An Important Discovery About Kenneth Starr and Linda Tripp

You know how it goes. Kenneth Starr spends millions of dollars to publish, in graphic detail, a consensual affair. The Republicans rejoice, claiming the moral high road. I guess they've just forgotten about Reagan and Iran-contra. It's OK for President Reagan and Ollie North to lie about selling weapons. It's OK for Henry Hyde to lie about "bipartisanship" on the House Judiciary Committee (not to mention to conveniently forget about his own sexual indicretions). It's not OK for President Clinton to lie about engaging in sexual relations with a willing woman well above the age of consent.

While watching some of this nonsense, I've made an important discovery.

Ever notice that we've never seen Kenneth Starr and Linda Tripp in the same place at the same time?

I've examined their photos:

Ken Starr     Linda Tripp

Yes, it's true: Linda Tripp is just Kenneth Starr in a fright wig, too much makeup and high heels.


And that explains everything.

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