Abuse and Personal Safety

Resources for Recovery

Site Map for Women's Resources

People's stories about abuse - in starting to recover from abuse, it is helpful to write down what you remember...
Holli's Triumph Out of Tragedy
Nudist/Naturist Hall of Shame - pedophiles and sexual preditors who use nudist colonies as "fronts" for porn
Some Great Child Abuse Survivor Resources
CIVITAS ChildTrauma Programs
Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
On the Road to Healing...
Butterflies Magazine for survivors of incest, sexual abuse, and ritual abuse who have reclaimed their lives.
A Book Resource List for Suvivors and Therapists
Abuse Information Page
Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse
National Center for PTSD Research resources on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Recovered Memory Project
Sometimes, Perps Do Get Caught (no matter how much the Catholic Church tries to shield them...) - the story of Father James Porter (now, thankfully, doing time in a Massachusetts state prison)

Protecting Yourself

Domestic Abuse, an interesting page hosted by the Nashville police
The Safer Society Foundation Page
California Coalition on Sexual Offending Home Page
Identifying Sexual Harassment
Assault Prevention Information Network An excellent site, with many useful subpages