2001 Hugo Award Nominations

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The winners were announced at the Millennium Philcon. Photos from the Millennium Philcon. 2001 Hugo winners.

Best Novel

Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson (Warner Aspect)

The Sky Road by Ken MacLeod (Orbit 1999;Tor 2000)

A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin (Voyager; Bantam Spectra)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (Bloomsbury; Scholastic/Levine)

Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer (Tor)

Best Novella

"A Roll of the Dice" by Catherine Asaro (Analog Jul/Aug 2000)

"Seventy-Two Letters" by Ted Chiang (Vanishing Acts: A Science Fiction Anthology, Tor)

"Oracle" by Greg Egan (Asimov's Jul 2000)

"The Retrieval Artist" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Analog Jun 2000)

"Radiant Green Star" by Lucius Shepard (Asimov's Aug 2000)

"The Ultimate Earth" by Jack Williamson (Analog Dec 2000)

Best Novelette

"On the Orion Line" by Stephen Baxter (Asimov's Oct/Nov 2000)

"Redchapel" by Mike Resnick (Asimov's Dec 2000)

"Millennium Babies" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Asimov's Jan 2000)

"Generation Gap" by Stanley Schmidt (Artemis Spring 2000)

"Agape Among the Robots" by Allen Steele (Analog May 2000; Imagination Fully Dilated, Vol. 2, IFD Publishing)

Best Short Story

"The Gravity Mine" by Stephen Baxter (Asimov's Apr 2000)

"Kaddish for the Last Survivor" by Michael A. Burstein (Analog Nov 2000)

"Different Kinds of Darkness" by David Langford (F&SF Jan 2000)

"The Elephants on Neptune" by Mike Resnick (Asimov's May 2000)

"Moon Dogs" by Michael Swanwick (Moon Dogs, NESFA Press, Asimov's Mar 2000)

Best Non-fiction Book

Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature edited by Andrew M. Butler, Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn (The Science Fiction Foundation)

Greetings from Earth: The Art of Bob Eggleton by Bob Eggleton, Nigel Suckling (Paper Tiger)

Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion by James Gifford (Nitrosyncretic Press)

Concordance to Cordwainer Smith, Third Edition by Anthony R. Lewis (NESFA Press)

Putting It Together: Turning Sow's Ear Drafts Into Silk Purse Stories by Mike Resnick (Wildside Press)

Best Dramatic Presentation

Chicken Run

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Frank Herbert's Dune



Best Professional Editor

Ellen Datlow

Gardner Dozois

David G. Hartwell

Stanley Schmidt

Gordon Van Gelder

Best Professional Artist

Jim Burns

Bob Eggleton

Frank Kelly Freas

Donato Giancola

Michael Whelan

Best Semiprozine

Interzone edited by David Pringle

Locus edited by Charles N. Brown

The New York Review of Science Fiction edited by Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell & Kevin Maroney

Science Fiction Chronicle edited by Andrew Porter

Speculations edited by Denise Lee & Susan Fry, published by Kent Brewster

Best Fanzine

Challenger edited by Guy Lillian, III

File 770 edited by Mike Glyer

Mimosa edited by Nicki & Richard Lynch

Plokta edited by Alison Scott, Steve Davies & Mike Scott

Stet edited by Dick Smith & Leah Zeldes Smith

Best Fan Writer

Bob Devney

Mike Glyer

David Langford

Evelyn Leeper

Steven H Silver

Best Fan Artist

Sheryl Birkhead

Brad Foster

Teddy Harvia

Sue Mason

Taral Wayne

John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

Sponsored by Dell Magazines

James L. Cambias (1st year of eligibility)

Thomas Harlan (1st year of eligibility)

Douglas Smith (2nd year of eligibility)

Kristine Smith (2nd year of eligibility)

Jo Walton (1st year of eligibility)

2000 Hugo nominees.
2002 Hugo nominees.


1951 Retro Hugo Award Nominations

The winners were announced at the Millennium Philcon.

Best Novel

Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov (Doubleday)

Farmer in the Sky by Robert A. Heinlein (Scribner's)

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis (Geoffrey Bles)

First Lensman by Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. (Fantasy Press)

The Dying Earth by Jack Vance (Hillman)

Best Novella

"...And Now You Don't" by Isaac Asimov (Astounding Science Fiction Nov 1949 - Jan 1950)

"The Man Who Sold the Moon" by Robert A. Heinlein (The Man Who Sold the Moon Shasta Publishers)

"To the Stars" by L. Ron Hubbard (Astounding Science Fiction Feb-Mar 1950)

"The Last Enemy" by H Beam Piper (Astounding Science Fiction Aug 1950)

"The Dreaming Jewels" by Theodore Sturgeon (Fantastic Adventures Feb 1950)

Best Novelette

"The Helping Hand" by Poul Anderson (Astounding Science Fiction May 1950)

"Okie" by James Blish (Astounding Science Fiction Apr 1950)

"The Little Black Bag" by C.M. Kornbluth (Astounding Science Fiction Jul 1950)

"Dear Devil" by Eric Frank Russell (Other Worlds May 1950)

"Scanners Live in Vain" by Cordwainer Smith (Fantasy Book #6)

Best Short Story

"The Gnurrs Come from the Voodvork Out" by Reginald Bretnor (F&SF Winter-Spring 1950)

"A Subway Named Mobius" by A.J. Deutsch (Astounding Science Fiction Dec 1950)

"To Serve Man" by Damon Knight (Galaxy Nov 1950)

"Coming Attraction" by Fritz Leiber (Galaxy Nov 50)

"Born of Man and Woman" by Richard Matheson (F&SF Summer 1950)

Best Dramatic Presentation


Destination Moon


Rabbit of Seville

Rocketship X-M

Best Professional Editor

Anthony Boucher

John W. Campbell, Jr.

Groff Conklin

H.L. Gold

J. Francis McComas

Best Professional Artist

Hannes Bok

Chesley Bonestell

Edd Cartier

Virgil Finlay

Frank Kelly Freas

Best Fanzine





Science Fiction Newsletter

The Fanscient

Best Fan Writer

Lee Hoffman

Bob Silverberg

Robert "Bob" Wilson Tucker

James White

Walt Willis

Best Fan Artist

Jack Gaughan

Lee Hoffman

Ray Nelson

Bill Rotsler

James White