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February '09 Test Screening

The movie had test screenings in New York City in February 2009. The film was mostly finished and included Nick Cave's score.

Ain't It Cool's Viper X Review

October '08 Test Screening

The movie had a test screening in New York City on October 15. The sound, music, and some of the visuals were incomplete. Some of the people who saw the movie had read the book, but at least one had not. These are not formal reviews of a finished film, but are informal comments posted to various message boards on movie that has not been polished yet.


August 2009, as during late summer 2008, The Road is again showing up on many people's lists of "One of the movies I'm looking most forward to this fall." Since we did a round of that late last summer, just check this list below because many of the same people are making the same comments all over again. Unlike last fall, more post-apocalyptic movie are due out this fall (the animated feature 9 was quite interesting, while 2012 looks like a big video game).