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A waist is a terrible thing to mind!

Need a good laugh? Read The Barbarian Guide to Diet and Exercise.

May 6 Is International No Diet Day! Sounds like a great time to have your cake and eat it too!

Combatting Sizism

Wisconsin Fat Acceptance Network
Kristyne's Big Beautiful Folks Page
Radiance Magazine
Resources for Fat Kids
Fat Acceptance - Paul McAleer
Women En Large
Fat-related FAQs
Utrecht University Fat Acceptance FAQs
soc.support.fat-acceptance and alt.support.big-folks newsgroups home pages
The Fat Person's Home Page
New England Chapter of NAAFA
NAAFA, New Mexico
NAAFA, Capital area
Fat & Health FAQ

Check out some of the anti-sizism newsgroups, including alt.support.big-folks and soc.support.fat.acceptance.