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Program Masterclass/Bootcamp

Friday, Nov 30, 1-4, Washington A

Philosophy of Program

  • How (and why) do programs differ between conventions?
  • Is less more? (and if so, when?)
  • Do you program for all fringe all things are covered for everyone? Or, do you keep the program’s focus tight and keep everyone on one (arrgh) track? What? Why??
  • When is it most appropriate to follow these philosophies, and what do you tell the children?

How To...Program

The nitty-gritty of putting the program together. Do you use computers or darts? Index cards or relational data bases? Re-invent the wheel with us. Learn — and share!

Participants should bring something to write with and on, and an open mind. There will be handouts (but not a test).

Program MasterClass is brought to you by Priscilla Olson, Jim Mann, Janice Gelb, Ian Stockdale and Steven Silver.

Are you a Smofcon 30 member interested in Program development? Sign-up for the Program Masterclass/Bootcamp. This workshop is limited to 20. While the workshop is full, if you're interested in it, please complete the form and we'll add you to a waitlist.

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