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12 Noon
    Child Care Opens          P BARC1
  1 Building Bridges & Other Things [YP]     P MEDI
    Workshop for children 8 and up (and for interested adults).  It's fun to
    make: geometric construction kits; tooth pick bridges; masks and fun
    to wear. (3 hrs)
2:00 PM
  2 Costume Acoutrema: The Props        M 112
    It's the little things that count.
    -- Jay Hartlove, Stacey A Jenkins, Brian Mix (m), Kevin P Roche
  3 Writers' Rituals and Superstitions       M 120
    What kind of rituals and superstitions do writers indulge in around
    How to invoke the ghods of creativity and propitiate the gremlins in the
    wyrd processor.
    -- Karen Anderson, Bryan Cholfin, Nicholas A DiChario (m), Rhondi Vilott
  4 Japanese Fandom           M 121
    A snapshot of Japanese fandom.
    -- Masamichi Osako, Shibano Takumi, Takayuki Tatsumi, Ken Yamaoka
  5 Erotic Elements in Horror & Super Hero Comics      M 123
    For adult readers of comics.
    -- Loren MacGregor (m), Mark Merlino, Frederick Patten, Trina Robbins,
  6 Graphic Novels in F&SF         M 124
    A survey of the field and discussion of what makes them graphic NOVELS.
    -- Phil Foglio, Steve Leialoha, Len Wein (m), Marv Wolfman
  7 SF Media: Vast Wasteland or Teaching Tool     M 131
    Movies and TV as a tool for teachers, perhaps focusing on media as a
    stimulus for both teaching and learning ( science).
    -- Greg Barr (m), Jok Church, Zelda Gilbert, Val Ontell, Hal Clement
  8 Reading by Thorarinn Gunnarsson          M 135C
  9 AMBER Diceless Role-Playing         M 135D
    If you love Roger Zelazny's "Amber," find out about this new style of
    playing. Forget the old stereotypes of war-gamers, dice and rulebooks.  (3
    -- Erick Wujick
 10 John G Cramer, George Alec Effinger, Suzette Haden Elgin     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
3:00 PM
 11 Science Fiction and Fantasy Images of the Military      M 110
    From Conan to Starship Troopers to the Forever War and beyond. How does
    genre portray the military?
    -- Shariann Lewitt (m), John Mansfield, John Maddox Roberts, Ben Yalow
 12 MannerPunk           M 113
    Fantasies of manners and the etiquette of the future, dark or light.
    -- Teresa Edgerton, Howard V Hendrix, Don Keller, Kevin A Murphy (m)
 13 SF: New Bridges Around the World         M 121
    International fan & pro networks: what's out there and how to get
    -- Elizabeth Anne Hull (m), Waldemar Kumming, Larry Roeder, Shibano Takumi
 14 Putting on a Multiworld Convention       M 123
    Plan a convention of fictional characters from many different universes
    as Oz and Niven's Known Space and ToonTown and Lankhmar and the Iceworld
    universe? Choose fictional characters for your concom. Make up program
items. What hotel or other facilit
    -- Tom Digby, Marjii Ellers, Tim Illingworth (m), Larry Niven, Edie Stern
 15 Mainstream/slipstream          M 124
    "Mainstream" fiction hovering on our borders.
    -- Edward Bryant (m), Jonathan Lethem, Gordon Van Gelder, Mark V Ziesing
 16 From Plato to Chaos Theory and Fuzzy Logic    M 130
    A brief survey of the important historical developments in theories of
    knowledge reveals how the works of the past remain relevant today.
    -- Bradford Lyau
 17 Grab Bag Art: Make an Alien [YP]         P DANTE
    How many space aliens can you recycle from tissue paper, newspaper,
    cardboard tubes and other "junk"?
    -- Amelia Sefton
 18 Roger MacBride Allen, David Gerrold, Stephen Goldin     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
 19 BoaF: Runners Delight          M HOWARD
    Meet under the Pedestrian Overpass on the north side of Howard Street to
    join veteran runner Chuck Divine on one a run along the Embarcadero.
    transit will be used from the meeting place. Runners, walkers, and all
    motorized forms of transportati
4:00 PM
    Bubble Gum Crisis #1 & #2           N PINK
    Day of the Triffids            N GREY
    Fahrenheit 451            N GRAN23
 20 The First Bay Area Worldcon         M 110
    What was the first SFcon really like? A discussion with those who were
    there. (Interview, sort of)
    -- Esther Cole, Lester Cole, Richard Lynch (m), Aubrey McDermott
 21 State of the Short Story       M 111
    How does this form fare in science fiction and fantasy magazines and
    and in the rest of the literary world.
    -- Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, James Brunet, Scott Edelman, Ashley D Grayson
  (m), Rick Wilber
 22 Cordwainer Smith Panel         M 112
    Smith remains one of the most fascinating characters to have worked in the
    field, and his boldly innovative fiction still seems pertinent. This
will examine the man and his work.
    -- James W Fiscus, Paul E Moslander (m), Ross Pavlac, Frederik Pohl, Tom
 23 Darkover, Wraeththu & Valdemar      M 120
    Compare & contrast the various worlds where sexuality and psychic/magic
    powers are so much a part of the narrative.
    -- John Jarrold, Jean Lamb, Cynthia McQuillin (m)
 24 Getting Into Orbit        M 123
    How & when? How well has science fiction portrayed this first step to the
    -- Steve Howe (m), Sean McMullen, Larry Niven, Gerald D Nordley, Henry
 25 Practical Research Methods          M 124
    How to research science fiction and fantasy without doing 5 PhDs worth of
    -- Jim Benford, Dr. Michael K. Brett-Surman, Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Keith G
  Kato (m), Mary Mason
 26 Eric Drexler on Nanotechnology      M 130
    Nanotechnology, Machine Intelligence and the Human Future.
    -- Eric Drexler
 27 Worldbuilding in 50 Minutes         M 131
    A jam session for designers of alien worlds.
    -- Holly Lisle, Paul J McAuley, Kevin A Murphy, Robin F Rowland, Tad
  Williams (m)
 28 Eggbeater or Torture Implement?          M 132
    Archeology of the Future: Our experts analyze common household tools as
    though they were members of a future civilization.
    -- L Warren Douglas, Barbara Hambly (m), T Jackson King, Len Wein
 29 Riddles in the Dark [YP]       P MICH
    Our Honored Guest, jan howard finder, reads from some of his favorite
    Tolkien passages.
    -- jan howard finder
 30 Reading by Rick Cook           M 135C
 31 Harry Turtledove, Walter Jon Williams, Janny Wurts      M AUTO
    Autograph session.
5:00 PM
 32 SF/F: Many Worlds/Many Cultures          M 111
    Our panelists discuss their personal reading lists of SF/F portraying many
    -- Geary Gravel, Ian K Hagemann (m), Guy W Thomas, Amy Thomson
 33 Dracula: Historical Reality, Myth, Icon       M 120
    Transylvania to the silver screen.
    -- Suzy McKee Charnas, Georgiana Farnoaga (m), Alexandru Mironov
 34 What Shall We Do With a Broken NASFiC?        M 121
    Is the North American Science Fiction Convention broke? Should we fix it?
    Committee members discuss their report (which will be officially presented
    at the Friday WSFS Business Meeting) and the various alternatives they
    considered. (2 hrs)
 35 Introduction to Computer Networking      M 123
    Discussion of the world of electronic mail and beyond--CompuServe, GEnie,
    Prodigy, BIX, the WELL and the Internet.
    -- Seth Breidbart, Wilma Meier, Mark L Olson, Martha Soukup (m)
 36 Beating "Star Wars" into Plowshares      M 124
    How can the USA convert defense and aerospace engineers to other useful
    peacetime functions?
    -- John G Cramer, Pauline B Cramer, Richard F Dutcher (m)
 37 CONTACT: Introduction          M 132
    Cultures Of The Imagination (COTI) begins with an introduction that is
    designed to present a vision of humanity's future as a technological,
    spacefaring culture. Students will be given examples and then asked to
    create their own simulations of a spacefari
    -- Greg Barr, James Funaro
 38 Jack L Chalker            M AUTO
    Autograph session.
 39 Open Filking         A CITY
 40 Margaret and Kristoph and Friends        A FRAN
5:18 PM
    Urusei Yatsura Movie #1        N PINK
5:48 PM
    Earth vs. the Spider           N GREY
6:00 PM
    Dreamscape           N GRAN23
 41 Medical Technology in SF       M 111
    Make no bones about it: get the biology and the medicine right!
    -- Sharon N Farber, David M Kushner, Perrianne Lurie, Pras Stillman (m)
 42 Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday       M 120
    Likely errors in future historical fiction about our era.
    -- Barbara Delaplace, John Hertz, Kim Stanley Robinson, Harry Turtledove
 43 Virtual Blood and Guts         M 124
    Can virtual violence take the place of the real thing, or will it be a
    practice session for violence in the flesh?
    -- Pat Cadigan, D N Crowe, Jack Nimersheim (m), Amy Thomson
 44 Reading by Kristine Kathryn Rusch        M 135C
 45 Music From the Worlds of Science and Technology    A CITY
    -- Joe Ellis, Heather Rose Jones, Jordin Kare, Jane Robinson, Steve
6:15 PM
 46 WSFS/Mark Protection Committee Meeting        A FRAN
    The meeting is open to all Members of ConFrancisco.  (2 hrs)
7:00 PM
 47 BoaF: Friends of Bill W.       N WHITE2
 48 Open Filking         A CITY
     (2 hrs)
 49 Music From the Worlds of Assorted Writers     A FRAN
     (2 hrs)
    -- Philip Allcock, Lee S Billings, Barry Gold, Jordin Kare, Rennie Levine,
  Kathy Mar, Cynthia McQuillin, Linda Melnick, Roberta Rogow, Kate Soley,
  Jean L Stevenson, Beth Stevens
7:10 PM
    Vampire Hunter D          N PINK
7:18 PM
    First Spaceship on Venus       N GREY
8:00 PM
    Fantastic Voyage          N GRAN23
 50 Fannish Family Feud            N GRAN1
    As seen at ArmadilloCon!!! Who is better-equipped to read the minds of the
    fannish community? (3 hrs)
    -- Pat Cadigan, Karen Meschke
 51 Opening Ceremonies        M ESPL
    Guy Gavriel Kay serves as toastmaster for this spectacular event.
    -- Alicia Austin, Mark Twain, Tom Digby, jan howard finder, Guy Gavriel
  Larry Niven
8:40 PM
    Orange Road #1            N PINK
8:45 PM
    War of the Worlds         N GREY
9:00 PM
 52 Roll-Your-Own Filking          A CITY
    Whatever style audience and performers agree on. (10 hrs)
 53 Bardic Circle Filking          A COMM
    Everyone gets a turn to pick, play, or pass. (10 hrs)
 54 Chaos Filk           A FRAN
    Unmoderated, jump in with a follower, midwestern style filk singing. (10
9:15 PM
    Aladdin              M ESPL
     (2 hrs)
9:40 PM
    Guyver Volume 1           N PINK
9:48 PM
    Angry Red Planet          N GRAN23
10:15 PM
    Amazing Colossal Man           N GREY
10:40 PM
    Giant Robo #1             N PINK
11:30 PM
    Video Interviews          N GRAN23
12 Midn
    Child Care Closes         P BARC1


7:00 AM
    Music Programming Closed for Cleaning         A FRAN
    Filking rooms (Franciscan, Commonwealth & City) closed for cleaning.  (3
8:00 AM
 55 Open Filking         A CITY
     (5 hrs)
9:00 AM
    Child Care Opens          P BARC1
    Bubble Gum Crisis #3 & #4           N PINK
    It! The Terror Beyond Space         N GRAN23
    They Came From Beyond Space         N GREY
 56 Aerobics I           A METR3
    -- John Douglass
 57 BoaF: Friends of Bill W.       N WHITE2
10:00 AM
    Open Gaming Opens         P DAVI
 58 The Care and Feeding of the Creative Process       M 110
    What artists, writers, musicians, dancers, etc. do and think and "are" to
    keep the process up and running.
    -- Allison Hershey, Ginger LaJeunesse, Brian Moriarty, Bruce Holland
  Amelia Sefton (m)
 59 Science Fiction, Poetry, and Science Fiction Poetry     M 111
    Fiction and Poetry are different (although notmutually exclusive)
    forms. What does each form offer the other, and how do we bridge the space
    -- Arthur Loy Holcomb, Sharon D King (m), Joy Oestreicher
 60 Should SF/F Strive for Literary Respectability     M 112
    A debate over whether or notmainstream literary respectability is a
    desirable goal.
    -- Gregory Benford, David Drake, David G Hartwell, Don Keller, Ron Montana
 61 Music in the Next Century           M 120
    What will technology, such as instruments that almost play themselves, do
    or for the music of the future?
    -- Nora Maki, Elisabeth Waters, David Wingrove, Janny Wurts (m)
 62 Writing Your Fingers to the Bone         M 121
    How to recognize job related physical and psychological injuries and
    illnesses, and to stay happy and healthy as a writer.
    -- Rebecca Moesta Anderson, Sharon N Farber, James W Fiscus (m), Flash
  Gordon MD, Pras Stillman
 63 Simple Stage Effects           M 124
    High tech on a low budget.
    -- Russell B Dawe (m), Jay Hartlove, John Youden
 64 Do Neural Networks Dream of Electric Sheep?        M 130
    Neural networks try to make computers act more like biological brains.
    talk will describe what neural networks can do in real life, as opposed to
    science fiction.
    -- Dr. John Platt
 65 Japanese Artists          M 132
    Slide show of Japanese Art.
    -- Yasuo Kawai
 66 Drawing Draperies, Fabric and Clothing        M 135A
    Art workshop (3 hrs)
    -- Robert Alexander
 67 Marion Zimmer Bradley, Melissa Scott     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
 68 M Flynn, J Nye, H Clement, H Turtledove       A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
 69 Tai Chi (Session I)            A METR3
    -- Steve Barnes
10:20 AM
    The Thing (1951)          N GRAN23
10:39 AM
    Invasion of the Saucer Men          N GREY
    Urusei Yatsura Movie #2        N PINK
11:00 AM
 70 Multi-Cultural Sources and Resources for Writers   M 110
    Where can writers get good information about societies and cultures other
    than their own?
    -- Janet Gluckman, Sean McMullen, Mike Resnick, Amy Thomson (m), David
 71 What Do We Mean By "Crazy"?         M 111
    Mad scientists, twisted villains and paranoid rulers are all stock figures
    in the genre, but what are sociopaths and psychopaths REALLY like? Does
    do a good job of depicting them?
    -- Dr. Kim McKinzey
 72 Blending Science Fiction and Fantasy     M 112
    There are more possibilities than urban elves & neo-pagan cultures. What
    does the future offer the fantasist that the past & alternate universes do
    -- Tara K Harper (m), Michael Kandel, Patrick Nielsen Hayden
 73 "Nukes" in the Real World and SF/F       M 113
    A review of the way SF has been affected by the nuclear age and a
    of how the current changes in the balance of nuclear power may be
    in the literature.
    -- Glen Cook, Rick Cook (m), Janet Catherine Johnston, Frederik Pohl, John
  Maddox Roberts
 74 Fat, Feminism, and Fandom - The Next Step     M 120
    We discuss issues in fandom, science fiction and fact, and a project to
    with some of these issues. As an outgrowth of discussions at SF
    we have decided to show as well as tell what we see when we look at fat
    women.  (2 hrs)
    -- Patricia A Diggs, Laurie Edison (m), Cynthia McQuillin, Debbie Notkin,
  Carol Squires
 75 Postmodernism and SF           M 121
    -- Kim Stanley Robinson
 76 Terry's Guests            M 123
    A discussion with the beneficiaries of the Terry's Dream auction on the
    state of SF/F in their homelands.
    -- Ivan Adamovic, Elizabeth Anne Hull (m), Alexandru Mironov
 77 How to Anthropologize          M 124
    How do anthropologists do what they do? What can readers and writers learn
    from them?
    -- Jack C Haldeman II, Janet Lafler (m), Lynn D Maners, Michaela Roessner,
  Dirk van der Elst
 78 Terrestrial and Alien Embryology         M 130
    Biology uses a common set of rules to design the body's shape. We'll talk
    about those rules and show how simple household implements (like vitamin A
    supplements and single malt scotch) can predictably alter those rules.
    -- Susan M Smith
 79 The Choice of Color or Black & White in Art        M 131
    What goes into a decision to create a work in full color, with a limited
    color palette, or in black and white? How does it affect what you do in
    creative process?
    -- Alicia Austin, Freddie Baer, Bob Eggleton, Rachel E Holmen (m), Jody A
 80 Frankenstein: A Modern Myth in the Making     M 132
    What does the power of this story to move us say about us?
    -- Bradford Lyau, Peter Nicholls, Art Widner (m)
 81 Safe(r) Sex          M 133
    Practical ideas for staying healthy while having fun.
    -- Eve Ackerman, Tom Digby, Lyn Paleo (m)
 82 Building Bridges & Other Things [YP]     P MEDI
    Workshop for children 8 and up (including interested adults).
 83 Reading by Joan Slonczewski         M 135C
 84 Costuming: Art or Obsession?        M 135B
    -- Adrian Butterfield, Leslie Johnston (m), Pierre E Pettinger Jr,
  G Tifft
 85 Jennifer Roberson, Lucius Shepard, Robert Silverberg    M AUTO
    Autograph session.
 86 Female Self-Defense            A METR3
 87 BoaF: Runners Delight          M HOWARD
    See Thursday, 3:00 PM.
11:50 AM
    Earth vs. the Flying Saucers        N GREY
    The Thing (1984)          N GRAN23
12 Noon
 88 Ahoy, Have You Seen the Great White Archetype?     M 110
    What are they? Uses and abuses? Are there "styles" in archetypes over the
    -- Mary J Caraker, Howard Frank, Katharine Kerr (m), Mike Resnick, Carol
 89 Themes of Mental Illness & Disability in SF/F      M 111
    SF/F treatments of mental health and developmental disability-related
    -- David Brin (m), Susan T Casper, Bob Klaehn, Dr. Kim McKinzey
 90 Bridge Over the River SubGenre:          M 112
    How have SF, fantasy and horror merged, and why?
    -- Edward Bryant, Jeanne M Cavelos, Ellen Datlow, Tom Doherty, Sherry
  Gottlieb (m)
 91 Future Drugs for Fun and Profit          M 121
    What is known and on the horizon? Neurotropic drugs and formulations.
    -- D N Crowe, George Flentke (m), Flash Gordon MD, K. W. Jeter, Lucius
 92 The Ever-Popular Slush Pile Panel        M 123
    Editors and agents read their favorites.
    -- Laura Anne Gilman, Josepha Sherman (m), Gordon Van Gelder, Eleanor Wood
 93 Come Out, Come Out, Wherever...          M 124
    Lesbians, bisexuals and gays in the SF/F community. What are the
    ramifications of coming out and being out as an SF/F fan?
    -- Betty Lane (m), Keith A Rodwell, Joey Shoji
 94 One Day in the Life of an Editor         M 131
    An hour by hour account of what an editor actually does. It's 11:00 AM --
    you know where your manuscript is?
    -- Gardner Dozois, Claire Eddy (m), Ellen Key Harris, Betsy Mitchell, Toni
 95 Dressing Funny Over the Years       M 132
    Fannish costuming history program.
    -- Marjii Ellers
 96 Predictive SF: Perils and Promises       M 133
    Notable predictions --which ones were accurate, wrong or tooclose to
    -- Jim Baen, Rick Katze (m), Larry Niven, Dr. Jerry E Pournelle
 97 The Disney Panel          M 134
    Special Presentation on Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas."
    Coming from Disney's TouchStone Division.
 98 Weird Material Science [YP]         P MICH
    What is "stuff" made of?
    -- Bob Webber
 99 Reading by Melinda Snodgrass        M 135C
100 Teresa Edgerton, Raymond Feist, Holly Lisle        M AUTO
    Autograph session.
101 G Frost, H Gladney, T Robbins, M Wells        A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
102 Backrubs by the Wombat         A METR3
    Join the Wombat for an hour long backrub "workshop."
    -- jan howard finder
103 BoaF: History and Moral Philosophy       N WHITE1
    A discussion of history in relation to the field of civic virtue, and the
    balance of authority and responsibility. We will also discuss the actions
    Rodger W. Young (1918-1943), on the island of New Georgia, Solomons, South
    Pacific, and the relationship
104 WSFS Meeting         A FRAN
    Open to all attending members of ConFrancisco, the Business Meeting is
    changes to the WSFS Constitution (including Hugo Awards and Site Selection
    Rules) are debated. At today's session, debate time limits will be set and
    nominations accepted for the
12:30 AM
    Castle Cagliostro         N PINK
1:00 PM
105 High Adventure and Low Humor        M 110
    Finding a balance between the real world (mud, and chamberpots included),
    and heroism and grand adventure.
    -- John DeChancie (m), Patricia A McKillip, Jody Lynn Nye, Dave Smeds
106 Military Science Fiction & Fantasy       M 111
    What makes good military speculative fiction? Must authors have a military
    background to write in this sub-genre? Is good military fiction always
    -- Glen Cook, Moshe Feder, Stanley Schmidt, Susan Shwartz (m), S M
107 Using Literary Techniques in SF/F        M 112
    Is there room for stream of consciousness, self-referentiality, fractured
    time schemes and so on in SF?
    -- Nicholas A DiChario, Jean Mark Gawron, Eileen Gunn (m), Michael Kandel
108 Auctioneer's Workshop          M 113
    For the people who stand up in front of the audience and go "Do I Hear
    How to get and hold an audience...
    -- Sandy Cohen, Mark Ferrari, jan howard finder, Phil Foglio, Andi
109 Professional Ethics for the Amateur      M 120
    Artists, writers & editors: being professional --even if you're notpaid.
    -- David G Hartwell (m), Teddy Harvia, Rachel E Holmen
110 Sequels in SF             M 123
    Planned series and single stories that grow!
    -- Robert Chilson, Alexis A Gilliland, Karen Haber, Paul Preuss (m), Joe
111 The Accessable Convention           M 124
    What convention runners need to know about the Americans with Disabilities
    -- Guy W Thomas
112 Sex in Space: Spatial Cognition and Gender    M 130
    In this talk I will attempt to navigate a reasonable course through the
    complex psychological literature on spatial cognition, including a
    discussion of gender (and developmental) differences in spatial abilities.
    -- Diane Schiano
113 Step by Step Through the Painting Process     M 132
    Slide show
    -- Patricia Davis
114 Sexual Biology in Fact and Fiction       M 133
    A serious discussion of the origins and pathways of developing sexuality
    gender in reality and fiction.
    -- Suzy McKee Charnas, Mary Mason, Joan Slonczewski, Susan M Smith (m)
115 Volcanic Rock Treats [YP]           P DANTE
    Making an edible display to illustrate volcanic rock types & genesis,
    Rice Krispies, marshmallows & various kinds of chocolate.
    -- Jeanne Bowman
116 Reading by William F. Wu       M 135C
117 No Dice: Zen and the Art of Role-Playing      M 135B
    Is it possible to achieve a higher state of role-playing involvement?
    Wujcik will present strategies for eliminating rules, procedures,
    conventions, and even getting rid of dice. (3 hrs)
118 Pat Cadigan, Tara Harper, George R R Martin        M AUTO
    Autograph session.
119 "New Games"          A METR3
    Game master David Honigsberg offers a relaxing afternoon of games with
    such as "Hagoo," "Prui," and "Knots." New Games bring people closer
    in an atmosphere of pure fun. Comfortable clothes are recommended; a sense
    of humor is required. (2 h
120 Music From the Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien       A CITY
    -- W Kristoph Klover
1:30 PM
    This Island Earth         N GREy

2:00 PM
    Alien           N GRAN23
121 Human Evolution in SF          M 110
    How does "prehistoric SF" illuminate the beginnings of our species?
    -- Roger MacBride Allen (m), Erica V.D. Ginter, Janet Lafler, Lynn D
  Jane Robinson
122 Gender Bending: What's Good         M 111
    Exploration of gender and roles isn't as popular in science fiction as it
    used to be. Are the issues tooimponderable or have we explored this area
    -- Michael Blumlein, Holly T Boswell, Jeanne Gomoll (m), Robin F Rowland
123 Specialty Publishing Then and Now        M 112
    The more things change the more they stay the same. Or do they?
    -- Charles Hornig, E M Korshak (m), Edmund R Meskys, Dean Wesley Smith,
  V Ziesing
124 Art Disasters: Failures That Never Left My Studio       M 113
    How do you know when a work of art is going wrong? What do you do when it
    isn't fixable? How do you cope with Artistic Frustration?
    -- Armand Cabrera, Ingrid Neilson (m), Anatoly Paseka, Stephen Youll
125 The Mythology of Space Exploration       M 120
    Everyone interested in space exploration has their own personal myths.
    -- Paula Butler (m), Dave Duncan, Steve Gillett, S M Stirling
126 Concert: Computer Interactive Music      M 121
    Tim Walters presents his composition for human and computer.
127 Klingon "Dating Game"          M 123
    The Klingon Assault Group brings you one of the hot new shows.
128 For Our Moderators: A Workshop      M 124
    General moderator techniques, including discussion of management styles
    appropriate for conventions.
    -- Debbie Notkin, Tom Whitmore
129 Terry's Dream Auction          M 131
    Terry Biffel, our late chair, believed that science fiction and fantasy
    professionals from all over the world should meet at ConFrancisco. The
    Terry's Dream auction funds our project to help bring in guests who would
    nototherwise have been able to come.
    -- jan howard finder
130 Acrylic Painting Technique          M 132
    Slide show (2 hrs)
    -- David Cherry
131 Coming Soon: Babylon 5         M 133
    -- Steve Burg, J. Michael Straczynski, Ron Thornton
132 Grab Bag Art [YP]         P MEDI
    More fun using "useless" stuff.
133 Filk to Soothe a Mighty Beast [YP]       P MICH
    Dino tunes and monster ditties.
134 Niobium Jewelry Workshop       M 135A
    Art workshop (3 hrs)
    -- Katherine A Allen
135 Reading by P. C. Hodgell       M 135C
136 Greg Bear, David B Mattingly, Melinda Snodgrass    M AUTO
    Autograph session.
137 M Bourne, D Herron, J Roberson, M Whelan      A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
138 Fans of Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah     N WHITE1
    Birds of a Feather.
139 Filk's Golden Oldies           A CITY
    Joe Ellis has a great slide show and you even get to sing along! (2 hrs)
2:20 PM
    Guyver Volume 2           N PINK
3:00 PM
140 The Future of Athletics, Aging & Health       M 110
    What does the future hold for our bodies: Will we become atrophied button
    pushers or nano-enhanced, super-jocks?
    -- Steve Barnes, John Douglass (m), Lisa Mason, Larry Niven
141 The First Femmefen (Old FemmPharts!)     M 111
    What was it like to be a woman in SF/F fandom when women were a rarity
    1960, perhaps)?
    -- Karen Anderson, Martha Beck, Catherine Crook de Camp, Leah Zeldes Smith
  (m), Elsie B Wollheim
142 Feudal Attraction: Feudalism in SF/F     M 112
    How realistic are modern depictions of feudalism? How appropriate is
    feudalism as a model for future societies?
    -- David Brin (m), Dave Duncan, Harry Harrison, Jacqueline Lichtenberg,
  Craig Mills
143 Mining Extraterrestrial Resources        M 120
    Do other galactic bodies really contain riches waiting to be harvested?
    it worth our time?
    -- Aleta Jackson (m), Geoffrey A Landis, Dr. Jerry E Pournelle, Hal
144 Tribute to Avram Davidson           M 123
    Reminiscing and reading from the author's work.
    -- Peter Beagle, Gregory Benford, Ethan Davidson, Grania Davis, Gardner
  Dozois, Eileen Gunn, Lucius Shepard (m), John Silbersack, Robert
  Silverberg, Harry Turtledove
145 Fandom: Threat or Menace?           M 124
    Can toomuch involvement in the "spec fic" community lead to the
    of enjoyment of the literature?
    -- Richard Brandt, Seth Breidbart (m), Moshe Feder, Janice Gelb, Josepha
146 Virtual Reality 101 for Science Fiction Fans       M 130
    Virtual Reality technologies, from an approach of building hardware and
    software to meet known human perceptual requirements, concentrating on the
    visual system. (2 hrs)
    -- Michael Deering
147 Right Kind of Magic            M 133
    What kind of magic systems exist in various cultures and levels of
    urbanization? Does anyone care?
    -- Raymond Feist, Guy Gavriel Kay (m), Terry Pratchett, Melissa Scott,
148 Talk Story  [YP]          P MICH
    Tell or read a story to younger kids.
    -- Alice Massoglia
149 Reading by Holly Lisle         M 135C
150 WorldCons of the Future: 1997 and Beyond      M 135D
    Representatives of bid committees tell you what they hope to do (if they
    your vote). (2 hrs)
151 Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Brodian Kelly Freas, Frederik Pohl  M AUTO
    Autograph session.
152 "Non-Rave"           A METR3
    A chance for fen who are ravers to exchange stories and experiences from
    around the world. Bring your favorite music to share and to dance to! (2
    -- Larry Ching
153 BoaF: Mythopoeic Society       N WHITE2
    For all those interested in discussing serious myth and fantasy
    especially J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.
3:09 PM
    Day the Earth Stood Still           N GREY
3:30 PM
    3 x 3 Eyes Volume 1            N PINK
154 Annwn in Concert          A FRAN
4:00 PM
155 Publishing Artwork - What's Involved     M 110
    Markets, media and merchandising.
    -- Beth Avary, Freddie Baer (m), Mark Ferrari, Ron Walotsky, Stephen Youll
156 Non-Paper Publishing           M 112
    Telling your story in a new way: Hypertext novels, novels generated from
    computer games, game universe books, graphic novels, interactive software
television, computer on-line services.
    -- Frank Catalano (m), Greg Costikyan, William Gibson, Brad Templeton
157 How to Fake It on the Cheap         M 113
    Costuming without completely depleting your bank balance.
    -- Adrian Butterfield, Jay Hartlove, Stacey A Jenkins (m), Bruce R
158 Computers and Class            M 120
    In an increasingly technology driven future, will the computer illiterates
    be the next underclass?
    -- Lisa Mason, Tim May, Althea McMurrian, Jack Nimersheim, Richard Weiss
159 Words and Music: Multimedia Poetry Reading    M 121
    -- Joy Oestreicher
160 Art and Obsession         M 123
    The relationship between art and obsession.
    -- Pat Cadigan, Tom Digby, Eileen Gunn, Jonathan Lethem, John Shirley (m)
161 Way of the Writer/Warrior           M 124
    Mind/body/spirit connections are very important in creative processes.
    Writers discuss their art, and the relation between it and writing and
    -- Steve Barnes, Tara K Harper, Michaela Roessner, Thomas T Thomas (m)
162 Bridges Built to Last: Fan Funds         M 131
    What are TAFF, DUFF, FFANZ and GUFF? Erection and maintenance of these
    standing fannish bridges.
    -- Abi Frost, Jerry A Kaufman (m), Richard Smith II, Leah Zeldes Smith,
163 A Quarter of a Century: Locus       M 132
    Locus is 25 years old. Charlie Brown and original subscribers discuss what
    Locus has meant to them.
    -- Martha Beck, Charles N Brown (m), Edward Bryant, Alexis A Gilliland,
  David A Kyle
164 How to Enjoy Your First Convention       M 133
    Convention Fandom 101. If this is your first WorldCon (or even your 51st)
    our panelists have some tips on what to see and do (and how to stay
    and sane in the process).
    -- Gay Haldeman (m), Rusty Hevelin, Tim Illingworth, Keith A Rodwell
165 Fossils and Earth Science [YP]      P MICH
    All about dirt, rocks, fossils and other treasures you can find in the
    -- Dr. Michael K. Brett-Surman, Steve Gillett, Jane Robinson
166 Reading by Nina Kiriki Hoffman      M 135C
167 Dean Ing, Connie Willis, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro      M AUTO
    Autograph session.
168 J Cramer, G Laskowski, M Resnick, W Williams       A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
169 BoaF: Space Access Society Meeting       N WHITE1
    Non-members also welcome. (2 hrs)
    -- Henry Vanderbilt
170 BoaF: LitSearch           N WHITE2
    A small firm made up of fans and authors looking for a more effective way
    help people find the fiction they want.  (2 hrs)
    -- Larry Roeder
171 Roy Thorley and Joan Gaustad in Concert       A CITY
172 How to perform with Mikes           A COMM
    -- D N Crowe, W Kristoph Klover, Mary Mason
4:10 PM
    Aliens          N GRAN23
    Twilight of the Cockroaches         N PINK
5:00 PM
    It Came From Outer Space       N GREY
173 The Family in F&SF Literature       M 110
    Discussion, with booklist.
    -- Gerri Balter (m), Ian K Hagemann, Janet Kagan, Kate Elliott
174 The Three Worlds of Star Trek       M 111
    Classic, TNG & Deep Space 9: Discussion of the 27 years of Star Trek,
    including the 3 shows, the films, etc.
    -- Camille Bacon-Smith (m), Amy R Falkowitz, Arthur Loy Holcomb, Jean
  Lorrah, Bill Trojan
175 Nema Problema             M 112
    The Worldcon is notin the former Yugoslavia this year, but many fans
    live there. Who are they, and what's happened to them?
    -- Scott C Dennis, Lynn D Maners (m)
176 Tips for Your First Masquerade      M 120
    Award-winning master costumers will give you pointers on stage
    music, what judges look for, etc., using videotape examples from past
    -- Eleanor M Farrell (m), Jana Keeler
177 Hugo Voting: How It Works           M 121
    Find out how Hugo balloting works. Learn how to be a more informed voter
    why you should vote early (but notoften).
    -- David Bratman (m), Andrew Porter, Ben Yalow
178 Can Bad Art Be Good?           M 123
    Why we enjoy things like Plan 9, Fanthorpe and paintings on velvet. A
    (semi)serious discussion of the nature of such pleasures.
    -- Susan T Casper, David W Clark (m), Stephen Goldin, Cynthia Ward
179 Where is the Boundary of a Person?       M 130
    We will explore the potential contribution that technology might make to
    personal privacy and personal freedom and contrast this with the
    attack that is now going on.
    -- Whitfield Diffie
180 Love (as Opposed to Sex) in SF/F         M 132
    Until the late 1960s there was no sex in published SF/F writing. Now, sex
    we've got, but who understands love?
    -- Aaron Allston, Margaret S. M. Flinn, Patricia A McKillip, Mary H
  Rosenblum (m), Takayuki Tatsumi
181 TAFF DUFF Auction I            M 134
    Buy Neat Stuff! Help finance an international fannish exchange!  (2 hrs)
182 Reading by Roger MacBride Allen          M 135C
183 Kevin J Anderson, Rick Cook, John DeChancie        M AUTO
    Autograph session.
184 CONTACT/COTI: Spacekind        P RAPH
    The human team will create a background against which the simulated
    to visit another solar system takes place.  (2 hrs)
    -- Chris McKay, Dirk van der Elst, Israel Zuckerman
185 CONTACT/COTI: Alien Home World      P RUBE
    The alien team will create an atmosphere suitable for life and will
    establish the climatic patterns and geological structure of their planet.
    -- Poul Anderson, Hal Clement, Dirk van der Elst, Israel Zuckerman
186 Open Filking         A CITY
     (4 hrs)
187 Music From the Worlds of Marion Zimmer Bradley     A FRAN
    -- W Kristoph Klover, Cynthia McQuillin, Linda VonBraskat-Crowe
6:00 PM
    Robot Carnival            N PINK
188 Ghetto of the Ghetto: SF/F for Young People        M 110
    The problems and rewards of writing science fiction and fantasy for young
    adults, and how the sub-genre relates to the "mainstream" of SF/F.
    -- Amy R Falkowitz (m), Frederick Andrew Lerner, Patricia A McKillip
189 Science Fiction and the Image of the Scientist     M 111
    Does the portrait of science and scientists in SF match reality? Does SF
    have a responsibility to educate the public about the ways of science?
    -- Jok Church, Janet Catherine Johnston, Jonathan V. Post, Paul O Williams
190 Writers with Three Names       M 112
    We wanted an excuse to put three people we like a lot together to talk
    writing and words.
    -- Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
191 What is Science Fiction For?        M 120
    Why write it? Why read it?
    -- Ginjer Buchanan (m), Tara K Harper, Beth Meacham, Jack Williamson
192 Turning the Wheels of If       M 121
    A discussion of likely change points for alternate realities, universes
    -- Charles K Bradley, John L Flynn, Evelyn Leeper (m), Brad Linaweaver,
  J McAuley
193 Mythology is notJust Stories       M 123
    Why does a people have myths; what do myths "do" for a culture.
    -- Peter Beagle (m), Gregory Frost, Diana L Paxson, Greg Stafford, Norman
194 Reigning Cats and Dogs: Canines and Felines in SF/F     M 124
    Fans' best friends: how do they fare in science fiction and fantasy
    literature and media.
    -- Kathryn Daugherty, Christine Markel, Jennifer Roberson, Edwin L
  Strickland III, Tad Williams (m)
195 Hades Ham Journal         M 131
    KFJC DJ "Nora Maki" does an installment of her post-modern radio serial.
196 Jim Burns Slide Show           M 132
197 Reading by Jack L. Chalker          M 135C
198 BoaF: Science Fiction/Fantasy Poetry     N WHITE2
    Discussion and readings of science fiction and fantasy poetry by working
    poets in those genres. (2 hrs)
6:48 PM
    Angry Red Planet          N GREY
7:00 PM
    Alien 3              N GRAN23
199 The Procrastinators Panel           M 111
    No one's gotten around to writing a description, or scheduling panelists
    yet. Information will be posted in the newsletter.
200 Friday Evening Services (Jewish)         N WHITE1
     (1.5 hrs)
7:30 PM
201 Filk Concert         A FRAN
    7:30 Linda Melnick & Jean Stephenson, 7:50 Sue Knapp, 8:10 Lee Billings,
    8:30 Barry Gold, 8:50 Spencer Love, Lois Mangan and Gary McGath, 9:10
    9:20 Leslie Fish, 9:40 Mike Stein, 10:00 Bill Roper, 10:20 Cindy McQuillin
Jane Robinson, 10:40 Phil & 

8:30 PM
    Alien           N GREY
9:00 PM
    First Spaceship on Venus       N GRAN23
204 Roll-Your-Own Filking          A CITY
    Whatever style audience and performers agree on. (10 hrs)
205 Bardic Circle Filking          A COMM
    Everyone gets a turn to pick, play, or pass. (10 hrs)
206 The 60's in San Francisco Rock Dance     A METRO
    Dance to the best of the past four decades of rock music, with a special
    stroll back through the sizzling sixties. (4 hrs)
9:45 PM
    Kabutu          N PINK
10:30 PM
    The Thing (1951)          N GREY
    Warner Pilot         N GRAN23
10:45 PM
    Appleseed            N PINK
11:00 PM
207 Chaos Filk           A FRAN
    Unmoderated, jump in with a follower, midwestern style filk singing. (8
12 Midn
208 Ghost Tales Around the High Tech Camp Fire    N GRAN1
    Reading/telling scary stories. What better place than in a darkened room
    around a flickering light? What better time than midnight?
    -- Scott Edelman, Zelda Gilbert, Aimee Hartlove (m), John Shirley, S. P.
2:00 AM
    Child Care Closes         P BARC1


7:00 AM
    Music Programming Closed for Cleaning         A FRAN
    Filking rooms (Franciscan, Commonwealth & City) closed for cleaning.  (2
8:00 AM
209 Open Filking         A CITY
     (6 hrs)
9:00 AM
    Open Gaming Continues (24 hours/day)     P DAVI
    Bubble Gum Crisis #5 & #6           N PINK
    Video Interviews          N GRAN23
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)         N GREY
210 Tai Chi (Session II)           A METR3
    -- Steve Barnes
211 Shabbas Services          N WHITE1
     (3 hrs)
212 BoaF: Friends of Bill W.       N WHITE2
10:00 AM
    Horror of Dracula (1958)       N GRAN23
213 Does Fandom Need a 12-Step Program?      M 111
    Friends of Joe P. Is fandom an addiction or hobby? Is it possible to just
    say no to fandom? Can we make it, one con at a time?
    -- Scott C Dennis, Janice Gelb (m), Mike Glyer, David Levine
214 Best of CONTACT           M 112
    A video will show some of the alien cultures that have been designed at
    CONTACT conventions over the years. Find out how CONTACT teaches science
    through hands-on world-building and first-contact scenarios. This is an
    overview intended for everyone.
    -- Greg Barr
215 The 100 MPG Engine: Legends That Will notDie      M 121
    "Suppressed technology." How do stories get started about cars that run on
    water, carburetors that allow 90 miles per gallon, and anti-cancer drugs
    made from common household chemicals?
    -- Gregory Benford (m), Rick Cook, Steve Howe
216 Kay is notfor Camelot         M 124
    An academic paper on the works of Guy Gavriel Kay, written and presented
    Norman Talbot.
217 Liposomes: notJust Cosmetics       M 130
    How these little lipid particles enhance the efficacy and safety of drugs.
    -- Judy Lazar
218 ILM Slide Show            M 131
    A retrospective and peek into the future, from those wonderful wizards at
    Industrial Light and Magic. (2 hrs)
    -- Martin Brenneis
219 Lily Coit: My Life as a Fire Fighter and Spy       M 132
    Our speaker, the noted San Francisco debutante, historical figure, donor
    Coit Tower and supporter of Knickerbocker Fire Company Number 5, shares
    of her adventures for your education and edification.
220 Harlan Ellison: His Only Appearance      M 133
    The one and only Harlan Ellison, the one and only time to see him in the
    flesh at ConFrancisco.
221 TESLA: The Genius & His Legacy      M 134
    Lecture including demonstration and video of Tesla coils small and large.
    Who was this Serbian genius?
    -- Pete Miller
222 Origami Workshop          M 135A
    Art workshop (2 hrs)
    -- Michelle Lee
223 Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, John Shirley    M AUTO
    Autograph session.
224 E Friesner, G Landis, A Mironov, A Paseka     A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
225 Aerobics II          A METR3
    -- John Douglass
226 SFWA Meeting         A FRAN
     (2 hrs)
10:30 AM
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)         N GREY
10:39 AM
    Urusei Yatsura Movie #2        N PINK
11:00 AM
227 Must a Picture Tell a Story?        M 111
    notall art is illustration, or even narrative, but does that mean it
    doesn't say anything?
    -- Laura Brodian Kelly Freas, Don Maitz (m), David B Mattingly, Michael J
  McLaughlin, Margaret Organ-Kean
228 Do Artists Really Sleep Until Noon?      M 112
    What is an artist's life really like?
    -- Robert Ashton, Maureen Garrett (m), Jody A Lee, Ingrid Neilson, Shea
  Anton Pensa
229 Women Writing About Gay Male Characters       M 113
    What (if anything) does this say about the role of women and of gay males
    our society? How do gay men feel about all this?
    -- Billie Aul (m), Camille Bacon-Smith, Franklin Hummel, Maureen F McHugh
230 When Fandom and Real World Politics Collide        M 120
    What should fandom do about boycotts, strikes, war, and real world
    -- Dan'l Danehy-Oakes (m), Abi Frost, Richard Lynch, Andi Shechter, Ben
231 "Science Fiction" as a Genre Around the World      M 121
    Do the definitions of "Mainstream" or SF/F differ in different cultures?
    -- Ivan Adamovic, John Jarrold, Jane Johnson (m), Masamichi Osako
232 Libraries-- Civilization's Marker Species?    M 123
    What services libraries could offer if they were reasonably funded? How
    we fund libraries to ensure that they stay open?
    -- Janice M Eisen, Devra M Langsam, Frederick Andrew Lerner, Shelley
  (m), Val Ontell
233 View from the Editor's Desk         M 124
    Editors who have worked with Guy Gavriel Kay offer their own insights into
    his work and its relationship to the field at large.
    -- Peter Ginna, Linda McKnight, Christopher Shelling, John Silbersack
234 The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence       M 130
    NASA will soon begin an enormously more comprehensive search as part of
    new program to detect other planetary systems (TOPS). (2 hrs)
    -- Dr. John Billingham
235 Harlan Ellison Autographing         M 133
236 Backyard Bugs [YP]        P DANTE
    You don't have to go to the Amazon (or Arcturus) to see amazing insects!
    -- Jeanne Bowman
237 Building Bridges & Other Things [YP]     P MEDI
    Workshop for children 8 and up (including interested adults). (2 hrs)
238 Karen Haber, Terry Pratchett, Dean Wesley Smith    M AUTO
    Autograph session.
239 BoaF: Runners Delight          M HOWARD
    See Thursday, 3:00 PM.
11:30 AM
240 Buffet Luncheon with ConFrancisco's Honored Guests      A CAFE
     (2 hrs)
    -- Alicia Austin, Mark Twain, Tom Digby, jan howard finder, Guy Gavriel
  Larry Niven
241 Dracula (1979)            N GRAN23
12 Noon
    Child Care Opens          P BARC1
242 What Kinds of 'Rights' Can You Sell?     M 110
    When a book or story is sold, what exactly is sold? How much control can
    author maintain over how his or her work is treated? Who controls
    reprinting, foreign publication, movie rights, etc?
    -- Kevin J Anderson, Ashley D Grayson, Laura A Majerus, Frederik Pohl (m),
  Christine Valada
243 "Good" Wars in Fact and Fiction          M 111
    "War is," to quote General Sherman (who should know) "Hell." Given this,
    wars be necessary, just, or even good? Has the SF/F field offered a useful
    "laboratory" for discussion of these questions?
    -- Clifton Amsbury, Dick Eney, Joe Haldeman (m), Dean Ing, Elizabeth Ann
244 Alternate Utopias         M 112
    The classic utopia was presented as mono-cultural. Do different cultures
    have different ideas of a perfect world? Can a multi-ethnic utopia exist?
    -- Suzette Haden Elgin, Shirley Johnston, Keith A Rodwell (m), William F
245 Perception, Art and Iconography          M 120
    How an artist percieves the world and why he or she puts certain things
    his or her art.
    -- Paul S Clift (m), Frank Kelly Freas,  Jael, Franz Hermann Miklis,
246 Inventions That Really Change History         M 121
    Exactly 200 years ago Eli Whitney was granted a patent on the cotton gin.
    Which recent patents might be recognized 200 years from now as being that
    -- Howard Davidson, Michael F Flynn, T Jackson King (m), Connie Willis
247 Fandom's Own Summer of Love: SF '68      M 123
    Well, we came to OAKLAND with flowers in our hair...Memories of Baycon II,
    the Worldcon/Westercon at the Claremont Hotel.
    -- John D Berry, Bill Donaho, Lee Gold (m), Jerry A Kaufman, Edmund R
  Meskys, Robert Silverberg
248 From Global Myths to Local Legends       M 124
    "The Shift in Focus from Fionavar to Arbonne." An academic paper on the
    works of Guy Gavriel Kay written by Neil Randall and presented by Brad
    -- Bradford Lyau
249 The Art of David Cherry        M 131
    Slide show
    -- David Cherry
250 Will the Future Look Like the Movies?         M 132
    If a present-day cinematic art director could fast-forward to the future,
    how disappointed would he or she be?
    -- Forrest J Ackerman, Martin Brenneis (m), Evelyn Leeper, Bill Warren
251 Animals in Science Fiction & Fantasy     M 133
    Science fiction, fantasy and the animal kingdom.
    -- Heather Gladney (m), Mark Merlino, Melanie Rawn, Mary A Turzillo,
252 Rubber Stamp Madness: Big Kids [YP]      P DANTE
    Design, execution and techniques of stamp art, stamp assembly & carving.
    -- Jeanne Bowman
253 Scratchboard Workshop          M 135A
    Art workshop (2 hrs)
    -- Carolly Hauksdottir
254 Reading by S. P. Somtow        M 135C
255 Suzy McKee Charnas, Phil Foglio, Charles Sheffield      M AUTO
    Autograph session.
256 P Cadigan, B Eggleton, A Gilliland, M Wolfman      A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
257 Aikido Demonstration           A METR3
    This martial art presentation will demonstrate some open hand techniques
    some of the weapons kata from which open hand techniques are derived.
    -- Michaela Roessner
258 BoaF: APA-NYU             N WHITE2
     (3 hrs)
259 WSFS Meeting         A FRAN
    Podium Staff: John Lorentz, Chair; Kevin Standlee, Parliamentarian; Davis
    Levine, Secretary; Rick Katze, Timekeeper. (2 hrs)
12:30 AM
    Otaku No Video            N PINK
12:35 AM
    Amazing Colossal Man           N GREY
1:00 PM
260 Writers and Day Jobs           M 110
    How do, or don't, writers balance the need to write and the need to earn a
    livable wage. Are there advantages (besides the money) to having two
    -- Edward Bryant, Glen Cook, Karen Haber, Dale Hoover (m), Julian May
261 Language: Barrier or Bridge         M 111
    Translation helps bring works to audiences who can't read them in the
    original, but what how are works affected when the words and the grammar
    -- Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Gay Haldeman (m), Michael Kandel, Yoshio
  Maureen F McHugh
262 Peaceful Futures          M 112
    Visualizing change, difference, and conflict.
    -- Sherry Gottlieb (m), Harry Harrison, Susan Shwartz, Walter Jon Williams
263 The Cthulhu Mythos        M 120
    ... in literature, in gaming, and maybe even in [gulp] reality.
    -- Jack L Chalker, Franklin Hummel, Tappan King (m), Bill Trojan
264 Klingon Fashion show           M 123
    The Klingon Assault Group presents the latest in fashions for the well
    dressed Klingon.
265 Character and Ambiguity in Guy Gavriel Kay    M 124
    Characters --more than just tools to solve a problem --they are real
    Kay's characters possess tons of personality, are more multi-dimensional.
    -- Raymond Feist, Heather Gladney, Sonia Orin Lyris, Dena Bain Taylor (m)
266 Building Silicon Brains        M 130
    What it might take for silicon-based neural networks to match the
    compactness and energy efficiency of the human brain.
    -- Jim Burr
267 Jerry Jacks Remembered         M 131
    Jerry was one of the Bay Area's most active and successful organizers of
    cons. He was also outspoken, occasionally outrageous, and just plain out.
    Friends and others get together and reminise.
    -- Charles N Brown, Richard F Dutcher, Paul E Moslander (m), Debbie Notkin
268 Marion Zimmer Bradley, An Interview      M 132
    -- Brad Linaweaver
269 Can Humans Respectfully Treat Aliens?         M 133
    Looking at the history of contacts between human cultures, what are the
    implications (peaceful, warlike, beneficial, exploitive or otherwise) for
    first contact with aliens?
    -- Paula Butler (m), Gregory Frost, Janet Gluckman, Harry Turtledove
270 A Preview of Upcoming Films with Jeff Walker       M 134
    Trailers, promos, or whatever Jeff has to show regarding upcoming SF
    features from the major studios. (2 hrs)
271 Edible Space Aliens [YP]       P DANTE
    Cookie decoration with a twist.
    -- Cindy Fulton, Kathy Fulton
272 Reading by Michael Blumlein         M 135C
273 Ben Bova, Jim Burns, Joan Slonczewski         M AUTO
    Autograph session.
274 Southwest/Square Dance         A METR3
     (2 hrs)
1:30 PM
275 Nosferatu (1922)          N GRAN23
2:00 PM
    Them            N GREY
276 Escape Velocity           M 110
    Current state of the efforts to establish permanent settlements in space.
    -- Howard V Hendrix, Gentry Lee, Henry Vanderbilt, Marc Willner (m)
277 The Third World and Science Fiction      M 111
    Are contemporary SF/F relevant to the "pre-industrialized" world, and vice
    versa? Can the Third World be portrayed by First World writers without
    -- Dick Eney, Gerald Pearce, Mike Resnick, Lucius Shepard, S. P. Somtow
278 Why Vampires?             M 112
    Vampires are "hot" right now. Why?
    -- Jeanne M Cavelos (m), Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Paul O Williams, Chelsea
  Quinn Yarbro
279 SF in 1893           M 113
    Discussion of the lost SF/F movement that originated on the West Coast
    during the latter half of the 19th century.
    -- Don Herron, Sam Moskowitz, Paul E Moslander, Ray Nelson
280 Could We have Skipped Electronics Altogether?      M 120
    Could technology have given us the computer by 1840? Charles Babbage
    so. What other inventions might have developed much earlier? Flying
    machines? Steam cars?
    -- William Gibson, William S Higgins (m), Hayford Peirce
281 Workable Technology that Isn't Being Worked        M 121
    What really useful things aren't being invented / manufactured /
    because established companies are afraid of...?
    -- Arlan Andrews, Judy Lazar
282 Speculative Cuisine            M 123
    Creating futuristic foods and styles of cooking. Techniques for
    'presentation' of fictional cuisine.
    -- Donald Kingsbury, Tim Powers, Jon Singer
283 The Double-Edged Gift          M 124
    An academic Paper on the works of Guy Gavriel Kay written and presented by
    Dena Taylor.
    -- Dena Bain Taylor
284 Planetary Geology         M 130
    Constraints for planet building come from widely diverse areas of
    science, astrophysics, climatology, and even nuclear physics.
    -- Steve Gillett
285 Alicia Austin-- 25 Years of Art          M 131
    A slide show featuring our Honored Guest and her works. (2 hrs)
    -- Alicia Austin
286 Time Travel in H.G. Wells and Mark Twain      M 132
    Twain sent his Yankee back in time and Wells sent his adventurer forward.
    Why did each chose the approach he did? Are the conventions of literary
    travel still set by these early examples?
    -- Poul Anderson, Mark Twain, Lili Tyler (m), Connie Willis
287 Testosterone Poisoning         M 133
    Are men and women the same species? Are we victims of our hormones? Is it
    nature or nurture? Are we serious?
    --  Ctein, PMS Faught (m), Margaret S. M. Flinn
288 Grab Bag Art         P MEDI
    Recycle yourself into fun and exciting art projects.
289 Colored Pencil Workshop with Mark Ferrari     M 135A
    Art workshop (3 hrs)
290 Reading by Bridget & Marti McKenna       M 135C
291 Esther M Friesner, Larry Niven, Dr. Jerry E Pournelle   M AUTO
    Autograph session.
292 I Adamovic, G Costikyan, J DeChancie, T Pratchett       A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
293 An Hour of Music and Poetry with Tom Digby    A CITY
2:20 PM
    3 x 3 Eyes Volume 2            N PINK
3:00 PM
    Dracula (1931)            N GRAN23
    Macross II Volumes I & II           N PINK
294 The United States Viewed from the Outside     M 110
    Fans from the international SF community discuss the way USians look to
    -- Charles N Brown (m), Abi Frost, Yoshio Kobayashi, Waldemar Kumming,
  Mansfield, Peter Nicholls
295 Telecommunications, Telepresence, & VR        M 111
    Virtual bridge-building, today and in the near future. What will life be
    like along the information highway?
    -- Jim Baen, Pauline B Cramer (m), Howard Frank, Stephen Goldin
296 Current Gothic Revival in Horror & Gaming     M 112
    There is a resurgence of dark, fantastic, and erotic images in literature,
    and gaming. Divergence or parallel evolution?
    -- Aaron Allston (m), Teresa Edgerton, Barbara Hambly, Carrie Richerson
297 Hour with the de Camps         M 113
    "Informal but amusing memories of our 54 years in Science Fiction" (and
    many Writers, Editors, Artists, and Fans they have known.)
    -- Catherine Crook de Camp, L Sprague de Camp
298 Is Sex With Aliens a Good Idea, or Even Plausible?      M 120
    The ever-popular sex with aliens panel.
    -- Jack Cohen, Tom Digby, ElizaBeth Gilligan (m), Robert Mark Shepherd,
  Susan M Smith
299 Ethics in the Age of Computers      M 121
    Are computers changing the ethical questions we have to answer? Are they
    affecting how we answer the ethical questions of the past?
    -- Jean Mark Gawron, David Joiner, Sonia Orin Lyris (m), Laura A Majerus,
  Tim May
300 Brewing in Space          M 123
    Brewing beer, both commercially and privately, will be affected by
    conditions in space or on light/heavy. How will we get our brew?
    -- Chris Cooper (m), Rick Foss, Mark L Olson, Richard Roepke, Ed Rush
301 Returning to Literary Traditions in New Fantasy    M 124
    notcontent to model himself on Tolkien, Guy Kay goes back directly to the
    medieval Romance tradition: in Fionavar and Arbonne.
    -- P C Hodgell, Katharine Kerr, Sharon D King, Janeen Webb (m)
302 The wombat Speaks         M 132
    Noted fan, Artist and Interviewer Laura Brodian Kelly Freas interviews our
    noted bon vivant marsupial Honored Guest, jan howard finder. (2 hrs)
303 Fossils! [YP]             P MICH
    Noted writer/scientist Hal Clement shows and tells about fossils.
304 Reading by Jennifer Roberson        M 135C
305 Gregory Benford, John Maddox Roberts, Marv Wolfman      M AUTO
    Autograph session.
306 Yugoslav/Balkan Dance          A METR3
    To celebrate our esteemed bid competitors we present a workshop featuring
    the dances of the Balkans. (2 hrs)
307 BoaF: APA-VCR             N WHITE2
308 Heather Gladney in Concert          A CITY
309 Electronics and Music          A COMM
    -- D N Crowe, Joe Ellis
310 Music From the Worlds of Star Trek       A FRAN
    Trek Classic, Trek Lite, and Deep Space 9. (2 hrs)
    -- Gary Ehrlich, Leslie Fish, Kathy Mar, Gary McGath, Linda Melnick,
  Rogow, Joey Shoji, Jean L Stevenson
3:45 PM
    Tarantula            N GREY
4:00 PM
311 The Transmigration of Philip K. Dick     M 110
    Why are the works of Philip K. Dick ubiquitous now, when he received so
    little recognition while he was alive?
    -- David G Hartwell, K. W. Jeter, Tim Powers (m), Eric M Van, Paul S
312 New SF Community: Fans & Pros On-Line         M 111
    Are the Internet, CompuServe, GEnie, Bix, the WELL, et all part of the
    town, or on another planet entirely?
    -- Barbara Delaplace, ElizaBeth Gilligan (m), Saul Jaffe, Sasha Miller
313 Economics and Daily Life in Elizabethan Times      M 112
    The age of Elizabeth I serves as a model for many cultures we imagine in
    other universes or on other planets. What was it really like to live in
    time of Shakespeare.
    -- Hilary Ayer (m), Karen Shearer Voorhees, Amy Wolf
314 Renovating the Tucker Hotel         M 113
    What features would the ideal con hotel have and has this ideal changed
    the years? Modem jacks? AI elevators? Escalators to all the party floors?
    Beer taps?
    -- Rusty Hevelin, Karen Meschke (m), Sam Moskowitz, Joe Siclari
315 Is Huck Finn Really a Danger to Our Kids?     M 120
    Are books for children subject to different standards than other
    Do these standards change with time and place?
    -- Mark Twain, Sheila Finch, Val Ontell (m), Ross Pavlac
316 Any Sufficiently Complex Technology...        M 121
    Magical explanations for technological goodies.
    -- Esther M Friesner, Janet Kagan, Jordin Kare (m), Bridget McKenna
317 Ethical Issues for Creative People       M 123
    What ethical issues should the artist, writer, photographer or other
    creative person consider?
    -- Ellen Key Harris, Douglas Herring (m), Jane Johnson, Ginger LaJeunesse,
  Michaela Roessner
318 Guy Gavriel Kay Symposium Paper #4       M 124
    An academic paper on the works of Guy Gavriel Kay written and presented by
    Janeen Webb.
    -- Janeen Webb
319 Infrared Astronomy        M 130
    An introduction to IR detector technologies used in astronomy. A variety
    recent IR images will be shown that probe the depths of newly forming
    stellar systems and nearby spiral galaxies.
    -- Suzanne Casement
320 Remembering Lester del Rey          M 131
    We gather in memory of a friend.
    -- Terry Brooks, Barbara Hambly, Frederik Pohl (m), Shelly Shapiro, Robert
321 Stories of Hollywood Experiences         M 133
    People's experiences working in Hollywood --the highs, the lows, the
    -- Gillian Horvath, George R R Martin, Gerald Pearce (m), Melinda
322 Computer-Generated Special Effects       M 134
    A demonstration of computer-generated special effects.
    -- Steve Burg, Ron Thornton
323 Tell Me A Story [YP]           P MICH
    Story telling and reading for a younger fan audience.
324 Reading by S M Stirling        M 135C
325 James Gurney, Kate Elliott, William F. Wu     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
326 G Effinger, D Gerrold, S Lewitt, J Wurts      A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
327 Filk Conventions: Why You Should Go to Them        A COMM
    There are now 7 independent filk cons.  Come hear what their
    have to say.
    -- Lee S Billings, Bob Laurent, Spencer Love, Deborah Weiss
4:51 PM
328 Horror of Dracula (1958)       N GRAN23
5:00 PM
329 Vodoun in Science Fiction and Fantasy         M 110
    What is Vodoun? Why the current upsurge in "voodoo" stories in the field?
    -- Greg Bear, Ethan Davidson
330 "Let's Put on a Convention in My Dad's Barn"       M 111
    What questions you need to ask to determine what kind of a convention you
    want and how you want to go about running it. (Hey, Sue, we made it!)
    -- Chris Cooper, Alice Massoglia, Eric M Van, Patty Wells (m), Tom
331 Writing Different Experiences From One's Own       M 112
    How to realistically and sensitively portray characters whose race,
    religion, gender, or planet of origin is different from your own.
    -- Roger MacBride Allen, Melanie Rawn, Carol Severance (m), Chelsea Quinn
332 A Dialog with Ben Bova         M 113
    Ben Bova offers a chance to talk with him about any subject--from writing
    politics, from movies to Mars.
333 Bubbles Hour: Tom Digby Honored Guest Speech       M 120
    Probably Something But Definitely notBoring. (2 hrs)
334 REAL Computer Art         M 121
    If an art form took full advantage of the computer's abilities, what
    characteristics would it have?
    -- Mark Ferrari, Jeanne Gomoll, Stu Shiffman (m), Don Simpson
335 Protecting Your Work           M 123
    Your rights to your intellectual property (what is "yours").
    -- Stephen Hickman (m), Donald Maass, Ron Montana, Michael Whelan
336 The Hubble Space Telescope: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1       M 130
    Is the Hubble Space Telescope and orbiting headache or one of our greatest
    tools for exploring the universe? The answer is "Yes." From new planetary
    systems to black holes to galaxies at the edge of the universe, see why
    "hunk of junk" keeps outdatin
    -- Mark Bourne
337 Have Special Effects Taken Over?         M 131
    Have character, concept and story taken a back seat to splashy SFX?
    -- Martin Brenneis (m), Steve Burg, Daryl Mallett, J. Michael Straczynski
338 George Effinger Medical Fund Auction     M 132
    Organized by Joe Maraglino. (2 hrs)
339 Reading by Diana L. Paxson          M 135C
340 Paul Preuss, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Dave Smeds      M AUTO
    Autograph session.
341 CONTACT/COTI: Have Spaceship, Will Travel     P RAPH
    The human team will examine the design requirements of building a
    that can sustain human life in space for long periods of time.  (2 hrs)
    -- Larry Niven, Dr. Jerry E Pournelle, Dirk van der Elst, Israel Zuckerman
342 CONTACT/COTI: Alien Sophont         P RUBE
    The alien team creates extraterrestrial organisms with biological
    that are compatible with the created planetary environment. (2 hrs)
    -- Karen Anderson, Dirk van der Elst, Israel Zuckerman
343 Open Filking         A CITY
     (2 hrs)
344 Non U.S. Filk             A COMM
    Representatives from England and Canada talk and sing about what filk is
    like in their environments.
    -- Lissa Allcock, Philip Allcock, Dave Clement, Christopher O'Shea II,
  Alison Scott, Kate Soley
345 Music From the Worlds of Gordon R. Dickson    A FRAN
    -- Jordin Kare, Kathy Mar, Bill Roper, Michael Rubin
5:15 PM
    Teenagers From Outer Space          N GREY
5:18 PM
    Orguss #3 & #4            N PINK
6:00 PM
346 Translation Difficulties       M 110
    The problems and rewards of the translation process.
    -- Grania Davis (m), Georgiana Farnoaga, Shibano Takumi, Lili Tyler
347 Getting to the Stars           M 111
    Can we? Will we? Will it be like we imagined?
    -- Randall M Clague, Keith Henson (m), Frank M Robinson, Edwin L
348 What Science Fiction Means to Me         M 112
    Discussion and reminiscences.
    -- Bill Donaho, David A Kyle (m), Jean Lamb, Frederick Patten, Andrew
349 Future or Death of Rock and Roll         M 121
    When the music of reBellion becomes the music of the White House, what
    happens to the need to rebel with music?
    -- Bradley Denton (m), Maureen Garrett, Edward Kramer, Paul S Williams
350 What's Fun About Gaming?       M 123
    -- Lori Ann Cole, Noah Falstein, Lee Gold, Steve Perrin
351 Directed vs. Basic Research         M 130
    What type of research is most important? Do we have to make these choices,
    or is a compromise possible?
    -- Howard Davidson, Geoffrey A Landis (m), Larry Roeder, Bob Webber
352 Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon        M 131
    How our ideas about Titan in both SF and real astronomy have changed over
    the last three centuries. (Slideshow)
    -- Hal Clement
353 Reading by Charles Sheffield        M 135C
354 Heather Alexander in Concert        A FRAN
6:30 PM
    Dracula (1979)            N GRAN23
7:00 PM
    Beast From 20,000 Fathoms           N GREY
355 Body Manipulation in Fact and Fiction         M 120
    Why is there a resurgence in these "primitive" forms of decoration in this
    time & place & in the literature?
    -- Branwyn Bigglestone, Donald Kingsbury, Peter Larsen, Greg Stafford (m)
356 Soviet Space Disasters         M 134
    Lecture and video demonstration.
    -- Hugh S Gregory
357 Music From the Worlds of Larry Niven     A FRAN
    -- Lee S Billings, Joe Ellis, David M Kushner, Beth Stevens
7:18 PM
    Devil Hunter Yohko        N PINK
8:00 PM
358 One Shot Performances-- Performers Choice     A FRAN
359 Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade        M ESPL
    Fantastic costumes and presentations, two emcees, large screen video and
    incredible variety of the costume makers' art to delight and amaze you. (4
8:15 PM
    Solbianco            N PINK
8:30 PM
    Bram Stoker's Dracula          N GRAN23
    Godzilla             N GREY
9:00 PM
360 Roll-Your-Own Filking          A CITY
    Whatever style audience and performers agree on. (10 hrs)
361 Bardic Circle Filking          A COMM
    Everyone gets a turn to pick, play, or pass. (10 hrs)
362 Chaos Filk           A FRAN
    Unmoderated, jump in with a follower, midwestern style filk singing. (10
9:15 PM
    Robo Carnival             N PINK
10:00 PM
    Valley of the Gwangi           N GREY
10:55 PM
    Madox 01             N PINK
11:00 PM
363 Nosferatu (1922)          N GRAN23
12 Midn
    Eye of Argon         N WHITE1
     (4 hrs)
2:00 AM
    Child Care Closes         P BARC1


7:00 AM
    Music Programming Closed for Cleaning         A FRAN
    Filking rooms (Franciscan, Commonwealth & City) closed for cleaning.  (2
8:00 AM
364 Open Filking         A CITY
     (7 hrs)
9:00 AM
    Open Gaming Continues (24 hours/day)     P DAVI
    Child Care Opens          P BARC1
    Batman the Movie (Adam West)        N GREY
    Beast From 20,000 Fathoms           N GRAN23
    Bubble Gum Crisis #7 & #8           N PINK
365 Tai Chi (Session III)          A METR3
    -- Steve Barnes
366 BoaF: Friends of Bill W.       N WHITE2
10:00 AM
367 Northern California in SF/F         M 110
    The where and why of using real world locations in speculative fiction,
    examples drawn from the world right outside the convention's doors.
    -- David Bratman (m), Don Herron, Pat Murphy, Diana L Paxson
368 Virtual World Building         M 111
    We all know (or think we know) what virtual reality will "look" like. What
    must designers and programmers take into consideration to make VR real?
    -- Ari J Hollander (m), Rudy Rucker, Bob Webber
369 Dozens of Good Ideas: Dream Anthologies       M 112
    Putting together theme anthologies: what anthologies can we only dream of?
    -- Ellen Datlow (m), Dean Wesley Smith, Brad Templeton, Toni Weisskopf
370 Horses: Behavior, Bangles and Breeds     M 113
    A panel for artists, writers and costumers on breeds, equine behavior,
    and riding gear.
    -- Shelley Monson (m), Jennifer Roberson, Melinda Snodgrass, Janny Wurts
371 Writing with a Purpose         M 120
    How does one write from a background/agenda without writing a tract?
    -- Sheila Finch (m), Scott E Green, Alexander Jablokov, Amy Wolf
372 The Fixer-Upper Future         M 121
    Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Toxic Cleanup. Restoration
    -- Gail S Abend, Gerald D Nordley (m), Paul Preuss, Vernor Vinge
373 Smoke-Filled Back Room         M 123
    Our Honored Guest jan howard finder presents a shadow cabinet as a
    presidential "candidate" who is pro-space. WOMBAT For President!  (2 hrs)
    -- Arlan Andrews, Ben Bova, jan howard finder (m), Steve Gillett, Mike
  Glyer, Hugh S Gregory, Bradford Lyau, Richard Lynch, Charles Sheffield
374 Cloning Dinosaurs: Fact & Fiction        M 130
    This presentation will show how scientists would really have to do it,
    including exciting state-of-the-art techniques notmentioned in the book
    -- Joan Slonczewski
375 Anime: Love It or Hate It           M 131
    Why people either love or hate "Japanimation."
    -- Roe R Adams III, Stephen Hickman, Lawrence Alden Lewis, Craig Miller
  Frederick Patten
376 What a Beginning Writer Needs to Know         M 132
    Basic grammar, manuscript preparation, query letters, agent/transam,
    -- Robert Chilson, Nicholas A DiChario, L Warren Douglas (m), Paula E
  Downing, Laura Anne Gilman
377 AIDS Benefit Auction           M 134
    David Gerrold, Auctioneer
378 Freddie Baer Collage Workshop       M 135A
    Art workshop (3 hrs)
    -- Freddie Baer
379 S M Stirling, Hal Clement, Martha Wells       M AUTO
    Autograph session.
380 M Brenneis, R Feist            A METR12
    Roundtable discussion with authors and others. Sign up at Information.  (2
381 Aerobics III         A METR3
    -- John Douglass
382 BoaF: Church of all Worlds/Live The Dream     N WHITE
    The Church of All Worlds and Live the Dream are two associated groups
    were inspired by Heinlein. (2 hrs)
383 ASFA Meeting         A FRAN
     (2 hrs)
10:30 AM
    Godzilla, King of the Monsters      N GRAN23
10:50 AM
    Urusei Yatsura Movie #3        N PINK
11:00 AM
    Batman (New)         N GREY
384 Gutless Publishing        M 110
    The recession has had an adverse effect on publishing: cutting titles,
    publishing low-risk sequels and series novels. Where is this heading? Will
    it doom SF/F?
    -- Tom Doherty, Betsy Mitchell, Dean Wesley Smith (m), Mark V Ziesing
385 The Holocaust in F & SF        M 111
    Does SF/F serve as a useful forum to discuss the Holocaust?
    -- Eve Ackerman (m), Esther M Friesner, Lisa Goldstein, David M Honigsberg
386 Disabled Characters in SF/F         M 112
    What if technology and magic can't "fix" everything (or if people don't
    to be fixed); how do we then deal with the effects of disabilities in the
    future or in a magical universe.
    -- Joseph Lazzaro, Edmund R Meskys, Andi Shechter (m), Guy W Thomas
387 Plague, Vampires and AIDS           M 120
    Are the increasing number of stories about future plagues and vampires
    related to the AIDS crisis?
    -- Barbara Hambly, Perrianne Lurie (m), Frank M Robinson, Elizabeth Ann
388 Star Trek: Early Fandom        M 121
    Don't call them "Trekkies." History and anecdotes of the early years of a
    major fannish subculture.
    -- Devra M Langsam, Jacqueline Lichtenberg (m), Ben Yalow
389 Help! The Universal Translator Just Broke     M 124
    If and when we encounter an alien race, will we sing, gesture, paint
    pictures, use scientific symbols to communicate?
    -- Frank Catalano, Geary Gravel, Ari J Hollander, Craig M Jackson, Lyn
390 Smart Drugs          M 130
    What do we want, what are we getting? This lecture describes of some of
    these compounds, the diseases they target, FDA requirements, and how the
    pharmaceutical industry is attempting to market them.
    -- George Flentke
391 Moral Issues for the Near Term      M 132
    What are the moral choices the human race (or any nontrivial part of it)
    faces over the next quarter century? What makes those choices "moral
    choices"? What impact will those choices have on the fortunes of the human
    -- Nancy Etchemendy (m), Terry Garey, Dean Ing, Tappan King, Jon Singer
392 In Celebration of Larry Niven       M 133
    A combination roast and toast to one of our most influential living
    from some of his friends and collaborators.
    -- Steve Barnes (m), Michael F Flynn, John Hertz, Donald Kingsbury, Dr.
  Jerry E Pournelle
393 Rockets on a Kite String [YP]       P DANTE
    Balloons, those cardboard tubes again, string across the room & we're off!
    (2 hrs)
394 Costume Headdresses [YP]       P MEDI
    Headdresses, crowns and other neat things to go to your head.
     (2 hrs)
395 Reading by Teresa Edgerton          M 135C
396 Is There a Formula to Winning Costumes?       M 135B
    Are some themes and subjects more likely to impress the judges than
    Or are "magic formulas" merely to help bring order to an irrational world
    (i.e., one in which your wonderful costume didn't win a prize).
    -- Aimee Hartlove, Leslie Johnston, Pierre E Pettinger Jr (m), Victoria
397 Always Returning to Always Coming Home        M 135D
    A discussion of a complex and quietly controversial work of recent Science
    Fiction, its unusual structure, and its perspectives on people,
    technology and culture.
    -- David Bratman, Jeanne Gomoll, Janet Lafler (m), Debbie Notkin
398 Catherine Crook de Camp, L Sprague de Camp, Gentry Lee  M AUTO
    Autograph session.
399 Shotokan             A METR3
    -- Keith G Kato
400 BoaF: Runners Delight          M HOWARD
    See Thursday, 3:00 PM.
12 Noon
    Valley of the Gwangi           N GRAN23
401 Writing in Licensed Universes       M 110
    Creative Cooperation and coping with a universe you didn't design.
    of ultimate rights and power, and the effect of these issues on
    -- David Drake, George R R Martin, Sasha Miller (m), Elisabeth Waters
402 Escaping the Celtic Twilight Zone        M 111
    How to do a better job of mining other cultures and avoid the Fantasy
    Culture of the Month syndrome.
    -- George Alec Effinger, Guy Gavriel Kay, Holly Lisle (m), S. P. Somtow,
  Dirk van der Elst
403 Creating Your Character, Becoming Your Role        M 112
    Comparison of character-creation process used by costumers, writers,
    artists, actors and others.
    -- Aaron Allston, Hilary Ayer (m), Sandra G Pettinger, Carrie Richerson,
  Jennifer Roberson
404 Wake For Roger Weddall         M 113
    Last year's energetic, unstoppable DUFF winner charmed us all. Friends
    to toast (and roast) his memory.
    -- Andy Hooper, Richard Lynch, Art Widner
405 So You Want To Be a Computer Game Designer    M 121
    When creativity and software collide.
    -- Corey Cole, Lori Ann Cole (m), Carolly Hauksdottir
406 How to Buy SF and Fantasy Art       M 123
    For years, people on this panel have told you to Buy What You Like. We
    now, carefully, explore what constitutes a quality work of art.
    -- Allison Hershey, Margaret Organ-Kean (m), Peggy Ranson, Diana Harlan
407 Inventing Languages for Fiction          M 124
    Do you have to invent an entire alien language to be realistic, or will a
    few words do?
    -- Suzette Haden Elgin, Jane Frank (m), Stanley Schmidt, Don Simpson,
  Timothy L Smith
408 "My Fellow Savages of the Sandwich Islands"        M 131
    Mark Twain was famous notonly for his writing, but for his tour on the
    lecture circuit. Come see him give his most popular speech "in the flesh."
    (2 hrs)
409 Saturday Morning Cartoons: Rights vs. Reality      M 132
    A discussion of all the aspects of cartoons on TV, including violence and
    -- Craig Miller (m), J. Michael Straczynski, Len Wein
410 Peace, Love and Posters        M 133
    Art of the 60's, then and now.
    -- Alicia Austin, Roger Dean, Frank Kelly Freas, Luise Perenne (m),
411 Rings of Saturn [YP]           P MICH
    Learn more about this facinating and lovely planet from Mark Bourne of the
    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
412 Reading by Carol Severance          M 135C
413 When Ugly & Beautiful Collide       M 135B
    Aesthetics of the future: If beauty becomes cheap and easy, how far can we
    go with ugliness? With our own images as an artistic drawing board, what
    we do next?
    -- Patricia Davis, Alexander Jablokov, Dana MacDermott (m), John Shirley
414 Esperanto, World Bridge Builder          M 135D
    Esperanto, from A to Z. Learn about the genesis and evolution of this
    "universal" language.
    -- Forrest J Ackerman, Harry Harrison (m), David Wolff
415 David Brin, Diana L Paxson, Michael Whelan    M AUTO
    Autograph session.
416 BoaF: Star Trek Wellcommittee       N WHITE
    Star Trek Wellcommittee members meet & discuss STW policy. All Star Trek
    fans are welcome.
417 WSFS Meeting         A FRAN
    Submitted business will be debated and the winner of the 1996 Worldcon
    Selection will be formally announced.  (2 hrs)
12:39 AM
    Doomed Megalopolus #1          N PINK
1:00 PM
418 I Robot, You OK?          M 110
    Jobs are being lost to robot arms and computer technology faster than new
    ones are being created by it. Can machines take all our jobs? What will we
    do for a living?
    -- Kevin J Anderson, Greg Bear, Janet Catherine Johnston (m)
419 Where do You Start With Art?        M 111
    How do you begin the path from concept to finished work?
    -- Robert Alexander (m), Beckett Gladney,  Jael, Christine Markel, Diana
  Harlan Stein
420 When Genres Collide            M 112
    Combining two genres in one book is a lot of work and may make some of
    fans unhappy. Why do it? Are there any tricks to make it easier or better?
    -- James P. Killus, Donald Maass, Julian May, Charles Sheffield (m),
  Quinn Yarbro
421 Tokenism in SF/F          M 113
    How to tell the difference between tokenism and real diversity in fiction.
    -- Michael F Flynn, Althea McMurrian (m), Cynthia McQuillin, Deborah
422 Evolving Visions of the Future      M 120
    What do our visions of the future tell us about ourselves today?
    -- Gerri Balter, James Brunet, David Joiner (m), Robert Silverberg,
423 Art as a Business         M 121
    Business practices for the artist.
    -- Armand Cabrera, Jane Frank (m), Laura Brodian Kelly Freas, Lawrence
424 In Memoriam: Fritz Leiber           M 123
    Bring your memories of Fritz or his writing to share.  (2 hrs)
    -- Charles N Brown, Heather Gladney, Don Herron
425 New Ethnography of Science Fiction Fandom     M 124
    The Hugo nominated author of "Television, Fandom, And The Creation Of
    Popular Myth" talks about her latest research into fandom and the
    publishing, tourism and computer industries, and interviews audience
    -- Camille Bacon-Smith
426 Molecular Manufacturing        M 130
    Today's manufacturing methods arrange atoms statistically, without control
    over the placement of individual atoms. In the future we will manufacture
    products in which each individual atom is in its proper place.
    -- Ralph C Merkle
427 TAFF DUFF Auction II           M 134
    Buy Neat Stuff! Help finance an international fannish exchange!  (2 hrs)
428 Make Light With Jello [YP]          P DANTE
    Would you believe you can make a lens or prism from jello?  Would we kid
    -- Pat Murphy
429 Building Bridges & Other Things [YP]     P MEDI
    Workshop for children 8 and up (including interested adults). (2 hrs)
430 Reading by Michaela Roessner        M 135C
431 Costume Designs: Where to Start          M 135B
    What is your inspiration, and how do you identify a genuine muse?
    -- Kayta Barrows (m), Charles Cady, Pierre E Pettinger Jr, Sandra G
  Pettinger, Victoria Ridenour
432 Art You Can Touch: Sculpture and Other Forms       M 135D
    How does the tactile experience of sculpting influence the artists
    relationship with his or her work?
    -- Darlene P. Coltrain, Michelle Lee, Arlin Robins (m), Don Simpson, Ron
433 Karen Anderson, Poul Anderson, Kim Stanley Robinson     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
434 Masquerade Post Mortem         M ESPL
    Meet the crew who did the show and the folks responsible for next year's
    event. Tell 'em what they did right and what can be improved. Pick up
    awards, tapes, documentation.
1:20 PM
    Flash           N GREY
1:50 PM
    3 x 3 Eyes Volume 3            N PINk

2:00 PM
    Mysterious Island         N GRAN23
435 Going to the Dentist for a Living        M 110
    Swapping personalities around between bodies is a cliche in SF. How would
    this affect society? Could someone make a living going to the dentist in
    other people's bodies while those people relax somewhere else in rental
    -- Pat Cadigan, Jack L Chalker, George Alec Effinger, David Gerrold (m),
  Laurence M Janifer
436 Where's the Beef...Cake?       M 111
    Why aren't there more male nudes in SF/F art?
    -- Ginjer Buchanan, Paul S Clift, Claire Eddy, William Rotsler, Michael
  Whelan (m)
437 Getting Around the Solar System          M 112
    What will life be like when we're notconfined to Terra?
    -- Jim Baen, Suzanne Casement, William S Higgins, Gentry Lee, Jonathan V.
  Post (m)
438 Limitations of Different Media      M 113
    How is a story told in one medium (art, comix, novel, hypertext, play,
    is different than the same story told in another one.
    -- Stephen Goldin, Sherry Gottlieb (m), Douglas Herring, Steve Leialoha
439 Transgender Costuming          M 120
    How do you clothe yourself as a being of another sex? How do you learn to
    move and talk "right"? Where do you buy shoes?
    -- Kayta Barrows, Adrian Butterfield, P G Cwick (m), Kevin P Roche,
  G Tifft
440 Expanding Minds/Teaching SF/F       M 121
    The ways and values of teaching SF/F, from elementary school through
    graduate level college work. Can SF/F be used to teach other subjects?
    -- Charles K Bradley, John L Flynn, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Betty Lane
441 Has Star Trek "Sold Out"?           M 124
    Has Star Trek betrayed and/or forgotten the qualities (Real SF, Social
    issues) that made it a success?
    -- Gail S Abend (m), Franklin Hummel, Devra M Langsam, Jean Lorrah
442 Future Implications of Cryonics          M 130
    Following the lecture on nanotechnology, this panel discusses the
    controversial topic of cryonics from viewpoints pro, con, and in the
    -- George Flentke (m), Joe Haldeman, Ralph C Merkle, Charles Sheffield
443 Larry Niven: Honored Guest Speech        M 131
     (2 hrs)
    -- Larry Niven
444 The Fannish Inquistion: WorldCon '94, '95, '96     M 132
    Representatives of Conadian, Intersection, and the 1996 winning bid
    their plans for three years of wonderful WorldCons. (2 hrs)
445 Dinotopia Presentation         M 133
    Slide show on the Hugo-nominated book.
    -- James Gurney
446 Drawing Heads and Hands        M 135A
    For artists, costumers, costumers and others who want to overcome their
    of faces and fingers. (3 hrs)
    -- Luise Perenne
447 Reading by Maureen McHugh           M 135C
448 "That's notArt!"         M 135B
    What is "legitimate" artwork? Can craft be art? Are some subjects more
    acceptable than others? What about borrowed themes, characters, and icons?
    -- Beth Avary, John D Berry, Darlene P. Coltrain, David B Mattingly (m),
  Shea Anton Pensa
449 Forrest J Ackerman, Glen Cook, Jack Williamson     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
450 Regency Afternoon Tea Dance         A METR12
    Our dancing master John Hertz takes you back in time to the elegant period
    of the late 18th and early 19th century. Period costume is encouraged, but
    notrequired. (3 hrs)
451 BoaF: Starfleet Region 4       N WHITE
    Hosted by Region 4, for Starfleet members to formally meet, and for
    interested Star Trek fans to learn about Starfleet.
2:30 PM
    Orange Road #2 & #3            N PINK
3:00 PM
    Superman             N GREY
452 Are All Creative Arts the Same?          M 110
    Computer and paper game designers, playwriters and screenwriters, authors
    and artists: what's the same and what's different about their creative
    -- Greg Costikyan, Shira Daemon, Raymond Feist, Dale Hoover, Janny Wurts
453 The Future of Interactive Entertainment       M 111
    Where are computer games going?  What about virtual reality? When will
    Park be a reality? What is after that?
    -- Russell B Dawe, Keith Henson, Michael J McLaughlin, Brian Moriarty,
  Michael J Ward (m)
454 Editing Fiction           M 112
    How to read like an editor.
    -- Gardner Dozois, John Jarrold, Beth Meacham (m), Toni Weisskopf
455 Time Bind-its: Young Turks Look in the Mirror...   M 113
    ...and see Old Pharts. Through fanzines, future old pharts connect with
    time young turks. Radical fannish nostalgia.
    -- Andy Hooper, Peter Larsen (m), George (Lan) Laskowski, Nicki Lynch, Art
456 Why Speculative and Fantasy Art?         M 120
    With so many subjects in the "real" world, why do artists choose the
    the strange, the fantastic, the wondrous, the weird?
    -- Bob Eggleton, Beckett Gladney, Don Maitz, Barclay Shaw, Michael Whelan
457 Good Science Fiction and Fantasy for Young Readers      M 121
    Are the standards different when the readers are young? What would YOU put
    on a recommended list?
    -- Charles Cady, Mary J Caraker, Marian Huntsman Gibbons (m), Rick Wilber
458 The Past Seen Through Fictional Eyes     M 124
    How historical fictions (including alternate history ones) really reflect
    present day concerns.
    -- Stu Shiffman, Susan Shwartz (m), S M Stirling, Harry Turtledove,
  F Wu
459 Contact Pacific           M 133
    Alien design teams from US/UK meet alien design team from Japan for first
    contact between the inhabitants of Alpha Centauri & those of Epsilon Indi.
    -- Karen Anderson, Poul Anderson, Greg Barr, David A. Boulton, Paula
  (m), Randall M Clague, Craig M Jackson, Hideyo Ogino, Masamichi Osako
  (m), Masaya Sakamoto, Motoko Takebayashi, Mitsuhiro Toma
460 Clarion-West Auction           M 134
    For Clarion West science fiction writing program. (2 hrs)
461 What Will Life Be Like for Kids in Space? [YP]     P MICH
    What do YOU think life will be like on a space station, or a colony on the
    Moon or Mars?  What about a space ship to Alpha Centauri?
    -- Gerald D Nordley
462 Reading by Mary H Rosenblum         M 135C
463 Melanie Rawn, Stanley Schmidt, Vernor Vinge        M AUTO
    Autograph session.
464 Dave Clement Does Stan Rogers       A CITY
465 Music From Assorted TV Shows and Movies       A FRAN
    -- Gary Ehrlich, Spencer Love, Jane Mailander, Kathy Mar, Gary McGath,
  Melnick, Roberta Rogow, Acacia Sears, Jean L Stevenson
3:50 PM
    When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth      N GRAN23
4:00 PM
466 Taboos of Science Fiction & Fantasy      M 110
    What sort of topics are never seen in SF/F? What kinds of characters and
    relationships are never portrayed. What can, or should, the SF/F community
    do about these taboos?
    -- Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Laurence M Janifer, Bridget McKenna (m), Pat
  Eleanor Wood
467 How to Talk to Those Game People         M 111
    What are those gamers doing? Why are they yelling like that? Is it as
    as it looks?
    -- Aaron Allston, Rembert N Parker, Steve Perrin
468 Law for Future Societies       M 112
    Cops, courts, & constitutions-- how will we govern ourselves in the
    -- Paula E Downing, Rick Foss, Alys Hay, Rick Katze, Melinda Snodgrass (m)
469 TinkerBell in the Big Apple         M 120
    Contemporary Fantasy: How do you sustain the fantasy element when your
    setting is the mundane world?
    -- Lisa Goldstein, Robert Mark Shepherd, Martha Soukup (m), William F Wu
470 Getting Away with ...          M 121
    ...using humor to make social statements, insult other forms of
    make snide remarks about public figures.
    -- John DeChancie (m), Esther M Friesner, Terry Pratchett, Connie Willis
471 Mark Twain as a Character in Science Fiction       M 124
    Twain has been a major character in many SF/F stories. Why? What are the
    advantages and disadvantages of using a well-known person in fiction?
    -- Mark Twain, Jody Lynn Nye, Hayford Peirce, Bruce Holland Rogers (m)
472 Tachyons as Neutrinos          M 130
    Is it possible the electron neutrino is a tachyon? What would be the
    implications of such a discovery? Tachyons and their relation to FTL
    communication, causality, space drives, and black holes.
    -- John G Cramer
473 Can a Realistic Future Society be Portrayed?       M 131
    Can future projections avoid the LeGuin ("Always Coming Home")-Wells
    ("Things to Come") axis of ultimate provinciality to ultimate conformity?
    --  Ctein, Janet Kagan, David M Kushner, Kim Stanley Robinson, Edie Stern
474 Tell a Story  [YP]        P MICH
    Tell or read a story to younger kids.
475 Reading by Bradley Denton           M 135C
476 Maureen F McHugh, Len Wein          M AUTO
    Autograph session.
477 Chesley Awards            A METR3
    ASFA Awards Presentation (2 hrs)
478 BoaF: Klingon Assault Group         N WHITE
    Everything you always wanted to know about Klingons, but were afraid to
4:30 PM
    Robotech Perfect Macross       N PINK
5:00 PM
479 How Hard Can It Be to Start a Game Company?        M 111
    Panel by people who know.
    -- Corey Cole (m), Greg Costikyan, Noah Falstein, Paul Kidd
480 Children in SF/F          M 120
    How real are children in SF/F? Does the presentation of childhood differ
    literature written for children, young adults, and "Gr'ups"?
    -- Ben Bova, Bob Klaehn (m), Marti McKenna, Martha Wells
481 Two Cultures/Two Genders --An Analogy         M 123
    Studies show that men and women have different communications styles,
    although they use the same words. Do members of the 'Two Cultures'
    and the humanities) have analogous problems? If so, how can we learn to
    understand each other?
    --  Ctein (m), Shariann Lewitt, Kate Elliott, Joan Slonczewski
482 Fannish Demographics           M 124
    The Worldcon is a small town that exists for five days in a different
    location every year. Who lives in that town? How does it work? Is fandom
    becoming more diverse, or less?
    -- Jack C Haldeman II, George (Lan) Laskowski (m), Mary Mason, Mark L
  Leah Zeldes Smith
483 Fixing the Ozone Hole          M 130
    The proposals are vast, expensive and daring and have political economic
    ideological issues as well.
    -- Jim Benford
484 Reader's Theatre: A Play by S.P. Somtow       M 132
    The Asian American Festival Theater presents a readers' theater preview of
    an exciting new work by S.P. Somtow. (2 hrs)
485 Reading by K. W. Jeter         M 135C
486 Steve Barnes, Mary J Caraker, Eileen Gunn     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
487 CONTACT/COTI: Expedition to the Stars         P RAPH
    The human team considers the kinds of exploration and experimentation they
    will do when they reach their destination. They examine the ethics of
    meeting new cultures and races. (2 hrs)
    -- Greg Bear, Dirk van der Elst, Israel Zuckerman
488 CONTACT/COTI: An Alien Culture      P RUBE
    The alien team establishes behavior, culture and language appropriate to
    creature and its environment for their organisms. (2 hrs)
    -- David Brin, Dirk van der Elst, Israel Zuckerman
489 Heather Rose Jones in Concert       A CITY
490 Filk Publishing           A COMM
    The ins and outs of publishing tapes, CD's, songbooks, and other music
    related goodies.
    -- Jordin Kare, Bob Laurent, Gretchen Van Dorn, Rick Weiss, Leonard N
491 Music From the Worlds of Mixed Media     A FRAN
    One hour of the LA Filkharmonics.
5:30 PM
    Batman Returns            N GREY
    Rodan           N GRAN23
6:00 PM
492 Cartoonists Jam           M 120
    Several cartoonists, lots of paper!
    -- Phil Foglio, Alexis A Gilliland, Teddy Harvia, William Rotsler (m)
493 Faerie Tales: Alternative Sexuality Themes in SF/F      M 121
    How well does SF/F serve as a forum for exploring "alternate" sexual
    interests, both real and imaginary?
    -- Andy Hooper (m), Maureen F McHugh, Melissa Scott
494 Hear the Symbols Clash!        M 123
    Are we literate enough to use symbolism deliberately? When is it
    Who has final word on symbolism?
    -- Michael Blumlein, P C Hodgell, Tappan King, Patrick Nielsen Hayden,
  A Turzillo (m)
495 Star Trek: Federation Science       M 133
    A behind-the-scenes tour of the nationally traveling, interactive science
    exhibit that will open at the Academy of Science in San Francisco in
    February. Slides, video clips, anecdotes, and an insider's view of how the
    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
    -- Mark Bourne
496 Reading by Tara Harper         M 135C
497 Media Costuming: How Do I Make It?       M 135B
    Information, tricks and tips from the experts.
    -- Paula Crist-Pickett, Brian Mix
498 Open Filking         A CITY
     (3 hrs)
499 Music From the Worlds of C J Cherryh     A FRAN
    -- Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish, Kathy Mar, Cynthia McQuillin
6:30 PM
    Robotech Perfect Southern Cross          N PINK
7:00 PM
    Dark Star            N GRAN23
500 One Shot Performances --New Material Only     A FRAN
7:45 PM
    Warner Pilot         N GREY
8:00 PM
501 Gold Rush Victorian Ball       A METRO
    Travel back to San Francisco's Victorian heyday as our dancing master
    Hay leads us in waltzes, polkas, quadrilles and other dances of the time.
    Frock coats, hoops, and bustles are encouraged, but notrequired.
    are welcome. (4 hrs)
502 Hugo (and Other) Awards Ceremony         M ESPL
    Guy Gavriel Kay is Toastmaster for the show which also "Celebrates 40
    of the Hugos." (3 hrs)
8:30 PM
    Robotech Perfect Mospeada           N PINK
9:00 PM
503 Roll-Your-Own Filking          A CITY
    Whatever style audience and performers agree on. (10 hrs)
504 Bardic Circle Filking          A COMM
    Everyone gets a turn to pick, play, or pass. (10 hrs)
505 Chaos Filk           A FRAN
    Unmoderated, jump in with a follower, midwestern style filk singing. (10
9:15 PM
506 Dracula (1931)            N GRAN23
10:30 PM
    Riding Bean          N PINK
11:00 PM
507 The Hugo Award Winner          N GRAN23
11:15 PM
    Dirty Pair           N PINK
2:00 AM
    Child Care Closes         P BARC1


7:00 AM
    Music Programming Closed for Cleaning         A FRAN
    Filking rooms (Franciscan, Commonwealth & City) closed for cleaning.  (2
8:00 AM
508 Open Filking         A CITY
     (3 hrs)
9:00 AM
    Open Gaming Continues          P DAVI
    Child Care Opens          P BARC1
    Blade Runner (Director's Cut)       N GREY
    Bubble Gum Crisis Music Videos      N PINK
    Dark Star            N GRAN23
509 Aerobics IV          A METR3
    -- John Douglass
510 BoaF: Friends of Bill W.       N WHITE2
10:00 AM
    Urusei Yatsura Movie #3        N PINK
511 Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Joe Haldeman, Amy Thomson    M AUTO
    Autograph session.
512 Tai Chi (Session IV)           A METR3
    -- Steve Barnes
10:45 AM
    Plan 9 From Outer Space        N GRAN23
11:00 AM
513 Costumer Resources        M 112
    Where to get the ideal technoblivet or period shoe buttons to complete
    -- Eleanor M Farrell (m), Jana Keeler, John Youden
514 Slavery Themes in Fantasy and SF         M 121
    How have science fiction and fantasy dealt with the concept of slavery and
    the issues it raises?
    -- Roger MacBride Allen, Suzy McKee Charnas, Michael F Flynn, Zelda
  (m), S M Stirling
515 Are 10 Heads Better Than One?       M 123
    Advantages and disadvantages of workshopping. The place of Clarion and
    writers' workshops in the SF community.
    -- Scott E Green, Andy Hooper (m), Marti McKenna, Sasha Miller
516 How Real Can Comics Get?       M 124
    Over the last decade, touches of reality have been injected into comics.
    this spoiled the fantasy or added to it? How much more reality can we
    -- John Hertz (m), Edward Kramer, Trina Robbins, Marv Wolfman
517 Getting Off the Rock           M 130
    There are lots of ways besides rockets to get "off the rock" and around
    universe. Tour through alternatives based on well-understood principles
    warp drives allowed) that could radically change Space Flight As We Know
    -- Jordin Kare
518 CONTACT: Establishing Communication      M 131
    Both teams present their creations. The human crew lands upon the created
    alien world and makes contact with the alien team. Team participants and
    observers analyze the "contact." (2 hrs)
    -- Greg Barr
519 Building Bridges & Other Things [YP]     P MEDI
    Workshop for children 8 and up (including interested adults). (3 hrs)
520 Reading by Nicholas DiChario        M 135C
521 Guy Gavriel Kay, Patricia A. McKillip, Jody Lynn Nye    M AUTO
    Autograph session.
522 BoaF: Runners Delight          M HOWARD
    See Thursday, 3:00 PM.
523 Time Travelers' Fashion Parade      M ESPL
     (2 hrs)
11:09 AM
    Silent Running            N GREY
12 Noon
    Lensman              N PINK
524 SF in Eastern Europe           M 111
    A view of the field in the former "Eastern Bloc." What has changed since
    fall of the USSR?
    -- Ivan Adamovic, Sharon D King (m), Alexandru Mironov, Anatoly Paseka
525 Real Magic In The Bay Area          M 112
    Spiritual power sites, myths and legends in the Bay Area.
    -- Ray Nelson, Diana L Paxson (m)
526 Clothes Make the Human: Future Fashion        M 113
    How might future grooming & personal fashion styles change? Will basic
    ever go out of style?
    -- Erica V.D. Ginter, Aimee Hartlove, Dana MacDermott (m), Kevin P Roche
527 Anyone Can Write a Screenplay --Right!        M 120
    Writing short stories &/or books vs. writing for TV &/or movies.
    -- David Gerrold, Marian Huntsman Gibbons (m), Gillian Horvath, George R R
528 Abuse Themes in SF/F           M 121
    Books say things notdirectly intended by their authors, especially about
    their times and culture. For example, PKD's arbitrary realities reflect
    ways many children see adults and their demands. This panel is notabout
    child abuse, but about how aspec
    -- Richard F Dutcher, Laurie Edison (m), Loren MacGregor, Mary H
  Kristine Kathryn Rusch
529 Books You Should Read          M 123
    Some personal recommendations, notlimited to SF, of what the well-read
    should read and why.
    -- Janice M Eisen, Terry Garey (m), David A Kyle, Eric M Van
530 SHARP: Towards a Jules Verne Launcher         M 130
    SHARP is a two stage light gas gun capable of launching a 5 Kg projectile
    a 400 Km apogee. It is intended for materials that can withstand a 2000 g
    launch acceleration.
    -- Dr. John Hunter
531 Feedback Session          M 133
    Join the executive committee and other interested SMOFs for the
    "gripe session." (2 hrs)
532 Reading by Martha Soukup       M 135C
533 Open Poetry Reading            M 135D
    A Birds of a Feather event of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.
534 Barbara Hambly, Katharine Kerr, Donald Kingsbury   M AUTO
    Autograph session.
535 No Strings Attached in Concert      A CITY
    -- Robin Baylor, Fred Capp, Lynn Gold
537 WSFS Meeting/Mark Protection Committee Meeting     A FRAN
    To be held only if business remains at the end of the Sunday session.
    Following the WSFS Meeting (or at 12:00 if no Meeting is necessary), the
    Mark Protection Committee will meet. (2 hrs)
12:15 AM
    Tremors              N GRAN23
12:39 AM
    Soylent Green             N GREY
1:00 PM
538 The Roads Must Roll: Mass Transit        M 110
    What is the future of the US highway system? What future transportation
    projects could have the same sort of profound but unintentional effects on
    -- Pauline B Cramer, Barry Gold (m), James P. Killus, Geoffrey A Landis,
  Michael J Ward
539 It Ain't Hannibal: Growing Up In Fandom       M 120
    Adult children of fans compare how growing up in fandom influenced their
    lives, careers, etc.
    -- Branwyn Bigglestone, Ari J Hollander (m), C J L VonBraskat
540 Talking Computers and Robots        M 124
    Is reality matching science fiction with cure-alls for housework blues?
    What's on the way and what do we really want?
    -- Nancy Etchemendy, ElizaBeth Gilligan, Thomas T Thomas (m), Walter Jon
541 Humanity's New Rocketship: DC-X          M 130
    Video and pictures of McDonnell Douglas's revolutionary new rocketship,
    -- Aleta Jackson, Henry Vanderbilt
542 Forrest J Ackerman's Slide Show          M 131
    Guided tour of the world's largest collection of SF "stuff."
543 Art Auction          M 134
     (4 hrs)
544 Comics & Cartooning: How They Do It! [YP]     P MICH
    Comic professionals talk about what a cartoonist REALLY does!
    -- Jok Church, Trina Robbins, Marv Wolfman
545 Harry Harrison, Carol Severance, Susan Shwartz     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
546 Medieval Dances of the Bay Area          A METR3
     (2 hrs)
547 Roll-Your-Own Filking          A CITY
    Whatever style audience and performers agree on. (5 hrs)
1:50 PM
    3 x 3 Eyes Volume 4            N PINK
2:00 PM
    Open Gaming Closes        P DAVI
    Attack of the 50 Foot Woman         N GRAN23
536 Dave Clement's Patented Traveling Jam and Chaos Filk    A FRAN
    Dave Clement and a cast of thousands. (3 hrs)
548 Cosmic Journey (Slide Show)         M 131
    The art of Franz Herman Miklis.
549 Edward Bryant, Lisa Goldstein, Josepha Sherman     M AUTO
    Autograph session.
550 What Do We Do Wrong/Right?          A COMM
    Music program feedback session.
    -- Mary Kay Kare, Bob Laurent
2:30 PM
    THX 1138             N GREY
    Vampire Princess Miyu Volumes 1 & 2      N PINK
3:00 PM
551 Belly/Line Dances         A METR3
     (2 hrs)
552 Music Next Year In Winnipeg         A COMM
    -- Dave Clement
553 Closing Ceremonies        M ESPL
3:24 PM
    Video Interviews          N GRAN23
4:00 PM
554 Bardic Circle Filking          A COMM
    Everyone gets a turn to pick, play, or pass. (10 hrs)
6:00 PM
    Child Care Closes         P BARC1