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12 June 2004 Updated the Member List

27 March 2004 added SMOFcon Workbook and Transportation pages and did some site housecleaning

16 August 2004 Added SMOFCon Scholarship information and moved registration information

21 August 2004 Updated the member list

5 October 2004 SMOFcon 22 Progress Report mailing announcement

5 October 2004 Added hotel room reservation cut-off date (11 November 2004)

5 October 2004 Updated the member list

11 November 2004 Added announcements of Pennsylvania Avenue reopening and notice that the hotel and mebership registration deadlines had pasted on the home page

11 November 2004 updated the member registration page and corrected a name typo on the member list

11 November 2004 added links to SMOFcon workbook pdf files on workbook page

21 November 2004 updated the membership list

28 November 2004 added draft program and Friday night event information to Program Information page

30 November 2004 updated the member list and added driving drections and LoC tour announcement

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63rd Annual Worldcon
4 - 8 August 2005

Capclave 2005,
WSFA's Annual Convention
Date & Location TBD


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