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November 30-December 2, 2012, Philadelphia, PA
It was a weekend of panels & workshops on conference planning, team building & networking

You'll find information at this archive site about Smofcon 30, which was held in Philadelphia from November 30-December 2, 2012. It was the second-largest Smofcon ever, attracting 196 members from across America, Canada, the UK and Australia. The weather was excellent (60-70F) which made wandering Philadelphia very pleasant.

The Pan-Pennsylvania Smofcon was delighted to "pass the Smofcon torch" to the Totally Toronto Smofcon in 2013! Congrats to Diane Lacey & crew.

Many thanks to CANSMOF for awarding two Smofcon scholarships to Danielle MacDonald (Ontario, Canada) and James Shields (County Meath, Ireland).

Hyatt Regency

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Joni Brill Dashoff: Pre-con Registration, Treasury
Laurie Mann: Program, Web, Badges, Publicity

Todd Dashoff & Ann Marie Rudolph: Hotel
Jim Mann: Beer
Ben Yalow: Advisor

Friday Program Workshop: Priscilla Olson, assisted by Jim Mann, Janice Gelb, Ian Stockdale and Steven Silver
Friday Budget Workshop: Joni Dashoff & Bob Macintosh
Saturday Night Fannish Inquisition (Smofcon & Worldcon): Helen Montgomery, assisted by Deb Geisler and Stephen Boucher

At-con Registration: Saul Jaffe, assisted by Gary Plumlee
Hospitality Suite: Sara Paul
Cheesemonger: Dave Axler
Restaurant Guide: Stacey Helton McConnell

Philadelphia Dragon Statues

History of the Philadelphia Smofcon

by Laurie Mann

The notion of a Smofcon in Pennsylvania goes back at least to 1993, at the Lexington, KY Smofcon. I got up and said at the vote for future Smofcons I'd like to bring one to Pittsburgh. Downtown Pittsburgh hotels were relatively cheap. Since then, Pittsburgh hotels have gotten almost as expensive as anyplace else and the downtown restaurant scene has improved quite a bit. Over the next 15 years or so, I'd float this trial balloon, and Lynn Cohen-Koehler started floating one for Hershey (which is a cool place to spend a day if you're driving across Pennsylvania).

But, by the early '00s, Pittsburgh lost its designation as a hub city for US Airways, and it was increasingly hard for people to fly directly to Pittsburgh. I was critical of the Hershey bid as, once people flew to Philadelphia, getting to Hershey wasn't all that easy unless you rented a car.

Joni Dashoff and I decided to join forces to bring a Smofcon bid to Philadelphia, and, thus, the "Pan-Pennsylvania Smofcon Committee" was born. Todd and Joni would handle the hotel and money, I'd handle the programming and the Web, Jim would handle the beer. Ben Yalow came on board to help out as well, even though he didn't live in Pennsylvania.

Joni and I talked it up at a couple of Smofcons, and the vote for our Smofcon would be at Amsterdam. Much as I wanted to be there, I couldn't go so I put together a PowerPoint presentation that Joni gave. We wound up being uncontested, won by show of hands.

And, this Website will tell you much of the rest of the story,

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