Smofcon, York England, December 2001: Index to Photographs

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Entrance to York Minster
York Minster from the Wall
Jim Mann, Elaine Brennan and Marc Gordon outside of the Monk Bar (Near the Richard III Museum)
The Convention Rescue Panel: Tom Whitmore, Vince Docherty, Jim Mann, Judy Bemis
Marcia & Tim Illingworth, Pat MacMurray, Peter Jarvis
Marcia & Tim Illingworth, Pat MacMurray
Panel Discussing Information Technology for Fandom: Martin Easterbrook, Andrew Adams, Mary Kay Kare, Simon Bradshhaw
Smofcon Closing Panel: Scott & Jane Dennis, Martin Easterbrook, KIM Campbell
Pat MacMurray, James Briggs, Mark Plummer, Giulia de Cesare
Giulia de Cesare, Steven Davies, Janice Gelb, Tim Illingworth
Tony Parker, Judy Bemis, Joni Dashoff
Todd Dashoff, Tony Parker
Big Ben
Lord of the Ring Premiere Theater
Lord of the Ring Premiere Crowd
Leicester Square Carnival

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