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Agent Eleanor Wood and Nebula-Award winner Bruce Holland Rogers in the SFWA suite after the ceremony. Eleanor Wood and Nebula-Award winner Bruce Holland Rogers
Bob Eggleton Artist Bob Eggleton
Nebula Weekend Local Organizer Laurie Mann, writer Allen Steele and Jim Mann having cocktails before the ceremony. Laurie Mann, Allen Steele, Jim Mann
Phil Klass and Ann Cecil Writer Emeritus Phil Klass relaxes in the SFWA Suite. Ann Cecil, founder of the Pittsburgh local club PARSEC, is in the background.
SFWA Officers Michael A. Burstein, David Truesdale, and Ann Crispin Michael A. Burstein David Truesdale Ann Crispin
My favorite Nebula photo. Connie Willis gets an autograph from Writer Emeritus Phil Klass (AKA William Tenn). That's Charles Brown behind Phil, and Phil's wife Fruma is is the foreground beside Phil. Phil Klass, Charles Brown, Connie Willis, Fruma Klass
The 1999 Nebula Awards Weekend itself won an award, given by InPittsburgh, a (now, sadly, defunct) local Pittsburgh arts newspaper: Nebula Award Weekend Won an InPittsburgh Top 10 Cultural Landmark Event for 1999
Nebula Awards An actual Nebula Award, this one to Bruce Holland Rogers for his short story, "Thirteen Ways to Water."