Interaction 2005:
Noreascon Thank-you Party Set-up

Noreascon Thank-you Party Set-up

I remember very little about Saturday. I'd had a particularly bad night sleep on Friday and felt even sicker. I ran into Alan periodically, but he had his bearings and had enough con experience that he didn't need too much help. It turned out that Alan was at one previous Worldcon - he'd been at Noreascon II as he was a co-artist for Faeries with Brian Froud. Things at Press Relations were generally calmer. I arranged with David to leave early so I could go help set up the Boston Thank-you Party.

But it was not to be (at least, not too much). My focus was awful, I kept loosing balloons and decided it was time to go get some help for my throat and ears - the last thing I needed was to fly home with an ear infection. I got directions on how to find the local emergency room, called a cab and went to a nearby hospital. Press staff got to know the hospital ER too well over the week - Dave Stewart had a gout flare-up and had spent part of Friday there. While I initially went to the wrong area, I was dispatched to the right area, saw a doctor, and got a prescription for amoxycillian.

This hospital did not have an on-site pharmacy, but I was assured there was an open pharmacy closeby, so I walked there. Being fairly ignorant of Glasgow, I gather I was somewhere in the West End - at least, that's what the signs indicated. I found the drugstore, got my prescription. I was hungry and found a kebab house nearby. To my surprise, I found "kebab" was also slang for "gyro." So while it was a fine sandwhich, it wasn't what I expected.

The weather was fine, dinner revived me, so I thought I'd try to walk back to the hotel. I walked well over a mile, following signs that said "City Centre." Eventually, I ran into the highway, and wasn't sure where to walk from there. I walked a few blocks back, found a cab, and learned I'd walked to within about 1.5 miles of the Hilton.

So by the time I got back to the Hilton nearly two hours later, the party was all set up.

© 2005 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann