Interaction 2005:
Glasgow Science Center by Night

Glasgow Science Center by Night

I don't normally keep the blurry, weird photos, but I liked this one of the science center so much, I thought I'd include it. Almost looks like an alien invasion, doesn't it?

After a few pleasant (but mostly dreary weather-wise) days in Edinburgh, we went to Glasgow. We checked into the Marriott, hung out in the lobby, got lost in downtown for a while, found the shopping district, found the way back to the Marriott, and arranged a quiet dinner with Ian Stockdale and Ruth Lebig. Ian (and Ruth!) ran programme and Jim was their assistant. We went to 78 St. Vincent Street, a fancy retaurant with a very Edwardian feel to it. Expensive, but probably the best dinner we had all week (though I had a close second on Friday night). Monday night, we hung out in the Marriott lobby some more, a little too tired to worry about finding the reported Moat House and its much larger, louder party

Tuesday, I headed off for a cybercafe to check my mail while Jim went to work with Ian and Ruth. I eventually found my way over to the SECC, which turned out to be the only time I walked there all week long. I ran into Dave Stewart, the Press Area Head, right away, so we spent most of Tuesday getting the press releases in order and fielding press calls. Tuesday night, Ian and Jim arranged a programme/press/others dinner over at the Sutherland Restaurant in the Argyll Hotel. There was about twelve of us all together, including Sparks (who was really doing Logistics, but we invited him along anyway). Since Sparks knew the neighborhood, we walked there without getting lost. While Sutherlands wasn't as fancy as 78, it had very good food and much cheaper prices. If I ever wind up attending a conference at the SECC, I'd definitely stay at the Argyll. We visited the bar of the Moat House both before and after dinner and spent some with the Westons before finding a quiet corner for a drink.

© 2005 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann