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I've always been interested in history and I don't believe in historic revisionism of any kind. However, when women have been written out of history or ignored or deliberately misinterpreted, we've got to work to include their achievements (and not rewrite "misguided commentary").

Current issues of Women of Achievement and Herstory by Irene Stuber
Women Making History Today
Distinguished Women of the Past and Present
Notable Women Ancestors - Pioneer Women
Living the Legacy: 1848-1998 The Women's Rights Movement
A Posting About Margaret Sanger and Eugenics
First Female Astronaut Trainees
Jerrie Cobb - the Astronaut Who Should Have Been
Quotes from Women Without Superstition
National Women's History Project
Diotoma: Women and Gender in the Ancient World
A Celebration of Women Writers
Encyclopedia of Women's History
Marist WEB

Timeline of Women's Suffrage in the United States
Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls Convention, 1848
19th Century Women Writers Web
75th Anniversary of the Women's Right to Vote
Nurses in World War II
Early Women Composers
Women's History and Quotes, compiled by Richard Foy
For Women
Women Artists Archive
Her Own Words, Women's History, Literature and Media
Women in Canadian History
Pilgrim New Media Women's History on CD-ROM
Gender in Piano Music
Cryptographs - Daughters of Eve Cryptograms with a portrait of a famous woman

Heroes of Our Time

Marcia Clark
Hillary Clinton
Susan Faludi
Betty Friedan
Barbara Jordan Remembered
Martina Navratalova
Ellie Smeal
Gloria Steinem

Biographies of Historic Women

Under the Purple Veil, Boggs
Marie Curie, Susan Quinn