Links from the Feminist Expo

Site Map for Women's Resources

Thousands of people and organizations came together in Washington for the Feminist Expo 96. Here are some of the URLs and E-mail addresses you should check out.

If you were there, I missed you, and you'd like to be added, please send me E-mail and put "Feminist Expo" in the Subject.

Groups at the Superbooths

In organizing this exposition, The Feminist Majority put together a series of "superbooths". Multiple organizations worked at these booths.

Organizing for Women On-Line --- Worldwide

Microsoft Network donated equipment, people, and network time.
WomensNet @ igc donated IGC InterACT for Windows software to make the Internet connections easier.
New Media Publishing donated connections and people


ElectraPages, database of women's organizations.
Herspace, a graphics-oriented and very user-friendly site.
WINGS, Women's International News Gathering Service.
National Organization for Woman
National Womens Hall of Fame.
Voices of Women Enterprises
Women Leaders Online the sponsor of this Web site.
Microsoft Network.


Bonnie Raindrop, the woman behind Voices of Women.