The Real Reason

by Maia Cowan

In a dazzling flash of inpiration, I suddenly realized why the Republicans are treating Clinton the way they do. Consider:

The conclusion is unmistakable, bizarre as it may seem considering the specific accusations against him:

They think Clinton is a woman!

P.S. I love coincidences. The origin of "impeach" is a Norman French word for "embarrass." And today, when the full magnitude of the videotape's absolute failure to damage Clinton is becoming more and more apparent, is Elephant Appreciation Day.

Another note from Maia (12/3):

If the Republicans really are going to finish the impeachment hearings by the end of the year, they're going to need help. Since how they're going about this investigation obviously isn't producing the results they expected, maybe when they need is a better method. To help them figure out what they need to do, let's all send every Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee a fishing lure.

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