Noreascon IV - Boston 2004 Worldcon
The Raising of the Mended Drum

We tend to be early people anyway, and Worldcon was no exception. We were usually out at breakfast by 7:30 or 8. We both had early divisional meetings on Tuesday. I met up with Jim Hudson (hitherfore noted as "Jim H." since I spent much more time with this Jim than with my husband Jim at Worldcon!) and we headed off to see how Freeman's set up of the Hynes Halls was going.

It was off to a pretty good start. Here are some "before," "during," and "after" shots of the Mended Drum set-up. I hasten to add that creating a DiscWorld pub for the ConCourse was my idea, but I can't take credit for the actual design. That was a combination of many folks, led by Jennifer White, with the able assistance of Jean, a late design addition. The design implementation was a real challenge due to fire code issues.

The Raising of the Mended Drum

First, the area was marked off by carpeting

Mended Drum Frame Installation

Next, Freeman built a structure of tall booth fronts to mark off the walls of the Drum.

Mended Drum Sign

Once the drape was up, we started to decorate it. There's Ewan Crystal in the foreground, with Exhibits Division Director Jim Hudson (dark T-shirt) and Chairman's Staff Mark Olson (light shirt) in the background. Both Mark Olson and John Syms helped quite a lot in the construction phase.

Mended Drum Walls

Boston fans created false walls to attach to the booth fronts, and also used some old flats.

More Mended Drum Walls

By Wednesday morning, more of the stone walls had been installed. Jim H. is in the foreground in the turquoise T-shirt, Mark Olson and Chip Hitchcock are just behind him.

Mended Drum Front Facade

By Wednesday night, the front facade was mostly done.

Troll Guards the Drum

A troll "bouncer" helps give the Drum that Discworldish feel!

Troll Guards the Drum

© 2004 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann