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11:00 AM

Video: Madox-01, CC: 11a

Where to Eat in Orlando, CC: 11b

David Ratti, Gary Roen, Becky Thomson, Tom Veal (M)

Pseudoscience, CC: 12c

Doug Beason (M), Larry Niven

SF--The Next 100 Years, CC: 12d

Charles N. Brown, Maia Cowan (M), Ellen Datlow, Darrell Schweitzer

Video: Beetlejuice, CC: 20d-g

Film: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, CC: A1


Video: Riding Bean, CC: 11a

Collecting Fanzines: How & Why, CC: 11b

Mike Glicksohn (M), Bill Hedl, George (Lan) Laskowski, Joe Siclari

Where Did the Optimism Go?, CC: 12b

Ginjer Buchanan (M), Hal Clement, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Mark Ziesing

First Fandom Speaks (Does Anyone Listen Anymore?), CC: 12c

David A. Kyle, Bob Madle, Sam Moskowitz, Conrad M. Ruppert, Julius Schwartz (M)

Differences Between SF & Mystery, CC: 12d

Lee Barwood, Tappan King (M), Ashley McConnell, John Maddox Roberts, Darrell Schweitzer

Let's Grow Things, Cl: 4


Video: Bubblegum Crisis, CC: 11a

Getting Started in Costuming, CC: 11b,

Ann L. Chancellor, Barbara Higgins, Suford Lewis (M), Drew Sanders

Neglected Authors: James Schmitz, CC: 12b

Mark Olson (M), Ben Yalow

How to Enjoy Your First Con, CC: 12c

Ellen Franklin, Gay Haldeman (M), Edie Stern

Here We Go Again! Cycles in History, CC: 12d

Claire Eddy, George (Lan) Laskowski (M), Brad Linaweaver, John Maddox Roberts

Video: Night Gallery, CC: 20d-g

Printmaking with Stencils & Veggies, Cl: 4

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

J.D. Macdonald, Joel Rosenberg

Film: Mysterious Island, 2:10, CC: A1


Unseen Worlds Revealed, CC: 10ab


Costume Presentation Design: Singles, Couples, & Groups, CC: 11b

Janet Wilson Anderson

The Well Played Fan: Gaming, CC: 11c

Ann Goetz, Alan Gopin (M), Paul Kidd

Making Fandom More Diverse, CC: 12a

Ernest Heramia, Toni Lay, Amy Thomson (M)

Well Read Fan: Books, CC: 12b

Gregory Bennett, Janice M. Eisen (M), Tim Illingworth

International Fandoms, CC: 12c

Mike Glicksohn, Joyce Scrivner, Kees van Toorn (M), Roger Weddall, James White

Captain James T. Hornblower--Sea Stories & SF, CC: 12d

Melissa Scott, Susan Shwartz (M), Walter Jon Williams, David Wixon

Video: Amazing Stories, CC: 20d-g

Opening Ceremony, CC: A3

Forrest J Ackerman, Vincent Di Fate, David A. Kyle, Suford Lewis, Spider Robinson, Joe Siclari (M), Jack Vance, Walt Willis

All Aboard for Space, Cl: 3

Working With Clay, Cl: 4

Reading, Cl: 13

Joe Haldeman

Wanna Be A Filk Publisher?, P: OI

Carol E. Kabakjian, Jordin T. Kare, Bob Laurent, Gretchen Van Dorn


Video: Fantasia, CC: 20d-g


Fandom's Hope for Mars: Report of the Synthesis Group, CC: 11b

Doug Beason

Gays in Comics, CC: 11c

Doug Murray (M), Mel White, Cecil L. Young

Censoring the Computer Networks, CC: 12a

Greg Costikyan, Ctein (M), Saul Jaffe, J.D. Macdonald, Brad Templeton

Oriental Influences in Fantasy, CC: 12b

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Susan Shwartz (M), Janni Lee Simmer

Sources of Fear in Horror, CC: 12c

Bernadette Bosky (M), Richard Lee Byers, Greg Cox, Ellen Datlow

Dinosaurs in Fact & Fiction, CC: 12d

Stephen Leigh, Mark Rich, Robert J. Sawyer (M)

Film: Splash, CC: A1

Fanorama I: Readings of Favorite Fan Writings, CC: FL

Lise Eisenberg

Colors & Paper Chromatography (8-12), Cl: 3

Magnet Magic (4-8), Cl: 4

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

Jack L. Chalker (13), Richard Knaak (14)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Roger MacBride Allen, Larry Niven

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Barry Gold, Lee Gold


Filk Concert, P: OIII

Rennie Levine


The New Astronomy, CC: 10ab


Dreamtime Art of the Australian Aborigines, CC: 11b

Charlene Taylor

Courtney's Boat & Tucker Hotel: What Makes a Fannish Myth, CC: 11c

Moshe Feder, Joyce Scrivner

How to Have Fun at a Worldcon Even if You Brought Your Children, CC: 12a

Laurie Mann (M), Ken Meltsner, Brenda Sutton, Pat Virzi, Patty Wells

Structure of the Short Story, CC: 12b

Arlan Andrews, Ginger Curry, Nancy Holder, Rick Wilber (M)

Watching Grade Z Movies, CC: 12c

Forrest J Ackerman, Linda Bushyager (M), Hank Davis, Vincent Di Fate

Writing of Jack Vance, CC: 12d

Joe Bergeron, Peter J. Heck, Beth Meacham (M), Milton T. Wolf

Bookstore as Supermarket--Growth of Mega-Bookstores, CC: 23d

Glen Cook, Scott Edelman (M), Michelle M. Sagara, Brian Thomsen

Peas & Toothpick Tinker-Toys (8-12), Cl: 3

Making Indian Headresses (4-8), Cl: 4

Friends of Bill W./12-Step, Cl: 12

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

George Alec Effinger (13), Kathleen Ann Goonan (14)

Filk Concert, P: OIII

B.J. WilLanger


Video: The Wizard of Speed & Time, CC: 20d-g

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Helva Peters


What EVA Is Really Like, CC: 11b

Gregory Bennett

Seeing the Universe (Ruroy Sibley), CC: 12a

Hal Clement recreates a panel from the 1939 Worldcon!

Neglected Authors: Cordwainer Smith, CC: 12c

Geary Gravel, Tony Lewis, Jim Mann

Old Trekkies Never Die--They Just Take Over Fandom, CC: 12d

Suford Lewis (M), Wilma Meier, Bjo Trimble, Ben Yalow

Film: Beauty and the Beast, CC: A1

Reading, Cl: 13

Greg Costikyan

Electric Filk Demo, P: OI

Anne Rundle, Mike Whitaker


Video: Space 19997:00PM, CC: 20d-g

Video: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, 8:00PM, CC: 20d-g

Film: Heavy Metal8:00PM, CC: A1

Rise Up Singing Sing-Along 8:00PM, P: OI

Meet the VIPs 8:30PM, Cl: A

Mike Resnick, MC (and a cast of hundreds!)

Video: Bubblegum Crash 1-3, 9:00PM-Mid, CC: 11a

Film: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 9:30PM, CC: A1

Video: Heavy Metal10:00PM, CC: 20d-g

Filk's Greatest Hits: Obscure Songs That Were Once Popular (One-Shot by Song!) 10:00PM, P: OIII

Video: Hurricane Live 2032/3 Music Video Mid, CC: 11a



Video: Vampire Princess Miyu 1-4, 'til 11AM, CC: 11a

Film: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, CC: A1

Conadian--Dealers '94!, Cl: 12

Aerobics, P: A


Registration & Volunteers until 10:00PM, CC: RC

Sales to Members until 6:00PM, CC: RC

Exhibit Hall B/C until 12:30AM, CC: BC

Space Shuttle & Spacelab, CC: 10ab


Where Do You Get Your Supporting Ideas?, CC: 12b

Rob Chilson, P. C. Hodgell (M), Melissa Scott

WSFS Business Meeting, Friday Edition, CC: 20abc

Video: Starman, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: David Lee Anderson, CC: 21

David Lee Anderson

Those Who Do notKnow the History of SF are Doomed to Repeat It, CC: 22

Bradford Lyau

Making Fancy Fans (4-8), Cl: 4

Notebook Covers (8-12), Cl: 3

Beverly Parker

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

Doug Beason (13), Joe Patrouch (14)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Michael F. Flynn, Frank Kelly Freas

Mayfair Games, P: F

Ann Goetz


Video: Kimagure Orange Road OAV #1-2, 'til 1:00PM, CC: 11a

Status of the NASA/DOE Nuclear Propulsion Program, CC: 11b

Steven D. Howe

Fandom 201: How to Work on a Con, CC: 11c

Gail Bennett, Gregory Bennett (M), Melanie Herz

Time Capsules: How to Preserve 50 Years of Fandom for the Next 50 Years, CC: 12a

Deborah M. Geisler (M), David A. Kyle, Dick Lynch, Joe Siclari

Not So Guilty Pleasures--ST:TNG, CC: 12b

Jean Lorrah, Jim Mann (M), Doug Murray, Roberta Rogow, Bjo Trimble

The City in SF, CC: 12c

Algis Budrys, Barry B. Longyear, Terry Pratchett, John Maddox Roberts, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (M)

Have We Ever Listened? Does Admonitory SF Ever Pay Off?, CC: 12d

Roger MacBride Allen (M), Michael Kandel, J.D. Macdonald, James Morrow, Richard Paul Russo

Aliens, Robots, & Modified Humans, CC: 20d-g

JoAnne Pransky, Mel Seesholtz, Jack Vance, Milton T. Wolf (M)

Illustrating Children's Books, CC: 21

Ruth Sanderson

Random Notes by a Time Traveller, CC: 22

L. Sprague de Camp

The Art of Plotting, CC: 23a

Kathleen Ann Goonan, Richard Knaak, Madeleine Robins (M), Judith Tarr, David Zindell

Animal Rights, CC: 23b

Elizabeth L. Gross, Judy Lazar

Canadian SF, CC: 23c

Barbara Delaplace, Michelle M. Sagara, Robert J. Sawyer, S.M. Stirling (M)

Demo: Painting Gaming Figures, CC: AS

Pam Murray

Autographing, CC: B

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Hal Clement, Bob Eggleton

Crown Making, Cl: 3

Body Works (4-8), Cl: 4

Beverly Parker

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Barbara Hambly (13), Greer Ilene Gilman (14), John Flynn (18)

Film: The Addams Family Starts at 11:10, CC: A1


Autographing, CC: B

Richard Lee Byers, Stephen Leigh, Darrell Schweitzer


Keynote Luncheon, CC: 8

Vincent Di Fate, Spider Robinson, Jack Vance, Walt Willis, John Young. Admission by ticket only.

Sunken Treasure & Arthur C. Clarke, CC: 11b

Next Year at ConFrancisco, CC: 11c

Sarah Goodman, Peggy Rae Pavlat

Looking at Ourselves--Recursive SF, CC: 12a

Tony Lewis (M), Andrew I. Porter, Mike Resnick

Media SF for the Literary Fan, CC: 12b

Gail Bennett, Evelyn C. Leeper (M), Jim Mann

Nanotechnology & Biotechnology: Looking to the Future, CC: 12c

Hugh Daniel, Howard Davidson, Kevin Eaches, Ken Meltsner (M), John F. Moore

The Business of Art, CC: 12d

Robert D. Ashton, David Cherry, Rachel E. Holmen (M), Ingrid Neilson, Roger Reed

Video: Dr. Giggles Preview, CC: 20d-g

Manny Coto, Terry Erdman

Slide Show: Tom Kidd, CC: 21

Thomas Kidd

Elements of Greatness in the Writings of Robert E. Howard, CC: 22

Catherine Crook de Camp

Monarch Mystique--Why Are There So Many Hereditary Rulers in SF?, CC: 23a

Glen Cook, Guy Gavriel Kay, Melissa Scott, Dean Wesley Smith (M)

World of Null-C: SF Without Campbellian Influence, CC: 23b

Hank Davis, John R. Douglas, Jim Frenkel, Rick Katze (M), Bradford Lyau

Networks: Sysops & Users, CC: 23c

Laurie Mann (M), Wilma Meier, Marie A. Parsons, Martha Soukup

I Have a Moral Obligation to My Readers (Don't I?), CC: 23d

John D. Berry (M), Joe Haldeman, Nancy Holder, James Patrick Kelly, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Autographing, CC: B

George Alec Effinger, Rosemary Kirstein, Joel Rosenberg

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Nancy Kress (13), Harry Turtledove (14), Thorarinn Gunnarsson (18)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Bob Eggleton, Eileen Gunn, Frederik Pohl, Marv Wolfman, Janny Wurts

SF vs. Fantasy Games, P: F

Corey Cole, Greg Costikyan, Lee Gold, Paul Kidd


Autographing, CC: B

Leslie Fish, Frank Kelly Freas, Jacqueline Lichtenberg


Sci Fi Channel, CC: 11a

Martin Harry Greenberg, Sandy Supovitz

Art Disasters--My Worst Painting, CC: 11b

David Cherry, James Christensen, David Mattingly, Michael Whelan (M)

Treasure Hunting, CC: 11c

Raising the Bar: Literary Standards in SF--Gernsbach & Vonnegut, CC: 12a

Deborah M. Geisler, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Karen Haber Silverberg, Martha Soukup (M)

Roots & Writing, CC: 12b

Owl Goingback, Ernest Heramia (M), Carol Severance, William F. Wu

Failure of SF to Predict the Fall of Communism, CC: 12c

Jim Baen, Robert W. Glaub (M), Jerry Pournelle

Best New Fantasy Writers, CC: 12d

Lou Aronica, Andre Norton, Janna Silverstein (M)

Sex, Fandom, & AIDS, CC: 20abc

Eve Ackerman, Ctein, Richard F. Dutcher, Terry A. Garey, Pat Virzi (M)

Video: War of the Worlds, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: Don Maitz, CC: 21

Don Maitz

This Is Your Life, Jophan, CC: 22

Woody Bernardi, John D. Berry, Richard Brandt, Moshe Feder, Mike Glicksohn, Jeanne Gomoll, Andy Hooper, Margaret Hooper, Hope Kiefer, Barnaby Rapoport, Geri Sullivan, Steve Swartz, Amy Thomson, Ted White

The Well Sung Fan: Filking, CC: 23a

Barbara Higgins (M), Tom Smith, Bill Sutton

What Does It Mean to Be a Hero?, CC: 23b

Jennifer Roberson, Joan D. Vinge, Tad Williams (M), David Zindell

Neglected Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs, CC: 23c

Camille Cazedessus, III (M)

Antitech? Are There Incentives to Forget Technology?, CC: 23d

Arlan Andrews, Arthur Hlavaty (M), Bruce Holland Rogers, Moshe Yudkowsky

Film: The Rocketeer, CC: A1

Demo: Producing & Marketing Prints, CC: AS

Ingrid Neilson

Autographing, CC: B

P. C. Hodgell, James White

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

David Gerrold (13), Walter Jon Williams (14), Jack C. Haldeman (18)

Doing It in the Halls--Secrets of Good Hall Costuming, Cl: C

Marjii Ellers, Robert M. Himmelsbach, Nancy Mildebrandt, Sandy Pettinger (M)

Learn to Play DC Heroes, P: H

Beverly Hale (M), Michael Moe

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Jordin T. Kare


Autographing, CC: B

Kevin Anderson, Pat Cadigan

Set Design for Play (8-12), Cl: 3

Edible Aquariums & Dirt Cups (4-8), Cl: 4

Lisa A. Ashton

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Francine L. Mullen, Douglas F. Wu


Space Exploration Initiative, CC: 10ab


Video: Kimagure Orange Road OAV #3, CC: 11a

Baen Books to Come, CC: 11b

Hank Davis, Josepha Sherman

1995 Bid Presentations: Glasgow & Atlanta, CC: 11c

Don Cook, Tim Illingworth

Interview with Vincent Di Fate, CC: 12a

Vincent Di Fate (M), Roger Reed, Joe Siclari

Are Villains Just Misunderstood Heroes?, CC: 12b

Roger MacBride Allen (M), Barry B. Longyear, John F. Moore, Joel Rosenberg

The Right Magic for the Job, CC: 12c

Greer Ilene Gilman, Don Sakers (M), Carol Severance, Judith Tarr

Journalism & SF, CC: 12d

A.J. Austin (M), Richard Brandt, Gary Roen, Allen Steele, Rick Wilber

Worldbuilding 105: Destroying the Universe!, CC: 20abc

Doug Beason (M), Hal Clement, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle

Video: Darkman, CC: 20d-g

Star Trek: A Humorous View of the Old & the New, CC: 21

Bjo Trimble

3D SF Art, CC: 23a

Robert D. Ashton (M), Janet Kofoed, John A. Morrison, Pam Murray, Real Musgrave

Well Read Fan: Fanzines, CC: 23b

Gregory Bennett, Moshe Feder (M), Jeanne Gomoll, Dick Lynch, Ted White

What Is ``CPR'' on an Alien?, CC: 23c

Katrina Timson (M), James White

Abuse Themes in SF & F: An Examination of the Literature, CC: 23d

Richard F. Dutcher, Laurie Gottlieb Edison (M), Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Autographing, CC: B

Nancy Kress, John Maddox Roberts, Dean Wesley Smith

Fandom Supports Itself: TAFF/DUFF/Charlie Card/Interfilk... CC: FL

Maia Cowan, J. Spencer Love, Art Widner

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Lois McMaster Bujold (13), Robert J. Sawyer (14), Laura Resnick (18)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

C.J. Cherryh, Barbara Hambly, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Melissa Scott, Jack Williamson

Doing It on Stage--An Introduction to Masquerade Presentation, Cl: C

Cheryl Finnegan, Marty Gear, Drew Sanders (M), Deborah Strub, Jaqui Ward, Julie Zetterberg

Albedo Game System, P: H

Paul Kidd

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Harold Groot, Rilla Heslin


Video: One Step Beyond, CC: 20d-g

Autographing, CC: B

Jack C. Haldeman II, David A. Kyle, Joan D. Vinge

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Duane Elms


Video: Kimagure Orange Road Movie, CC: 11a

First Works--Well-Known Illustrators Show Their First Portfolios, CC: 11b

James Christensen, Romas B. Kukalis, Ruth Sanderson (M), Michael Whelan

Fannish Inquisition: Upcoming Bidders Answer Your Questions, CC: 11c

Alternate History Stories, CC: 12a

George Alec Effinger, Michael F. Flynn, Bruce Sterling, S.M. Stirling, Harry Turtledove (M)

Was 50 Years Ago Really the Golden Age of SF?, CC: 12b

E.M. Korshak, Frederik Pohl (M), Conrad M. Ruppert, Julius Schwartz

Special Challenges in Magazine Publishing, CC: 12c

Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Charles Ryan (M)

Vietnam Veterans Who Have Written About It, CC: 12d

Joe Haldeman, Robert Mason, David Thayer (M)

From Book to ``Book:'' Transition of Printed SF to Filmed Script, CC: 20abc

Terry Erdman, Barry B. Longyear, George R.R. Martin, Mike Resnick, Bill Spangler (M)

Near Future of Space Exploration, CC: 20d-g

Joel Blum, Ben Bova, Steven D. Howe (M), Lee O'Fallon, John Young

Slide Show: Bob Eggleton, CC: 21

Bob Eggleton

Speech: Myth in Fantasy--A Case Study, CC: 22

Guy Gavriel Kay

Future of Particle Physics, CC: 23a

Gordon Aubrecht, Howard Davidson

Same Old Things Are Lurking Under My Bed--Are There Any Really New Monsters?, CC: 23b

Scott Ciencin, Marvin Kaye (M), Charles Lang, Michelle M. Sagara, Bradley Strickland

Don't Pass the Bar--Tall Tales in Fictional SF Settings, CC: 23c

Spider Robinson, Darrell Schweitzer (M)

Film: Spaced Invaders, CC: A1

Demo: Celtic Knotwork, CC: AS

Christine Markel

Computer Animation: Affordable to High End, CC: AS

Autographing, CC: B

Alexis Gilliland, Robert Silverberg, Marv Wolfman

All Aboard for Space, Cl: 3

Mask Making, Cl: 4

Readings, Cl: 13, 18

Pat Cadigan (13), Stephen Leigh (18)

Costuming On the Cheap: Wonderful Effects For Little Money, Cl: C

Janet Wilson Anderson, Shirlee Dunlop, Toni Lay (M), Victoria Warren

Future of Interactive Entertainment, P: F

Corey Cole (M), Lori Cole, Noah Falstein

Star Fleet Battles, P: H

Alan Gopin

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Rhodri James


Autographing, CC: B

Jack L. Chalker, Len Wein

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Chris Malme


Slide Show: Forrest J Ackerman, CC: 11b

Forrest J Ackerman

Crusher Joe & Dirty Pair, CC: 11c

Haruka Takachiho

Slant & Hyphen--Why Punctuation Marks Made Walt Willis a Worldcon GoH, CC: 12a

Chuck Harris, Joe Siclari (M), Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Shelby Vick, James White, Ted White

Genetic Engineering Revolution, CC: 12b

Kevin Eaches (M), Sherry Katz Karp, John Norman

The American Landscape in SF, CC: 12c

John R. Douglas, George Guthridge, Brad Linaweaver (M), Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Jack Williamson

My Pet Hate--What Really Bothers Me About Some Books, CC: 12d

Lisa Barnett, Algis Budrys, Jim Frenkel (M), Nancy Kress

Mars Needs Men, Women, & Money!, CC: 20abc

Doug Beason, Ben Bova (M), Hal Clement, Gerald David Nordley

Video: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, CC: 20d-g

Robots, Animatronics, & the Future, CC: 21

John Jensen, JoAnne Pransky (M), Mel Seesholtz, Milton T. Wolf

Speech: 25 Years of Locus, CC: 22

Charles N. Brown

Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Presence in Fandom, CC: 23a

Ellen Franklin, Don Sakers, Cecil L. Young

Art of Bibliography, CC: 23b

Stephanie Hall (M), Mary Kay Kare, Fred Lerner

Computer Networks & Viruses: How Close Are Neuromancer & Shockwave Rider?, CC: 23c

Hugh Daniel, Duane Elms, Ken Meltsner, Robert A. Metzger (M), Mel White, Moshe Yudkowsky

Autographing, CC: B

Lois McMaster Bujold, Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Time Travel, Cl: 11

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Joan D. Vinge (13), James Morrow (14), Tappan King (18)

Button Making, Cl: 4

Mary Hanson-Roberts

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Terry Pratchett, Jennifer Roberson, Michael Swanwick

ASFA Meeting, Cl: D

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Dave Clement


Video: Ariel , CC: 11a

Autographing, CC: B

Lois McMaster Bujold, Nicholas Jainschigg, Carol Severance, Michael Whelan

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Barb Reidel, Carol Roper

Film: Night of the Living BreadandLoaf


Space Station, CC: 10ab


Video: Yotoden , CC: 11a

Bantam Books Presents, CC: 11b

Betsy Mitchell, Janna Silverstein

Hugos for Electronic Fanac?, CC: 11c

Richard Gilliam, Saul Jaffe, Evelyn C. Leeper, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Brad Templeton (M)

New Trends in Horror, CC: 12a

Jeanne Cavelos (M), Scott Edelman, Nancy Holder, Ashley McConnell, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

What Would Fandom Be Like if Star Trek Had Never Been Made?, CC: 12b

Camille Bacon-Smith, Linda Bushyager, Mark R. Leeper (M), Doug Murray, Bjo Trimble

Filk as Poetry, CC: 12c

Leslie Fish, Bill Hedl (M), Bob Kanefsky, Brenda Sutton

Hot Jets!--Give Me That Old-time Space Opera, CC: 20abc

Ray Aldridge, Roger MacBride Allen (M), Rob Chilson, Hank Davis, Charles L. Fontenay

Slide Show: John Morrison, CC: 21

John A. Morrison

How to Write a Great Book (and Live to Write About It), CC: 22

Marvin Kaye

SF: The Spirit of Youth (Frank R. Paul), CC: 23b

Vincent Di Fate recreates a panel from the 1939 Worldcon!

How to Get Grants, CC: 23c

Deborah M. Geisler (M), Elizabeth L. Gross, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Jeanne Robinson

Film: War of the Worlds, CC: A1

Write Your Own Story (8-12), Cl: 3

Kimiye Tipton

Rocks & Minerals (4-8), Cl: 4

Friends of Bill W./12-Step, Cl: 12

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Joel Rosenberg (13), Kevin Anderson (14), Jane Fancher (18)

Game Design in an Established Universe, P: F

Greg Costikyan, Noah Falstein, Alan Gopin (M), Beverly Hale, Michael Moe


Denver Ride!, CC: 11b

Art Widner (M)

Collecting & Caring for Books (and Other Goodies Made of Paper), CC: 11c

Holly Bird, Howard Frank, Stephen D. Korshak, Fred Lerner, Pam Murray (M)

Video: The Terminator, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: Joe Bergeron, CC: 21

Joe Bergeron

From the Earth to the Ecosphere: SF's Influence on Ecology, CC: 22

Mark Rich

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (13), Scott Ciencin (14)

Voice Workshop: How To Sing, P: OI

Carol Roper


Film: The Time Machine, CC: A1

Jewish Fandom, Cl: 16


Landsat, CC: 11b

Bob Kanefsky (M)

The Folklore of Fannish Buttons, CC: 21

Stephanie Hall

Speech: David Gerrold, CC: 22

David Gerrold

Reading, Cl: 13

Gary Alan Ruse


Video: Otaku No #1-2, until 9PM, CC: 11a

Video: Amazing Stories, CC: 20d-g


Gerard O'Neill Memorial, CC: 11b

Fantasy on the Live Theater Stage, CC: 12a

Grant Carrington, Ann L. Chancellor (M), Thorarinn Gunnarsson

Video: Wizard of Speed & Time, CC: 20d-g

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, CC: 21

Gay Haldeman, Joe Haldeman (M), Mike Resnick

Reading, Cl: 13

Mark Rich


Jack Vance Festival of Worlds!, CC: BC

Fan GoH Inaugurates the Enchanted Duplicator Miniature Golf Course, CC: BC

Walt Willis (M)

Hugo Exhibit Show-and-Tell, CC: BC

Bruce Pelz

Festival Performers and Live Radio Plays, CC: BC

Many people will act as street performers. The Atlanta Radio Theatre, in association with the Mighty Rasillon Art Players, will perform two radio plays.

GoH Tour of the SF Retrospective, CC: AS

Vincent Di Fate

Filk Festival (Of All Worlds), CC: 20abc

Leslie Fish, Harold Groot, Francine L. Mullen, Tom Smith, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton, Douglas F. Wu

Film: Time After Time, CC: A1

Interactive Literature Foundation Event, Cl: 12


Video: Dirty Pair: Project Eden , CC: 11a

Alternate Awards Ceremony, Various Sponsors, CC: 11c

Guy Gavriel Kay

Eroticism in Fantasy & SF, CC: 12a

Steve Antczak, Camille Bacon-Smith (M), Laurie Mann, Bruce Holland Rogers, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

St. Silicon: World's First High Tech Comic, CC: 20abc

Jeff Armstrong

Slide Show: Charles Lang, CC: 21

Charles Lang

Demo: Carl Lundgren, CC: AS

Carl Lundgren

A Tour of the SF Jewelry Exhibit, CC: AS

Laurie Gottlieb Edison

Jack Vance Autograph Session, CC: B

Jack Vance

Photo Gallery Exhibit Tour, CC: B

Christine Valada

Bubble Demo, CC: BC

Bob Kanefsky

Fanzine Exhibit Tour, CC: BC

Nancy T. Atherton (M)

St. Fantony Revisited, CC: BC

David A. Kyle


Lise Eisenberg, Moshe Feder, Joyce Scrivner, Roger Weddall, Art Widner

Reading, Cl: 13

Richard Lee Byers

Video: Dominion 1-4, 10:00PM-1:00AM, CC: 11a

Doorways Preview, 10:00PM, CC: 20d-g

George R. R. Martin

Reading 10PM, Cl: 13

Scott Edelman;

Moonwatch! 10PM, P: Pool

Joe Bergeron

Ecumenical Pagan Sing 10:30PM, P: OI

Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton

Video: One Step Beyond, 11PM, CC: 20d-g

Film: Star Trek VI11PM, CC: A1



Video: Bubblegum Crisis #1-4, 'til 11:45AM, CC: 11a

Film: Ladyhawke, CC: A1

Jewish Fandom, Cl: 16

Aerobics, P: A


Role-Playing Game, Cl: 4

Rembert N. Parker


Registration & Volunteers until 8:00PM, CC: RC

Sales to Members until 6:00PM, CC: RC

Exhibit Hall B/C until 12:30AM, CC: BC

Preparing Your Portfolio & Presenting Yourself Professionally, CC: 12a

Romas B. Kukalis, Charles Lang, Ric Meyers, Janny Wurts (M)

Little Block of Horrors: Creative Blocks for Writers, CC: 12b

Richard Knaak (M), Nancy Kress, Laura Resnick, Del Stone Jr.

How To Write About Horses & Other Large Animals, CC: 12c

Laura Anne Gilman (M), Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Holly Lisle, Jennifer Roberson, Judith Tarr

Why We Should Return to the Moon & Stay, CC: 12d

Doug Beason, William S Higgins (M), Karl Kofoed, Gentry Lee, Allen Steele

WSFS Business Meeting, Saturday Edition, CC: 20abc

Video: War of the Worlds, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: David Mattingly, CC: 21

David Mattingly

Forum--Barry Longyear, CC: 22

Barry B. Longyear

Art Retrospective Exhibit Tour, CC: AS

Roger Reed

Autographing, CC: B

Gary Alan Ruse, Melissa Scott, Bradley Strickland

Write Your Own Story (8-12), Cl: 3

Kimiye Tipton

Cereal Box Planetariums (4-8), Cl: 4

Tarot Workshop, Cl: 12

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

Hal Clement (13), Susan Shwartz (14)

Tarot Workshop, Cl: 15

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

David Cherry, Esther Friesner, Michelle M. Sagara

It's What's Underneath That Counts, Cl: C

Gary Anderson (M), Joyce Best, Kathryn Condon


Autographing, CC: B

Scott Ciencin, Bill Spangler


The Space Shuttle & Spacelab, CC: 10ab


The Future of Medicine, CC: 11b

Lisa A. Ashton (M), Judy Lazar, Katrina Timson

Bringing Subtitled Japanese Animation to the US--The AnimEigo Story, CC: 11c

Roe R. Adams III

If This Goes On... CC: 12a

Pat Cadigan (M), Michael F. Flynn, Jack C. Haldeman II, Frederik Pohl, Michael Swanwick

Bar None--The Limits of SF/What Is or Is notSF?, CC: 12b

John R. Douglas (M), Moshe Feder, Jane Jewell, Tappan King, Dean Wesley Smith, Mark Ziesing

Fantasy/Horror in Historical Magic, CC: 12c

Lisa Barnett, Bernadette Bosky (M), Richard Lee Byers, Ashley McConnell, Judith Tarr

Creating an Internally Consistent Religion, CC: 12d

James Morrow, Terry Pratchett, Don Sakers (M), Robert J. Sawyer

Video: Wizard of Speed & Time, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: David & Lori Deitrick, CC: 21

David R. Deitrick, Lori B. Deitrick

Speech: Computers of the Next Fifteen Years, CC: 22

Duane Elms

In the Mood: How Do You Get Into a Creative Mood?, CC: 23a

Roger MacBride Allen, Jim Frenkel (M), P. C. Hodgell, Marvin Kaye

Peace--Human Fantasy or Possiblity?, CC: 23b

Lee Barwood, Doug Beason, Richard F. Dutcher (M), Maureen F. McHugh

Styles of SF in Different Cultures, CC: 23c

Tom Doherty, Guy Gavriel Kay (M), Roger Weddall, James White

Slavery Themes in Fantasy & SF, CC: 23d

Owl Goingback, Toni Lay (M), Bradford Lyau

Art Demo: Pen & Ink, CC: AS

Brad W. Foster

Autographing, CC: B

Catherine Crook de Camp, L. Sprague de Camp, Jane Fancher

Design Your Own Book Cover (8-12), Cl: 4

David Lee Anderson

Forces of the Empire, Cl: 11

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Connie Willis (13), Carol Severance (14), John Maddox Roberts (18)

Costuming With Unusual Materials, Cl: C

Karen Dick, Ricky Dick (M), Phil Gilliam, Fiona Leonard, Scott Ross

AIDS Auction, Cl: D

David Gerrold (M)

Gaming Publications, P: F

Greg Costikyan, Lee Gold (M)


Autographing, CC: B

Nancy Holder, Barry B. Longyear, Jack Williamson

Video: Dirty Pair: Flight 005, starting at 11:45, CC: 11a


What's Up at Ace?, CC: 11b

Ginjer Buchanan

Costuming & Culture--Making Clothing Sense for Your Characters, CC: 11c

Alicia Austin, Ann L. Chancellor, Sarah Goodman (M), Jennifer Roberson, Melissa Scott

What's Your Agenda?--The Question of Subtext, CC: 12a

John F Hertz, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Bruce Holland Rogers (M), Stanley Schmidt

Kipling for Fun!, CC: 12b

Leslie Fish, Alexis Gilliland, Fred Lerner (M), Susan Shwartz

Computer Graphic Art, CC: 12c

Holly Bird, Jeanne Gomoll, Lonnie D. Harvel (M), Teddy Harvia, Peggy Ranson

Unscrewing the Unscruitable: ``Scientific'' Explanations for Bloopers, CC: 12d

Kevin Anderson, Hal Clement, William S Higgins, Suford Lewis (M), Larry Niven

Slide Show: Vincent Di Fate, CC: 21

Vincent Di Fate

Forum: Roger MacBride Allen, CC: 22

Roger MacBride Allen

Cliches in Comics--Stories & Art, CC: 23a

Joe Bergeron, Greg Cox (M), Pam Fremon, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman

Speculative Poetry: The Underdog of SF?, CC: 23b

Terry A. Garey, Joe Haldeman, Geoffrey A. Landis, Mark Rich, Margaret Simon (M)

The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics--What is Reality?, CC: 23c

N. Taylor Blanchard, Jordin T. Kare (M), Robert A. Metzger

Dinosaurs in the Media, CC: 23d

Dr. Michael K. Brett-Surman (M), Ralph Chapman, Bob Walters

It Came From Hollywood Aladdin Preview, The Making of Bladerunner, etc!), CC: A1

Jeff Walker

Autographing, CC: B

C.J. Cherryh, Eileen Gunn, Don Maitz

Christian Fandom, Cl: 12

Readings, Cl: 13, 18

Josepha Sherman (13), Madeleine Robins (18)

An Hour with the de Camps, Cl: 14

Catherine & L. Sprague de Camp

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Lois McMaster Bujold, Greer Ilene Gilman, Andrew I. Porter, Laura Resnick, Walter Jon Williams

Learn About Car Wars, P: H

Michael Moe

NESFA Hymnal Sing-Along, P: OI

J. Spencer Love


Autographing, CC: B

C.J. Cherryh, Holly Lisle, Michelle M. Sagara


The New Astronomy, CC: 10ab


Video: Vampire Princess Miyu #1-2, 'til 2PM, CC: 11a

Global Warming?, CC: 11b

Gordon Aubrecht

Realism in SF Art, CC: 12a

N. Taylor Blanchard (M), Patricia Davis, Bob Eggleton, Romas B. Kukalis, Ron Walotsky

Does SF Prepare People for Change?, CC: 12b

Grant Carrington, Michael Kandel, James Morrow (M), Mike Resnick, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Artificial Stupidity: The Failures of AI, CC: 12c

Hugh Daniel, Howard Davidson, Lonnie D. Harvel, William S Higgins (M), Robert Mason

Grow Old Along With Me: Aging Your Characters, CC: 12d

Betsy Mitchell (M), Andre Norton, Jennifer Roberson, Joan D. Vinge, Connie Willis

Censorship, CC: 20abc

John Norman

In Memory Yet Green: A Joyful Remembrance of Isaac Asimov, CC: 20d-g

Ben Bova (M), Hal Clement, Frank Kelly Freas, David A. Kyle, Tony Lewis, Frederik Pohl, Julius Schwartz, Robert Silverberg, Jack Williamson, Sheila Williams

Exhibits from the Lost Museum, CC: 21

Cortney Skinner

Aliens Among Us: The Deaf & Their Culture, CC: 23a

Geary Gravel (M), Jack C. Haldeman II, Stephanie Hall, Rosemary Kirstein

Bubblegum (Science) Fiction, CC: 23b

Thorarinn Gunnarsson (M), Jean Lorrah, Janny Wurts, David Zindell

An APA a Day... CC: 23c

Janice Gelb, Arthur Hlavaty, Nicki Lynch, Amy Thomson (M)

Discovery of the New World: Paradigm for First Contact?, CC: 23d

Esther Friesner, Owl Goingback, Ernest Heramia, Toni Lay, Bradford Lyau (M)

Film: Conan the Barbarian, CC: A1

Autographing, CC: B

Charles Lang, Jeanne Robinson, Spider Robinson, Judith Tarr

The Fortress Roscoe Method of Enjoying the Modern Con, CC: FL

Andy Hooper

Making Rockets, Cl: 4

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Terry Pratchett (13), Nancy Holder (14), Darrell Schweitzer (18)

Through the Judge's Eyes: What Do Masquerade Judges Look For?, Cl: C

Bobby Gear (M), Robert M. Himmelsbach, Elaine Mami, Carol Salemi

Outer Space Concert, P: OIII


Autographing, CC: B

Greg Costikyan, Joe Haldeman, Susan Shwartz


Sci Fi Channel, CC: 11a

Martin Harry Greenberg, Sandy Supovitz

Cartoonists' Jam, CC: 11b

Sheryl L. Birkhead, Alexis Gilliland (M), Teddy Harvia, Diana Stein, Phil Tortorici, Mel White

George Alec Effinger Benefit Auction ('til 5:30), CC: 11c

Rusty Hevelin

Fat, Feminism, & Fandom, CC: 12a

Bernadette Bosky, Laurie Gottlieb Edison (M), Terry A. Garey, Althea McMurrian

Sports of the Future, CC: 12b

George Alec Effinger, Richard Gilliam (M), Mike Resnick, Rick Wilber

Any Sufficiently Complex Technology... Magical Explanations of Everyday Things, CC: 12c

Don Callander (M), Jack L. Chalker, Rosemary Kirstein, Larry Niven, Harry Turtledove

Memorable Minor Characters, CC: 12d

Lois McMaster Bujold (M), Nancy Kress, Stephen Leigh, Jean Lorrah, Joel Rosenberg

Mars Direct: To the Red Planet by 1999, CC: 20abc

Robert Zubrin

Slide Show: Nicholas Jainschigg, CC: 21

Nicholas Jainschigg

The Work of H. Beam Piper, CC: 23a

Timothy Lane, Mark Olson

Neglected Authors: Frederic Brown, Henry Kuttner, & Others, CC: 23b

Hank Davis, Marvin Kaye, Patty Wells, Ben Yalow

FIAWOL: A Play About Fandom, CC: 23c

Autographing, CC: B

Michael F. Flynn, George R.R. Martin, S.M. Stirling

Fanzine Exhibit Tour, CC: BC

Nancy T. Atherton

Costuming (8-12), Cl: 3

Karen Hanley, Cathy Mitchell, Marilyn Mix, Michael D. Mize

Bubble Magic (4-8), Cl: 4

Bob Kanefsky

Gaylactic Network: Organizing Gay Fandom, Cl: 11

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Barry B. Longyear (13), Don Sakers (14), Bruce Holland Rogers (18)

A Masquerade Wedding, Cl: 15

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Pat Cadigan, P. C. Hodgell, Geoffrey A. Landis, Martha Soukup, James White

Designing to Your Body Type--Designing the Right Costume for You, Cl: C

Joyce Best (M), Cheryl Finnegan, Elaine Mami, Sandy Pettinger, Victoria Warren

Computer Game Design, P: F

Corey Cole, Lori Cole (M), Noah Falstein, Paul Kidd


Autographing, CC: B

Guy Gavriel Kay, Jennifer Roberson, William F. Wu

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Roberta Rogow


Aeronautics, CC: 10ab


Video: Kimagure Orange Road Movie, CC: 11a

Dueling Easels, CC: 11b

Geary Gravel, Nicholas Jainschigg, Thomas Kidd, Cortney Skinner

PC or notPC?--The Other Side of Censorship, CC: 12a

A.J. Austin (M), Claire Eddy, John Norman, Brad Linaweaver, Gary Roen

The Music of the Future, CC: 12b

Steve Antczak, Lee Barwood, Grant Carrington, Thorarinn Gunnarsson (M), George (Lan) Laskowski

Believable FTL Travel, CC: 12c

Roger MacBride Allen, Joe Haldeman (M), Jordin T. Kare, Gentry Lee, Gerald David Nordley

Fairy Tales & Folklore Influence on SF, CC: 12d

Camille Bacon-Smith, Greer Ilene Gilman, Andre Norton, Josepha Sherman (M), Michael Swanwick

St. Silicon: World's First High Tech Comic, CC: 20abc

Jeff Armstrong

Video: Space 1999, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: Kelly Freas, CC: 21

Frank Kelly Freas

What is an Analog Story?, CC: 22

Stanley Schmidt

Fandom in the 60's: Where Is My Aircar?, CC: 23a

Andrew I. Porter, Bjo Trimble, Ted White (M)

How notto Teach SF, CC: 23b

Bernadette Bosky, Janice M. Eisen (M), George Guthridge, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Joe Patrouch, Charlene Taylor

Trade & Economics, CC: 23c

C.J. Cherryh (M), Jane Fancher, Timothy Lane, Susan Shwartz

Magical Practices of the Publizandi, CC: 23d

Sarah Goodman (M), Jane Jewell, Beth Meacham, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Preview: Bram Stoker's Dracula, CC: A1

Francis Ford Coppola

Computer Animation: Affordable to High End, CC: AS

Autographing, CC: B

John Flynn, David Gerrold, Mike Resnick, Ruth Sanderson

APA-NU Collation, CC: FL

Filking (8-12), Cl: 3

David Ratti

Button Making (4-8), Cl: 4

Mary Hanson-Roberts%

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Esther Friesner (13), Kristine Kathryn Rusch (14), Michelle M. Sagara (18)

Knead a Friend (Massage: limited to 20), Cl: 15

Regency Dance, Cl: B

Glitz 'N' Glitter--Introduction to Materials That Add Pizazz, Cl: C

Zelda Gilbert, Diane S Kovalcin, Pierre E. Pettinger Jr., Deborah Strub, Jaqui Ward (M)

Fiction in the Game Universe, P: F

Greg Costikyan, Lee Gold, Alan Gopin (M)

Learn About DC Heroes, P: H

Ann Goetz

Workshop: Harmony Singing, P: OI

Joey Shoji, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton


Autographing, CC: B

Scott Edelman, Real Musgrave, Mike Resnick, Walter Jon Williams


Collectibles for the Trufan, CC: 11b

Richard Brandt, Moshe Feder, John Flynn, Joe Siclari (M)

WildCards, CC: 12a

Stephen Leigh, George R.R. Martin (M), William F. Wu

Influences of Exotic Myths on SF, CC: 12b

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Marie A. Parsons (M), Carol Severance, Judith Tarr, Joan D. Vinge

Enterprise 2067: What Would a Real Interplantetary Battlecruiser Look Like?, CC: 12c

Dr. David Stephenson

Did John W. Campbell Really Believe in the Dean Drive, Psionics, Dianetics..., CC: 12d

Forrest J Ackerman, Ben Bova (M), Hank Davis, Frank Kelly Freas

What Makes a Dinosaur?, CC: 20abc

Dr. Michael K. Brett-Surman, Ralph Chapman (M), Bob Walters

Video: LightyearsPreview, CC: 20d-g

Eat Your Heart Out!--Art Collectors Try to Outdo One Another, CC: 21

Howard Frank, Richard Kelly, Stephen D. Korshak, Robert Lesser, Sam Moskowitz, Darrell Richardson

What Was the First Worldcon Like?, CC: 22

Bob Madle, Frederik Pohl, Edie Stern (M)

The Future of Science Education, CC: 23a

Gordon Aubrecht, Elizabeth L. Gross (M), Judy Lazar

Making Up Believable Languages Without a Degree in Linguistics, CC: 23b

Geary Gravel, Stephanie Hall (M), Stanley Schmidt, David Wixon

Marketing for the SF Artist, CC: 23c

Bob Eggleton (M), Charles Lang, John A. Morrison, Muff Musgrave

Under the Cover of Darkness: Anarchy in SF--Does It Always Mean Destruction?, CC: 23d

Leslie Fish (M), Brad Linaweaver, John Maddox Roberts, Joel Rosenberg, Christine Valada

Autographing, CC: B

Doug Beason, Ashley McConnell, Connie Willis

Fanorama 3: A Selection of Readings by Noted Fan Writers, CC: FL

Ellen Franklin, Andy Hooper (M)

Origami (8-12), Cl: 3

Robyn Douglas Rubado

Costuming (4-8), Cl: 4

Karen Hanley, Cathy Mitchell, Marilyn Mix, Michael D. Mize

International Space University, Cl: 11

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Melissa Scott (13), Marvin Kaye (14), Eileen Gunn (18)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Jack L. Chalker, George Alec Effinger, Dean Wesley Smith

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Tom Smith


Video: Project A-KO #1, CC: 11a

Autographing, CC: B

Roger MacBride Allen, Rob Chilson, Esther Friesner

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Lynn Gold


Unseen Worlds Revealed, CC: 10ab


Life on Jupiter, CC: 11b

Karl Kofoed

The Future of the Worldcon, Revisited, CC: 12b

Marty Gear, Mike Glyer, George (Lan) Laskowski (M), Tony Lewis

Virtual Reality, CC: 12c

C.J. Cherryh (M), Howard Davidson, Jane Fancher, Bruce Sterling

Build an Alternate History, CC: 12d

Barbara Hambly, Cortney Skinner (M), S.M. Stirling, Judith Tarr, Harry Turtledove

The Changing SF, CC: 20abc

Gardner Dozois and Beth Meacham recreate a panel from the 1939 Worldcon!

Video: Starman, CC: 20d-g

Forum: Glen Cook, CC: 22

Glen Cook

Fan Gossip Networks, CC: 23a

Lise Eisenberg (M), Timothy Lane, Priscilla Olson, Ben Yalow

The Author-Editor-Publisher Relationship, CC: 23b

John D. Berry, Ginjer Buchanan, Jeanne Cavelos (M), E.M. Korshak, Kim Mohan, Madeleine Robins

Ahoy! Have You Seen the Great White Archetype?, CC: 23c

Kathleen Ann Goonan, Owl Goingback, Althea McMurrian, Martha Soukup, William F. Wu (M)

The Future of Politics, CC: 23d

Arlan Andrews, Ctein (M), Robert W. Glaub, John Maddox Roberts

Autographing, CC: B

Josepha Sherman, Janny Wurts, David Zindell

Chesley Award Reception, Cl: D

Magic Wand Making, Cl: 4

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

James Patrick Kelly (13), David A. Kyle (14), Maureen F. McHugh (18)

TAFF/DUFF Demo!, Cl: Pool

Joyce Scrivner

The History of LucasArts Games, P: F

Noah Falstein

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton


Video: Bubblegum Crisis #5-8, 'til 8:30, CC: 11a

Film: Princess Bride, CC: A1


Slide Show: Studying Fandom, CC: 11b

Camille Bacon-Smith

This Is Your Life, Jophan (repeat-see Fri,1PM), CC: 11c

Video: Ladyhawke, CC: 20d-g

Reading, Cl: 13

Holly Lisle

Chesley Awards, Sponsored by ASFA, Cl: D

Workshop: How to Play Filk Guitar, P: OI

Mike Whitaker


Jewish Fandom 6:30PM, Cl: 16

Film: Night of the Living Bread and Loaf 7:15PM, CC: A1

Film: The Witches, 7:30PM, CC: A1

Video: Night Gallery, 8:00PM, CC: 20d-g

Video: Riding Bean, 8:30PM, CC: 11a

Video: One Step Beyond, 8:30PM, CC: 20d-g

Hugo Awards, Sponsored by MagiCon, 8:30PM, CC: A3

Spider Robinson, MC

Interactive Literature Foundation Event 8:30PM, Cl: 12

Video: Darkman, 9:00PM, CC: 20d-g

Video: 3 X 3 #1-4, 9:30-11:30PM, CC: 11a

1992 Hugo Winning Film 9:30PM, CC: A1

Video: Highlander, 10:00PM, CC: 20d-g

EuroRendezvous '92: British & European Filk Jam 10:30, P: OIII

Video: Junk Boy, 11:30PM, CC: 11a



Video: Project A-KO Final, CC: 11a

Film: Darby O'Gill & the Little People, CC: A1

Aerobics, P: A

Video: Starman, starts at 9:30AM, CC: 20d-g


Registration & Volunteers until 7:00PM, CC: RC

Sales to Members until 6:00PM, Convention Center

Exhibit Hall B/C until 12:30AM, CC: BC

The New Astronomy, CC: 10ab


Video: Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 4,6, 'til 11, CC: 11a

May a Quasar Shine on Our Meeting, CC: 11b

Dr. David Stephenson

Legal Issues for Artists, CC: 11c

David Lee Anderson, David Cherry (M), Don Maitz

The Current Trends in Japanese Animation, CC: 12a

Roe R. Adams III, Toshimichi Suzuki, Haruka Takachiho, Tatsuya Ueno

Is Art Deco/Pre-Raphaelite/Art Nouveau/ Chinosois Coming to SF Art?, CC: 12b

James Christensen, Vincent Di Fate, Rachel E. Holmen (M), Ric Meyers, Janny Wurts

WSFS Business Meeting, Sunday Edition, CC: 20abc

Illustrators of the Future, CC: 22

Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Kelly Freas

Troll Drawing (8-12), Cl: 3

Beverly Parker

Acting Out a Story/Creative Dramatics (4-8), Cl: 4

Kimiye Tipton

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Gentry Lee (13), Michael Swanwick (14), S.M. Stirling (18)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Hal Clement, Andre Norton

The Other Half of The Presentation: Using the MC, Lights & Sound Effectively, Cl: C

Jeff Berry, Rick Foss (M), Sue Kulinyi, Janet Moe

SFWA Meeting, Cl: D


Autographing, CC: B

Lee Barwood, Jean Lorrah

About Arthur C. Clarke, CC: 20d-g

Fred Clarke


Video: Kimagure Orange Road OAV 1-4, 'til 3, CC: 11a

The Galileo Mission to Jupiter--To Jupiter the Hard Way, CC: 11b

William S Higgins

Semi-Pro Editing, CC: 12a

Kim Mohan (M), Darrell Schweitzer, Janni Lee Simmer, Margaret Simon

How to Write Comic Books About Muscle-Bound Brutes & Big-Busted Broads, CC: 12b

Bill Spangler, Del Stone Jr., Marv Wolfman (M)

The Abuse of Biology in SF, CC: 12c

Lisa A. Ashton, Ginger Curry, Elizabeth L. Gross, Judy Lazar (M)

Fan GoH Interview: A Talk with Walt Willis, CC: 12d

Ted White (M), Walt Willis

Video: Arthur C. Clarke, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: Real Musgrave, CC: 21

Real Musgrave

Artists' Rap Session & Portfolio Review, CC: 22

Frank Kelly Freas

Film: F/X, CC: A1

Autographing, CC: B

Forrest J Ackerman, Owl Goingback, Carl Lundgren

Black Swan Theater Group, Cl: 4

Space, Cl: 12

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Roger MacBride Allen (13), John Norman (14), Jim Frenkel (18)

Making Men's Costuming Exciting, Cl: C

Duane Elms, Lonnie D. Harvel, Robert M. Himmelsbach, Pierre E. Pettinger Jr., Don Sakers (M), Drew Sanders

Battletech, P: H

Alan Gopin


Autographing, CC: B

Don Callander, Frederik Pohl


The Chart of Fundamental Particles, CC: 11b

Gordon Aubrecht

Technology & the Handicapped, CC: 11c

Bill Hedl (M), Lynn Luoma, Jenine McKeown

When Is Humor notFunny?, CC: 12a

Esther Friesner, Tappan King (M), Terry Pratchett, Bradley Strickland, Connie Willis

Mercenaries in SF-Eclipse of the Citizen Soldier, CC: 12b

Jim Baen, Robert W. Glaub, Bradford Lyau (M), Jerry Pournelle, Joel Rosenberg, S.M. Stirling

Contraception: Science, Law, & Religion, CC: 12c

Sherry Katz Karp (M), Holly Lisle, Katrina Timson

The Use of Science in Fantasy, CC: 12d

Lois McMaster Bujold (M), Gary Alan Ruse, Robert J. Sawyer, Michael Swanwick, Tad Williams

Video: Asimov Memorial, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: Bob Walters, CC: 21

Bob Walters

The Fan World of the Future, CC: 22

Mike Glyer, Bruce Pelz (M), Bob Madle, Wilma Meier, Sam Moskowitz recreate a panel from the 1939 Worldcon!

Why Bother? Cultural Pessimism in Near-Future SF, CC: 23a

George Alec Effinger, George Guthridge, Allen Steele (M), David Zindell

Does SF Influence Society?, CC: 23b

John D. Berry (M), John F Hertz, Althea McMurrian, Spike Parsons, Dean Wesley Smith

SFAN: Another Network Option for SF Fans, CC: 23c

Bjo Trimble

Collaborations--How They're Done, CC: 23d

Doug Beason, Jane Fancher, Gentry Lee, Larry Niven, William F. Wu (M)

Autographing, CC: B

Ellen Datlow, Barbara Hambly, Bruce Sterling

Unfrozen Cave Man Fen, CC: FL

Chuck Harris, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Art Widner, Walt Willis

Stuntwork & Special Effects in Films & TV, Cl: 11

Greg Ramoundos, Scott Rhodes

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Michael F. Flynn (13), Jennifer Roberson (14), Janny Wurts (18)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Ben Bova, Glen Cook, Joe Haldeman, Rosemary Kirstein, Jean Lorrah

Belly Dancing Workshop, Cl: B

Getting It to Glow & Rotate--Electronics in Costumes, Cl: C

Gary Anderson, Glen Boettcher Jr.

Interfilk Auction, P: OI

Bill Roper


Autographing, CC: B

Arlan Andrews, Marvin Kaye, Richard Paul Russo


Space Exploration Initiative, CC: 10ab


Wolves, CC: 11b

Christine Markel

Talking About SF Jewelry, CC: 11c

Laurie Gottlieb Edison, Janet Kofoed

Theme Anthologies, CC: 12a

Richard Gilliam (M), Martin Harry Greenberg, Mike Resnick, Susan Shwartz

Stories from the Slush/Funny File, CC: 12b

Laura Anne Gilman, Betsy Mitchell (M), Josepha Sherman, Janna Silverstein

More About Merlin, CC: 12c

Lee Barwood, Claire Eddy (M), Barbara Hambly, Karen Willson

Seven Deadly Sins of SF-Invent Your Own, CC: 12d

Roger MacBride Allen (M), Pat Cadigan, Eileen Gunn, Maureen F. McHugh, Connie Willis

The Far Future: Where Fantasy Meets SF?, CC: 20abc

Ray Aldridge (M), Robert Silverberg, Jack Williamson

Slide Show: N. Taylor Blanchard, CC: 21

N. Taylor Blanchard

Art Going Pro, CC: 22

Patricia Davis (M), David R. Deitrick, Lori B. Deitrick, Brad W. Foster, Peggy Ranson

Ethnicity & Utopias, CC: 23a

Ernest Heramia (M), Toni Lay, Bradford Lyau

A Risk-Free Future?, CC: 23b

C.J. Cherryh, Rob Chilson, Richard F. Dutcher (M), Kathei Logue, Bruce Sterling

Seduction of the Innocent: Will Fredric Wertham Reappear to Censor Comics Again?, CC: 23c

Clint Bigglestone (M), Len Wein, Marv Wolfman

How Did the Universe Originate?, CC: 23d

Hal Clement (M), Geoffrey A. Landis, Gerald David Nordley, Aliza R. Panitz

Film: F/X 2, CC: A1

Autographing, CC: B

Robert Mason, James Morrow, Harry Turtledove

Fanorama IV, CC: FL

Spike Parsons, Amy Thomson

Face Painting, Cl: 4

Gail Kelly, Cathy Mitchell, Marilyn Mix, Lynn K. Murphy

General Technics Meeting, Cl: 12

William S Higgins

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Frederik Pohl (13), Judith Tarr (14), Michael Kandel (18)

Historical Silhouettes--Body Shapes through the Ages, Cl: C

Kathryn Condon

Game Designers' Roundtable, P: F

Greg Costikyan (M), Lee Gold, Alan Gopin

Lace & Steel, P: H

Paul Kidd

MagiConcert, P: OIII


Art Show Bidding Closes at 2!, CC: AS

Autographing, CC: B

John Norman, Gentry Lee, Allen Steele


Slide Show & Talk: History of SF, CC: 11b

David A. Kyle

Terry's Dream Auction, CC: 11c

Jan howard finder

How to Date an Alien (Sex on Other Planets), CC: 12a

Arlan Andrews, Jack L. Chalker, Gay Haldeman (M), Janni Lee Simmer

SF & Bleeping Censorship, CC: 12b

Eileen Gunn (M), Elizabeth Anne Hull, Kathei Logue, Beth Meacham, Christine Valada

Ms. Manners Goes to a Con, CC: 12c

Bernadette Bosky, Pat Cadigan (M), Maia Cowan, Mary Kay Kare

Finding New Dragons: Re-evaluating the Heroic Myth from a Woman's Perspective, CC: 12d

Camille Bacon-Smith, Greer Ilene Gilman, Rosemary Kirstein, Holly Lisle, Carol Severance, Susan Shwartz (M)

The Alternate Civil War, CC: 20abc

George Alec Effinger, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, S.M. Stirling (M), Harry Turtledove, Walter Jon Williams

Video: Buckaroo Banzai, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: Ron Walotsky, CC: 21

Ron Walotsky

``If We Can Put a Man on the Moon, Why Can't We Put a Man on the Moon?'', CC: 22

Jerry Pournelle

Jewish Folk Tales in Fantasy & SF, CC: 23a

Eve Ackerman, Janice Gelb (M), Josepha Sherman, Moshe Yudkowsky

American Indian Mythology in SF & Fantasy, CC: 23b

Alicia Austin, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Jack C. Haldeman II, Owl Goingback, Tappan King (M)

The Future of Scientific Research in the US, CC: 23c

Doug Beason, Elizabeth L. Gross, Sherry Katz Karp (M)

The Future of Publishing, CC: 23d

Lou Aronica, Charles N. Brown (M), Tom Doherty, Charles Ryan, Brad Templeton, Brian Thomsen

Autographing, CC: B

Ben Bova, Richard Knaak, Andre Norton

Hugo Exhibit Show-and-Tell, CC: BC

Bruce Pelz

WOOF Collation, CC: FL

Bubble Magic (8-12), Cl: 3

Bob Kanefsky

Making Snowflakes (4-8), Cl: 4

New Orleans Worst Film Festival, Cl: 11

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Jeanne & Spider Robinson (13), Martha Soukup (14), Rick Wilber (18)

Poetry Reading, Cl: 15

Keith A. Daniels

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

David Gerrold, Nancy Holder, Barry B. Longyear, James Morrow, William F. Wu


Autographing, CC: B

Thomas Kidd, Brad Linaweaver, Andre Norton

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Bill Roper


Apollo Retrospective, CC: 10ab


Video: Bubblegum Crash 1-3, 'til 6:00PM, CC: 11a

What's New at Tor?, CC: 11b

Beth Meacham, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

The Bubble Crisis Series, CC: 12a

Toshimichi Suzuki

The Risk-Free Convention, CC: 12b

Mark Olson, Priscilla Olson, Tom Veal, Patty Wells, Ben Yalow (M)

How Realistically Does SF & Fantasy Treat Gay & Lesbian Characters?, CC: 12c

Lois McMaster Bujold, Bruce Holland Rogers (M), Melissa Scott

The Vampire as Good Guy, CC: 12d

Richard Lee Byers, Scott Ciencin, Greg Cox (M), John Flynn, Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Hollywood Horror Stories, CC: 20abc

Holly Bird, Joe Haldeman (M), George R.R. Martin, Gary Alan Ruse

Slide Show: Carl Lundgren, CC: 21

Carl Lundgren

Speech: Ben Bova, CC: 22

Ben Bova

The Call of Cthulhu: What Is So Enticing About Lovecraft & the Mythos?, CC: 23a

Timothy Lane, Mark Rich (M), Darrell Schweitzer

The Fine Art of Freelancing, CC: 23b

Steve Antczak, Nancy T. Atherton (M), Barbara Delaplace, Vincent Di Fate, Laura Anne Gilman, Richard Paul Russo

Gonzo SF!, CC: 23c

Robert A. Metzger (M), Brian Thomsen, Mel White

Stereotyping Authors--Can an Author Break Out Once Pigeonholed?, CC: 23d

Michael F. Flynn, Esther Friesner, Janna Silverstein (M), Judith Tarr

Film: Batman Returns, CC: A1

Computer Animation: Affordable to High End, CC: AS

Rehearsals for the Play, Cl: 4

Convention Weapons Safety Guild, Cl: 12

Leslie Fish

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

C.J. Cherryh (13), William F. Wu (14)

Sierra Games, P: F

Corey Cole, Lori Cole

One-Shot Concert, P: OIII


Conadian: The 1994 Worldcon in Winnipeg, CC: 11c

Opera & SF, CC: 12a

Lisa Barnett, Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Mark R. Leeper (M), Susan Shwartz

Robin Hood, CC: 12b

George Alec Effinger, Nancy Holder (M), Laura Resnick, Jennifer Roberson, Chris Weber

Bypassing Elves & Dwarves for the Other Creatures of Faerie, CC: 12c

Don Callander, Mary K. Frey (M), Esther Friesner, Christine Markel

Myths of the Future, CC: 12d

Jack L. Chalker, George Guthridge, John F Hertz, Guy Gavriel Kay (M), Walter Jon Williams

The Isaac Asimov Memorial Limerick Contest, CC: 20abc

Catherine Crook de Camp, L. Sprague de Camp, Sheila Williams (M)

Video: Space 1999, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: Janny Wurts, CC: 21

Janny Wurts

Laser Propulsion, CC: 22

Jordin T. Kare

What's Entertainment?--A Look at the Future, CC: 23a

Lise Eisenberg (M), Charles L. Fontenay, Barry B. Longyear, Rick Wilber, Connie Willis

Long Live the Legion! (A Meeting of Legion of Superheroes Fans), CC: 23b

Joe Bergeron, Pam Fremon, Priscilla Olson (M), Don Sakers

Death, CC: 23c

Roger MacBride Allen, Joe Haldeman, James Patrick Kelly, Holly Lisle, Terry Pratchett (M)

Children's Books--The Other Side of the Library, CC: 23d

J.D. Macdonald (M), Josepha Sherman, Judith Tarr, Karen Willson

Readings from the Works of Walt Willis, CC: FL

Play!, Cl: 4

Interactive Literature Foundation, Cl: 11

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

Mike Resnick (13), Algis Budrys (14), Rosemary Kirstein (18)

Fans of Jacqueline Lichtenberg & Jean Lorrah Get-Together, Cl: 15

Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

David A. Kyle, S.M. Stirling

Mayfair Games, P: F

Ann Goetz

Filk Concert, P: OIII

Joey Shoji, Larry Warner


Bid Wars: The Game, CC: 11c

Priscilla Olson, Patty Wells

Remembering the SF Pulps, CC: 12a

Camille Cazedessus III, Hank Davis, Joe Patrouch (M), Frederik Pohl, Jack Williamson

Gay Men & Lesbians in Media SF, CC: 12b

David Gerrold (M), Laurie Mann, Don Sakers

Publishing Comics: How to Have Fun but notNecessarily Make Money, CC: 12c

Ric Meyers, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman

Earth as Primitive Society: What if We Were Contacted by an Advanced Alien Race?, CC: 12d

Ctein (M), Michael Kandel, Gentry Lee, John F. Moore, Stanley Schmidt

Video: Vampire Trailer Park, CC: 20d-g

Slide Show: Alicia Austin, CC: 21

Alicia Austin

What Artists Like to Read, CC: 23d

David Cherry (M), Bob Eggleton, Real Musgrave, Peggy Ranson

Film: The Abyss, CC: A1

Friends of Bill W./12-Step, Cl: 12

Readings, Cl: 13, 14, 18

P. C. Hodgell (13), Ben Bova (14), Brad Linaweaver (18)

Filk Concert--Gravity's Rainbow, P: OIII

Fred Coulter, Lisa Coulter


Filk Concert, P: OIII

Leslie Fish


Video: Madox-01, CC: 11a

All About Agents, CC: 12d

Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Richard Knaak, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Gary Alan Ruse, Chris Weber (M)

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

Charles L. Fontenay (13), Richard Paul Russo (14)

Parody, Praise, & Caricature, P: OI

Bob Kanefsky, Rennie Levine, Tom Smith

Video: Amazing Stories, 6:30PM, CC: 20d-g

Video: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 1-6, 7-11:30PM, CC: 11a

Video: The Golden Child, 7:00PM, CC: 20d-g

Film: The Dark Crystal, 7:30PM, CC: A1

Masquerade, CC: A3

Rick & Wolf Foss, MCs

Video: Big Trouble in Little China, 9:00PM, CC: 20d-g

Film: Total Recall, 9:00PM, CC: A1

DoorwaysPreview, 11:00PM, CC: 20d-g

George R. R. Martin

Film: Wizards, 11:00PM, CC: A1

Rendezvous: Decadent Dave & Friends 11:00PM, P: OIII

Dave Clement, Duane Elms, Barb Reidel, Bill Roper, Carol Roper, Tom Smith, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton, B.J. WilLanger

Video: Kimagure Orange Road OAV 4, 11:30PM, CC: 11a



Video: Riding Bean, CC: 11a

Film: F/X, CC: A1

Aerobics, P: A


Registration & Volunteers until 2:00PM, CC: RC

Sales to Members until 4:00PM, CC: RC

Exhibit Hall B/C until 6:00PM, CC: BC

Space Exploration Initiative, CC: 10ab


Video: Madox-01, CC: 11a

WSFS Business Meeting, Monday Edition, CC: 20abc

Audience Choice Video, CC: 20d-g

Bookmarks (8-12), Cl: 3

Beverly Parker

Seashell Fun (4-8), Cl: 4

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

J.D. Macdonald (13), Grant Carrington (14)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Susan Shwartz, David Zindell


Unseen Worlds Revealed, CC: 10ab


Video: Otaku No 1-2, until 12:30PM, CC: 11a

Slide Show: Life Styles of the Rich & Famous, CC: 11b

Muff Musgrave

Build a BEM!, CC: 11c

Holly Lisle

Starting Up a New Magazine, CC: 12a

Jim Baen, Scott Edelman, Charles Ryan (M), Darrell Schweitzer, Dean Wesley Smith

Dealing with Galleries & Preparing Artwork for a Gallery Show, CC: 12b

Carl Lundgren, Real Musgrave, Roger Reed, Bob Walters (M)

The Mysterious Brain, CC: 12c

Sherry Katz Karp, Judy Lazar (M)

Baseball: The Fannish Pastime?, CC: 12d

Michael Benveniste, Karl Hailman, Andy Hooper (M), Jim Mann

Film: F/X 2, CC: A1

Songs & Dances (8-12), Cl: 3

Making Musical Instruments (4-8), Cl: 4

Reading, Cl: 13, 14

Geary Gravel (13), Terry A. Garey (14)


Jupiter Slide Show, CC: 11b

Hal Clement

The Uses of Fanhistory, CC: 11c

Moshe Feder, Dick Lynch (M), Bjo Trimble, Shelby Vick, Ted White

Crime & Criminology in the Future, CC: 12a

Algis Budrys (M), George Alec Effinger, Barbara Hambly, Christine Valada

SF in the Saturday Morning Cartoons, CC: 12b

Bill Spangler, Chris Weber, Karen Willson, Marv Wolfman (M)

Past Worldcon Chairmen Tell How They Lived Through It, CC: 12c

Jack C. Haldeman II, David A. Kyle, Mark Olson (M) Kees van Toorn and others! We hope to take a group photo when it's all over, so if you're a past Worldcon chairman

The Art of Copyediting, CC: 12d

Rachel E. Holmen, Janni Lee Simmer, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (M)

Speech: Maya Bohnhoff, CC: 22

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Odd Jobs: The Life of a Free-Lance Artist, CC: 23a

David Lee Anderson (M), David Mattingly, Pam Murray

Rejection Slips & Other Downers, CC: 23b

Ginger Curry, John F. Moore (M), Laura Resnick, Del Stone Jr.

Readings, Cl: 13, 14

Owl Goingback (13), Ashley McConnell (14)

Kaffeeklatsch, Cl: A

Forrest J Ackerman, Vincent Di Fate, John Maddox Roberts

The Band Played During Our Filksing, P: OI

Leslie Fish, Lee Gold, J. Spencer Love, Bill Roper, Mike Whitaker


Video: Vampire Princess Miyu 1-4, 'til 2:30PM, CC: 11a


Avon Books Presents, CC: 11b

John R. Douglas

Masquerade Post-Mortem, CC: 11c

Marty Gear

Professionalism for New Writers, CC: 12a

Peter J. Heck, Priscilla Olson (M), Carol Severance

Can Life Evolve on One-Face, Tide-Locked Worlds?, CC: 12b

Hal Clement, William S Higgins (M), Gerald David Nordley, Aliza R. Panitz, Robert J. Sawyer

Comfy SF, CC: 12c

Barbara Delaplace, Mary K. Frey, Madeleine Robins (M), Tad Williams

Fandom in the 80's--Telling the Wheat from the Chaff, CC: 12d

John F Hertz (M), Arthur Hlavaty, Nicki Lynch, Joyce Scrivner, Pat Virzi, Art Widner

Forum: Jim Baen, CC: 22

Jim Baen

What is the Difference Between Literary Criticism & Review?, CC: 23a

Algis Budrys, Joe Patrouch (M), Gary Roen, Bruce Holland Rogers, S.M. Stirling, Milton T. Wolf

Lost Art of the Newszine, CC: 23b

Mike Glyer (M), Timothy Lane, Dick Lynch, Laurie Mann

1992 Hugo Winning Film, CC: A1

Concert: One Shots, P: OIII


SETI, CC: 10ab


Looking For An Asteroid Called Moosehead, CC: 11b

Dr. David Stephenson

ConFrancisco Masquerade Preview, CC: 11c

Gary Anderson, Janet Wilson Anderson (M), Jeff Berry, Cat Devereaux, Rick Foss, Janet Moe

Melting Pot, Gumbo, or Indigestible Mess: Cultural Diversity in Our Future, CC: 12d

Ernest Heramia (M), Toni Lay, Bradford Lyau, Carol Severance

Face Painting, Cl: 4

Gail Kelly, Cathy Mitchell, Marilyn Mix, Lynn K. Murphy


Video: Hurricane Live 2033 Music Video, CC: 11a


Thank Ghod It's Monday, -The Gripe Session, CC: 12d

Joe Siclari, and a cast of tens!

Kite Making, Cl: 4


Closing Ceremonies, CC: 20d-g

Vincent Di Fate, Spider Robinson, Joe Siclari, Jack Vance, Walt Willis