Nebula Final Ballots from the 1970s

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1970 Nebula Final Ballot


And Chaos Died by Joanna Russ

Fourth Mansions by R. A. Lafferty

Ringworld by Larry Niven

The Steel Crocodile by D. G. Compton

The Tower of Glass by Robert Silverberg

The Year of the Quiet Sun by Wilson (Bob) Tucker Dead People Server


"April Fool's Day Forever" by Kate Wilhelm

"The Fatal Fulfillment" by Poul Anderson

"Ill Met in Lankhmar" by Fritz Leiber

"The Region Between" by Harlan Ellison

"The Thing in the Stone" by Clifford D. Simak


"Asian Shores" by Thomas M. Disch

"Continued on Next Rock" by R. A. Lafferty

"Dear Aunt Annie" by Gordon Eklund

"The Second Inquisition" by Joanna Russ

"Shaker Revival" by Gerald Jonas

"Slow Sculpture" by Theodore Sturgeon

Short Stories

"By the Falls" by Harry Harrison

"A Cold Night Dark With Snow" by Kate Wilhelm

"The Creation of Bennie Good" by James Sallis

"A Dream at Noonday" by Gardner Dozios

"Entire and Perfect Chrysolite" by R. A. Lafferty

"In the Queue" by Keith Laumer

"The Island of Dr. Death" by Gene Wolfe

Nebula Award Winner List for 1970.

1971 Nebula Final Ballot


The Byworlder by Poul Anderson

The Devil is Dead by R. A. Lafferty

Half Past Human by T. J. Bass

The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin

Margaret and I by Kate Wilhelm

A Time of Changes by Robert Silverberg


"Being There" by Jerry Kosinski

"The God House" by Keith Roberts

"The Infinity Box" by Kate Wilhelm

"The Missing Man" by Katherine MacLean

"The Plastic Abyss" by Kate Wilhelm


"The Encounter" by Kate Wilhelm

"Mount Charity" by Edgar Pangborn

"Poor Man, Beggar Man" by Joanna Russ

"The Queen of Air and Darkness" by Poul Anderson

"A Special Kind Of Morning" by Gardner Dozois

Short Stories

"Good News From the Vatican" by Robert Silverberg

"Heathen God" by George Zebrowski

"Horse of Air" by Gardner Dozois

"The Last Ghost" by Stephen Goldin

Nebula Award Winner List for 1971.

1972 Nebula Final Ballot


The Book of Skulls by Robert Silverberg

Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg

The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov

The Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad

The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner

What Entropy Means to Me by George Alec Effinger

When Harlie Was One by David Gerrold


"The Fifth Head of Cerberus" by Gene Wolfe

"The Gold at Starbow's End" by Frederik Pohl

"A Meeting With Medusa" by Arthur C. Clarke

"Son of the Morning" by Phyllis Gottlieb

"With the Bentfin Boomer Boys on Little Old New Alabama --" by Richard A. Lupoff

"The Word for World Is Forest" by Ursula K. Le Guin


"The Animal Fair" by Alfred Bester

"Basilisk" by Harlan Ellison

"The Funeral" by Kate Wilhelm

"Goat Song" by Poul Anderson

"In the Deadlands" by David Gerrold

"A Kingdom By the Sea" by Gardner Dozois

"Patron of the Arts" by Bill Rotsler

Short Stories

"Against the Lafayette Escadrille" by Gene Wolfe

"And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side --" by James Tiptree, Jr.

"On the Downhill Side" by Harlan Ellison

"Shaffery Among the Immortals" by Frederik Pohl

"When It Changed" by Joanna Russ

Nebula Award Winner List for 1972.

1973 Nebula Final Ballot


Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold

The People of the Wind by Poul Anderson

Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C. Clarke

Time Enough For Love by Robert A. Heinlein


"Chains of the Sea" by Gardner Dozois

"Death and Designation Among the Asadi" by Michael Bishop

"The Death of Doctor Island" by Gene Wolfe

"Junction" by Jack Dann

"The White Otters of Childhood" by Michael Bishop


"Case and the Dreamer" by Theodore Sturgeon

"The Deathbird" by Harlan Ellison

"The Girl Who Was Plugged In" by James Tiptree, Jr.

"Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand" by Vonda N. McIntyre

Short Stories

"How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German Invasion" by Gene Wolfe

"Love Is the Plan, the Plan is Death" by James Tiptree, Jr.

"Shark" by Edward Bryant

"A Thing of Beauty" by Norman Spinrad

"Wings" by Vonda N. McIntyre

"With Morning Comes Mistfall" by George R. R. Martin

Nebula Award Winner List for 1973.

1974 Nebula Final Ballot


334 by Thomas M Disch

The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick

The Godwhale by T. J. Bass


"Born With the Dead" by Robert Silverberg

"On the Street of the Serpents" by Michael Bishop

"A Song For Lya" by George R. R. Martin


"If the Stars Are Gods" by Gordon Eklund & Gregory Benford

"The Rest Is Silence" by C. L. Grant

"Twilla" by Tom Reamy

Short Stories

"After King Kong Fell" by Philip Jose Farmer

"The Day Before the Revolution" by Ursula K. Le Guin

"The Engine At HeartSpring's Center" by Roger Zelazny

Nebula Award Winner List for 1974.

1975 Nebula Final Ballot


Autumn Angels by Arthur Byron

The Birthgrave by Tanith Lee

The Computer Connection by Alfred Bester (also titled: The Indian Giver)

Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany

Doorways in the Sand by Roger Zelazny

The Embedding by Ian Watson

The Exile Waiting by Vonda N. Mcintyre

The Female Man by Joanna Russ

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire by Michael Bishop

Guernica Night by Barry N. Malzberg

The Heritage of Hastur by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

A Midsummer Tempest by Poul Anderson

The Missing Man by Katherine MacLean

The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle

Ragtime by E. L. Doctorow

The Stochastic Man by Robert Silverberg


"Home Is the Hangman" by Roger Zelazny

"A Momentary Taste of Being" by James Tiptree, Jr.

"The Storms of Windhaven" by Lisa Tuttle & George R. R. Martin

"Sunrise West" by William K. Carlson


"The Bleeding Man" by Craig Strete

"Blooded on Arachne" by Michael Bishop

"The Custodians" by Richard Cowper

"The Dybbuk Dolls" by Jack Dann

"The Final Fighting of Fion Mac Cumhaill" by Randall Garrett

"A Galaxy Called Tome" by Barry N. Malzberg

"The New Atlantis" by Ursula K. Le Guin

"Polly Charms, The Sleeping Woman" by Avram Davidson

"San Diego Lightfoot Sue" by Tom Reamy

"Retrograde Summer" by John Varley

"The Warlord of Saturn's Moons" by Eleanor Arnason

Short Stories

"Attachment" by Phyllis Eisenstein

"Catch That Zeppelin" by Fritz Leiber

"Child of All Ages" by P. J. Plauger

"Doing Lennon" by Gregory Benford

"Find the Lady" by Nicholas Fisk

"Growing Up in Edge City" by Frederik Pohl

"A Scraping of the Bones" by Algis Budrys

"Shatterday" by Harlan Ellison

"Sail the Tide of Mourning" by Richard A. Lupoff

"Time Deer" by Craig Strete

"Utopia of a Tired Man" by Jorge Luis Borges

"White Creatures" by Gregory Benford

"White Wolf Calling" by C. L. Grant

Nebula Award Winner List for 1975.

1976 Nebula Final Ballot


Inferno by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle

Islands by Marta Randall

Man Plus by Frederik Pohl

Shadrach in the Furnace by Robert Silverberg

Triton by Samuel R. Delany

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm


"The Eyeflash Miracles" by Gene Wolfe

"Houston, Houston, Do You Read?" by James Tiptree, Jr.

"Piper at the Gates of Dawn" by Richard Cowper

"The Samurai and the Willows" by Michael Bishop


"The Bicentennial Man" by Isaac Asimov

"Custer's Last Jump" by Steven Utley & Howard Waldrop

"The Diary of the Rose" by Ursula K. Le Guin

"His Hour Upon the Stage" by Grant Carrington

Short Stories

"Back to the Stone Age" by Jake Saunders

"Breath's a Ware That Will Not Keep" by Thomas F. Monteleone

"A Crowd of Shadows" by C. L. Grant

"Mary Margaret Road-Grader" by Howard Waldrop

"Stone Circle" by Lisa Tuttle

"Tricentennial" by Joe Haldeman

Nebula Award Winner List for 1976.

1977 Nebula Final Ballot


Cirque by Terry Carr

Gateway by Fred Pohl

In the Ocean of Night by Greg Benford

Moonstart Odyssey by David Gerrold

Sword of Demon by Richard Lupoff


"Aztecs" by Vonda N. McIntyre

"Stardance" by Spider and Jeanne Robinson


"The Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven and Other Lost Songs --" by Carter Scholz

"Particle Theory" by Edward Bryant

"A Rite of Spring" by Fritz Leiber

"The Screwfly Solution" by Racoona Sheldon

"The Stone City" by George R. R. Martin

Short Stories

"Air Raid" by John Varley

"Camera Obscura" by Thomas F. Monteleone

"The Hibakusha Gallery" by Edward Bryant

"Jeffty is Five" by Harlan Ellison

"Tin Woodsman" by Dennis Bailey & David Bischoff

Nebula Award Winner List for 1977.

1978 Nebula Final Ballot


Blind Voices by Tom Reamy

Dreamsnake by Vonda N. McIntyre

The Faded Sun by C. J. Cherryh

Kalki by Gore Vidal

Strangers by Gardner Dozois


"The Persistence of Vision" by John Varley

"Seven American Nights" by Gene Wolfe


"Devil You Don't Know" by Dean Ing

"A Glow of Candles, A Unicorn's Eye" by C. V. Grant

"Mikal's Songbird" by Orson Scott Card

Short Stories

"Cassandra" by C. J. Cherryh

"A Quiet Revolution" by Jack Dann

"Stone" by Edward Bryant

Nebula Award Winner List for 1978.

1979 Nebula Final Ballot


The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke

Jem by Frederik Pohl

Juniper Time by Kate Wilhelm

On Wings of Song by Thomas M. Disch

The Road to Corlay by Richard Cowper

Titan by John Varley


"The Battle of the Abaco Reefs" by Hilbert Schenck

"Enemy Mine" by Barry B. Longyear

"Fireship" by Joan D. Vinge

"Mars Masked" by Frederik Pohl

"The Story Writer" by Richard Wilson

"The Tale of Gorkin" by Samuel R. Delany


"The Angel of Death" by Michael Shea

"Camps" by Jack Dann

"Options" by John Varley

"The Pathways of Desire" by Ursula K. Le Guin

"Sandkings" by George R. R. Martin

"The Ways of Love" by Poul Anderson

Short Stories

"The Extraordinary Voyages of Ame'lie Bertrand" by Joanna Russ

"giANTS" by Edward Bryant

"Red as Blood" by Tanith Lee

"Unaccompanied Sonata" by Orson Scott Card

"Vernalfest Morning" by Michael Bishop

"The Way of Cross and Dragon" by George R. R. Martin

Nebula Award Winner List for 1979.

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