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Friday, July 19 -- Sunday, July 21, 1985
at the brand new Westborough Plaza-Hotel,
near the junction of 9 \ 495, Westborough, MA

I haven't chaired too many conventions, but the first one I did was Lexicon, 1985. Here is some historical data about that con, in the form of the text of the flyer and the "program booklet." Note that this hotel, under another name, was the site of the 1997 Readercon. --Laurie Mann.

Lexicon is NESFA's annual summer relaxacon, with no tracks of programming (aside from a silly Sunday auction), no dealer rooms, no huge mobs of fen, no art show, and nospecial guests (other than every attendee). Lexicon will feature a hospitable con suite, open from 6pm Friday night, until 6pm Sunday night, managed by members of Boxboro fandom; the Bob Beecher video show; an excursion to your con chair's favorite Chinese restaurant (Uncle Chueng's) Saturday night; champagne-tasting Friday night; and opportunities for summertime hedonistic activities. It will be like going to a midwestern con without leaving New England.

This is our first con at the Westborough Plaza-Hotel, a user-friendly hotel SMgeared for high tech visitors to Massachusetts. It features a pool, hot tub, complete health club, game room, specially-designed rooms for the handicapped on each floor, and babysitting services. There's a restaurant with a raw bar and Sunday brunch.

While relaxacons are typically too small to do program books, I created a little booklet as a record of the weekend.

Lexicon Booklet

These folks have preregistered for Lexicon:

Mark Olson Leslie Mann
Mike DiGenio Al Kent
Rick Katze Pat Vandenberg
Lois Mangan Steve Koon
Paul Mangan Brigid Cassidy
George Flynn Mark Norton
Beth McClellan Linda Fitzpatrick
Joe Rico Jessica Bush
Sharon Sbarsky Margaret Cohen
Dan Swartzendruber Bob Beecher
Tony Lewis Leslie Turek
Suford Kenneth Knabbe
Alice Lewis Jane Wagner
Priscilla Pollner Karl Gentili
Cindy Gold Larry Gelfand
Jill Eastlake Betsy Perry
Don Eastlake Brian Perry
Donny Eastalke Sean Perry
James Turner Andy Robinson
Wendy Lindboe Monty Wells
Kelly Perons Sue Hammond
Laurie Mann Alex Layton
Jim Mann

Greetings! I hope you all relax, enjoy, and have a "quiet" weekend at NESFA's annual summer relaxacon. All information in this flyer is tentative, as of Wednesday, July 17th, and could change at any time.

Lexicon Compiler: Laurie Mann
Con Suite: Boxboro Fandom
Bob Beecher's Video Show: Bob Beecher
Game Master: Kenneth Knabbe
Ice Cream Expediter: Larry Gelfand

Con Suite: Room 332
Game Room/Auxiliary Con Suite: Courtland Suite
Video: Room 329

Hotel Information

Suggested Restaurants

Worcester: El Morrocco, Worcester Marriott (for brunch), Maxwell Silverman's Toolhouse, Legal Seafoods
Sterling: Landlord Ben's (for brunch)
West Boylston: Beaman Tavern
Framingham: Ken's Kasual, Holiday Inn--Ribell's, Bennigan's Pub, Uncle Chueng's

Scheduled Events


5:00pm Con Suite Opens
6:00pm Coffee Break, Game Room
10:00pm Champagne-Tasting, BYOB, all are welcome
12:00am Pool Closes


9:00am Con Suite, if it has closed at all, will reopen
9:00am Coffee Break, Game Room
noonish Leave for for Whalom Park. Whalom Park now has a water slide. Discount tickets may be available. Check Activities Board in Con Suite for other trips
3:00pm Coffee Break, Game Room
6:30pm Leave for Uncle Chueng's
Please look at menu and sign up for meal before noon on Saturday
12:00am Pool Closes


9:00am Con Suite, if it has closed at all, will reopen
9:00am Coffee Break, Game Room
12:30pm Silly Auction, Game Room*
1:00pm Boskone Brainstorming, Game Room*
6:00pm Con Suite Closes, Lexicon Ends

*Weather and hotel permitting, these activities may take place on the patio beside the pool.

Unscheduled Events

Whenever we feel like it.

And, at some time during the weekend, Larry Gelfand will give new meaning to the phrase "In search of" when he leads a quest for the best ice cream in Framingham, Massachusetts.