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This bibliography initially appeared in Dancing Naked, the Unexpurgated William Tenn - it is the official bibliography; please use it to correct mistakes in other bibliographies.

Phil Klass has published most of his fiction as William Tenn and much of his nonfiction as Phil [or Philip] Klass. This bibliography lists virtually all the work that Phil Klass has published, under any name he used, except for some sports and detective stories, Americana essays, and book reviews.

as William Tenn

Of Men and Monsters (1968) -- expansion of "The Men in the Walls"
A Lamp for Medusa (1968) -- expansion of "Medusa Was a Lady," (1951), published as a double novel with Dave Van Arnam's The Players of Hell

Of All Possible Worlds (1955)
The Human Angle (1956)
Time in Advance (1958)
The Seven Sexes (1968)
The Square Root of Man (1968)
The Wooden Star (1968)
Immodest Proposals: The Complete Science Fiction of William Tenn, Volume I (2000), edited by Mary Tabasko and James A. Mann * * Locus contents * * LibraryThing entry
Here Comes Civilization: The Complete Science Fiction of William Tenn, Volume II (2001), edited by Mary Tabasko and James A. Mann * * Locus contents * * LibraryThing entry
Dancing Naked: The Unexpurgated William Tenn, edited by Laurie Mann (2004) [Hugo Nominee, Best Related Book, 2005] * * Locus contents * * LibraryThing entry

Children of Wonder (1953) -- originally published as Outsiders: Children of Wonder
Once Against the Law (1968) with Donald E. Westlake

Short Fiction
"Alexander the Bait" (1946)
"Child's Play" (1947)
"Errand Boy" (1947)
"Mistress Sary" (1947)
"Brooklyn Project" (1948)
"Gotham Joins the Gold Rush" (1948)
"Consulate" (1948)
"The House Dutiful" (1948)
"The Human Angle" (1948)
"The Ionian Cycle" (1948)
"Venus and the Seven Sexes" (1949)
"The Last Bounce" (1950)
"The Puzzle of Priipiirii" (1950)
"7 Out of 10 Astrogators Choose Venus!" (1951)
"Will You Walk a Little Faster?" (1951)
"Betelgeuse Bridge" (1951)
"Everybody Loves Irving Bommer" (1951)
"Generation of Noah" (1951) -- also published as "The Quick and the Bomb"
"The Jester" (1951)
"A Lamp for Medusa" (1951)
"A Matter of Frequency" (1951)
"Medusa Was a Lady!" (1951)
"Null-P" (1951)
"Venus Is a Man's World" (1951)
"Firewater" (1952)
"The Custodian" (1953)
"The Deserter" (1953)
"Ricardo's Virus" (1953)
"Down Among the Dead Men" (1954)
"Party of the Two Parts" (1954)
"Project Hush" (1954)
"The Tenants" (1954)
"The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway" (1955)
"The Flat-Eyed Monster" (1955)
"Flirgleflip" (1955) -- also published as "The Remarkable Flirgleflip"
"The Liberation of Earth" (1955)
"Murdering Myra" (1955)
"The Servant Problem" (1955)
"The Sickness" (1955)
"It Ends with a Flicker" (1956) -- also published as "Of All Possible Worlds"
"A Man of Family" (1956)
"She Only Goes Out at Night" (1956)
"Time in Advance" (1956)
"Wednesday's Child" (1956)
"The Dark Star" (1957)
"Sanctuary" (1957)
"Winthrop Was Stubborn" (1957) -- also published as "Time Waits for Winthrop"
"Eastward Ho!" (1958)
"Lisbon Cubed" (1958)
"The Malted Milk Monster" (1959)
"Bernie the Faust" (1963)
"The Men in the Walls" (1963)
"The Masculinist Revolt" (1965)
"My Mother Was a Witch" (1966)
"The Lemon-Green Spaghetti-Loud Dynamite-Dribble Day" (1967)
"On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi" (1974)
"There Were People on Bikini, There Were People on Attu" (1983)
"The Enormous Toothache" (1985)
"The Girl with Some Kind of Past. And George." (1993)
"The Ghost Standard" (1994)

Introduction to Children of Wonder (1953)
"On the Fiction in Science Fiction" (1954)
"There Are Robots Among Us" (1958)
"The Frank Merriwell Compulsion: or Winning the Championship the Hard Way" (1963) -- originally published as "Frank Merriwell's Syndrome"
"The Bugmaster" (1968) -- originally published as "Mr. Eavesdropper"
"The Student Rebel: Then and Now" (1968)
"Jazz Then, Musicology Now" (1973)
"From a Cave Deep in Stuyvesant Town -- A Memoir of Galaxy's Most Creative Years" (1980)
"In the Beginning" (1995)
"Judy Merril" (1997)
"Curiosities: Dr. Arnoldi, by Tiffany Thayer" (1998)
"Author Emeritus Speech" (1999)
"Poul Anderson" (2001)
"Sturgeon, the Improbable Man" (2002)

as Philip Klass

Short Stories
"Anecdote" (1939)
"The Apotheosis of John Chillicothe" (1939)
"Eleven P.M." (1939)
"Incident Gourmandien" (1939)

"Sonnet" (1936)

"An Innocent in Time: Mark Twain in King Arthur's Court" (1974)
Introduction to What Mad Universe (1978)
Introduction to The Ova Hamlet Papers (1979)
"'The Lady Automaton' by E. E. Kellett: A Pygmalion Source?" (1982)
"It Didn't Come from Outer Space" (1984)
"John W. Campbell, Jr.: A Memoir" (1984)
"Welles or Wells: The First Invasion from Mars" (1988)
"What's Wrong with My Daughter?" (1992)
"Constantinople" (1994)
"My First Deer" (2004)

as Kenneth Putnam

Short Stories
"Me, Myself, and I" (1947)
"Dud" (1948)
"Confusion Cargo" (1948)