
 Skotokan karate.  This session will be non-strenuous and safe,
 concentrating on basic karate mechanics.  Participants should wear
 loose clothing, Keith G. Kato, 
1:00:00 PM, Library, 3E566, Canvention Meeting, SF Canada
 Meeting, The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, a
 non-incorporated, non-profit body, will hold its
 annual business meeting and decide upon the site of the next
 Canvention.  Open to all Canvention members (i.e.ConAdian members
 who are either Canadian citizens or permanent
 residents, or paid-up Canvention members.), Jean-Louis Trudel,  
1:00:00 PM, MR 2, 3E724, Interview of George Barr by Karen
 Haber, Karen Haber (Silverberg) is an experienced artist
 interviewer, Karen Haber, George Barr, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 4, 3E731, Canadian Astronaut Talk and
 Autographs, Marc Garneau, the first Canadian Astronaut to rocket
 into space talks about his personal experiences in
 space.  He will also describe the specialized astronaut training he
 is currently undergoing at NASA, Victor Schwartzman, Marc Garneau,
1:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 3E811, Autograph Sessions 3e
 Roger MacBride Allen, Dave Wolverton, Elisabeth Vonarburg, 
1:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 3E855, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required3e
 , S. M. Stirling, P C Hodgell, Larry Niven, Alan
1:00:00 PM, MR 9, 3E881, Reading by Mike Resnick, Mike
 Resnick reads his own work, Mike Resnick, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 14, 3E884, Reading by Charles Sheffield,
 Charles Sheffield reads his own work, Charles Sheffield,  
2:00:00 PM, MR 9, 3F137, How to Do Costuming (Costuming
 101), So you want to get into costuming, but you don't know where
 to start.  Some tips and suggestions for the
 novice from those who have been there, Marjii Ellers, Stephanie
 Ann Johanson, Pierre E Pettinger Jr, Sandra G Pettinger, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 7, 3F178, Electronic Fandom, What's the
 on-line fannish community and how do you join? Ken Meltsner, Glenn
 Battis, Marty Helgesen, Saul Jaffe, Jill
 Eastlake, Maia Cowan,
2:00:00 PM, MR 12, 3F209, Economic/Political Aspects of
 Future History, Are we moving toward a global economy or just
 re-entering the Dark Ages? Philip Kaveny, Briccio
 Barrientos, M Shayne Bell, David Hayman, Timothy Lane, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 2, 3F211, Celtic Mythology, Why does Celtic
 mythology survive and thrive when so many others have not? Guy
 Gavriel Kay, Lindalee Stuckey, Roger Burton-
 West, Josepha Sherman, Kate Soley, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 1, 3F269, Humor in our Genre, Laughter is an
 important part of living.  Why don't we see more of it in SF? Dr.
 Arlan Andrews, Connie Willis, Susan Casper,
 Janet Hetherington, K. D. Wentworth, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 13, 3F346, Fandom & Convention in Japan,
 Masamichi Osako, Ken Yamaoka, and Takumi Shibano show a part of SF
 and fan activity in Japan.  Including
 information on the Japanese nationalcon (the 33rd annual) held on
 Okinawa Island, July 1-3, 1994, Takumi Shibano, Masamichi Osako,
 Ken Yamaoka, 
2:00:00 PM, Library, 3F743, SF Canada Business Meeting,
 Meeting only open to members of SF Canada, Jean-Louis Trudel,  
2:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 3F812, Autograph Sessions 3f
 C J Cherryh, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Mark Shepherd, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 5, 3F836, KaffeeKlatch 3f, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  Cynthia Felice, Jack
 L Chalker, Jack Dann, Martha Soukup, Michael
2:00:00 PM, MR 10, 3F882, Reading by Geoff Ryman, Geoff
 Ryman reads his own work, Geoff Ryman, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 9, 3G031, The Value of Regular Writer's
 Groups, So you have found a group you like, but are they really
 helping you?  Isn't writing supposed to be a "solitary"
 pursuit? Anthony Bryant, Michael Skeet, Janice M Eisen, Adrienne
 Foster, Astrid Julian, Geoffrey A Landis,
3:00:00 PM, MR 7, 3G190, Putting a Zine Together, Tips on
 starting and improving your 'zine, George (Lan) Laskowski, Cindy
 Huckle, Timothy Lane, Henry Welch, Magi
 Shepley, Andrew Porter,
3:00:00 PM, MR 12, 3G272, Women in Combat, Let's face it,
 women can be nastier than men.  Does sex really make a difference?
 jan howard finder, Daniel Dvorkin, Perry
 Williams, Bart Kemper, Elizabeth Moon, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 2, 3G328, Dinosaurs in SF, An exploration of
 the recent glut of dinosaurs after being extict for 65 million
 years, Ric Meyers, Richard Chwedyk, Stephen
 Dedman, Stan Hyde, Beth Meacham, Hayford Peirce,
3:00:00 PM, MR 1, 3G378, Golden Duck Awards, The Golden
 Duck Award is for excellence in children's SF.  Come and hear about
 the best of children's science fiction today
 and see slides of science fiction picture books.  These awards are
 sponsored by Duckon, a science fiction convention near Chicago.
 Presenters: Lindalee Stuckey, Trudi Puda, Helen
 Gbala, Douglas Drummond, Lindalee Stuckey, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 15, 3G697, Bioethics/Bioengineering, If
 science can change a species, how can we protect ourselves?  Who
 will decide who gets to benefit? Susan M Smith,
 Ctein, L Warren Douglas, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Norman Hartman, 
3:00:00 PM, Library, 3G744, Aurora Awards Jean-Louis
3:00:00 PM, MR 13, 3G760, The Alien Face, What do we read
 as an alien?  It seems we can best be spooked by what we recognize
 in terms of our knowledge of the human face.
 The SF artist can exploit that knowledge, Heather Spears,  
3:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 3G813, Autograph Sessions 3g
 Robert Silverberg, Karen Haber, Gregory Bennett, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 10, 3G883, Reading by George R. R. Martin,
 George R. R. Martin reads his own work, George R R Martin,  
4:00:00 PM, MR 14, 3H020, Research for Science Fiction
 Writers/Lecture, Why bother with research.  Where to start.  When
 to end.  Who to talk to.  What pitfalls to avoid.  How
 to take notes that really help.  The info on how to get info.,
 Billie Aul, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 6, 3H061, Internet--New Applications 


9:00:00 AM, MR 8, 4A747, Aerobics John Douglass,  
10:00:00 AM, MR 9, 4B072, Advances in Medicine, Genetics,
 Technology, Etc, With all the advances made in recent history, is
 SF falling behind the curve? Jeri Freedman,
 Maggie Flinn, John Strickland Jr, Karl Johanson, S. M. Stirling,
10:00:00 AM, MR 1, 4B107, How to get Artwork Published,
 Artists Going Pro, The difference between "fan" and "pro" art and
 how to place yourself in the market, George Barr,
 Michael Whelan, Brad Foster, Ric Meyers, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 4, 4B161, Military SF, How does military SF
 relate to the real military?  Perry Williams, Bart Kemper,
 Timothy Lane, Howard Scrimgeour, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 2, 4B241, Magic Realism, A discussion on
 magic, supernatural beings, and the laws of conservation, Mary H
 Rosenblum, Carrie Richerson, Daniel L Marcus,
 Maureen F McHugh, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 7, 4B339, Publishing on the Desktop, How
 desktop publishing can work for you, Roger MacBride Allen, Glenn
 Hauman, Arthur Kyle, Julia Martin, Jean
10:00:00 AM, MR 12, 4B742, SFWA Meeting, The Science
 Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is an organization founded
 to inform its membership about matters of
 professional interest to writers, to promote their general welfare,
 and to help them deal effectively with publishers, editors and
 anthologists.  The business meeting is closed to the public.,
 , Gay Haldeman, 
10:30:00 AM, Fort Rouge Park, 4B772, Pagan Ritual, nota
 sky clad rite.  In other words, you mustwear clothing to attend.,
 Bill Avery, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 13, 4B788, Electronic Fiction and
 Publishing, Hypertext demo with Eastgate Systems, Kathryn Cramer,
10:00:00 AM, ConCourse, 4B816, Autograph Sessions 4b
 Kaja Foglio, David G Hartwell, Phil Foglio, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 5, 4B838, KaffeeKlatch 4b, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  Josepha Sherman,
 Jonathan V. Post, Briccio Barrientos, Charles
10:00:00 AM, Sheraton, 4B852, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required4b
 , Geoffrey A Landis, John Park, Sheila Williams, Alan
11:00:00 AM, MR 12, 4C249, How to Sell SF to General
 Readers as Literature, What's a general reader?  What's literature?
Possible ways to package SF in order to reach a
 broader market,  Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Gerri Balter, Janice M
11:00:00 AM, MR 9, 4C266, Bioethics Considerations, A
 discussion of the ethics of bioengineering, Lois H Mangan, Genny
 Dazzo, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Ross Pavlac, J. D.
11:00:00 AM, MR 15, 4C386, Use of Violence in SF, Violence
 seems to be a way of life now.  How has SF encouraged its growth?
 L Warren Douglas, Ann Tonsor Zeddies,
 Geoff Ryman, Ron Sarti, Jean-Louis Trudel, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 1, 4C409, Future of Space Exploration, What
 has been happenning since Apollo?  How can we get to Mars and
 beyond? Hugh Gregory, Gregory Bennett,
 David Stephenson, Gerald D. Nordley, Henry Spencer, Henry
11:00:00 AM, MR 4, 4C612, Writing with Anne McCaffrey, Meet
 some writers who have worked in a universe that is known and loved
 by millions, Jody Lynn Nye, Elizabeth
 Ann Scarborough, Jack Cohen, Elizabeth Moon, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 7, 4C778, Cyberspace in Multi-User
 Dungeons, A demonstration of Virtual Reality MUDs and MOOs , Dr.
 Joseph Donatelli, 
11:00:00 AM, ConCourse, 4C817, Autograph Sessions 4c
 S. M. Stirling, Maureen F McHugh, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 9, 4D247, What is REALLY Killing the
 Backlisting of Good Bks, A discussion on the shelf-life of books
 and how to keep our favorites front and center in the
 buyer's mind, Joseph T Mayhew, Tom Doherty, Patrick Nielsen
 Hayden, Robert Runte, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 7, 4D320, Reach for the Stars/Trivia
 Contest with Star Trek Regina Hilary Ryan, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 15, 4D350, One Language for the World? The
 pros and cons of a worldwide language, Dr. Janice Bogstad, Stanley
 Schmidt, Myra Cakan, Joel Champetier,
 Frederick Andrew Lerner, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 2, 4D354, The Meaning of Dark Fantasy, An
 exploration into the depths of dark fantasy, Daniel L Marcus, K.B.
 Bogen, Stephen Dedman, Dawn Dunn, P C
 Hodgell, Caro Soles,
12:00:00 PM, MR 13, 4D379, The DreamTime Art of the
 Australian Aborigines Charlene Taylor, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 10, 4D385, Getting Your Stars Right the
 First Time, Green stars?  The Sun going nova?  Tau Ceti going
 supernova?  Science fiction can often raise an
 astronomer's hackles.  A review of the stars which do and do not
 exist, and how to intergrate astronomical assumptions into
 fiction, Jean-Louis Trudel, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 4, 4D408, Star Wars Novels, Star Wars has
 captured the hearts of millions.  Come learn what is being done now
 and for the future, Kevin J Anderson, Tom
 Dupree, Rebecca Moesta Anderson, Kathy Tyers, Janna Silverstein,
12:00:00 PM, MR 1, 4D721, WSFS Business Meeting, Second
 Main Session, The results of the 1997 Worldcon Site Selection will
 be formally announced at the beginning of
 today's meeting.  Further debate on amendments to the WSFS
 Constitute, as well as reports from Worldcon committees,  are
 expected today.  All regular business is expected to conclude
 today, to be followed by Question Time, where you can grill
 representatives of future Worldcon Committees and Bid Committees.,
 Kevin Standlee, 
12:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 4D818, Autograph Sessions 4d
 Nancy Kilpatrick, Jack Nimersheim, Geoff Ryman, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 5, 4D839, KaffeeKlatch 4d, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  Mike Resnick, Lee
 Barwood, Chris Rutkowski, Shariann Lewitt, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 14, 4D886, Reading by Harry Stubbs (Hal
 Clement), Harry Stubbs (Hal Clement) reads from his own work.,
 Harry C Stubbs, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 15, 4E077, Non-Monogamous or
 Non-Heterosexual Relationships, The Moral Majority abhores them;
 the vast majority is silent.  Is it the purpose of SF to de-
 demonize these types of relationships? Genny Dazzo, George R R
 Martin, Stephen Dedman, Alexandra Honigsberg, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 9, 4E400, The Library of the World at Your
 Desk, Explore the world of electronic libraries with those who have
 already gone before, Michael J Ward, Ben Best,
 Billie Aul, Marty Helgesen, Ken Meltsner, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 4, 4E402, Liar's Panel on How to Get
 Published, So you think you've tried every way possible to get your
 manuscript accepted.., Gene Wolfe, Joe Haldeman,
 David G Hartwell, John M. Landsberg, Wil McCarthy, Roger E. Moore,
1:00:00 PM, MR 2, 4E441, How We Deal With Death & Dying,
 This is something that we all will do at least once in our life,
 but how do we really feel about it, George Barr,
 Connie Willis, Lois H Mangan, Barry B Longyear, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 12, 4E626, Dragonriders of Pern Fan Clubs,
 Opportunity for Dragonrider/Pern fan clubs to meet and discuss fan
 club interests, Magi Shepley, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 13, 4E715, The Klingon Empire on 5 Credits
 A Day!, Beware Terrans, the Klingon Empire is taking over Kanada
 and the rest of the planet Earth.  Hear about
 the Kanadian Kligon Empire and how you will be
 conquered/assimilated.  A discussion of Klingon culture, rituals,
 language, and other aspects of this growing part of "trek" fandom
 in Kanada, Bernard Reischl, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 6, 4E776, GnuGnome/Gnome Press Presentation,
 During the forties and fifties, Dave Kyle's original Gnome Press
 published first novels by many science fiction
 legends, including Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.  GnuGnome
 Press will attempt to follow in the tradition, publishing limited
 edition hardcovers devoted to quality science fiction.,
 Ralph Schiano, David Kyle, Arthur Kyle, 
1:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 4E819, Autograph Sessions 4e
 Ellen Datlow, Martha Soukup, Donald Kingsbury, 
1:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 4E856, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required4e
 , Maureen F McHugh, M Shayne Bell, Scott Edelman,
 Gerri Balter, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 10, 4E887, Reading by Jack L. Chalker, Jack
 L. Chalker reads his own work, Jack L Chalker, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 1, 4F242, Themes of Abuse, Psychological
 abuse as well as physical abuse is notnew.  Is fiction another
 tool for writers and readers to work through and deal
 with a serious issue? Barry B Longyear,  Ctein, David Drake,
 Kathei Logue, William R. Lund, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 9, 4F263, Future of Education, Will
 education meet the changing requirements of the 21st century? John
 Hertz, Ann L. Chancellor, Kathleen Ann Goonan,
 Lindalee Stuckey, Bradford Lyau, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 7, 4F275, Breaking into the Professional
 Markets, Get some tips from people who have been there.  How did
 they get their first break? Ashley D Grayson, Betsy
 Mitchell, Steve Fahnestalk, Guy Gavriel Kay, Terry Erdmann, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 12, 4F333, SF Vs. Fantasy, Is SF a subset of
 Fantasy...Or is Fantasy a subset of SF...Or are they both opposite
 sides of the same coin? J.R. Dunn, Dave Duncan,
 Jennifer Hershey, Claire Eddy, Alexis A Gilliland, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 4, 4F362, The State of SF TV/Movies, How TV
 and the movies treat Science Fiction, Ric Meyers, John L Flynn,
 Stan Hyde, Perry Mark Stratychuk, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 2, 4F370, Gender Roles, How has society
 shaped our stereotypes and can technology change them, George
 Barr, S. M. Stirling, Cynthia Felice, Judith Hayman,
 Mary A Turzillo, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 10, 4F410, Importance/Ethics of Terraforming
 Other Planets, How can we justify this work to the universe? Roger
 MacBride Allen, John Strickland Jr, Stanley
 Schmidt, Frederick Andrew Lerner, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 13, 4F727, Breaking into Screenwriting,
 Gillian Horvath, who broke into screenwriting with the Quantum Leap
 episode "Promised Land" , shares some of the
 do's and don'ts of the town where, as William Goldman put it,
 Nobody Knows Anything, Gillian Horvath, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 6, 4F779, Aliens of the 90's, Who are they?
 What are they?  Alien trends and predictions, Dr. Joseph
2:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 4F820, Autograph Sessions 4f
 Josepha Sherman, Bridget McKenna, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 5, 4F840, KaffeeKlatch 4f, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  Judith Merril, jan
 howard finder, Allen Steele, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 15, 4F888, Reading by Jean-Louis Trudel,
 Jean-Louis Trudel reads his own work, Jean-Louis Trudel,  
3:00:00 PM, MR 7, 4G010, Monster Trivia Quiz/Hosting, This
 your opportunity to test your knowledge of those dark creatures out
 of man's imagination.  Three rounds of
 monster trivia.  Winners will receive monster prizes.  Hosted by
 the Monster Club.  Compete as teams or individuals, open to all.,
 Raul Andreu, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 12, 4G282, Small Press Publishing, A small
 press shop vs. the big monsters of the industry.  Who can serve you
 better? Michael J Ward, Jim Groat, Derryl
 Murphy, Jack Nimersheim, Ralph Schiano, Gene Wolfe, Andrew Porter
3:00:00 PM, MR 15, 4G286, Interstellar Propulsion with
 Known Physics, How science can help us explore outer space.,
 Geoffrey A Landis, Howard Davidson, Karl Johanson,
 Waldemar Kumming, Gerald D. Nordley, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 13, 4G299, Jurassic Park: The Science Behind
 the Fiction, From the scientist who invented the dinosaur cloning
 recipe that became Jurassic in depth
 look into the science behind the fiction, Charles Pellegrino,  
3:00:00 PM, MR 1, 4G319, Does our Culture Have a Myth
 System? Explore how myths, both ancient and modern, are shaping
 our culture, Claire Eddy, Julia Martin, Laura
 Frankos, Janet Hetherington, David Honigsberg, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 4, 4G395, SF and Social Responsibility of
 Writers, Of course we are responsible to our society.  The question
 is:  are we doing enough? Sandra Morrese,
 Stephen Burns, L Warren Douglas, Dawn Dunn, Ian K Hagemann, Amy
 Thomson, Anne McCaffrey
3:00:00 PM, MR 2, 4G617, Let's Drive A Stake Through The
 Romantic Vampire, What to do when your character has fallen in love
 with a perfectly good symbol of evil, Janeen
 Webb, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Beverley Richardson, 
3:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 4G821, Autograph Sessions 4g
 Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 10, 4G889, Reading by Jean Lorrah, Jean
 Lorrah reads her own work, Jean Lorrah, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 2, 4H090, Medical Situations in Fiction,
 Today's reader is toosophisticated to allow magic in medicine.  So
 how can you create a believable medical scenario?
 Judy Lazar, Joel Champetier, Howard Scrimgeour, Lois H Mangan,
 Elizabeth Moon, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 4, 4h280, SF on Television, What are the
 pro's and con's of a mass audience tool like TV?  After all, more
 people watch TV than read books,  John L Flynn,
 Craig Miller, William R. Lund, George R R Martin, Gillian Horvath,
4:00:00 PM, MR 1, 4h284, Politics in SF, Literature has
 always been a medium for expressing and critiquing politics.  How
 can this help or hinder your story? Alexis A
 Gilliland, J.R. Dunn, Janice M Eisen, Maureen F McHugh, Astrid
4:00:00 PM, MR 7, 4H330, Creating an Internally Consistent
 Religion, Every culture must have some sort of religion to hold it
 together, but can it be as easy as the "Great Potato"
 theory? Harry Turtledove, William "Wolf" Foss, John Hertz, Robert
 Sawyer, David Wixon, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 12, 4H716, The Klingon Dating Game-Hosted by
 KAG/Kanada, The Dating Game as you've never seen it.  Our Klingon,
 and other-worldly, contestants compete
 against one another for the sheer fun of it.  Who knows--you, or
 they, may get lucky with an "out of this world" gal or guy!,
 Bernard Reischl, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 15, 4H735, 1998 and Beyond Worldcon Bid
 Presentations Mike Glyer, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 9, 4H749, Japanese SF Masamichi Osako,
 Takumi Shibano, Miho Hiramoto, Anthony Bryant, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 13, 4H759, How I Create a Book Cover
 Illustration Michael Whelan, 
4:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 4H822, Autograph Sessions 4h
 Connie Willis, Dr. Arlan Andrews, Mike Resnick, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 5, 4H841, KaffeeKlatch 4h, Limited ADVANCE
 Registration - Inquire at Con Info Desk,  Kevin J Anderson,
 Betsy Mitchell, 
4:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 4H860, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required4h
 , Ginjer Buchanan, Wil McCarthy, Kent Brewster,
 Gerald D. Nordley, 
4:00:00 PM, MR 10, 4H890, Reading by Barry B. Longyear,
 Barry B. Longyear reads his own work, Barry B Longyear,  
5:00:00 PM, MR 6, 4I004, Writing for the Young Adult
 Market Carol Matas, Josepha Sherman, Lindalee Stuckey, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 1, 4I082, Aging Gracefully, In our youth we
 fought against "The Establishment," and now we are Them.  How does
 this define society? Marjii Ellers, Clifton
 Amsbury, Carrie Richerson, Leslie Gadallah, George (Lan) Laskowski,
5:00:00 PM, MR 2, 4I309, Aliens in SF, Hollywood has given
 us many examples of life from another planet, but would we know one
 if it bit us on the nose? Jack Cohen, Beth
 Meacham, Stan Hyde, John M. Landsberg, Anne McCaffrey, Wil
5:00:00 PM, MR 9, 4I625, Convention Burnout, Do you feel
 like the only reason you came was to collect another badge for your
 wall?  Here's some help on removing or avoiding
 the problem,  Kathei Logue, David Stein, DI, Perrianne Lurie,
 Michael Wallis, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 13, 4I769, Comet Crash!, Video, slides,
 discussion, and more of the Great Comet Crash!, Terry J. Jones,
 David Stephenson, Hugh Gregory, John Strickland Jr.,
5:00:00 PM, MR 10, 4I781, The Physics of Star Trek, A
 discussion of matter/antimatter conversion, faster-than-light
 travel and subspace communication in the Star Trek
 Universe, Dr. Art Stinner, Dr. Kumar Sharma, 
5:00:00 PM, ConCourse, 4I823, Autograph Sessions 4i Lee
 Barwood, Caro Soles, 
5:00:00 PM, MR 12, 4I891, Reading by Spider and Jeanne
 Robinson, Jeanne and Spider Robinson read their own work, Jeanne
 Robinson, Spider Robinson, 
6:00:00 PM, MR 13, 4J738, Artemis Project Team Meeting,
 Team Meeting.  Open to all ConAdian members, Gregory Bennett,  
8:00:00 PM, MR 12, 4L708, Calling All Mad Scientists:
 Population Heading to 10 Billion!, The dangers of overpopulation
 and what we could do about it, Astrid Julian, Leslie
 Gadallah, Karl Johanson, David Wixon, David Stephenson, 


10:00:00 AM, MR 1, 5B027, The Fiction of Anne
 McAffrey/Academic Papers, A presentation of critical papers dealing
 with the works of Anne McAffrey, Jody Lynn Nye, Dr.
 Elizabeth Anne Hull, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 13, 5B146, Apollo: 25 Years Later, One
 small step for this man, one giant leap for mankind, M Shayne
 Bell, Charles Sheffield, Hugh Gregory, Andre Lieven,
 Henry Spencer, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 9, 5B392, Religion & SF, Why are so many SF
 writers loathe to include religion if it is such an important
 aspect to our culture? Anthony Bryant, Dave
 Wolverton, Marty Helgesen, Joseph T Mayhew, Wil McCarthy, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 10, 5B406, The Special Appeal of Short
 Stories in SF&F, Discover the unique and special properties of
 short stories, Scott Edelman, Richard Chwedyk,
 Gardner Dozois, Carrie Richerson, Derryl Murphy, 
10:00:00 AM, MR 2, 5B420, Defining SF, Is there room for
 any clear definitions and separation of genres in post-modernism?
 Catherine Donahue Girczyc, Miho Hiramoto,
 Takumi Shibano, Ariane Von Orlow, Frederik Pohl, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 1, 5C067, Where Field (SF, Fantasy and
 Horror) is Going, Is there still room for innovation in future SF?
 How can the old classics be published in today's
 market?  David Wixon, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 13, 5C125, Collecting SF Film & Toy
 Memorabilia, Designed to attract the novice collector, as well as
 inform the hardcore memorabilist, John L Flynn,  
11:00:00 AM, MR 2, 5C142, Cyberculture, Cyber-knowledge:
 Is it good, is it bad, and how can the government suppress it? Dr.
 Janice Bogstad,  Bandit, Jonathan V. Post,
 Jordin Kare, Ashley D Grayson, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 7, 5C359, The Geography of Space, Space is
 notjust a featureless emptiness.  It has its own unique geography:
 useful areas and useless ones, important
 resources and important dangers, Henry Spencer, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 9, 5C593, Archeology of the Future, Digging
 up the future!  What will future generations believe about us based
 on our tools and possessions? jan howard
 finder, Len Wein, 
11:00:00 AM, MR 15, 5C763, SF Jeopardy! Doug Kemp,  
12:00:00 PM, MR 9, 5D115, Surviving Your First Masquerade,
 The Do's and Don'ts of masquerading for the novice, Marjii Ellers,
 Pierre E Pettinger Jr, David W Clark, Ann L.
 Chancellor, jan howard finder, Zelda Gilbert, Sandra G Pettinger
12:00:00 PM, MR 1, 5D220, Scientific Accuracy in SF, How
 accurate must a writer be when impossibilities such as FTL and time
 travel are accepted? Howard Davidson, Susan
 M Smith, George Flentke, Edmund R. Meskys, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 13, 5D325, The Geology of Middle Earth,
 Experience Tolkien's World through this special slide show event.,
 Dr. William Sarjeant, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 10, 5D423, How to Research in Historical
 Matters for Story, How and where to perform research for historical
 accuracy, Jody Lynn Nye, Jack Dann, Sasha
12:00:00 PM, MR 2, 5D499, Safe Sex in SF: A Writer's
 Obligation? How can it change for the future?  Is "The Demolition
 Man" the shape of things to come? Paula Johanson,
 Billie Aul,  Ctein, Sally McBride, 
12:00:00 PM, MR 15, 5D523, What Is and Isn't Filk, Filk,
 Folk, Funny songs...What makes Filk unique? Glenn Simser, Andrea
 Yeomans, David Hayman, Judith Hayman,
 Howard Scrimgeour, Mary Ellen Wessels,
12:00:00 PM, MR 7, 5D703, What Fans Would Like to See at
 NASFiC (Atlanta) in 1995 Edward Kramer, 
12:00:00 PM, WIN WEST, 5D758, Mark Protection Committee
 Meeting, The WSFS Mark Protection Committee administers the service
 marks on "Worldcon," "Hugo Awards,"
 and the other WSFS marks.  This committee meeting is open to all
 members of ConAdian, seating permitting, Kevin Standlee,  

1:00:00 PM, MR 9, 5E126, Teaching Science Fiction at the
 University Level, How SF is used to influence the values and
 behaviors of another generation, Zelda Gilbert, Jeremy
1:00:00 PM, MR 2, 5E129, Time Travel Which Alters History,
 How would we change the present if could change the past, Robert
 Sawyer, Frederik Pohl, Ariane Von Orlow, S.
 M. Stirling, Harry C Stubbs, 
1:00:00 PM, MR 1, 5E228, Getting the Medicine/Biology
 Right, A discussion on where, how and why you should research.,
 Perrianne Lurie, Genny Dazzo, George Flentke,
 Howard Scrimgeour, 
1:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 5E857, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required5e
 , Greg Costikyan, Shawna McCarthy, Dean Wesley
 Smith, Richard Chwedyk, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 2, 5F267, Adapting Real History/Anthropology
 Backgrounds, How to make reality unreal enough for fantasy.,
 Anthony Bryant, Mary A Turzillo, Josepha
 Sherman, S. M. Stirling, 
2:00:00 PM, MR 1, 5F424, Robert A. Heinlein, He made a
 profound impact on more people than most writers will ever reach.
 Learn more about the man and his life, Keith G.
 Kato, Dr. Elizabeth Anne Hull, 
3:00:00 PM, MR 1, 5G610, Winnipeg Worldcon Convention
 Critique, Gripe Session
4:00:00 PM, Sheraton, 5H861, Writers Workshop ,
 Registration Closed - Pre-Reg and Writing Submission Required5h