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63rd Annual Worldcon
4 - 8 August 2005

Capclave 2005,
WSFA's Annual Convention
Date & Location TBD




SMOFcon 22 Workbook

Confronting, Avoiding, and Managing Problems

Ben Yalow, Joe Siclari and Theresa Renner organized SMOFcon 1 in 1984.

Convention Runners were asked to provide their ideas and experience to assist other con runners.  A number of fans contributed typed information, which was duplicated and included in Smofcon Workbooks.  This information ranged from how to organize a new local convention to constructing a budget for a Worldcon.  Areas as diverse as press relations, directional signs, dealing with difficult people and hotel negotiations were addressed.

Having been done once, the Smofcon Workbook instantly became a tradition.  Recently this Smofcon Tradition has fallen on hard times.  Fans are busy.  Technology has changed.  Hunting through hard copy for information isn't efficient.  New Smofcon Workbooks at Smofcons became scarce.

Con runners are still leery of unknown hazards, so for Smofcon 22 there will be an updated Smofcon Workbook.  The material from some of the previous Workbooks will be updated (new material is also welcome).  The information will be easy to carry and searchable.


Document Title


5 Joe Mayhew's Generi-Con Committee (two-page cartoon, 1.08 MB)
5 CopperCon 8 Program Event Sheet
5 CopperCon 8 Programming Operations Manual
5 "Creating Confederation's Pocket Program" by John T. Sapienza, Jr.
5 "Starting a Media Convention" by Bruce Farr
7 Ten Commandments of Convention Running
7 Noreascon 3 Area Head Information
7 Noreascon 3 All-Purpose Area Head Information Form
7 Noreascon 3 Sign Form
7 Noreascon 3 People Mover (Volunteer Request) Form
7 Noreascon 3 Special Office Supplies Form
7 Noreascon 3 Printing Form
7 Noreascon 3 Room Set-Up Form
7 Noreascon 3 Technical Services Form
7 Noreascon 3 Clubhouse to N3 Move-In Schedule
7 Noreascon 3 Master List of Areas, Area Heads, Rooms, and Beepers/Phone Numbers
7 Noreascon 3 Logistics/Work Sessions/Outside Vendors
7 Noreascon 3 Committee Thank You Note
7 Oasis '91 Art Show Entry Form
7 Rustycon Event Summary Form
8 "Using Human Resources to Improve Your Volunteer Management" by Patty Wells
8 "Useful Resources for Meeting Planning" by Ben Yalow
9 "Designing Forms"
9 "The Art of Not Taking Things Personally" by Patty Wells
9 "Steps for Handling Complaints" by Patty Wells
9 "Some Suggested Readings for Con Runners" by Patty Wells
9 "Preventing Burnout" by Patty Wells
9 "The 10 Most Difficult People on Your Committee" by Patty Wells
9 "What Not to Sign, Part 2" by Ben Yalow
9 "How to Succeed at Hotel Negotiations Without Really Trying " by Ben Yalow
Updated Material  
  "Convention Organizer's Checklist" by Bruce Farr




    Updated 6 November 2004

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