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The fourth, nearly final, draft of the SMOFcon 22 program is available as a PDF document.

SMOFcon 22 Program, draft version 4

Time Travel: Coming Then to a SMOFcon Near You

On Friday night of SMOFcon, convention members will be invited to time travel to the destination time and place of their choosing.  None of us will be surprised when Grant chooses one of the Ice Ages; the only question is likely to be "which one"?  If I find one of the "Tour the Glacier" passes that's here somewhere, I'll bring it along so he can use on his journey.

The rest of us might also want to give the destination question some thought, especially since there will be weird prizes for convention-runners who come in some way prepared for their destination.  It could be by dressing to blend in with the natives (if there are any), bringing along currency of the era, a time-appropriate book to read, maps, or anything else you think might prove specifically useful.

Both future and past itineraries will be available for time-travelers to complete, and there are no known limits concerning doppelgangers.  Tests suggest that the equipment is correctly calibrated to bring everyone back by the end of the Friday night event so they'll be able to benefit from the rest of the convention as well as from their time travel experience.  If not, well, we know convention-runners are a resourceful bunch; I'm sure we'll figure out something.

Geri Sullivan

P.S. If you have one or more items you'd like to donate to the weird prize stash, please contact me directly.  Or just bring it along and make sure to get it to me by noonish Friday.  Thanks!


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