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Th1100rc-11Friends of Bill

Marriott Rivercenter Room 11 11:00AM-11:50AM

Th1200cc-204Beauty and the Beast legends through the ages
From ancient Roman stories to the 19th century books to Cocteau to the the TV series and Disney.

Convention Center Room 204 Noon-12:50PM
Pat Jackson

Th1200cc-plaza.aThe Importance of Accurate Research

Convention Center Plaza Sec. A Noon-12:50PM
E. Susan Baugh, Adrienne Gormley, Thomas W. Knowles (M), Sasha Miller

Th1200cc-river.bBeyond Games: How we'll REALLY use Virtual Reality
VR has enormous potential for medical, military, and educational applications. The panel will only be able to touch on a few areas. Games will be a major economic force, but have you considered virual tourism of Mars, virtual time travel back to the virtual city of Rome (a project already underway). Medical applications will have the greatest application to our lives. The ability to see clearly inside the human body in 3 dimensions while doing operations through tiny incisions will change surgery completely. There are so may applications that haven't even been thought of yet, but as the technology improves and costs come down, more people will be able to experience VR, and figure out other possibilities.

Convention Center River Sec. B Noon-12:50PM
Arlan Andrews, Sr., Frank Boosman, Jack L. Chalker, Jaque Davison, Amy Thomson, Sage Walker (M)

Th1200rw-alamo.cOpen Gaming
Play any game you want to bring -- cards, roleplaying games, boardgames. And be sure to look in on continuous demonstrations of the new Portal introductory set for Magic: The Gathering (run by Wizards of the Coast) and the Middle-Earth trading card game (Iron Crown Enterprises).

Marriott Riverwalk Alamo Ballroom Sec. C Noon-11:50PM

Th1200rw-bonhamKaffeeklatch with Stephen Baxter
Advance sign-up required.

Marriott Riverwalk Bonham Noon-12:50PM
Stephen Baxter (M)

Th1200rw-milamKaffeeklatch with George R. R. Martin
Advance sign-up required.

Marriott Riverwalk Milam Noon-12:50PM
George R. R. Martin (M)

Th1200rw-valeroKaffeeklatch with Walter Jon Williams
Advance sign-up required.

Marriott Riverwalk Valero Noon-12:50PM
Walter Jon Williams (M)

Th1300cc-101Welcome to the Science Fiction Community: Making Connections
Now that you're here, here's how to meet people, get involved and learn to understand this eccentric community. There's lots to do between conventions -- find out what's going on during this seminar.

Convention Center Room 101 1:00PM-1:50PM
Richard Brandt, David Bratman, David Levine, Nicki Lynch, Leah A. Zeldes

Th1300cc-202Showcase-K. B. Bogen Reading

Convention Center Room 202 1:00PM-1:50PM
K. B. Bogen (M)

Th1300cc-203Welcome to the Science Fiction Community: Making Connections
Now that you're here, here's how to meet people, get involved and learn to understand this eccentric community. There's lots to do between conventions -- find out what's going on during this seminar.

Convention Center Room 203 1:00PM-1:50PM
Richard Brandt, David Bratman, David Levine, Nicki Lynch

Th1300cc-204For Kids: Storytime
Grownups tell stories or read books to the kids attending the con.

Convention Center Room 204 1:00PM-1:50PM
Gerri Balter, Anne Phyllis Pinzow

Th1300cc-207More Issues in Comics
Industry insiders reveal the biggest concerns of the field today, -and for tomorrow.

Convention Center Room 207 1:00PM-1:50PM
Bob Wayne (M), Len Wein

Th1300cc-208Badger Books: The True Story

Convention Center Room 208 1:00PM-1:50PM
Lionel Fanthorpe (M)

Th1300cc-centroA Day in the Life of a Novelist

Convention Center Centro 1:00PM-1:50PM
Lois McMaster Bujold, Carole Nelson Douglas, Robert Silverberg (M), S. M. Stirling, Harry Turtledove

Th1300cc-fiesta.aFragile ideas, beautiful language: SF Poetry

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 1:00PM-1:50PM
Richard Chwedyk (M), Mark Fewell, Scott E. Green, Denise Lee, Terry McGarry

Th1300cc-fiesta.bMaterials of Tomorrow: Skyhooks are just the beginning!
Advances in material sciences are notalways headline news, but are critical in the way technology advances and society changes. Recently it was noted that if continuous buckytube molecules can be fabricated and formed in to a cable, it would be 4 times stronger than is necessary to create a skyhook, an orbiting space elevator with a cable hanging down into the atmosphere from orbit. Current developments are almost as spectacular, Aerogels are solid gels that are mostly thin air, that are super-insulators, and have other usefull properties. The sojourner rover uses thin layers of aerogel to insulate itself against the cold martian night. Diamond coatings, light emitting carbon layers, new semiconductors, superconductors, dedrimers, and many others are changing our world

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 1:00PM-1:50PM
Catherine Asaro, Genny Dazzo, James C. Glass, Bart Kemper (M)

Th1300cc-plaza.aSF Fetishes: Cats, Bheer, Slash, Funny Animals, and Strange Food

Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 1:00PM-1:50PM
Brian Burley (M), Linda J. Dunn, Jim Groat, Mel. White

Th1300cc-river.aConrunning via the Internet

Convention Center River Sec. A 1:00PM-1:50PM
Joe Agee, Alexander Bouchard, Chad Childers, Craig Miller (M), Michael J. Walsh

Th1300cc-river.bMusic in SF/F: What's it good for?

Convention Center River Sec. B 1:00PM-1:50PM
Kate Daniel, Louise Marley (M), Elizabeth Moon, Mark Shepherd

Th1400cc-101Talking like a Trufan: SF slang from the Hectograph to the Web
Apas, annishes and Ackermanese. Bems, beanies and blog. Cons, corflu and crudzines. These are the ABCs of fanspeak. The gostak distims the doshes, but why don't slans read sci-fi? Don't know? You're probably a neo. Come and croggle as our panel of WKFs and BNFs explains the arcana of the sf community argues over etymology and generally displays the art of fansmanship.

Convention Center Room 101 2:00PM-2:50PM
John Hertz, Dick Lynch, Joe Siclari, Leah A. Zeldes (M)

Th1400cc-202Showcase-John G. Cramer Reading

Convention Center Room 202 2:00PM-2:50PM
John Cramer (M)

Th1400cc-204For Kids: Fossils

Convention Center Room 204 2:00PM-2:50PM
Hal Clement (M)

Th1400cc-205Showcase-Sandy Stewart Demo on Artificial Organs

Convention Center Room 205 2:00PM-2:50PM
Sandy Stewart (M)

Th1400cc-206How to Enjoy Your First Convention

Convention Center Room 206 2:00PM-2:50PM
Suzanne Alles Blom, Bill Cavin, Gay Haldeman (M), Priscilla Olson, Neil Rest, Roger Sims, Tom Whitmore, Lori Wolf

Th1400cc-208Self-Publishing on a Shoestring
How to do it yourself if no one else will.

Convention Center Room 208 2:00PM-2:50PM
Brad W. Foster (M), Rachel E. Holmen, David J. Van Deusen

Th1400cc-centroSF Films
The good, the bad, and the ugly--a discussion of the past year's cinema.

Convention Center Centro 2:00PM-2:50PM
John L. Flynn, Richard Gilliam (M), Joe Grillot, Theodore Krulik, Kurt Roth


Convention Center Exhibit Hall 2:00PM-2:50PM
Joe Haldeman, Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Th1400cc-fiesta.aSelling Game Rights to Your Fiction
Writers tell how they sold their work to the gaming field. Game publishers tell how they bought it. Everyone tells how they feel about it in retrospect.

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 2:00PM-2:50PM
Steve Jackson, M. C. Valada, Walter Jon Williams (M)

Th1400cc-fiesta.bThe Future of Medicine
Genetic engineering, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, hormone therapy, and other wonders of the next few decades. After 20 years of trying , monoclonals are finally starting to work against cancer, medical imaging is making giant strides, and many assumptions of medicine are being overturned. at the same time, traditional medicine is being challanged by 'alternate" medicine. For the last generation, vastly more money has been spend on quack cures than on many types of medical research. how will genetic engineering help medical treatment. How soon will we be able to control pain. How will medical insurance change the way medicine advances or fails to advance.

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 2:00PM-2:50PM
William Michael Brown, Rick Crownover, Perrianne Lurie (M), G. K. Sprinkle, Pras Stillman, Diann Thornley

Th1400cc-river.aFiction Shaping Reality: SF interactions with the real world
How SF affects reality and vice versa & how to encourage the former as the SF world's contribution to the future. Many science fiction authors got ideas from science, and many scientists got started in their careers because of science fiction. many technological concepts were first described by sf writers, such as the geosynchronous communications satellite described by Arthur C. Clarke in 1945. What are some of the other "borrowings" on both sides of the fence.

Convention Center River Sec. A 2:00PM-2:50PM
Scott Edelman, Jane Fancher, Bradford Lyau (M), Pat MacEwen

Th1400cc-river.bThe History of the Soviet Space Program
A discussion of soviet space history; many of those who worked in secret on this program are telling their stories to western journalists or current space co-workers. Amazing events have come to light. The race to the moon was real and the soviet lunar lander still exists. huge pad disasters occurred. Now it can be told!

Convention Center River Sec. B 2:00PM-2:50PM
Hugh Gregory (M), Robert Reeves, Bruce Sterling

Th1400rw-milamKaffeeklatch with Mike Resnick
Advance sign-up required.

Marriott Riverwalk Milam 2:00PM-2:50PM
Mike Resnick (M)

Th1400rw-valeroKaffeeklatch with Terry Pratchett
Advance sign-up required.

Marriott Riverwalk Valero 2:00PM-2:50PM
Terry Pratchett (M)

Th1500cc-101Deconstructing the Worldcon
The Worldcon becomes ever more complex, expensive and difficult to organize. What, if anything, should be changed to make it more manageable? What must stay and what can be cut? What worked and what didn't work at LoneStarCon II?

Convention Center Room 101 3:00PM-3:50PM
Covert Beach (M), John Hertz, Laurie Mann, Spike Parsons, Dick Smith, Tom Veal

Th1500cc-202Showcase-Storytelling by Josepha Sherman

Convention Center Room 202 3:00PM-3:50PM
Josepha Sherman (M)

Th1500cc-203For Kids: Creative Writing

Convention Center Room 203 3:00PM-3:50PM
Kent Brewster

Th1500cc-204For Kids: Storytime
Grownups tell stories or read books to the kids attending the con.

Convention Center Room 204 3:00PM-3:50PM
Brad Linaweaver, Jean Lorrah

Th1500cc-205Raising the Next Generation: Families in Fandom

Convention Center Room 205 3:00PM-3:50PM
Fred Duarte (M), Patty Wells

Th1500cc-206High-Powered Art Collecting Seminar

Convention Center Room 206 3:00PM-3:50PM
Howard Frank, Jane Frank (M), Clayburn Moore, Ingrid Neilson

Th1500cc-207Artists' Jam
Not just for cartoonists any more!

Convention Center Room 207 3:00PM-4:50PM
Sherlock, Alexis A. Gilliland, Teddy Harvia (M), Peggy Ranson

Th1500cc-209Kids' Art Class: Mixing colors

Convention Center Room 209 3:00PM-3:50PM
Mitchell Davidson Bentley (M)

Th1500cc-centroSpace opera is making a comeback (or did it ever leave?)

Convention Center Centro 3:00PM-3:50PM
Catherine Asaro, Wilhelmina Baird, Lois McMaster Bujold (M), C. J. Cherryh, Eckhard Schwettmann, Jack Williamson


Convention Center Exhibit Hall 3:00PM-3:50PM
John Cramer, Sasha Miller

Th1500cc-fiesta.aFuture of Africa

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 3:00PM-3:50PM
M. Shayne Bell (M), Mike Resnick, Susan M. Shwartz

Th1500cc-fiesta.bThe Infinite Loop: Teaching Teachers to Teach SF

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 3:00PM-3:50PM
John L. Flynn, George Guthridge (M), Elizabeth Anne Hull, Theodore Krulik, David Sandner

Th1500cc-patio.aShowcase-C. J. Mills Reading

Convention Center Patio Sec. A 3:00PM-3:25PM
C. J. Mills (M)

Th1500cc-patio.bShowcase-Scott E. Green Poetry Reading

Convention Center Patio Sec. B 3:00PM-3:50PM
Scott E. Green (M)

Th1500cc-river.aWriting in Shared Universes

Convention Center River Sec. A 3:00PM-3:50PM
Lynn Abbey, Gail Gerstner-Miller, George R. R. Martin (M), John J. Miller, Roberta Rogow

Th1500cc-river.bAbuse Issues in SF and Fantasy

Convention Center River Sec. B 3:00PM-3:50PM
David Gerrold, Steven Gould, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (M)

Th1600cc-101Mad Scientists, Techno-Wizards and Other Assorted Geeks
Some people still take a Gernsbackian hands-on approach to scientifiction fandom: building ray-guns, robots and rockets. Members of General Technics talk about their club and what they do.

Convention Center Room 101 4:00PM-4:50PM
Bill Higgins, Tullio Proni, Eric Raymond, Guy Wicker

Th1600cc-202Showcase-Bradley Denton Reading

Convention Center Room 202 4:00PM-4:25PM
Bradley Denton (M)

Th1600cc-204For Kids: How do we think and see?

Convention Center Room 204 4:00PM-4:50PM
Elizabeth Moon (M)

Th1600cc-206Guest of Honor Interview: Roy Tackett

Convention Center Room 206 4:00PM-5:50PM
Richard Brandt, Roy Tackett (M)


Convention Center Room 208 4:00PM-4:50PM
Melanie Fletcher, Bart Kemper (M), Joe Mayhew, Mel. White, Tony Zbaraschuk

Th1600cc-209Artist Demo: Acrylics with Audience Participation!
Glowing techniques by an award-winning cover artist. Advance sign-up required.

Convention Center Room 209 4:00PM-6:50PM
Cat Conrad (M)

Th1600cc-centroArtemis Project: Your ticket to the Moon
A discussion by supporters of ARTEMIS, a private organization devoted to the development of a lunar base and colony..

Convention Center Centro 4:00PM-5:50PM
Gregory Bennett (M), Thomas K. Martin, Ian Randal Strock


Convention Center Exhibit Hall 4:00PM-4:50PM
Arlan Andrews, Sr., C. J. Cherryh, Hal Clement, C. J. Mills

Th1600cc-fiesta.aBabylon 5: Frequently Asked Questions
Or: Bringing everyone up to date with the story so far.

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 4:00PM-4:50PM
Glen Oliver (M)

Th1600cc-patio.aShowcase-Don Webb Reading

Convention Center Patio Sec. A 4:00PM-4:25PM
Don Webb (M)

Th1600cc-patio.bThe Cult Connection to SF

Convention Center Patio Sec. B 4:00PM-4:50PM
J. R. Dunn, Bruce Hallock, Allison Hershey, Pat MacEwen, Sandra C. Morrese, Anne Phyllis Pinzow (M)

Th1600cc-plaza.aCreating wonderful characters and killing them ruthlessly

Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 4:00PM-4:50PM
Susan R. Matthews, Mary Doria Russell, Connie Willis

Th1600cc-river.aAlternate Histories and Alternate Futures

Convention Center River Sec. A 4:00PM-4:50PM
James Brunet, Chris Bunch, Brian Burley, Timothy Lane, Evelyn C. Leeper, William Sanders, Harry Turtledove (M)


Convention Center River Sec. B 4:00PM-4:50PM
Ctein, Craig E. Engler, Jean Lorrah, Bradley H. Sinor, J. Steven York (M)

Th1600rc-officeWSFS Mark Protection Committee Meeting 1

Marriott Rivercenter Convention Offices 4:00PM-4:50PM

Th1600rw-bonhamKaffeeklatch with Steven Gould and Laura Mixon
Advance sign-up required.

Marriott Riverwalk Bonham 4:00PM-4:50PM
Steven Gould (M), Laura J. Mixon

Th1600rw-milamKaffeeklatch with Jack Chalker
Advance sign-up required.

Marriott Riverwalk Milam 4:00PM-4:50PM
Jack L. Chalker (M)

Th1600rw-travisLiterary Tea: Lois McMaster Bujold's Memory
Discussing the Hugo-nominated novel Memory. Advance sign-up required.

Marriott Riverwalk Travis 4:00PM-5:50PM
Lois McMaster Bujold, Elise Matthesen (M)

Th1700cc-101The Art of Fanzines
Fanzine art has its own special character. Artists talk about what makes fannish art different from other kinds of illustration, what similarities it has and why they do it

Convention Center Room 101 5:00PM-5:50PM
Sherlock, Kurt Erichsen, Brad W. Foster, Alexis A. Gilliland, Teddy Harvia (M), Peggy Ranson

Th1700cc-202Showcase-James Patrick Kelly Reading

Convention Center Room 202 5:00PM-5:50PM
James Patrick Kelly (M)

Th1700cc-203Showcase-Dave Smeds Karate Demo

Convention Center Room 203 5:00PM-5:50PM
Dave Smeds (M)

Th1700cc-204Filk: The art of intelligent noisemaking.
An introduction to filk.

Convention Center Room 204 5:00PM-5:50PM
Lionel Fanthorpe, Randy Farran, Barry Gold (M), Lee Gold, David M. Kushner, Nonie Rider

Th1700cc-205Costuming Tips and Traps

Convention Center Room 205 5:00PM-5:50PM
Joe Agee, Alexander Bouchard, Roberta Rogow (M)

Th1700cc-207Recent Archeological Spectaculars
The last few years have seen a rapid advance in archeological and human paleotological techniques, discoveries and understanding of the past. The panel will consider the meaning of some of these recent discoveries. Examples include the phonetic decoding of mayan glyphs and subsequent unfolding of their history, The competing theories of human evolution and the dramatic discoveries in spain of million year old human fossils, the 400,000 yeazr old wooden spears in germany, the roman ships just revealed by Ballards expedition on the deep floor of the Mediterranean, the project to create a virtural Rome, the Discrepancy in Egyptian dating and what it means for 'biblical' archeology, the discovery of paleo-indian remains before 12,000 BC, etc. Perhaps even a few stories will come out of such discoveries!

Convention Center Room 207 5:00PM-5:50PM
K. B. Bogen (M), Kate Daniel, Jay Kay Klein, Mike Moscoe, S. M. Stirling

Th1700cc-208The Terrestrial Biology of our Favorite Movie Aliens

Convention Center Room 208 5:00PM-5:50PM
Melanie von Orlow (M)

Th1700cc-210Interview: Steve Jackson

Convention Center Room 210 5:00PM-5:50PM
Steve Jackson, Allen Varney (M)


Convention Center Exhibit Hall 5:00PM-5:50PM
Theodore Krulik, Laura J. Mixon

Th1700cc-fiesta.aConvention Art Shows: Making the most of doing the circuit. What's hot and what's not.

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. A 5:00PM-5:50PM
Lillian Butler (M), Joy Marie Ledet, Ellisa Mitchell, Ingrid Neilson, Teresa Patterson, Denise Satter, Lee Seed

Th1700cc-fiesta.bSafety, Sanity, and Consensuality
Guidelines for taking care of yourself and others during intimate moments at the con. And at home, too!

Convention Center Fiesta Sec. B 5:00PM-5:50PM
Robin Wayne Bailey, Phil Foglio, David Gerrold, Elise Matthesen, Vol Ranger, Tom Whitmore (M), M. D. Williams

Th1700cc-patio.aSpeculations: An Essential Tool for Writers

Convention Center Patio Sec. A 5:00PM-5:50PM
Kent Brewster (M), Denise Lee, Mike Resnick

Th1700cc-patio.bArt by the inch: Collectible card art and games

Convention Center Patio Sec. B 5:00PM-5:50PM
Keith Birdsong (M), David A. Cherry, Sue Dawe, Kaja Foglio, April Lee, Don Maitz, Ron Walotsky

Th1700cc-plaza.aSlide Show: Evolution of an Artist by Jael

Convention Center Plaza Sec. A 5:00PM-5:50PM
Jael (M)

Th1700cc-river.aKicking Ass and Changing Names
Love those Hong Kong action films!

Convention Center River Sec. A 5:00PM-5:50PM
Craig Miller (M), Lawrence Person, Herbie J. Pilato, Walter Jon Williams

Th1700cc-river.bEditing Anthologies

Convention Center River Sec. B 5:00PM-5:50PM
Ellen Datlow (M), Richard Gilliam, Laura Anne Gilman, Sheila Williams

Th1900rc-gbOpening Ceremony

Marriott Rivercenter Grand Ballroom 7:00PM-7:50PM
Neal Barrett, Jr., Algis Budrys, Fred Duarte, Don Maitz, Karen Meschke (M), Michael Moorcock, Randy Shepherd, Roy Tackett

Th2000rc-gbMeet the VIP's Event

Marriott Rivercenter Grand Ballroom 8:00PM-9:50PM

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